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Statin Side Effects – We Told You So!

Over a decade ago we started hearing from readers that statins interfered with their ability to exercise. One elite athlete paid very careful attention to his ergometer reading. He used a sophisticated rowing machine that tracked his performance. It deteriorated noticeably after starting a statin to lower his cholesterol.

A husband wrote that his wife’s previously consistent driving distance in golf dropped after she started taking a statin. She was upset that she had lost 10 yards off most of her drives.

When we searched the medical literature at that time, there were no studies demonstrating that statins like atorvastatin, lovastatin and simvastatin interfered with muscle function or exercise capability. When we asked the FDA about such side effects, we were assured that no such problem existed, based on data from randomized controlled clinical trials. Doctors criticized us for worrying people unnecessarily. As people aged, we were told, they would lose muscle strength. It couldn’t possibly be related to statin treatment.

Last year, though, French scientists reported that rats given atorvastatin had less endurance than unmedicated rats. And now, a sophisticated study has proven that statins do indeed have a deleterious effect on muscles (Journal of the American College of Cardiology, online, April 10, 2013). Researchers at Duke University, Division of Cardiology, recruited sedentary, overweight people for a fascinating study. They were randomized to 12 weeks of aerobic exercise training or the same exercise plus 40 mg of simvastatin (Zocor) daily.

The people who exercised had a 10% improvement in their cardio-respiratory fitness. Those in the statin group only improved their fitness by 1.5%. Worse, those in the exercise group increased their muscle energy-burning efficiency by 13% whereas the people taking statins had a decrease in the energy factories (mitochondria) of their muscles cells. In other words, statins prevented the benefits of exercise.

This has come as a huge shock to the medical community. It will not surprise readers of The People’s Pharmacy. We told you so more than 10 years go. Here is a story that was included in our book, Best Choices from The People’s Pharmacy:

“My mother’s doctors discovered that at age 74 her cholesterol had started to rise. They decided to put her on Lipitor. Since that time her life has changed in many ways.  Before Lipitor she played golf on average two times a week.  She has not played now in a year. She worked in her yard every day, now only once in a great while.  She was walking two to three miles on the days she did not play golf.  This she is still doing, only it is one mile. She would go to dinner with us almost every Friday night.  She still does this only when we make her.

 “Mother is 4 foot 11 inches tall and normally weighs 110 lbs.  She has always been happy even though all her friends were passing away. Last week, she told me she wished she could die because of the pain she is in.  She wakes up in the middle of the night in so much pain that she can not go back to sleep.  Her arthritis has flared up and that is what the doctor has told her is causing her pain. She has also developed diabetes. She is now taking so many drugs that I am not sure what all is wrong with her.”


More than a decade ago readers of The People’s Pharmacy also alerted us to blood sugar problems linked to statins. Again, the FDA ignored our concerns and prescribers denied that there could be any link between statin-type drugs and diabetes. But the evidence continues to build that there is an association between statins and blood sugar control.

A new study in the journal BMJ (online, May 24, 2013) reveals that atorvastatin, rosuvastatin and simvastatin all raise the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Researchers reviewed nearly 1.5 million medical records. The individuals were at least 66 years old and had started taking a statin between 1997 and 2010. Although the absolute risk of developing diabetes was low, atorvastin increased it by 22%, rosuvastatin raised it by 18% and simvastatin boosted it by 10%. Pravastatin and fluvastatin actually lowered the risk of type 2 diabetes.


It can take decades for researchers or the FDA to discover serious drug-induced side effects. Statins are supposed to prevent heart attacks and strokes. But if such drugs interfere with people’s ability to exercise or control their blood sugar, doctors may need to temper their enthusiasm for these cholesterol-lowering medications so they will be prescribed only for patients who will benefit most.

Share your own statin story below in the comment section. You may also want to read our Guide to Cholesterol Control and Heart Health.

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Im 52 and was put on atorvastatin 10mg a day and after a year and a half was upped to 20mg a day about 3 mos after taking the increased dose my lower buttocks and hamstrings started to hurt. i thought nothing of it since i had started a new job in a mall (im an optician) and had started walking the mall on my lunch hour thinking it was just normal aches from walking.

