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Will Pumpkin Seed Oil Help Your Urinary Problem?

Pumpkin seed oil might alleviate frequent nighttime urination, according to some studies. Might it help you sleep better without interruption?

How often do you have to get up at night to visit the bathroom? Some people sleep through the night with no difficulty but others have their sleep disrupted because they need to urinate every few hours. One reader suggested an unorthodox treatment for this problem: pumpkin seed oil!

Will Pumpkin Seed Oil Help Control Nighttime Urination?

Q. My husband uses roasted pumpkin seed oil on his salads. He learned to love it growing up in Austria where it is very popular.

One evening I read that it is good for urological issues. I’ve been plagued with UTIs and often have to get up in the middle of the night to trek to the bathroom. I decided to give it a try.

Even though I was VERY skeptical, I am thrilled. I’ve taken pumpkin seed oil capsules for probably two years or more, and I haven’t had a UTI in more than a year. Also, I do not get up at night any longer. UTIs are a nightmare, so this is a real benefit.

A. Pumpkin seed oil is rich in healthful mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids (Foods, March 2018). It has a reputation for helping men with enlarged prostates manage their urinary difficulties (Archivio Italiano di Urologia, Andrologia, July 4, 2016). Scientists report that it may be used to treat symptoms such as nocturia (frequent nighttime urination) and overactive bladder (Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine, Jan-March, 2014).

We could find no studies demonstrating that pumpkin seed oil can prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs). We are sure you appreciate your relative freedom from these infections, however.

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I started eating 1 1/2 ounces of pumpkin seeds at 4 p.m. (my last meal of the day) nine days ago. I immediately noticed that I was going longer without waking up to urinate. Now I’m only waking up one time during the night, compared to three to five times before. I’m also doing better during the day. It’s like a miracle.

I read this a few weeks ago and ordered some pumpkin seed oil. My husband and I both tried it. It works for him and has helped
quite a bit. Me, not so much, darn it !!!! Thanks so much for this information, and I enjoy your daily newsletters.

I have prostrate problem for which I am interested to use pumpkin
seeds oil .Shall it available in form bottle made by any pharmacy.Please advise.

It seems that the original mention of pumpkin seed oil referred to “roasted” pumpkin seed oil but subsequent references omitted the word “roasted.” In looking at the offerings from an online retailer I see that they offer an oil that is cold pressed. But nowhere among their different choices do I see mention of a pumpkin seed oil that has been roasted. What are we really looking at here? Should this be an oil that has been roasted before being processed further into gel caps?

Where and how I collect the pumpkin seeds oil for my use .Is it available readymade at any points.Please help us in this regard

To help my bladder empty completely when urinating, I run my hand under running water. I’m surprised how many times I start urinating again after I thought my bladder was empty so I end up getting up less often at night.

I have urinary retention, due to the bladder not contracting, and the sphincter not relaxing. It’s been years of pure torture, having to self-cath, UTIs and running to the bathroom all day to try to get out the overflow! Might pumpkin seeds, capsules or oil help me? I’m female and on Flomax!

I hope many of you have success with pumpkin seed oil. I tried it for 2 mos. but neither my nocturia (4+ times per night) nor my OAB improved. None of the meds from the urologist helped either until I convinced him to Rx low dose desmopressin, which has shown promise in studies. On followup, the uro doc said he thought my incredible improvement was a placebo effect; that the 12 mcg. of desmo I was taking was basically homeopathy.

Not long ago I noticed that the FDA recently approved an even lower-dose desmo nasal spray for nocturia — under patent & very expensive. I’ll stick with my sublingual fraction of a tablet; does the trick for me, and costs me about $20/yr. Wish I’d found it sooner & not suffered decades of poor sleep.

Part of the problem of urinary urgency at night may be psychological. If one is in pain from arthritic joints and rolling over causes pain and wakes you up, there is a component of frustration: “I’m awake, will I be able to get back to sleep?” Then the urge to urinate occurs. I can fall asleep easily and get 4-5 hours solid rest, but when I wake up and the concerns I have for the coming day start rolling through my mind, the urge to urinate usually occurs. While older men’s urination at night is probably mostly physical, there is a psychological factor also.

Hi, after reading this info I am going out and getting some pumpkin seed oil, pumpkin seeds and raisins to see how they work. I get up 4-5 times a night so eager for some relief. Will check back with results. Thanks for the info everyone!!!

If having UTIs it is necessary to cut out SUGAR. Told my MIL this after having UTIs for over a yr with stronger and stronger antibiotics from doctors. She did it and hasn’t had one since. She was eating sugar everyday at the time.

63 Years old, Living on Flowmax/Tamsulosin since 2005. Urologist wants to preform a TURP procedure to alleviate my issues, but if you look at the surgical side effects, its usually not a pleasant or successful outcome.
I had elected to suffer through with side effects of the Flowmax, until I just came across this forum. I’m having side affects that include a loss of drive, still getting up at night, minimum 2 times, to hit the bathroom. Any other men who have taken the Pumpkin seed extract, or gel caps, I’d like to hear about their results. If I stop taking the Flowmax, my drive comes back in a week or so, but so do all the BPH Symptoms. After reading the successes that Van from Colorado has had, I’m going to try it … TODAY! Rejuvenating the elasticity to the bladder, and shrinking the prostate… what more could a still active man ask for?
Of course the Urologists never suggest anything but the Tamsulosin/ Flowmax, or Surgery. Anyone who has experienced these issues, knows how debilitating they are, and embarrassing. A patient spouse, when dealing with this can add many happy years to your life. Input from all will be appreciated. Supplements like the sunflower seed oil, would be available at local health food stores, or a GNC. Thanks to all for your input. I’ll attempt to keep you all informed. I’m a type A , so details run in my blood, which will now be mixed with Sunflower seed oil….. LOL Take Care, David

I’ve elevated creatinine levels… urinating 3x nightly. Started drinking lemongrass tea before bed. Down to 2 or sometimes 1 trip per night.

