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Statins May Cause Erectile Dysfunction

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It is estimated that 13 million Americans now take a statin-type cholestesrol-lowering medicine like Lipitor, Crestor or Zocor. Such drugs are very good at lowering bad LDL cholesterol and lower the chances of a heart attack or stroke in high-risk patients. But there is a growing recognition that such medications have side effects. Muscle pain and weakness may occur in as many as 10 percent of the patients who use statins, according to a review in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Now another unexpected side effect is getting attention from researchers. Researchers examining the French Pharmacovigillance System Database report that erectile dysfunction is associated with statin medications. Spontaneous complaints of ED were 10 times more common among men taking statins than among those taking other drugs. When the statins were discontinued, over 50 percent reported recovery.

[Drug Safety, July 1, 2009]
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    Well , I need to share that in my case I have been taking Crestor since 2009 . As for it’s benefits of bringing my cholestoral to a safe limit .. I am having severe problems with my erections .. and this all started in 2011 , now it’s getting to be a real serious problem and I am only 45 .. I am getting real worried . The sad thing about it , is that my doctor has NO IDEA why I am having erectile problems, hasn’t even thought about my medication being a possible reason .

    Statins cause erectile dysfunction. It happened to me. I stopped taking pravastatin (pravacol) and my function returned to proper operating function. DO NOT TAKE STATINS if you care about your sexual health. Its that simple.

    I am so glad I found this information. I am a 57 year old healthy male and my doctor put me on Pravastatin 10 mg and my blood test did show up better. However I have a hot female girlfriend and I was wondering why I was unable to maintain the type of erections I normally had which were great! I am coming off this crap tonight and will report later on the results. Thank you so much for this information!

    I was prescribed Pravastatin (10 mg). My cholesterol is actually pretty good for a guy with Type 2 diabetes. It’s usually around 150 or 160 but my doctor felt that, for diabetes, it would help to get it even lower. I’m 53 years old and have always been healthy. My sex drive was never a problem.

    I started taking the Pravastatin last summer (July 2015) and almost instantly noticed erection issues. I would get half hard. Sex wasn’t possible, and even masturbation was a struggle but with effort I could achieve orgasm.

    I had a Testosterone test for peace of mind and it was a little over 400, well within normal. So I know that low T wasn’t the issue. Once I stopped taking the Pravastatin my sex drive largely returned, along with the erections.

    I resumed Pravastatin (for unexplainable reasons – call it insanity) for a month in January, 2016 and the same ED symptoms returned. I’m now off it for good. I don’t know what possessed me to try it again. My A1C is in the high 6s and I’m working to get it down to the mid 6s. I take no medication for my glucose. I’m managing that through exercise and proper nutrition.

    For every medication out there, while it may do something for you it also does something to you. I am off statins for good. As an earlier poster noted, we all die at some point. May I die in bed doing what I love best.

    Exactly! Great post!

    I am 47 healthy man and always been sexually active. I have been taken pravastatin for years now abiut 5 years but was not lowering my chilesterol well so DR changed it to crestor. Oh man only one month in crestor i got mu first erictile disfunction. While doing sex i would get tired And suddenly my penis will loose erection.
    I am stopping this crestor and telling my DR but i am not sure what i am going to be taking next

    I have been taking Sivastatine for years and I noticed about a year ago that my erections started to demishe to the point where I could no longer get exited enough to have a satisfactory Sexual relation ship with my Wife of 62 years. My wife passed away and I have now found a very attractive female friend with which I Would like to get intimate but I am scared it will result in failure. Is there snitching I can do to reverse that ED? Thank you for any suggestions anyone may provide to me.

    I’ve been on caduet for the last ten years. I’m 60. I’ve enjoyed a healthy sex life all my live. The last 5 years I’ve notice a decline in hardness, and losing my erection before climaxing. It has been a gradual change so I wasn’t catching on, chalking it up to being tired or stress (although I feel fine). I had my testosterone level checked, and it was fine. I’m wondering if a lower dose will help. I’m not going on like this, I will die either way, so it might as well be with a smile.

    After a lifetime of strong virility, one month of statins left me almost impotent. During that month, I experienced all sorts of confusion and memory problems. I tried a second statin and experienced the same problem. A year has gone by and I have not regained my virility.

    I was taking prevastatin and although I could get a mild erection, I stopped being able to finish. My wife is understanding and loving but I would like to be able to consummate our relationship. I stopped taking prevastatin 4 days ago and read it takes 2 weeks to get out of my system so I hope to be back to normal soon.

    My cholesterol is 230 and I am hoping with oat bran, fish oil, almonds and plant sterols, I can bring it back to under 200.

    Nearly a month off simvustatin 20. I will NEVER take that poison again. I feel better than I have in 5 years of taking statins. Body aches have been reduced, dizziness reduced, overall sense of well-being returned. Manhood returned. I thought my Doctor knew what was best, i just blindly followed. I’d rather be DEAD than take that poison.

    12 days off Simvustatin 20. Chronic musculo-skeletal pain (for more than 5 years) is significantly reduced. Below the waist function, although cannot yet be defined as ‘wood’ like when I was 25, is noticably improved already. Overall energy supply is better. Overall feeling of well-being is better. So many thanks to all those who posted here before me. Agree with previous poster…. I’ll take my chances with high cholesterol vs taking this. If I cant feel like a man – just go ahead and shoot me now. Ha! Played my best round of golf Saturday in the last 30 years.

    I was on Crestor for 4 years without problems. Suddenly while on vacation, my legs got so weak it was like I was seeing them wither day by day and the pain was excruciating. Called the Doctor who said stop the Crestor now. And he put me on Simvustatin. Leg pain stopped, but slowly and surely the quality of erections declined. I’m stoppin the Simvustation for a few weeks to see if (hopefully) this condition returns to normal.

    I am taking a low dosage of simvastatin 20mg. Can you tell me more about your diet etc.? I noticed ED even with viagra.

