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Under-Breast Rash Remedies Provide Surprising Relief for Many Women

This is not a topic that is commonly discussed, but starting about this time of year many women begin suffering from a rash under their breasts. Any place that allows moisture to accumulate (toes, groin, breasts) can create ideal conditions for fungal infections to thrive.

We have been amazed at the number of unusual remedies visitors to this website have discovered over the years. Because we are all unique, what works for one person may not work for someone else. That is why trial and error are an essential part of the process. Here are just a few suggestions we have received to combat breast rash:

“I control under-breast rash with coconut oil that I apply after I shower. It doesn’t stain my clothes and it doesn’t lose its effectiveness after years of use.” E.P.

“I just saw my gynecologist about this problem last week. He advised against using corn starch as fungus spores actually feed on it and hence exacerbate the problem. I’ve been using a generic antifungal cream for athlete’s foot/jock itch at night and the same brand of powder during the day with good results. The Dr. said that clotrimazole, tolnaftate, terbinafine, or miconazole may all work and to just try one for a few days and if it doesn’t work switch to another active ingredient. I first tried a spray powder, but the propellant burned my skin where it was raw from scratching.

“There is also a super-absorbent powder on the market, Zeasorb, that is cornstarch free. It is a good product, but I can’t stand the medicinal smell of it during the day.

“So far, clotrimazole products are working for me. Dr. also prescribed a Diflucan oral dose that helped jumpstart the healing.

“The secret to healing is keeping the skin dry. I live in a very humid climate and work and exercise outside a lot. I have found that if I fold a Viva paper towel (they are as soft as cloth) into a strip about 2” wide and put it under my breasts on top of the powder and under the band of my bra it is an enormous help. It also serves as a cushion between my bra band and my irritated skin. I even keep a spare towel in my purse in case I need to replace it during the day. The towel is completely undetectable under my clothes. I have also tried strips of soft cotton cloth, but find the disposable towels easier and more convenient.

“I hope this info helps. I know your misery and feel your pain!” L.C.

“During the humid southern summers I am plagued with underarm rash and from time to time rash under my breasts. I mix one part cheap MOM (milk of magnesia with no flavoring) and one part Super Medicated Witch Hazel or Listerine type mouth wash (amber colored) and use this to cure any rash. I also apply a zinc oxide based baby diaper rash ointment to the areas affected by rash. It keeps me comfortable all during the hot weather.

“PS I also dry my underarms and under my breasts with paper toweling rather than cloth and use paper towels or even toilet paper as a sweat barrier between my bra and breasts.” L.H.G.

“MOM! Milk of Magnesia works well! Dab it on, let it dry, or use a hair dryer to accelerate.” F.G.

“I have been using the People’s Pharmacy MoM (milk of magnesia) roll-on deodorant under my breasts for itchy fungal rashes. I use my hair dryer to dry the MoM. The rash usually clears up in 2 days. I LOVE MOM!” Joanne

“I use Desitin Ointment to clear up the itchy rash. Then I use People’s Pharmacy Milk of Magnesia roll-on deodorant to keep the areas dry and rash free. It works well during hot summer days.” H.B.

Anyone who would like to learn more about our aluminum-free formulas of milk of magnesia (MoM) roll-on deodorants may wish to go to this link.  By the way, we discourage using antiperspirants on the breast as one reader recommended. Aluminum in the antiperspirant is worrisome, since there are growing concerns about aluminum absorption through this delicate tissue. A recent review offered these observations about aluminum and cancer:

“Aluminium salts are used as the active antiperspirant agent in underarm cosmetics, but they are also present in antacids, food and aluminium-based adjuvants in vaccinations. However, application of aluminium-based antiperspirant salts (which are xenoestrogens) to the underarm provides a specific high and lifetime exposure level in the local area of the human breast.

“Flarend et al. demonstrated the unequivocal absorption of aluminium across the skin and its excretion in urine. Studies using human breast tissue have shown that aluminium can be measured in a range of breast structures (malignant and healthy breast tissues) at higher levels than those in blood. Clinical consequences of the dermal absorption of antiperspirant salts were described in a case study in 2004 reporting bone pain and fatigue associated with toxic blood levels of aluminium, both of which disappeared after discontinuing antiperspirant use.

“Much more recently, aluminium has been shown to result in DNA damage in animal and human mammary epithelial cells and, therefore, has the potential to generate genomic instability in breast tissues.[38] Also the ability of aluminium to increase the growth of MCF10A human breast epithelial cells in semi-solid suspension culture shows that aluminium can affect anchorage-independent growth which is a parameter related to tumour growth in vivo.

