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Turmeric Eased Joint Pain

Q. For some time I have had increasingly bad pain in my right knee, left hip and lower back. I was getting so depressed because I was barely functioning.

A friend recommended turmeric, and I decided to try it. Up to that point I had been living on way too much ibuprofen every day. Since the first turmeric tablet, I have not needed another ibuprofen.

The results with turmeric are much better than with ibuprofen. My energy level is also better.

The lady at the health food store recommended fish oil and I have been taking that too. But I know that the turmeric is helping the pain and inflammation, as I started it first and noticed results even before beginning to take fish oil. I definitely recommend turmeric as an anti-inflammatory to anyone who can take it.

A. The active ingredient in turmeric, curcumin, has well-established anti-inflammatory activity. We could find no studies on the combination of fish oil and turmeric for arthritis pain in humans. Preliminary rodent research suggests that this combination might be helpful in fighting inflammation (Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, Nov. 10, 1994).

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I started taking 2 – 1000mg Turmeric capsules two weeks ago and the results are amazing. No aching knees. My questions are: I read about the bleeding risks and am taking a baby aspirin a day. Should I stop that while using turmeric?
Another site said to take for 2 – 3 months. Do you agree? If pain returns how soon can I start taking again.

I recently started taking turmeric for the past month 500mg one in the morning and one in the evening about 10-12 hours apart for arthritis. Had swelling in my fingers go down and rings are now too loose. I rather take turmeric than pop NSAIDS everyday which isn’t good for the liver and other organs. When the weather changes for the better I will only take one 500mg. It did take about three weeks for me to notice the difference in my body.

Could a diabetic take Turmeric?

I took turmeric internally for many years, on a daily basis and a lot of it , and still was diagnosed with RA and inflammation. ?!

I had leg cramps at night, a friends wife was told by her doctor to take a magnesium supplement for the same thing, I tried it, immediately, no more leg cramps waking me up at night, quite a relief, the cramps were bloody painful way to be woken up in the middle of the night.

Removing the statins will do as much for your pain as the turmeric. I have used a remedy made with curcurmin and it really helps tremendously with the hip pain.
My hubby did quite nicely lowering his cholesterol level 100 points by removing all the unnatural oils. We use real butter and organic coconut and palm oils and use the drippings from organic bacon. Yup, we tried the recommended way for many years and it didn’t work! I told my Dr. we were going back to how people ate 200 years ago and he approved. It worked.
We have no corn, safflower or other oils in the house other than Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We make our own mayonnaise using nut oils, not store bought stuff.

I would like to know if there is any negative reaction between turmeric and statin drugs. I take simvastatin and have just begun turmeric for arthritis pain. It is helping a great deal very quickly but I want to be certain that the combination of turmeric and statin is OK.
People’s Pharmacy response: We are unaware of any interaction between statins and turmeric.

I suffer from chronic back pain and arthritis and I can no longer take NSAIDs after developing hives from daily ibuprofen usage. I tried 500mg of turmeric 3x a day, the amount I saw suggested by a doctor on another site as a good starting point. The research article said two weeks for the beginning of relief. I had not been out of my house in almost 2 months due to the intense pain involved in climbing down our two flights of stairs. On the 4th day of this turmeric, I not only made it out of the house, I was able to shop for my own groceries! I was sore by the time I was done, but you can’t imagine how good it was to feel normal again. It’s been a week now and I am able to do basic household chores and go the whole day without having to lie down with ice packs on my spine for the swelling. I wasn’t sure what to expect, if this was maybe just some “voodoo doctor” remedy. It’s not a cure for my condition, but it is a blessing in the relief it gives me and it’s just been one week.

I only have one kidney and always worry about protecting it. Will tumeric in any way adversely affect my kidney?

I have had degenerative disc disease since 2004, and I’m only 35yrs old right now. I have tried everything, from going to doctors to pain management, and to PT. I went to PT and ended up ten times worse, to the point I couldn’t stand, or walk without crying. Now I can walk a couple miles, but can’t sleep, or sit long at all. I have been on motrin 800mg since 2004 and really need to get off of them. I take them every 6 hours and now it’s getting to the point they just don’t help anymore. I want to start taking turmeric as I have read the great results.
What is a good starting dose? also, should I cook with it, or do the oral? I bought the capsules so I do have those now. I have also read great things about hyaluronic acid too. Is it safe to take these two things together? I have turmeric 500mg, and Hyaluronic acid 20mg. Thanks so much Cindy

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