    To be brief, I am 47 yo and had been on Lipitor for 66 days when I found this forum. In that time I acquired extreme muscle pain and an absolute loss of being able to perform sexually.
    I am so thankful to have found this site since none of these side effects were warned of by my dr. I have been off of Lipitor for 5 days and for the first time in nearly 4 weeks I achieved an erection.
    Nothing amazing but it nearly made me tear up. Lipitor took away even the desire to try. I wish the dr would have at least warned me of these two terrible side effects. I’m now hoping it will completely reverse itself and get back to how it was.

    The pain and trauma of ED in a loving relationship cannot be underestimated.
    I am a mature woman in a relationship with a man I adore, who has ED. Firstly, a blood pressure medication literally chemically castrated him – nothing! When he stopped taking it, he was finally able to get intermittent erections, but the ED was still there, just not quite so bad.
    Thanks to sites like this I found out about Simvastatin, and he was on a massive 40mg a day. He’s just stopped taking it after I found out about it’s devastating effects on men and showed him. He’s been off it for 4 days now and last night we both noticed a real difference – fantastic!
    All I can say as a woman is to try to keep the love and the sexiness in your life alive, no matter what, and you may need to spend much more time than previously turning your man on.
    Another hint for older couples is to make sure there is no anxiety or stress over sex and performance, and be aware that there are oral sexual alternatives which can work well for both of you in this situation. The main thing is to keep the love and affection alive.

    I have only just found this web site, after trying to find out something about ED. I am a 79 year old have been on Simvastatin for about three years started on 20 mg then increased to 40 mg, also some blood pressure tablets. Used to be able to get an erection on demand now cannot get a proper erection.
    After much work I can only get a very soft erection, if you could call it an erection. From what I have been reading here I think I will try a period off cholesterol medication at least. The numbers at my last check three months ago were quite low. As far as I am aware I do not have any other side effects that have been mentioned.

    I’m 31, been battling with cholesterol forever – finally caved to my physician and started taking pravastatin. I’m very active – do Crossfit, muscular, very little body fat – still had high lipids so I started on the low dose. During this same time, I was going through a divorce, so I never got to test erectile issues.
    Few months later have my first girlfriend post divorce. Go to her bedroom – holy crap that was embarrassing. Reving sex drive but mediocre erection – soft rubber. I chalked it up to nervousness and the like, but then I found this and OMG I can’t believe this was never discussed with me!
    I talked with my physician about it, and he said that cholesterol can cause ED issues, not the drug. Sorry, but based on what I’m reading online I have to disagree. I’m only on 10mg dose, but I’ve decided to stop. I think it takes 2 weeks for the drug to clear out of your system – here’s hoping that things return to normal.

    NE – did your sex drive come back? If so how long did it take?

    I have been using statins for the past 7 years; also detected for diabetes 5 years back, I am now on OBIMET SR 500 and ATORIN/LIPOFIX. For the past 4 years I have experienced a gradual loss of libido and ED. Though none of the various statins warn ED/Libido Loss as a side effect (My doctor also disagrees with this ED side-effect), it is very much TRUE that statins have CERTAINLY caused loss of libido and ED problem.
    I have tried stopping statins for a month and I find the problem waning slowly and normalcy returning slowly with regard to libido or erections. In conclusion, statins DO CAUSE sexual problems, but how to replace statins for cholesterol lowering? CAN ANY EXPERT ADVISE PLEASE?

    I’m 48 and have had a history of high cholesterol (239 now) over the years. Recently my doc prescribed Lipitor 10mg. After 3 days I noticed for the first time ever that I couldn’t maintain an erection.
    Thank goodness I found this site. I can’t believe that ED is not disclosed as a side effect by doctors and the drug companies. Really makes you wonder. Either way, I stopped and things have resumed as normal.
    Will now have to find natural alternatives… any suggestions?

    Wow, I was just surfing around the web, looking for info on statins and sex drive, and couldn’t believe everything I read here. I am 66, diabetic but otherwise in reasonably good health. I was sexually inactive for quite a few years due to marital issues (but that is another story). I have been on simvastatin for about 2 yrs, I believe. About a year ago I developed a new relationship which has been great, but I also find that I frequently can’t quite turn the corner at the end. And, once I have a sexual experience, I am finished for at least 3-4 days. It is really frustrating. My girlfriend says it is okay with her, but it isn’t with me. Thanks to TG for his comments. I am considering stopping my statin dose for a couple weeks and see what happens.
    People’s Pharmacy response: Be sure to check in with your doctor about stopping the statin.