After about 3 weeks, I decided to call my doctor and when I told him my symptoms he said to stop the statin for 2 weeks that he thought it was causing the pain after 2 weeks nothing had changed so he wanted to put me on a steroid for 2 weeks but i wouldn’t take them because he said it could cause heart palipitations and skipped beats and i have A Fib so no way. Then he said he didn’t think it was the statins and wanted to put me on fibromyalgia meds and he would not do blood work so needless to say I found another doctor by the time I got to see him the pain had migrated to my groin area and wrapped around the tops of my legs and both hips both shoulders and arms down to my elbows the pain is excruciating upon waking or sitting for long periods I walk like im eighty and can hardly get in and out of a car and im on leave from work.

The new doctor is sending me to a rheumatologist I might have some arthritis but it doesnt just start one day and 2 months later feel like this . i have no swelling or redness or is my skin red or hot I don’t care what anyone says its the statins. I just need to know how long i have to suffer- its ruining my life- i read on another site it took someone 6+ mos. to recover i just hope it isnt permanent. Sorry so long …..

I was on Crestor 5mg. By the end of month I was weak, had heart palpitations, pain on my right thigh, pain on both me eyes, anxious and depressed. Stopped the Crestor and after my 3rd week, I am slowly regaining my strength

I am 84 years of age. I got a high cholesterol reading and my doctor put me on 40 mg of Lipitor. For the first eleven days I took it, I experienced no apparent side effects. On the 12th day, I suddenly became very nauseated. I assumed I had a stomach virus. In a couple of hours I began to vomit severely, vomiting something black. I still remained ill and, about 24 hours later, I bagan vomiting the black substance again.
I headed for the emergency room and vomited again upon arriving there. A sample of the vomit was tested and it tested positive for blood. The diagnosis was that I had an ulcerated esophogus, caused by taking an aspirin per day over a ten-year period. The Dr. prescribed an acid inhibitor, I was given an intravenous injection of pain medication, and was sent home. I noticed while at the emergency room that I had trouble urinating. When I got home, my son and daughter were barely able to get me from the car into the house, my legs were so weak. As I went through the door, I fell and hit my head on a table. The only way I could get through the house was with a walker.
A couple of times over the next three days, I began sweating profusely and almost fainted. I had trouble urinating and had no appetite. Finally, I decided to start eliminating one medicine at a time. I stayed off my pain medicine for 24 hours but nothing changed. I stayed off Lipitor for 24 hours and suddenly everything was back to normal. I immediately stopped taking Lipitor and have made a gradual recovery to the point that after two weeks I am now back to where I was physically before taking Lipitor.

Big Pharma is out to destroy your body so bad that you will be on medications the rest of your life. Been 3 years since I threw statins in garbage can and believe me this damage does not always heal. My legs are still weak and I believe I will have to finish my life like this. I WILL BE ON THE OTHER SIDE WAITING ON THESE FIENDS.

There is constant pain in the muscle in my head. Most days it’s a dull ache, but sometimes it flares up and I need to take Advil, etc. to ease the pain. As I said in my earlier post, this muscle is permanently damaged. I also have fibromyalgia so I always have muscle pain. But it looks like statins are not good for people with fibromyalgia. I took statins at night.
The night I decided to stop, I went to bed and felt very strange. I experienced waves of sensations going through my body, up and down. I have never experienced anything like that. I finally fell asleep. I woke up early in the morning and every muscle in my body was in screaming pain! I could barely move.
I start massaging every muscle I could reach until I was able to get out of bed. Then took a hot shower. I have a hand held shower and concentrated the hot water on various sections of my body until I felt the muscles relax. I also had to take some pain medication. After an experience like that, I will never, ever get back on a statin.

How are your muscles today ? I have been on 3 different statins I have never been so poorly since taking statins on and off for 2 years, my left arm is the worst I can’t do certain things with it but my joints have started hurting more elbows, wrists, knees, hips and ankles. I will probably be told its arthritis, my thighs have changed shape it looks like my muscle drops when I lift my leg.
I have started taking b12, b6, vitamin d with calcium and ubiquinol but things don’t seem any better. All I know is if I stop taking b12 for one day things get a lot worse. My vitamin d is 17 I have been told I need it above 25 and my b12 is normal so they say it’s 276. can anyone advise me on any of my problems? thank you

I am 50 year old male. I had a “mild” non st elevated heart attack a year ago. I had two stents fitted and straight away started on 80mg statin as well as ace inhibitor etc. I could not tolerate the 80mg statin down to constipation, really bad, onst within 24 hours It would come and go in tune with the statin or no statin, and 100% statin induced.
They reduced the statin dose down to 20mg and I have persevered and carried on with my life for a year. Yes I get cramps, muscle pains etc, but not bad. Lately though, I have started suffering really bad fatigue, I can sleep 12 hours and still not feel rested. I am 5ft 9, 12 stone (168lbs), eat v healthy diet, cycle, walk. The tiredness is not due to excess exercise, it’s more than tiredness, it’s complete whacked out cannot be bothered with anything, day after day.
About a week ago I scrapped the statin, and surprise surprise, I feel tons better. Is it Psychological etc, not in your wildest dreams. I am not some kind of nut, hyperchondriac, whatever, I am a sane married self employed plumber!!..(I must be mad!)…. I have always been a little skeptical of the whole cholesterol is bad argument, and they are forever changing the argument too. If you stay on a statin, good luck, they wore me right down, but it took a year.