“Other authors described how exposure to aluminium salts can increase migratory and invasive properties of human breast cancer cells, changes which are essential for cell metastasis…

“Additionally, aluminium salts have been described as pro-oxidant, proinflammatory factors in the breast microenvironment in both in-vitro and in-vivo models and in this way promote carcinogenesis.”

Here is a link to learn more.

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I read through all of these and tried a couple of things: 1) probiotic gummies, every day 2) wipe under breasts with a baby wipe, different wipe for each breast. No washcloths. 3) dry under each breast with a different paper towel. No cloth towels. 4) a name brand medicated powder. Rash is gone. Always dry even during exertion. No smell. No rash. On my 4th week and no more issues. Thank goodness!

Tea tree anti-fungal spray works very well, too.

I use secret antiperspirant under breast, works like a charm

For rash under my breasts I use mometasone furoate cream.
Only needs applying 2x first day and then rash, itch and pain gone. I reapply again when needed several days later.

For prevention in any fold areas: dry very well after shower – use hair dryer everywhere. Zeasorb powder is good. Do not use powder with corn starch – fungi thrive on it.

For treatment: apply thin layer of store-brand of clotrimazole cream (generic of Lotrimin) for athlete’s foot. It’s cheap. Relief is almost immediate, but don’t stop using it. You may need to use for up to two weeks to knock it completely out. The cream isn’t unpleasant, though.

I use Gold Bond MEDICATED Original Strength Baby Powder, to great success.

I too have had the smelly yeast problem under my breasts and use GOLD BOND powder after my shower and in two days it is gone. Not drying properly after bathing I found can causes the problem and where ever the skin folds onto itself. There is a proscription ointment that my doctor gave me but the information sheet said it had not been tested on seniors so I threw it out.
The powder is cheaper.

I use just plain apple cider vinegar applied with a cotton ball after showering, or in between showers, it doesn’t make a difference. I had tried all sorts of creams and nothing worked until I used the vinegar. It will get rid of redness, itching and oozing in 24 hours.

I’ve been using Lotrimin Antifungal Powder for years and I apply it first thing in the morning after my morning shower and it has kept the rash away now for years. When I first discovered it, it was readily available in most drug stores, but for the past couple years, it has become more difficult to find so I discovered that Amazon sells it online and have been purchasing my supply online through them when I cannot find it in drug stores.

Does anyone know if it is safe to use baby powder under the breasts on a daily basis?

Candida powders did nothing along with other applications, esp when speedy relief was desperate. First I used Neosporin until healed. Then,  after EVERY shower,  I massage a cream. (jergens/ nivea,….) and that’s it. Keeping the area clean and dry, and washing bras in hot water helps greatly. I live in the Caribbean, with 90% avg humidity. Everyone sweats here. So there’s my simple unfailing method for the past 6 yrs. GL.

The way I keep care of mine is a shower everyday…dry under your breast and use a little Athlete’s Foot cream. Nothing ever helped me and my doctors never knew what to do about it. Sure they gave me creams to try to help but I decided one day to try this and it works really good. Hope this helps anyone.

Working at the hospital, we use “InterDry sheets.” I may be a little off on the spelling, but comes on a roll much like tin foil or cling wrap. But basically it’s a soft thin sheet just for these skin fold areas. Made with (antimicrobial silver complex). Can be worn 2-3 days before changing.

I looked this up and it’s too expensive for most people, but the idea is great and many of the above suggestions would achieve the same outcome at much lower cost.

I am retired now and will be trying my own home remedy.


After my shower when putting on my deodorant I apply some under my breasts on very hot days. It keeps everything dry and no rashes. It works great! :-)

I have used many products including prescription and nothing works as well as Susan Brown’s Lotion to Powder. When a rash under my breasts or under folds of skin appears, just wash with soap and water, dry well and apply the lotion. Instant relief and rash will be gone within 24 hrs. I purchase either at Babys r us or Amazon.

I had the same thing happen to me under my breasts. Rash, tags, sweat Thru hormone changes BUT I FOUND calamine powder. And EVERYTHING cleared up!!! Great great stuff

I wish there were a comfy terry cloth type “drying bra” or wrap to use post shower. I have Chronic fatigue Syndrome/ Fibromyalgia, showers are exhausting, especially the thorough drying process, though I have devised a way using multiple towels wrapped at various levels, I know I sound a little whacko. One around me, one wrapped around me below the breast. Hard to convey the level of sheer exhaustion… often a shower must be geared up for and then an activity I must rest from.
I’m trying to devise “garments p” that would help in the drying process.