    I am writing to share my experience in the hopes that it will help some of us, and that you might share any of your similar experience. My primary issue is NOT an erectile dysfunction, but rather a failure to reach orgasm with any regularity. A somewhat different/related problem than what I’ve read above, yet equally frustrating
    I am a healthy 53 yr. old man, also with family history of high cholesterol. Have been using statins for about 10 years, most recently Lipitor 40 mg daily. Yes, it’s been keeping my cholesterol levels at the high end of normal range, and my doctor recently discussed going to 80 mg to get it under “better control”, under the assumption the lower the better.
    Until recently I had been sexually INACTIVE for a very, very long time so I was not aware of any sexual dysfunction, and had not observed any problems getting erections, though sadly I didn’t do much with them. Soon after switching to Lipitor I did notice that erections were much softer and, anticipating a future relationship on the horizon, got prescribed Cialis which solved that problem immediately.
    When I did resume having sex, about one year ago, I quickly learned that I was having no problem with arousal or libido or longevity, but that I was having a problem reaching orgasm regularly. Whereas most men might say they have a problem coming too quickly, I would spend easily an hour per session, sometimes 2-3 times per day, having great sex with a VERY HAPPY girlfriend, but achieving orgasm for me only about 1 in 8 attempts.
    I did some research and saw a urology specialist to rule out Low Testosterone. The result of my consult with him was that I had a form of ANORGASMIA, for which the causes are believed to be most often psychological. He went on to say that this condition is not well understood in the medical community and there wasn’t anything he could do to help. Specifically, I often get right to the edge of orgasm, but then don’t “turn the corner”.
    I’ve studied literature on the male sexual response trying to learn more about this, but again there is a gap in our understanding of exactly HOW certain things work. Fortunately my girlfriend is understanding and supportive, and in fact enjoys an ironic benefit to her sex life. But I continue to seek understanding and solution to my problem.
    Two things I’m looking into that appear promising, though I cannot yet offer definitive conslusions. First, I came across a research study from Harvard Health Newsletter ( in which the drug Cabergoline was successfully used to treat Anorgasmia in men. This is an off-label use for the drug, so it is not yet able to be generally prescribed for my condition. However, I did obtain a 3-month supply of the drug, and by the end of the time period I noticed an improvement. When I stopped taking the .5 mg twice weekly, I went back to the previous state. I’ve been unable to obtain more of this prescription drug, and have become frustrated knowing that relief may be available but out of my reach through the established medical community. (Side note: it’s possible to obtain this drug through off-shore pharmacies, but it raises another whole set of issues, in addition to the dangers of self-prescribing…)
    Most recently, I decided to go off my Lipitor to make sure, as a baseline, that this was not a source of the problem. It has been about a month now, and whereas I never did have any problem with getting and maintaing erections (I do use a low dose of Cialis) I seem to be reaching orgasm more frequently. Not enough time has gone by for me to be sure, but things definitely seem better! I’ll be having more discussions with my doctor about this and, apparently, need to look at other ways to address my cholesterol or perhaps, as some say, “… don’t worry about it…”.
    I am wondering if there are others of you who have similar problems with orgasm and what solutions you have found.

    I took simvastatin for 23 days in 2004 since my sex drive is non-existent, previously I was highly active sexually. I stopped after 23 days as I felt I was dying lack of energy, pains, heavy legs, absolutely incredible and the Doctor suggested changing to another form, I cannot repeat my answer.

    I tried Cialis one time and ended up in the ER, after about 2 hours the chest pains had stopped, but the doctor wanted me to stay overnight. However, I felt fine and decided to go home, no more problems, but I haven’t taken anymore of the Cialis. Some years ago, I went to the ER with pains in my lower back and running a high fever, these are like symptoms of spinal meningitis, so they did two spinal taps and made me stay overnight.

    It was thought to be the simvastatin I was taking and switched me to Lovastatin, of late I have been experiencing pains in my hips. I mentioned it to my doctor and he told me to stop the lovastatin for about two weeks.

    After reading many of the remarks on this website, I feel certain that the simvastatin, and lovastatin that I have been on has wrecked mine and my wife’s ability to enjoy and experience each other’s love through a sexual relationship. I’m praying that the hip pains may have been a blessing, and I may be able to return to my old self again.

    Have been on simvastatin for nearly two months due to stent and am now completely unable to achieve an erection. I am forty and just lost nearly thirty pounds with a former raging sex drive what gives?
    My cholesterol was not noteworthy on my last physical. They should prescribe this stuff to sex offenders as a condition of release!

    I share and feel how frustrated that most, if not all of you have got this medical condition, and are unfortunate to hve been precribed the medicine that by and large has robbed off part of your quality of life…mind you, i have been on various kind of cholesterol lowering medicines together with hypertentive medicins for over 30 years, i m 70 yo…i too, have been robbed off
    ..from God given life’s quality untill today…

    I was taking atorvastatin tablet 10 mg for last 7 days. After three days I have noticed loss of sex drive and no erections. I was afraid and from this website came to know about statins side effect. From yesterday onwards I stopped taking tablet and today I had somewhat good erection but not great. I hope I can recover with in a week. Thank God

    I want to thank everyone for taking the time to post their comments on this subject. I went from 10 mg of Crestor to 20 mg and I immediately noticed a softening of erections. I’m 46 and my drive is still high, play hockey at least once per week, feel young in most ways but after reading the posts here, I think it’s time to take a break from the Crestor. I’ll repost if I see any difference in maintaining an erection. Thanks again for posting.

    MC Hammer, My stat is very close to yours. I’m 46, taking 10 mg of Crestor for the last year.
    My desire to engage in sex is high as usual. Yet, the performance is out right frustrating! Healthy active male until Crestor came around.I gotten off of Crestor for two weeks just to test my theory… Libido came right back with a vengeance. Felt like I was 25 again. I do have an appt. next week to visit my Doc. Lots of hard-line questions as to why some of side effects was never been brought up.

    42 power lifter, clean bill of health except genetic high cholestoral. Was prescribed Lipitor 10mg and Welchol 20mg 3 mo ago. Sex drive is fine, but performance and erections are really diminished. I also have to fight to get in the gym and my lifts are all down while nagging soreness, that I never battled, is a way of life. I am also a TRT patient and have increased my dose twice in the last 90 days, my free T number is 120 higher than before (and way above the middle of the “normal” range) and it doesn’t seem to matter. I’m out of gas halfway through the same workout I’ve done for years and have never felt so drained and unmotivated. After reading this I’m getting bloodwork done this week and am going to stop taking the statin. I went 41.5 years with high LDL, I think I can find another way to lower it if a statin does it his to me.
    42, clean diet, good physical condition with free T around 700 should not have ED issues. My liver and kidney function are spot on and my Nurse is jealous of my BP…has to be e statin. Glad I found this site…hope it’s easily reversed.

    I guess I’m one of the unfortunate ones for whom normal service has NOT resumed after discontinuing Atorvastatin for over 2 months. I was on it for over 15 months when I came across this website and stopped. I’m going to try some supplements to see if I can get erections like I used to. I tried Cialis but didn’t quite work for me. My wife’s cold response towards sex may be a factor as well. Any advice?