Yes, there is an alternative that works for many, many people. Change your diet to a totally plant-based one (no meats, eggs, cheese) and also keep the carbs low glycemic ones (green veggies rather than potatoes/rice, breads, etc.). Basically, eat lots of veggies, especially green ones. For protein, use plant sources. High carb intake will increase the body’s own production of cholesterol, and the actual cholesterol in the animal products (plant ones contain none) will also drive up cholesterol. You can read more about this in the books by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and Dr. Joel Fuhrman. It works — with high reliability and within a relatively short time (few weeks), and no side effects.

How can you people not realize these statin drugs will destroy you as they have me? These doctors are messing with something they have no knowledge about. I will never go to another doctor. What time I have left is mine to enjoy without some fool with m.d. tagged after their name to ever tell me anything again. 6 years ago I could do anything and after they got through with me I was ready to die. guide yourself as you see fit, but research on your own before you pop a pill in your mouth.

Not hardly will that diet work within a few weeks. And, I’d say that cutting out all carbohydrates is not a good idea. Also, you must not be a woman, because I know of no woman who does better not eating some meat.

I had been on several different statins over the years (I’m now 59). All gave me muscle pain in the upper arms and legs. Got to the point I couldn’t lift anything my arms hurt so bad. Crestor was the worst for me. I also noticed a slight pain in my right temple.
Then I had to change doctors because of new health insurance. This doctor put me on two statins because he felt my numbers weren’t low enough. Well, the pain in my head exploded! I thought I was having a stroke. The doctor sent me to specialists to try to find out what happened. An ENT discovered that a muscle in my head that starts from your forehead and wraps around behind your ear to your throat was very inflamed. That’s what was causing the pain.
Took several rounds of predisone and other anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve the pain. But it has not totally gone away and flares up. I believe that muscle has been permanently damaged. I stopped all statins and changed doctors.

How long ago did you stop taking Lipitor? I quit in 2006 and still have issues with muscle weakness and cramps that sound like what you’re experiencing.

By the way, I think my residual Lipitor effect is a problem with muscle relaxation-for example I get twinges of sharp muscle pain in my upper legs/hip girdle when straightening up from weeding, for example.
Also the lack of stamina as I recently mentioned. I feel fine when I start out, but by afternoon I am weak and tired. I wonder if continuing to push myself is slowing my recovery or perhaps helping me along. Has anyone figured this out?

I had a heart attack and was put on Crestor, 5 mg. every day. I have not experienced muscle pain, but have many other symptoms not mentioned in any of the comments. I feel anxious all the time – to the point that I wake up at night feeling my heart beating loudly. I am constipated, tired, and I have put on weight – a pound a month – and have no idea why as I watch everything I put in my mouth. My cholesterol is 180 – has never been any higher than that – and I don’t understand why I need to take the Crestor when it makes me feel so horrible. Anyone else with my symptoms?

Do not think you are a baby, I am 50 years old, good health at the time exercised daily, ate healthy but still have high cholesterol, 5’5″ and 124lbs. I had such a awful reaction to the statin (lovestatin), every day it got worse and I continued to call my doctor and they said, “some muscle aches are normal and will go away as my body adjust” well as the days went by, the pain got worse and to the point I could not get out of bed, I could not walk, I was in such severe pain my husband told me to stop taking them, he took me to Urgent care where I was advised to STOP taking the medication, I was still debilitated could barely walk let alone get into and out of a car.
I went to a specialists, my SED rate was off the charts, I had to start aquatic therapy along with eventually land therapy. I have gained weight and lost a lot of muscle. finally 1 year later I am able to walk again, still have difficulty with stairs. I reported this to the FDA while my doctor insists that is had nothing to do with the statin. What a joke I do not take any medication ever and that at the time was the only change was the lovestatin. So you know your own body better then anyone, If a doctor is not going to listen to you, CHANGE doctors.