I have found a product that is absolutely amazing and has changed my life! Visit their website at I believe the product was originally for breast cancer patients but I ordered the sling and the bra inserts. Since using them I have not had a single outbreak of redness, rash, etc. I love them!!!!

Three weeks ago I realised that I was forever scratching under my breasts, then one night going to bed I thought I had better look to see if there was a reason for this. Bright red streaks on the underside of my breasts and on my body just below them, where the touch (I am old)! So, for want of having anything else to hand, I gently rubbed Germoline cream on the red patches, after 3 days they started to disappear and have gone now. Might be worth a try to all other sufferers.

I totally, absolutely understand what you are talking about. I have CFS/ Fibro for decades now and know the “gearing up” for the shower, the challenge of drying and the exhaustion afterwards.

I’ve been doing the multiple layering of towels like you. I have large breasts and belly and battle skin yeast infections so the drying process is as exhausting as the shower itself. I AM working on a “garment”, I’ve scoured the net and not found what I need (it’s how I found this site.)

I got a 3 pack of turbans that are super-absorbent and I use on my hair/head. Two were hanging and they “spoke to me”. So far, I have attached them together in the front with a ponytail elastic “thingy”. I’ve tied it in the back (awkward and not a final solution). I’m working (in between “flares, sick, bla bla) on a way they’d wrap from the back and connect in the front.

The other thought I’ve had is that shorts made out of thick, say Turkish cotton terry cloth that could be pulled on could also be part of this “self drying ensemble”. I’d just have to make sure I had privacy! I might scare my son or husband!

I also have used powders (sometimes mixing in Rx Nystatin mixed in, it’s anti-candida, Balmex, (a baby zinc oxide prep) Lately trying coconut oil.

If it gets really bad, for example I was recently on a whopping course of antibiotics in hospital for pneumonia, I take oral Diflucan for a couple days, had to keep area very dry, used a mixture of Mycolog and lo conc OTC cortisone. Clears it up, then maintain with coconut oil or powder.

I found Aloe Vera gel soothing, calming and ultimately healing!

I love this site, I frequent it looking for solutions. I have large breasts and have had this rash for about a week now. I have tried coconut oil and it was too greasy, paper towels get stuck to my skin, baby powder leaves tiny clumps under my breasts, and destin baby rash cream dried it out too much. Do you have any advice for me?

Pambra under breast cloths. They’ve changed my world. I found them online.

Put 2 green tea bags in med size bowl with water. Let set for couple hours . Put a washcloth in the green tea. Use it like cold compress a couple times a day. I have used green tea bags in bath water when the kids had diaper rash. Did wonders.

I use one of the cheapest forms of relief that you can find as it is all natural; the sun. Short times of exposure every day to some UVB rays can treat many skin conditions. Not only did the itching subside, but the rash went away altogether after about 7-10 days and often doesn’t return for many months after stopping UV exposure. When the rash starts to come back, I let some rays hit it and it goes away within 2-3 days. When I cannot sit in the sun for a few minutes because of weather or season, I go to a tanning salon which works just as well.

Now maybe, instead, you’ll have to deal with melanoma. Other non skin damaging options would seem preferable.

Best Advice! Tanning bed exposure for 3-4 minutes works great!

Try Listerine. I’m going on about three weeks and it seems to work. I tried powerful prescription creams and had to stop. Be careful with Desitin when you are scheduled for mammograms. The zinc oxide glows in the x-ray and affects the reading of the film. I had to go back for second checks when I was using Desitin.

Probiotics are very important in relieving a rash under the breasts. Topical applications may ease symptoms but healing needs to come from the inside.

I agree with using Zeasorb Powder. it has no cornstarch, just Talc and has Miconazole in it. I use it twice a day under my breasts and in the crotch where I got my first case of Jock itch this spring. creams and ointments just add more moisture to these areas it seems to me, so I stick with the Zeasorb powder which has worked so well this Spring for me!!! Highly recommend Zeasorb Powder!!!

I now am using a baby ointment with zinc oxide; when this is finished I plan to go to straight zinc ointment. A product I used for years is off the market. Because I am 76 and it has all gone south, I use the ointment every day, under my breasts, under my belly and in my groin. What with being diabetic I have a tendency towards yeast infections. If one slips by my prevention methods, I too use bag balm. I have this idea it smothers the yeast and while it does so, it soothes the skin. I have to buy it online, always have an extra can.
As to deodorant, who can read that small print? However, I have used the cheap MOM under my arms; only it has to be used every day and the Mitchums lasts for two days. On the off chance that it is contributing to my fatigue, I have fibro, I am going to set it aside and use the MOM every day. I have also had breast cancer.