    After about 10 days, normal service has indeed resumed, however what was surprising was the skepticism that my doctor had when I told him of my problems and the fact things had returned to normal after stopping taking them “Are you sure?”
    His response was to take me off them, as despite a family history I didn’t have high blood pressure and unless I had both high cholesterol and high blood pressure I wasn’t at risk! This was completely at odds with what the previous doctor who put me on them told me.
    I can’t help but wonder if there is any financial incentives from the drug companies to push statins. I now have no idea if I should or should not be taking them, but for now I’m happy to be off any medication.

    I have read all the comments made with interest and stumbled across this website by accident whilst looking for information on ED. I’m 41 never had trouble with my erections before but after taking 20mg Simvastatin for 2-3 months, I’m noticing my erections are so much weaker than they always were and on occasions I struggle to stay hard enough for any meaningful period of time.
    I have a family history of high cholesterol and had never linked statins with my recent poor performance and lack of libido. I’m booking to see my doctor tomorrow, I’m not on any other medication and apart from a family history of high cholesterol am fit and well.
    I’m hoping I’m one of those mentioned for whom normal service will be resumed……….

    Had a 6 heart bypass with normal cholesterol and blood pressure in 2006. Was put on simvastatin. Foggy brain was too severe. Was then put on crestor. After side effects were noticed after 3 years, I decided to go off statins and use RYR extract. Some doctor friends are now using my spice mixture and advising patients to use the mix as well. This mixture helps with cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar control. Mixture is easy to take and cheap. Equal parts of Cayenne pepper, cumin, cloves, ginger and turmeric (all ground). 3 level teaspoons 3 times per day.

    Mate 43 yrs. I am taking crestor 5 mg for the ;ast 2 yrs. Now I have serious ED. I have half erection. I am convinced Crestor did it. WHen I told this to my doc, he was ‘trigger happy’ to prescribe viagra which I refuse. I do not think I am old enough to get natural ED.
    I am going to stop Crestor for a while and will post again.. I am also taking isoptin 240 mg to reduce my bp plus heart rate. I do not know which is the (probable) cause, but reading above Crestor looks like the culprit

    DIL and DW…I agree with you both. I’m approaching 70 and never had a problem having a good erection until after starting Lipitor a little over 2 years ago. It was so gradual I never connected the statin with classic side effects such as muscle/joint pain, depression, forgetfulness and ED… in retrospect it was the worst thing I could have allowed my doctor to push me into!
    In December, I watched the Dr. Oz show when he had Dr. Sinatra as guest. It was an eye opener and I immediately purchased Dr. Sinatra’s book, “The Great Cholesterol Myth”….we have been completely misled by the selective research and companies that produce statins! I gradually took myself off Lipitor and the muscle and joint pain disappeared almost immediately!
    The “foggy vale” around my head is gone and I returned to my normal positive mindset! It has been perhaps 6 weeks since being off Lipitor, but unfortunately I’m still waiting for the ED to subside and the nerve sensitivity around my penis remains minimal. I’m just hoping it is not permanent! I agree with one of the replies…”I’d rather die of a heart attack than have a life without good sex.”

    I have high cholesterol, my doctor put me on Crestor 2 years ago, and erections became like soft rubber instead of hardwood. I suspected the Crestor, and stopped taking it, erections came back somewhat, but not completely! Recently he talked me back into taking the Crestor as my cholesterol was 240, erections are back to soft, and as of TODAY, I will stop taking the drug, and will never take it again!!! I would rather have a shorter life making love to my wife, than a long empty life with no satisfaction or meaning.

    I just turned 33 and have battled with high cholesterol for the last 11 years. I run 5k and 10k races all of the time, in great shape, but inherited high cholesterol from my parents. At my last physical, my doctor gave me a clean bill of health with the exception of high cholesterol. He prescribed for me Atorvastatin 10 MG…which was a big mistake…began taking this a month ago.
    I didn’t know anything about the side effects including loss of sex drive, poor ejaculations, and sometimes only being able to get only semi-erections…until I read this article. I have always had a healthy sexual appetite…have sex 4+ times per week, etc. Now I find myself severely disappointed and underwhelmed. This is what I thought sex would be like when I was 90, not 33. Today, I start a meat free diet…salads every day, and am going to sign up for a marathon…but these drugs are going into the garbage where they belong.
    I would rather die from a heart attack than have a life without good sex.

    I am a UK based diabetic type 1. As a result I have been placed on a statin medication for approx 10 years. Firstly it was Lipitor a truly awful drug with awful side effects. I was 32 when placed on this and immediately suffered with erectile dysfunction. I returned to my GP to and informed them that at 32 and with no sex life, I thought it no worse to stop taking them and at least if my arteries were going to clog up I would be able to pop my cloggs a little bit happier by having some sex beforehand.
    My cholesterol levels were 1.4 at this point. They then insisted I went onto Simvastatin and although the erectile issue wasn’t any where near as bad, I couldn’t remember anything and in particular my short term memory became horrendous. I stuck these out for approx 6 years and then decided hey enough is enough and stopped taking them.
    My levels were 4.6 when I stopped. I went for routine blood tests and approx 3 years later was started on Pravastatin. Now this is as bad as Lipitor but even worse side effects and complete sexual dysfunction quickly set in (within about 2 -3 weeks). In all this time, my lowest ever levels were about 2.3 and this was when I took no statins at all but 1200mg of omega3 fish oil. My skin was healthy, I didn’t ache every time I walked briskly, I could get an erection easily could remember what someone had just said to me and never had headaches or blurred vision.
    Omega 3 doesn’t finance any part of the NHS though whereas the drug companies do, so this is just a gentle warning that there are alternatives and think very carefully before starting on statins or make sure you are single and not in a relationship.

    I have been on statins for 6 years and my primary care doc did not tell me that the 40 mg of simistatin could be my ed problem. thanks for the info.

    I noticed that within 2 weeks of start of Atorvastatin, majority of ppl. got E.D. Only few patients tell and most of them hide. But this fact Statins n E.D. go together.

    It is a medical FACT that statins ofetn cause EDS – please check out this scientific site:
    Also check this out as well — it is full of highly medical terminology, though:
    The resolution is to switch your medication to another acceptable one, not to abandon it totally.