I eat pumpkin seeds alone or with food most days and believe it has really helped me. I rarely have to get up in the night now. previously it was 2 times every night.

I would be interested if there is a possibility that eating pumpkin pie would have the same effects as eating the seeds. Sure would be a tasty way to solve the problem.

I had been troubled with UTI’s for a lifetime. I read that a woman had been taking two garlic pills nightly and her problem with infections went away. I also found the same to be true – 6 years later I am still free of infections and I get up to void only once a night sometimes not all.

my doctor told me to take olive oil sitz baths twice everyday. It really doesn’t help much but I do it anyhow. I read on-line about putting baking soda in the sitz container with very warm water. That stung. Where does one purchase pumpkin seed oil? It’s worth a try.

Would love to see some information about dosage and where to get the pumpkin seed oil. So will eating pumpkin seeds do the same thing. More info please!!

I should have added to my previous comment that lack of elasticity means that overall the bladder won’t hold as much and when one pees, it doesn’t fully empty, since the bladder can’t spring back immediately.

I strongly believe that OAB is caused at least in part by a loss of bladder elasticity as we age. For instance when an older man lays down he is often hit by the urge to pee. I think this happens because gravity wants to change the shape of the bladder from a spheroid to an oblate spheroid–a flattened spheroid. A flattened spheroid can’t hold as much volume as a spheroid, so the bladder has to stretch. When we were young that happened immediately, but as we age that takes longer. The time between we get the first urge to pee and when the urge goes away (assuming we don’t get up) is a measure of the bladder’s loss of elasticity. It appears to me that the pumpkin oil is improving the bladder’s elasticity. This could be a clue to instigate some research on the problem–how to improve bladder elasticity.

Eager to try this.

I have been taking Pumpkin Seed Extract capsules (water soluble, not an oil, Life Extension brand) for several years. I started taking it for mild “irritable bladder” (urge incontinence/occasional stress incontinence). It began helping after a few days. I take 2 caps per day (am, afternoon) which has been 80% helpful in controlling the sudden drips. It hasn’t helped with nighttime trips to the bathroom but that has not been a big problem for me (2 times sometimes 3 times a night). This brand is the only one I’ve tried.

Like Cheryl above, I too would like to know the dosage of pumpkin oil capsules and how many to take each day. I’ll try it once I find those things out here.

Where can you purchase pumpkin seed oil?

My husband had frequent urination issues particularly at night. His doctor gave him a prescription for Flomax. He immediately saw negative sexual side effects. He stopped the drug and started eating a small handful of pumpkin seeds and raisins each evening. It has helped tremendously. He gets up at to urinate once at night and sometimes not at all.

You can purchase pumpkin seed oil at your nearest Health food store

How about simply eating pumpkin seeds?
How about eating pumpkins?
It seems that the more we simplify will be better.

Perhaps your reader would share with us the dosage size and frequency of the pumpkin seed capsule she is taking.

How long after starting the pumpkin seed oil did the reader notice the positive effects (ie, not making bathroom trips during the night)? Has she noticed any other side effects?

I’ve started taking pumpkin extract supplements. Not sure it has made a difference but will continue to take until the pills are gone and then reassess.

Supposedly helps prevent kidney stones too for some reason if you read about a leading brand’s claims.

Question: What are other ways are there to take the pumpkin seed oil other than on salads?

I found pumpkin seed oil capsules on Swanson Vitamins and Puritan Pride. Better price on Puritan Pride.

Is this good for women who get up to urinate at night?

I learned about pumpkin seed oil a little over a year ago when I was researching something to help with OAB. According to what I learned, it acts very much like Avodart, in that it actually shrinks enlarged prostate and makes it healthier, without the nasty side effects. It has worked as promised. My OAB is much reduced and practically gone, and the overall health of my urinary system seems to be much improved including many nights with no trips to the bathroom. I highly recommend it, but be prepared to give it time to work.

A few years ago I was experiencing bladder urgency. I bought a poplar OTC name brand urinary product. This was was for urinary urgency. It’s top ingredient was pumpkin seeds. It works like a charm but now I am going to try the pumpkin seed oil.

Does anyone have any experience with taking pumpkin seed oil caps to help with night time urination?

Wow. I will surely try this and report back. I keep a urinal right at my bedside because it is better than a trek to the bathroom but sleeping through the night would be miraculous.

While the advantages of pumpkin seed oil focus primarily on those for men, it also offers help for women who encounter difficulties with incontinence. While my husband found relief with one pumpkin seed oil gel cap, I need to take three to slow my run to the restroom. Now I find that I can sit through an entire church service without having to get up and go before it is over. I have also noticed that the skin on my thumbs is not cracking with the drop in temperature that usually occurs in autumn, and taking pumpkin seed oil internally is the only thing that I am doing differently. My research shows that there are no side effects to taking pumpkin seed oil. Hooray!

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