Agreeing with Rob. When I eat too much sugar, I find a tender redness in an abdominal crease area. It also helps to make sure all shower soap is rinsed off from there at the very end of a shower.

I’ve had terrible bouts of fungal infection under my breasts and in “other creases”. I take a few prescribed doses of diflucan (if it’s not contra-indicated with any other meds I’m on. Then, I get my doc to prescribe Nystatin powder which I blend with a talc or other powder (avoid corn starch). Trick is staying very dry, use powder when dry. If any skin is broken, a cream would work better first, many have been mentioned… until it heals. I’ve used zinc oxide baby creams, Balmex, coconut oil, etc.

Then, when it’s for prevention I dry very thoroughly and use a powder puff to apply the anti-fungal powder.

Also helpful is using a dandruff shampoo as a body wash (they are mostly anti-fungal now) as well. Rx strength Nizoral shampoo if it’s really bad. Some places have Nizoral or miconazole spray, I think that would be effective, too, just make sure it dries. Check with doc to make sure these substance are fine if you are taking any meds.

Has anyone heard of using vodka and sterile water under the breast? I recently read about this remedy in my newspaper. You mix the inexpensive vodka and sterile water and apply it under the breast, supposedly has no smell.

I control by using my antiperspirant. It keeps the area dry, which controls the yeast infections. This tip came to me form an elderly lady friend.

I wash with a Tea Tree Oil soap, leave it on while I wash my hair, and then wash again with my regular soap.

Apparently, this is getting more and more common as I now see women’s clothing catalogs carrying these types of “bra drying/comfort bands.” You would think the bra companies would be alert to this problem and offer something to alleviate it… but I haven’t found any yet. I only see them in certain online catalog companies…

Plain tissues work for me: they’re comfortable, convenient and easy to change. After I breastfed for 6 months, my breasts “deflated” to the point where the sweating and itching became annoying. Now I’m in menopause, the sweating/itching can become more intense if I don’t keep them dry. I also use a Purell wipe under my breasts a couple of times a week, then dry it completely with a hair dryer and put tissues under my bra strap. (When I had a bad case of athlete’s foot (red, raw, oozing, peeling skin), no OTC creams helped, so out of sheer frustration, I started wrapping kleenex tissues between my toes. Tissues helped somehow because my athlete’s foot actually cleared up completely after I used only tissues. And I didn’t use any tissues that had any “viral-kill a cold” properties… though I doubt those types of tissues could kill fungus…)

bag balm clears up any discomfort, rash, or soreness…very quickly.

For this problem I have used Noxema Cream (the original in the blue jar) in the groin area and under the breasts. It clears up the rash right away. It has essential oils in it so it also has a cooling sensation.

I use listerine after showers and at other times. This takes it all away.

I have used Noxema cream, as well. It helps, but I have also used original Listerine for many skin irritations.

Having relocated from the Northeast Atlantic coast to Florida recently I, too, have had the above problem with rashes and itching under my breasts. I find that decolorized iodine lightly applied to the region keeps the rash under control. I also use a soft tissue between my breasts in my bra to absorb moisture.

Very important, make sure to wash your bra on a regular basis.

Yes, I had a problem and it was more easily dealt with when I switched to breathable cotton stretch bras, and don’t re-wear them at all. They go right in the laundry. I also just use an antifungal, and it really helps to wash under your breasts at night and apply the cream then shower in the morning and use antiperspirant under them then. I also sleep with an air conditioner on.

I developed a rash under my breasts in the summer from perspiration about 3 years ago. Since then I apply baby powder to the area before getting dressed and have never had a rash since. Inexpensive and easy!

My dermatologist recommended TRIPLE PASTE AF which has been most effective for rash under breasts. It consists of zinc oxide, petrolatum miconazole nitrate plus several items. Sold over the counter.

My husband and I love MOM People’s Pharmacy deodorant. Especially good for people with Parkinson’s Disease.

Going sugar-free has made a huge difference for me. This includes fruit juices, dried fruits, even most fresh fruit – eliminate it all for a start, then you may be able to tolerate a small piece of fruit most days. Watch for ‘hidden’ sugars – e.g. in ‘natural’ yoghurt.
I have been doing this since January of last year, & after decades of almost constant suffering from the problem it is now a rare exception when it happens – & I can usually pinpoint the culprit which caused it.

I use the PPL’S Pharm MOM deodorant which is easy to apply and works wonderfully!

I have chronic low grade athlete’s foot, which I have treated with over the counter antifungals for years. A few years ago I started making a tincture using jewel weed and witch hazel. It works as well as the commercial medications, smells much better, and is practically free, as jewel weed grows wild in my backyard.

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