    I’m a 48 year old male and I took 10mg Simvistatin for two months, and everything went south… literally. My sex drive went from 2-3 times a day… to ZERO, after month one on the drug. In fact, trying to masturbate with a semi-flaccid penis, makes for a very uninspiring, weak orgasm and no further interest in real sex, whatsoever. This is NOT like me! My girlfriend is a very sexy lady and we used to have an active sex life. Now, she is so upset and is taking to the no sex thing very personally now.
    I also race mountain bikes, at the sport (intermediate) level and since the Statin use – my endurance, fitness and overall muscle function all took a HUGE nosedive. Before Statins, I finished well within the top 5, with a few podium(1/2/3) level results. Now, even beginner level riders pass me! Don’t let me get started with the excruciating muscle cramps and leg pain, during routine hard efforts climbing rocky hills and mountainsides! Something HAD to give.
    There is no way I was going to drop my favorite fitness pastime all because an expensive drug impairs my ability to enjoy it. I have since thrown all Cholesterol drugs in the trash bin. I have been off Statins for a full month now, and now I can awake with a semi-hard morning erection, only randomly. It’s still not enough for sex, though.
    I know three people who died past 85 years old. All of them had elevated cholesterol levels, and ate whatever they pleased. One even lived until 94 and his cholesterol level was 400… for the last 30 years of his life! It’s TRUE… don’t fall for the cholesterol lie! Cholesterol is necessary to continue enjoying a quality life; normal sex, active, sense of well-being, cognitive function, maintaining a good weight, testosterone production, muscle growth, etc.

    I am 65 and had been sexually active 4x/wk.
    I had a stent put in the left and right legs within the past 3 months. During this time my primary and vascular doctors recommended Plavix, 81 mg aspirin, and Crestor.
    Immediately, my sex drive and erections diminished. My testosterone levels dropped below normal (238). My urologist has just put me on testosterone replacement therapy. More than 12 years ago I started a statin and ED was the result.
    After reading info from this weeksite, I am convinced it is the Crestor causing ED.

    I took myself off 5 mg Crestor after 6 months using after severe muscle pains and headaches. I have been on activated red yeast rice for 6 months and LDL has come up 50% from when on Crestor, but still 15-20% below my starting point before crestor. Overall cholesterol is 15% higher than on red yeast rice, 15% lower than when on nothing. Next step is to lose about 20 lbs to be closet to ideal weight, and curb cholesterol containing food even more than I am now. If this does not work, I will be going on a weaker drug.
    By the way, my doctor, who is very good, did not believe that all my aches and pains went away the day after discontinuing crestor. And he is genuinely concerned that I don’t have a heart attack, my cholesterol is now 225, LDL is 145.

    I’ve been on statins for 8 years or more and finally I have found a website that confirms what I have long suspected. I have had ED for years. But never made a connection as I was on blood pressure tablets and tablets to control my cluster headaches as well. ED has caused me no end of psychological problems, even to the point where the marriage was on the rocks because of my low self esteem. Today I will stop taking statins and seek a diet that helps control LDL
    I am 46 years old male and I play football and keep fit so I believe I can take steps to manage this my way. Drug companies, doctors and medical journals are all in each others pockets, how many have experienced going to your local doctor with a complaint only to watch them go on google and look it up? Sure I’m not alone on that!
    I will report back on my progress in a few months and measure my levels.

    I am 52 and my cholesterol is 6.03 which my pharmacist described as very high due to my nature of work that does not provide opportunity for me to do exercise. I was prescribed with simvastatin 20mg one tablet per day for a month. After taking the medicine for a week I began to feel that I can only have a semi-erection and sometimes could hardly finish the job. After taking it for about three weeks, I feel that I have lost my sex drive or sexual urge and could hardly erect when I really want to have sexual intercourse.
    I decided to discontinue taking the medicine and after a few days both my sex drive and erection began to come back as normal. I think, cholesterol should be seen as part of life and all we need to do is to control the intake of cholesterol related food and doing a bit of exercises to keep healthy.

    I have been on crestor for 6 months and are a very active Army Physical Training Instructor. I am 45 years old and have always had a great active sex drive.
    After taking 10mg of Crestor per day my sex drive has totally disappeared, I am unable to maintain an erection and have a constant feeling of tiredness. It has been causing me so much stress and anguish.
    After reading this web site it has become blatently obvious that the cause of my ED is totally crestor, as this problem has occured from the moment I took the so called medicine.

    Age 72, male, taking the following medicines:
    Crestor 5 mg last 2 months, Zyloric 100 mg (allopurinol), Circadin 2 mg (melatonin), Cardura 2 mg (Doxazosin mesylate).
    Had partial nephrectomy (left kidney) 20 months ago to remove 2 malignant lesions. Since then follow-up tests every 4-6 months. Everything up to now negative. In general good health, except of ED which appeared approximately since the start of Crestor.
    Before Crestor (28 Feb. 2012) Total cholesterol 176 , Triglycerides 188 , HDL 41 , LDL 115 . New exams next month.
    I am thinking of stopping Crestor. Advice please.