There are several people in my family that are having complications after taking simvastatin, myself included. What I would like to know is, are these conditions permanent or can they be reversed or flushed out over time? In my father’s case it seems that the damage is permanent and he will be required to take other medications to temporarily relieve those conditions.
Any advice you can give is greatly appreciated.
Peoples Pharmacy response: In most cases, the effects of a statin will eventually be reversible. The amount of time it takes is quite variable. Unfortunately, some people do not completely recover.

I was put on Simvastatin for a couple of years as well as my daughter, son, sister and her daughter.
We all developed severe pains. Mine was my right knee which my doctor drained 3 times and said it would have to be replaced soon. My daughter had severe carpal tunnel in both wrists. The other members of my family all had severe pains also. My daughter was the first to suspect statins and quit using them. Her carpal tunnel went away in a few days. I then quit and my knee has never been drained since then and no longer bothers me. The same applies to the other members of my family.
I am now 80 years old and have very little stamina but don’t know whether to blame it on statins or old age but I suspect statins because I have always worked out at a health club and still do.

Niacin was given to me for cholesterol. The Niacin gave me hot flashes, then I was told to take aspirin for the hot flashes. I was about 70 then. I bled for about 3 yrs. took iron and had 3 units of packed cells. Of course, I had gone off the aspirin and Niacin.
A few months later, I was prescribed Zocor, I got as weak as a kitten, I could hardly walk. I refused to ever take statins. I do exercise quite well, I eat a fairly healthy diet, my BP is controlled. I am 82 and I will never ever take another STATIN. I will die first. Now, I have hypercalcemia and HyperPth. Sound like surgery is inevitable..
I have read everything I can, on the website. Wish me luck, thought I was quite healthy for an old lady. I wonder how many people out three have old age symptoms, nausea etc. and have never had their Serum Calcium checked. My symptoms are not real bad yet, I am in the gray are of HPTH, so searching for surgeons that have done many with success. My mother lived alone until she was 100. I think, she really wanted to make that 100th birthday. Then things started going down hill. I want a bone scan, and maybe more, like a CAT. I do not know yet.
I am told that I am a young 82. I want to stay that way for a few more years. I hate meds. I do take my BP med, omega 3, tylenol for OA, vit D and an antihistamine for my nausea symptom. It seems to help, rec. by my pharmacist. Working on finding a good surgeon to take some PTH glands out. Feedback would be wonderful. It is not a common disease, but I think maybe more common than the public knows. A blood calcium check would help identify it.Then a Pth tests if needed. Symptoms are similar to aging symptoms, lethargy, bone pain, nausea depending on how advanced it is.

Try niacin- it raises Good cholesterol and has helped me.

If I stop taking simvastatin, will I have more energy?

@MJB When I fell ill due to Statin use, I was hospitalized at 34 years old, for 28 days at the University Hospital in Madison, WI..I was like a patient with Alzheimers, completely confused, disoriented, had no idea who my wife was, my 3 year old son, nor my parents. I was unable to walk, could not speak coherently, was wetting and soiling myself, I was waiting for a nursing home bed to become available. When I was visiting by a professor from Harvard, who suggested a Mitochondrial Cocktail (Essentially 12 vitamins, Amino acids, and COQ10) It was after I started this, I began to become more coherent, alert, able to answer questions appropriately, and eventually able to go home with aggressive rehab….Bottom line is, WE WERE NOT BORN WITH A STATIN DEFICIENCY…WE ALL NEED CHOLESTEROL TO LIVE! CHOLESTEROL IS PRESENT IN EACH AND EVERY CELL IN OUR BODY.

I have been on 1250 mg niacin for about 2!/2years. Does niacin create the same problems as the simvastatin? Muscle weakness, diabetes?

Through the years the mds have tried to get me on statins. My number is from 220 – 241… they go up and down. I refuse to take drugs after experiencing problems after a week. I even had someone call me representing the drugstore that I purchased the statins. I was asked why I had not refilled the meds. Well, it just so happened that I knew the ‘drugstore’ was not calling me. My brother-in-law owns it… so it is a company pushing the meds. I have read too many horror stories!! I would however, like to get my numbers under 200. How???

