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What Is the Magic with Concord Grape Juice?

Certo dissolved in Concord grape juice has anti-inflammatory activity that can ease the heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis.

Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot. Most people experience the pain predominantly in the heel, especially first thing in the morning. The usual therapies include rest, ice and stretching. But could Concord grape juice help ease the pain?

Certo and Grape Juice:

Q. I have been taking Concord grape juice and Certo for my plantar fasciitis. It has worked beautifully, but I really do NOT need so much sugar. There are 38 grams of sugar in one cup of juice (even though it is pure juice, no sugar added).

What’s the magic with Concord grape juice and Certo after all? Will another vehicle other than juice do as well? (Or another juice? I usually stay away from juices and just eat fresh fruit.)

Do I have to take this for the rest of my life? Or just how does it work?

The Magic with Concord Grape Juice:

A. Concord grapes contain anti-inflammatory compounds that might be contributing to your success. One placebo-controlled trial of 26 smokers found that these flavonoids reduced smoking-related inflammation (Kokkou et al, Atherosclerosis, Aug. 2016). Other studies have found that Concord grape juice can improve memory in older people (Krikorian et al, British Journal of Nutrition, March 2010). Not only that, but purple grape juice also improves immune system markers (Rowe et al, Journal of Medicinal Food, Jan-Feb. 2011). Concord grapes are rich in antioxidants throughout the flesh of the grape, not only in the skin (Callaghan, Leggett & Levin, Antioxidants, Oct. 17, 2013).

You’re right that there is a lot of sugar in grape juice, though. To reduce this, you might try diluting the juice with water.

Other Treatments for Plantar Fasciitis:

You should not have to take it for the rest of your life. Once the inflammation and pain clears up, you should be able to drop the home remedy.

Going forward, make sure that you are wearing shoes that offer adequate support. That measure should help prevent a recurrence. A podiatrist has recommended Vionic slippers for wearing in the house rather than going barefoot.

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PF – THE FIRST STRETCH: Before getting out of bed in the morning, lie on your back and hook the heel of one foot under the base of the big toe of the problem foot. Then straighten that leg to stretch the plantar tissue. Hold the stretch for several seconds, then repeat. This will reduce the heel pain upon arising.

How much grape juice a day were the participants in the study or studies given?

The grapes you showed in the Concord grape article are NOT
Concord grapes.
Concord grapes are round and dark purple.
I’ve eaten tons of them for many years.

I would also endorse the Vionic brand shoes and sandals. I was struck with PF after wearing flat tennis shoes similar to Keds. Good stretching and professional leg massage helped a lot, but wearing Vionics over the summer was the final piece to the puzzle. I was wearing just ‘cushiony’ shoes until a chance try-on and the proper footbed in the V’s was supportive and therapeutic. I now do yoga regularly, and still wear Vionics in the summer, but am happy to report my 8 month battle with PF has ended.

I’m 74 years old, and suffered a painful plantar fasciitis episode years ago, so I recognized it. Having had success with other People’s Pharmacy home remedies, I thought I’d give the grape juice/pectin remedy a shot. It took a while, 1 to 2 months, but I now have no pain.

I suspect this potion has also had an amazing effect on another aspect of my life – my sex life. My libido has been slowly dwindling to the point of non-existence, but since taking the grape juice/pectin, it has been turned around. My wife says I may not stop taking it. Has anyone else noticed this side effect?

I did not need to try the grape juice when I had this. I did some stretching exercises and it got somewhat better. THEN I bought a foot brace to put on before bed. In two days the fasciitis was gone and (knock wood) has never returned. I got to recommend trying one. I think it was about $30.

I have been drinking 1-Cup Welch’s grape juice + 1-Tablespoon Liquid Certo everyday for about two years now.
I started it initially for knee pain, but I also suffer from plantar fasciitis. I’ve been wearing shoe inserts a few years that did very little to the pain, and caused other issues!

After being on this juice drink less than a week my knee pain pretty much went away, and my foot pain is rarely an issue. I can now walk my dog 8-10 miles everyday, weather permitting, and again push-mow the yard with freedom of movement.
People asked me about the sugar intake, but I found it a nonissue compared to the amount of exercise I can now do!

The key to this is Natural Welch’s Concord Grape Juice! I know others that tried bargain brand juice and had no success.

Randy, I found “The Insole Store” when I had terrible pain from bone on bone arthritis (hallux ridgidus) in my right big toe metatarsal joint from years of dancing, yoga, fast walking, and enjoying going up on my toes to encourage circulation and partly for fun! They have insoles for every type of foot problem. These insoles allowed me to cancel the surgery my podiatrist wanted me to have (and I know I need, but want to put off surgery and its dangers as long as possible). There are types for dress shoes, boots, running and athletic shoes, and more. These insoles are far superior to Any I found at shoe and athletic stores! Just thought I’d mention this great find to augment the help you’re getting from the grape juice and Certo. Good luck!

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