    In response to 77 year old instructed to take lipitor and zetia…. sounds like my former cardiologist. I was prescribed 10mg Crestor, zetia, and 2000 grams of niaspan daily… That was in 2004 after a stent implantation.. I began with sore aching back and legs, but that was somewhat tolerable… then the ed problem surfaced.. After much reseach I found that many folks were experiencing the same side effects. Originally my cholesterol was high, total 240. Hdl was 39. I was smoking and eating about every meal at local restaurants.
    After the stent I watched my diet, took all the prescriptions etc. My cholesterol was 141, hdl 41: good enough to suit me!!! then, I decided to discontinue the crestor… after 2 months, the aches and pains have almost completely disappeared. I will have
    a lipid profile on Feb 28. If nothing changes, I will not take crestor anymore and hope to reduce or completely stop the Niaspan…
    I never took the Zetia, because of the many horror stories I had heard. I have not told my new doctor about the moves I made on my own. I’m not sure that some $ isn’t being moved around for the prescriptions of these drugs… (The former cardiologist also prescribed plavix, which I didn’t take either… 8 years later, I don’t have any regrets…

    I am a 77 yr old male with fairly good health. Several years ago (although my cholesterol was fine) my Doctor suggested that I start taking Lipitor 10MG to further improve my readings. I have completed a complete exam and blood work every six months and over time my readings improved somewhat. About 2 years ago He wanted to add zetia 10 MG and see if it further improved my stats. In January my readings were Total:128,triglycerides:76, HDL:47, VLDL Cal:15, LDL:66, LDL/HDL Ratio 1.4.
    Over time I have developed pain in lower legs and hip area. Also, increasing problems with ED. I know that we change as we age but the problem is severe now. Had a follow up test for Serum Testosterone which was low at 278.
    Several days ago I changed Doctors and the first thing they suggested was that I discontinue zetia because (in their words) the drug was not safe for anyone to use.
    Further, they explained that there was a high rate of ED with users of Lipitor.
    My question: At my age would it be safe to also stop stop the Lipitor? I will continue the blood tests every 6 months. I feel that diet and exercise might be the best for the time I have left. Also, now I feel that I should not have started the meds in the first place.

    I am 47 year old male. I have high cholesterol for years. 256, 246, 260, 223, 253, and my last one in 2012 was 269. These high levels go back to 2004. This is the third doctor I have had (2 retired). My present doc asked me to go on so I did. I noticed after the first month that my sex drive and erection in the morning dropped considerably….enough for me to mention it to a few friends who are on statins. I thought they were joking about ED. However this drug is affecting me!
    Do not know what to do!

    I am also 72. Had a stent implanted in 2004, was placed on niacin (2000 mg) and crestor, (10ml). Pain in hips started about 6 months after regimen… Pain was bearable and would usually subside with exercise for the duration of the day.. then repeat… I read these articles about crestor, stopped taking it about 6 months ago… Previously ldl was 148, hdl 42. After one month without crestor, lab showed increased profiles of ldl 199, hdl 40…
    Started on crestor again..after 30 days ldl was 141, hdl 45.. ED was surfacing is the reason I stopped crestor. Symptoms of ed basically disappeared and sex life returned to pretty much normal, but the scare of the profile increase caused me to start the crestor again.. All of this was not approved by my doctor.
    Today, Jan 30, 2012 I will again stop taking crestor… I think the profile that indicated 199 – 40 was an incorrect test. How can such changes take place within a six month period!!! I will continue on Niacin… and see how this works… I also take 2000mg fish oil, 2 (81mg) aspirin, daily vitamin and coq10.

    I have used Crestor since 2004 due to high total cholesterol and LDL. Around same time I was starting to suffer ED time to time. It was getting worse after years, 2009 I asked Viagra medication from my doctor. It helped situation but did not stop progress of symptoms.
    I also suffered pain at low back and legs. On summer 2011 I stopped Crestor due to pains and luckily it helped for the pains. In November 2011 I went to specialist to discuss about my ED problem. He ordered me to go to test my testosterone levels ‘just in case’. My testosterone was below low limit, both total and free. Other hormone levels (LH and FSH and PRL) were normal.
    Just after I saw my hormone test results I started to suspect Crestor as cause of ED. It’s looks too high coincidence that my ED problem just started at same time as Crestor medication. Unfortunately my testosterone levels have not recovered in half year (of course I cannot say how low they were when I stopped Crestor). I am hoping to find advice how to start my testosterone synthesis again. Or do I really have to go and take testosterone replacement? I am just 40 years old now so this is really terrible situation.

    I am considering Red dry Yeast, as recommended by a nutritionist Pharmacist who hates crestor.

    Thank God I found this site. I started taking zocor a short time ago. About a month. I’ve also noticed a complete decline in my sex drive and difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection. But I never put the two together. My doctor said high cholesterol can cause ED. I think it might be the other way around. I’m going off zocor and taking my chances. I exercise and I eat right. That’s going to have to be good enough.

    Erectile dysfunction is definitely from the drugs. I’ve been on about 8 different statins and they all do the same thing. Welcol is the only not statin the helps a little.

    Thank gosh for this website. My husband is only 34 and begun taking crestor (a little young to take statins but has a strong family history) and noticed his sex drive and struggled with his erection. It is clear that the only medication my husband is on is Crestor 5mg and it is causing erectile dysfunction problem. It states it can affect muscles and one website states it can cause erectile dysfunction just not a common side effect.
    i agree with a comment above, you know your body better than any doctor so go with your instinct and do your own research! Regardless of what doctor says i think i will suggest my husband to stop the crestor and look at more natual remedies!

    I came home from the hospital in good shape after a small stroke. On Dr’s orders I started taking LIPITOR. Within 3 weeks my sexual function was ZERO. I tossed them in the garbage today after seeing that there are 1,200,000 hits on Gogle about statins and sexual dysfunction in males. It would have been nice had my doctor mentioned this to me. Time for a new doctor but I am afraid that nearly all are in the pocket of the drug companies one way or another. What a wonderful medical system we have in the USA. I hope the damage is not long lasting.

    I am 66 years old, reasonably sexually active (intercourse 4-6 x / week) and was on 40 mg of zocor and had very occasional ED, generally unremarkable, but when was switched to Crestor my sex life has been the pits. Anorgasmia, flaccid erections, no orgasms. Tried Cialis 5 and it works. I have Type II Diabetes and sugar is entirely under control, never a sex life problem with Metformin, but Crestor has been a disaster. I’m off it now and waiting for my erections to return.

    I am 72 years old. My blood-sugar level is under control. I also take blood pressure medication (Losartan Pottassium 100mg). I have been also taking Simvastatin 80mg for past several years. I have had ED problems
    for past 10 years. Initially, Viagra was helpful. However, it does not help any more. I tried Cilias & Levitra. No improvement. I can not get and maintain erection at all.
    Recently, I stopped taking Simvasratin for a week but ED problem did not go away.
    Can any MD provide any advice?