My kids’ pediatrician actually convinced me to start statins when I was in my late 40s. My cholesterol had always been above 200, with a low HDL. I convinced my primary care physician to start me on the lowest dose of Lipitor, 10 mg. There was some improvement in the numbers, and no side effects that I could tell. I thought it could be better, so I asked for 20 mg, and stayed on this for about 4 years.
I had some aches and pains in my legs, but I thought this was from being out of shape. So I started a diet and exercise program through Curves. I lost some weight, but as I continued to exercise, the muscle pains and weakness increased, to the point that I could barely walk. I had had some longstanding mild right knee arthritis, but at this time both my knees became very painful and swollen, requiring frequent icing and lots of naproxen and ibuprofen.
I went online to see what all of this could be, and started reading people’s horror stories about Lipitor. So many of the stories were just like mine: relatively healthy active people in their 50’s becoming incapacitated after being on statins. Many of them were able to recover muscle function within weeks of stopping statins.
I was hopeful that that would be the case with me. Unfortunately, recovery has been very slow. I have been off statins since 2006, underwent many rounds of physical therapy for the knees, hips, back and neck, tried many different supplements and eventually had to have both knees replaced. I continue to have muscle weakness which I believe has compromised my knee rehab, but it is hard to separate this from muscle weakness that accompanies arthritis itself. I now have severe hip arthritis, and will probably have to have one or both hips replaced. I am only 59!
There have been other small studies about professional athletes being unable to tolerate statins. These new studies point out that ordinary people who exercise are at risk for muscle injury as well. I have encountered many doctors and other health professionals who are totally unaware of the harm that statins can do. Only liver failure or rhabdomyolysis gets their attention. I wish I had never taken a statin. My life has been irreparably changed.

About ten years ago, my (then) physician put me on statins for cholesterol control (it was 137.) Some weeks later I developed what eventually was diagnosed as peripheral neuropathy in my feet and lower legs. The neurologist told me to immediately get off statins, which I did. The neuropathy however, has not gone away even after several years. I imagine that the peripheral nerves were damaged. The neurologist told me that there was no “cure” and that I had to live with it.
Now that statins are used for heart problems, I shudder when I think of the consequences of this medication.

I was on a statin and my knees started to hurt and I lost strength in my legs. I had difficulty walking and tripped easily. I took myself off statins and almost immediately my pain went away. My cholesterol is still high. I have been reading the book The Great Cholesterol Myth and according to the book high cholesterol may not be the problem that the medical field has us believing.

I read all of the bad things about the statins but I haven’t seen any alternatives. Any recommendations??

Beats me, but I have refused to take statins even though the chances of genetic hyperlipidemia are high. Then, I went to the ER due to a warm lump in the area of my right anterior tibilalis muscle – nothing found on ultrasound but that wasn’t especially diagnostic. Woke up next day -good thing – and saw two veins protruding. They had not been – it wasn’t a miss on my part. I’ve nixed angiograms, as I am female, and don’t think they work well on women.

I already have a diagnosis of peripheral artery disease, although, frankly, I do not know why, because my pulses and ankle brachial index are fine… I will look into this.. .anyway – I had a bottle of atorvastatin that I had put aside once I bought it, and, believe you me, I took one today. I may not take another, but for now – benefits just might outweigh the risks. But also, other anecdotals from “people on the street” would suggest that not everyone experiences the bad effects. (Now that I’ve said that, I don’t believe it either). Never mind.

You need to take control. Just because your doctor tells you to take this pill does not mean you have to take the pill. lh

Is no one prescribing CQ-10 along with the statin? That had to be regulated with the statin to prevent the muscle pain & loss! Hooray for a nurse practitioner who knew more than doctors!

I am 82. Did not get here by taking every pill the doctor prescribed. Research was done first. Until recently the only prescription taken was Synthroid (not the generic, it didn’t work). Arthritis pain has the doctor & I looking for the right balance to keep me active but not doped up. The point is, don’t believe you HAVE to take a pill just because the doctor said to take it. Check the prescription out, research it before starting to take the meds. It’s Your Body!

Google “Statin scam” or “cholesterol scam” or “cholesterol myth” You will find many articles by credible researchers and doctors debunking the idea high cholesterol is bad for you. From what I have gathered, the most important ratio in blood tests is triglycerides divided by HDL, so google that, too. That ratio should be 2 or less, depending on the article. Some say between 2 and 4 is ok.
Here is a link to a radio program titled “895 The Great Cholesterol Myth” right on the this website.