    I’m so glad I found this site. I am 40 years old and have been on Lipitor for about 2 months. My sex drive and ability to maintain an erection have gone way down. This was not a problem for me before.
    Coincidentally, I was also diagnosed with low testosterone levels around this same time and have started a replacement therapy about two weeks ago. I was sure the testosterone replacement would help with my ED problems. The testosterone has been working wonders with my energy levels and sense of well-being, but has not made any difference in my sex life.
    My doctor very reluctantly put me on the statin. He thinks I am too young to be on a statin, but too old to not do anything at all. He is a big proponent of fish oil and a better diet. I’m due to go back in a few weeks. I think I will have to tell him that I want to try the ‘natural’ route once more.

    Since my published comment on 10/28/09 on this site my experience with Lipitor has turned extremely bad. Using the DHEA as previously described has, seemingly, kept any problem with ED under control but the muscle pain has advanced from tolerable to excruciating.
    My cholesterol numbers are not much different since starting with Lipitor in 2002 so I elected to stop taking Lipitor against my Doctor’s advice. My muscle pains and cramps had become more than I was willing to tolerate even considering my personal pain tolerance to be on the high side. I told my Doctor that I was stopping Lipitor as I could not live my life with the misery produced by it. Of course the resulting advice was to continue on the statin scheme.
    I am not shopping a new doctor as I am convinced that they all are taught similar thinking. Now several months later almost all of the pain is gone, my cholesterol numbers aren’t really much different and I am almost back to normal. A present lingering effect is that Niacin, Red Rice Yeast, etc. all now produce muscle pain even in low doses.

    My Primary Care doctor has been campaigning to put me on statins for the past 10 years because my LDL is frequently over 150; as high as 188 at times. My HDL, however, is always over 50, my blood pressure is good and I am only 12 lbs above what I weighed in high school. Next Bday I turn 60 and will continue to resist my doctor’s pressure to begin taking a statin. Maybe it’s time for a new doctor!

    I am presently taking 10/40mg of Vytorin and haven’t been able to get a full erection since being on the drug. Is there a substitute I can take to lower my cholesterol as well as remedy my erectile dysfunction problem.

    I’m 37, have bad cholesterol and have been on simvastatin for about 4 years. I have noticed diminished response since. I am now have serious problems with ED. I have decided, after having read too many articles now about statins and the non-issue of cholesterol, I am quitting the drugs. Life example, I have a grandpa, he is the side my cholesterol issues come from, he is 97 years old, has only been on statins for maybe 15 years, meaning he lived happy and healthy to 80 years old! without statins!. My other grandfather, from the side of the family with great cholesterol, was dead at 44 from a heart attack.
    I’m going to live with the numbers the tests come back with and just take a regimen of fish oil, niacin, CoQ10 and the usual antioxidants. I hated being put on a prescription drug for regular “the rest of my life” use and I’m not going to take it anymore. I hope to God a week off will make the difference. I’m just too young to be having this happen, 180lbs, 6ft and active, it’s just absurd.

    I have been taking 40 mg’s of crestor for about 6 years now. I’m 47 years old and in fairly good physical condition, except for my very high cholesterol, which runs in my family. I workout regularly and have for years but I no longer have any sex drive nor am I able to maintain an erection. I ask my doctors, both my internal and urologist if it could be from my crestor and they both tell me absolutely not. It’s just getting older. I disagree as I’m not that old for this to occur.
    My testosterone levels dropped into the low 200’s and now they put me on androgel which I don’t think is very good as it’s just brought me over 300 which isn’t great. After reading all of this I think I am going to try a month off of the crestor!

    My boyfriend (72) never had a problem with sex but after he was put on Simvastatin (10 mg), his sex drive declined. After the doctor upped to dose to 20mg, his sex life came to a screeching halt. He discontinued the drug for a week and during that time, his sex drive came back.
    Doctors do not discuss this well-known side effect when prescribing this medication, and that is a dereliction of their medical duty.

    Do doctors know about niacin ?
    Why do doctors prefer costly statins over niacin ?
    Taking just one 500mg niacin tablet daily (time-release type) has worked wonders for me in reducing my total cholesterol from 250+ to 145 in less than four weeks. Of course, I have also been watching my diet and exercising a little. I’ve lost about 8 lbs. (about 5% of my original body mass).

    After taking statins for 10 years and seeing little only a slight change in the numbers, I quit against the advice of my doctor. Included in those 10 years was 5-7 years of gradually increasing muscle pain that eventually made my life pure hell. I have my sexuality back and the misery of the constant pain is gone.
    Life with the so called “fix” is not worth it, but wonderful without it. From my point of view statins are all a thinly disguised joke on us. I have chosen to loose weight, exercise more, do vitamin therapy, eat better and live happy instead of suffering from the “magic” pill.

    I just turned 50 and was placed on the new statin drug called Livalo 2mg. In just one week I have no sex drive or an erection. I have been prescribed crestor, zocor, and lipitor in the past with the same results. I am hoping another cholesterol med will come out w/o the side effects.

    I am 50 with history of heart problems. Never had any sexual side effects until I was put on Crestor 4 months ago. I can’t maintain or sometimes get an erection. I am convinced it’s the cause.

    I took crestor a couple of years no problems had a heart attack in Aug 2010. They changed me to simvastatin, sex is non-existent now. Now I am going to ask to be switched back let u know.

    My Dr put me on crestor and blood pressure meds and ever since I started having erection problems. I only get a semi erection. Can anyone relate because none of the side effects say anything about having erection problems.

    Don’t give up. Have yourself checked. You may require some testosterone, DHEA or other to get you back to normal. I am facing exactly the same issue after taking 5mg of lipitor for a few weeks, I now have chronic diarrhea and ED and hoping this will fade away.

    My doctor put me on zocor for high cholesterol soon after I started taking them I noticed my erection started to diminish it got so bad that I lost my ability to get any kind of an erection I stopped taking zocor a few days after I stopped my erections started to come back. I also started taking DHEA. I am back to normal and then some thank GOD.

    For the record, I am very sensitive to changes in medication; I have been on 10mg Lipitor for almost 9 years, plus 10mg Quinapril (blood pressure med) for the same amount of time – I recently changed jobs, which changed health care plans, and my new plan forced me on to generic Zocor/Simvastatin, at 40mg.
    I immediately began to notice a diminishing sex drive, and a gradual reduction in full erections over 3 months. It got so bad that I began to search the web and found this website – bingo! It’s clear to me that the increased dosage of statin had a direct impact on my libido and erections.
    It is interesting to note that I went from low doses of Lipitor to much higher doses of Zocor to precipitate the change – for me, it looks to be related to the absolute amount of dosage. I’m going back to my doctor immediately to address this, and get off/reduce the statins immediately to look for change/reduction in symptoms.

    My male friend takes simvastatin or Zocor and has been having problems keeping an erection. Can 40 mg. daily of these drugs for high cholesterol be the cause?

    Vascular ED can therefore be exacerbated by many of the risk factors which cause atherosclerosis, but it is also well documented that control of these risk factors with specific drug therapies can worsen or even precipitate ED. This study investigated the association of individual cardiovascular risk factors and their therapies with erectile function in a cohort of men attending cardiovascular disease clinics. In particular, it investigated the effect of statin therapy on erectile function in this group.

    Apparently, I am part of the nearly 50% who have not recovered from erectile dysfunction after stopping a statin drug regimen prescribed by a doctor. My use of Vytorin 10-40MG was like a sterilization chemical. The doctor provided many statistics to convince me that taking Vytorin was safe and would prevent a heart attack.
    Later, a urologist told me that my cholesterol was low enough that I did not need to take Vytorin. Another doctor told me that satins only affect skeletal muscles, not involuntary muscles. Please, how asinine can a doctor get? Muscles are muscles, whether voluntary or involuntary. Also, more recent research has indicated that Vytorin does not do any of what is claimed, and it has been withdrawn from advertisement (but not use). Doctors know a whole lot less about how our bodies function than we would like to believe.

    Unfortunately talking to one’s doctor (if you have any real confidence in them to begin with) is not very fruitful. After all they only know what they are told. Every individual must conduct their own research.

    Since I started simvastatins I have had ED & and loss of interest in sex. Drugs are all the same, side affects, some of which cause more problems than they solve. It’s all big business. Just watch the commercials on TV. “Ask your doctor, talk to your doctor,” constantly.

    My husband has taken statins off and on for the last few years. Recently he was back on them and we started noticing erectile problems (again). I also noticed that he seemed to have restless legs at night. I had never noticed that his legs were moving at night before. He stopped the statins and the erectile problems resolved and I have not noticed the moving legs at night again. I just read an article that correlated restless legs and erectile problems. Maybe statins should be thrown into this discussion.

    Re: Decreasing sexual drive when taking Lipitor. I have been taking Lipitor for 9+ years and have discovered that by taking DHEA, with no side effects that I am aware of, twice daily and my sexual drive is robust and satisfying for myself and my partner. I am 65 years old, diabetic, had a heart bypass, both cholesterol and diabetes are under control and have lost approx. 40 lbs. I have passed this info along to others and their results have been similar.

    Among the many side effects I experienced while on a statin was a decreased and steadily fading sex drive. (I agree with the excellent comment by dp above, that “side effects” is not accurate. They really are symptoms reflecting a serious wide ranging deterioration in your body. The body is very complex in it’s function, and the presumptuousness of much of modern medicine overlooks this. Statins are affecting peoples health in wide ranging and little studied and understood ways.) The week I stopped the statins I was simply amazed at the return of my sexual function. I find it maybe more than just ironic that Pfizer’s two top money makers of all time are Lipitor, a statin causing sexual disfunction, and Viagra, a drug to restore it. Things are seriously wrong with this world!

    The physical process of erection is vascular in nature. Anything that effects the vascular system can lead to erectile dysfunction. Diabetes, smoking, high blood pressure and related medications can all be a cause of erectile dysfunction.
    I recommend you discuss this issue with your physician. There are many forms of treatment now a days.

    Cholesterol is not the “evil substance” that it is portrayed. Cholesterol is necessary for normal function of the body. It affects erectile, cognitive, muscle function (the heart is a muscle) and every other bodily function. Low cholesterol has been linked to increased heart failure and an increase in ALS diagnoses, as well as possible increased chances of cancer. Some studies have shown that it is only helpful to high risk middle aged men with CVD. It has been shown to be of little or no value to women and the elderly. Please do more research before you decide to use statins.

    My husband had been on simvastatin, then the Dr switched him to Lipitor. He started acting very strangely, forgetting things, cognitive problems, I told the Dr. so he switched him to Crestor which didn’t help much, but then my daughter was researching and read about CoQ10 which I have started him on, and it does make a remarkable difference. Sure wish there was something else to help with cholesterol in lieu of statins.

    Side effects to statin drugs, such as muscle weakness and pain, sound harmless when spoken or written. But what is happening to what organs within the body that produce these side effects? Most of the time, the side effects resolve if the statin drug is discontinued. But what of the residual, unseen changes that the body may now be left with? What damage has been done that may set a person up for future organ problems?
    I don’t like calling them side effects. It’s not strong enough. They are SYMPTOMS that something within is no longer functioning as it should; that the drug is altering the healthy performance of some of the systems. When a drug causes the organ to stop producing a product like cholesterol,that isn’t the only thing that occurs. Our bodies are not mechanical. They are complex. A drug doesn’t simply go in and turn a valve and shut off a supply of cholesterol. It has to alter the organ in a way that can be detrimental otherwise there would be no “side effects”.
    I remember the loss of two of friends to liver cancer after having been on statins for less than a year and I wonder.

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