I am in the same “boat” as Jon. After six years on simvistatin, the chronic pain and malaise was so bad, the doctor allowed the trail off the drug. (I am 59.) The generalized pain disappeared in days! However, as soon as I wanted to *use* my muscles again, I had specific, acute injuries to various body parts. Atrophied muscles cannot perform. Of course, pain in one site creates “guarding” from a different location, so a vicious circle is begun.
I lived on aspirin for a year, just to get thru my daily activities, as I tried to re-build condition. An amino acid dietary supplement helped. Numerous other supplements did not help. Shiatsu helped. Homeopathy did not. I am better, but far from where I should be. My doctor said she had never heard of my outcome, so offered no direction.
What I want to know is… How long does it take to recover from this damage? … And what have others found effective?
Isn’t it ironic that a pharmaceutical for heart health functionally damages muscle tissue – and what is the heart made up of? Muscle!

I, too, was prescribed statins for high cholesterol. I soon began having major aches in my legs, arms, and feet. Walking, bending, and getting up from a low position had become difficult for me. Exercising had become almost impossible. My sleep was also becoming affected because of the pain.
Fortunately, my doctor was willing to change my meds. After trying three different statins with the same results, my doctor changed the statins for slow niacin. Although my cholesterol is not ideal, it is low enough and most of the aches have gone away. It took several months before I noticed a return of strength in my muscles. After over a year, I now feel as if my movements and abilities have returned to nearly pre-statin levels.

I have been using simvastatin for eight months. First I started with 5mil. and now I am up to 10mil. I had used Red Yeast Rice up until then. I don’t have much pain and want to know if there is any other route I can take instead of using statins? I am against any meds if possible.

When I first started statins that was when my problems started, I suffer from FBS, and my problem with muscular pain, cramping , no energy I went back to my doctor and told him of the problems that I was experiencing and he would give me that look and tell me to continue the treatment. I still have the problem and my cardiologist has added another statin over my objection and now don’t have the strength to do anything. And this has gotten me worried,for I also have diabetes and want to lose weight and do not have the strength that I used have. But still taking the statins and still having no strength and the doctors still think of me as a “CRY BABY”

I take simvastatin 40mg each night.
Some cardiologists recommend CoQ10 if the patient is taking a statin. The statin also prevents the body from using the antioxidants. The CoQ10 is supposed to bring this back into balance.
Other studies say that CoQ10 helps with the joint pains and problems associated with the statins.
My cardiologist asked if I was taking CoQ10. I answered to the affirmative and he recommended 200mg instead of 100 that I was taking.

RE: side effects of statins. About two years ago my doctor prescribed a low dose (10 mgs?) of lovastatin for my high cholesterol. I’m in my seventies, and an active senior softball player.
Soon after taking the cholesterol medication, I noticed a distinct deterioration of my athletic ability. In addition, I experienced more than usual muscle weakness and injuries, including pulled hamstrings and a torn arm ligament.
Of course, these injuries could be the normal consequences of the aging process, and unrelated to the statin medication, but I highly suspect otherwise.

The muscle ache and back pain has been bad for a number of years. After recent readings about statins, I asked my doctor about stopping the Crestor. Reluctantly, he agreed to a 3-month trial without the drug.
Within 2 weeks, there was a difference and, now, after 6 weeks I have no more aches or pain in that area. Here’s the zinger.
During the years of pain, I did not exercise…I couldn’t even take walks. Now, the muscles are so weak from not being used, that I find even the mildest exercise is beyond trying.
I’m going to try some physical therapy and mild exercises to get back in shape. I am an 84-year-old male. I shall not use statins.

No comment….I just want to follow them. Thanks.

My husband was on statins and then he went off. He tried oatmeal daily, exercise, diet and also took red rice yeast. His cholesterol went up even more and he was put back on statins. He has pain in his shoulders and his hip. We don’t want him taking statins but nothing has helped. What are your recommended alternatives?
Peoples Pharmacy response: There are a number of natural ways to control cholesterol. Here are some ideas:
One dietary measure to try is staying away from readily digested carbohydrates. Sometimes using cinnamon with meals can help control cholesterol. Read grapefruit may also be beneficial.

A friend told me today about your article in the Whittier Daily News about statins. My husband is being treated for dementia, he is on simvastatin & now I’m wondering if it’s the medication.
I am going to ask his Doctor to take him off the simvastatin for awhile & see if it helps, he also has a lot of aches & pain & muscle weakness which we told the doctor about & he gave him pain meds. Don’t they know the side effects?
He was always the strongest man I know & now can’t do that much including his walking. Reason he is on statin…low HDL..his cholesterol isn’t that high & his heart is good…he had a lot of heart tests a year & a half ago & everything was very good.
I read you all the time but missed yesterday…nice to have friends that call with information.

My 85 yr mom was put on lipitor. After a several mos they doubled the dose and within 48hrs she had a massive stroke.

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