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If you have ever been awakened in the middle of the night with a cramp in your calf or the arch of your foot, you know how much that can disrupt your sleep. But what can you do to prevent this problem? Surprisingly, many readers are enthusiastic about soap for cramps.

Soap for Cramps?

Q. I have suffered from foot and leg cramps for years. Every night! No matter how much potassium and calcium I took, these minerals didn’t make a difference.

I need my feet and legs for my job. I would actually get up with bruises. I could barely walk the next day because my feet and legs hurt so bad from the cramps the night before.

A friend told me that a friend of hers did the bar of soap underneath the bed sheet. It sounded so dumb that I just blew it off.

A few days later, I was so sore I decided to try it, and I thought ‘I’ll try anything.’ I haven’t had a leg or foot cramp since!  I know this sounds stupid, but it really worked for me.

A. You and hundreds of other people have told us that the stupid soap trick works. We have also heard from people who say it is worthless. But the good news is that soap doesn’t cost much and when put under the bottom sheet should produce no side effects.

Readers Share Their Stories About Soap for Cramps:

Here are just a few other soap stories to support your experience and entertain you:

Mary Says:

“Read for years about soap stopping leg cramps and kind of laughed at the entire scene. Then I started getting jolting cramps in my calves upon wakening in the a.m.

“Finally, I recalled the soap story and skeptically put some smaller pieces under the sheets and on top of the mattress pad.

“Well, I totally forgot I did it. About a week later upon arising, I realized NO CRAMPS! Then I remembered: SOAP!

“If only all medical conditions could be alleviated so easily and safely; we need people to continue sharing their home remedies that have worked for them or someone they know. Thank you.”

Paula adds:

“I have 5 bars of soap in my bed. My husband was a skeptic and is now a FIRM believer! I put the soap between the sheets, over the end of the bed so there is no kicking it around and it seems to work wonderfully. Hope this helps someone else.”

Delia offers this personal experience:

“Coming from a ha-ha skeptical to a wow believer: I had heard from my daughter that a friend had told her about the soap. I laughed it out of my mind.

“One day while reading the Houston Chronicle I read an article in the ‘People’s Pharmacy’ newspaper column which mentioned soap for cramps and raisins for arthritis. I did the raisins, and years later out of desperation, did the soap. Both are a miracle for me.

“Since I had saved the newspaper article, I have made countless copies for family, friends, and unknown friends’ friends. Some have been disbelievers like me, but far too many have thanked me for the information.

“I bought two (2) copies of “The People’s Pharmacy Quick & Handy Home Remedies” book, one for me and one to lend out. Thanks for all your wonder help.”

Anyone else who would like to learn more about Bed Soap and Leg Soap can find information here. And if you too would like to read all about these and hundreds of other home remedy stories in our home remedy book, click on this link.

The Scent of Soap:

There is not much research on this remedy to prevent nighttime cramps, but some research links the effect to aromatherapy. We came up with the idea of The People’s Pharmacy Bed Soap and Leg Soap because we knew that lavender might be an important scent in the cramp-relieving action of soap. We added that scent to the special flat bars so that the soap isn’t uncomfortable.

The special soap chips in Leg Soap make it possible to put them in socks unobtrusively. People tell us that they help when traveling. Some people even wear socks with soap to bed.

Lucille in Texas shared this review of Leg Soap in our shopping cart:

“I like it and so does my husband. He uses it for restless leg and I for cramps. So far, it seems to work better than anything else I have tried.”

Cheryl in Richmond, VA loves the special fragrance in Leg Soap:

“I love this soap and use it every night. It does help me in preventing night time leg/foot cramps. Also love the smell! So does my 5 year old granddaughter!”

Of course not everyone loves the tea olive fragrance in Leg Soap or the lavender fragrance in Bed Soap. If you find either Bed Soap or Leg Soap not to your liking we will gladly refund your money.

Share your own soap for cramps story in the comment section below.

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  1. Jim
    St. Peters MO

    When my showering bar of Irish Spring Soap is almost used up, I place the remnant tiny bar in a sock near the ankle that i put on my foot while sleeping. The LEG CRAMPS are gone. This has been working now for 4 weeks. Cold toes are a thing of the past too.

  2. Michael
    Modesto, Calif.

    I get very bad cramps in my calves and my thighs at night. I wake up in terrible pain. I mentioned it to a friend of mine a few days ago. He also told me to eat some mustard. I did think he was Nuts, but I figured what do I have to lose by trying. Well, I now take 2- teaspoons of mustard at night and so far, I have had No cramps. simply unbelievable, but its working. This is why I googled on this site to see if Mustard did work or my imagination. I would wake up yelling the pain was so bad. but, so far so good. I am 71, male, and hope it continues. Good luck everyone !!

  3. Anita
    Spokane, WA.

    Many of us with arthritis in our hands have discovered that clutching a bar of soap (any brand, but a small bar) will almost immediately stop the pain and curling claw fingers to straighten out your fingers! My thumb and pointer finger stick together after flossing, but a piece of soap separates them right away! I carry soap in my purse and have small bars in every room for quick pain removal! I also step on the soap if my toes suddenly curl under. You will bless this method!

  4. Antulio Landeros

    My wife told me about this unbelievable story. Like a good husband, I made fun of it. However, she placed a bar of soap anyway on my separate bed when I was snoring. Well, I got up with less lower back pain. I’m now a believer. I’m buying a more square and flat soap today, ahahaha.

  5. Monty

    Can you publish more information about raisins and arthritis, as I would like to know if this may help my arthritis.

  6. Eva

    A friend had told me to eat some mustard for leg cramps. I was skeptical about it really working. Tonight I had cramps in both legs and the tops of both feet at the same time. The pain was extrutiating. I finally remembered about the mustard. I had little packets of it In my lunch bag and ate 4 of them. The pain subsided very quickly. Usually when I get them like that I have to walk around for 20 to 30 minutes before they go completely away. Tonight they were gone in less than a minute. I plan o keeping more mustard packets by my bed from now on.

  7. Pam

    I was suffering severe calf cramps every night. I ordered 3 bars of soap and now have none!!! Go figure. I need to hear more about raisins and hip pain though. How do I find that info? Thanks, Pam R.

  8. CLE
    Savannah, GA

    Soap did not work for me but the tip to take a small spoon full of prepared mustard worked like a charm. I keep a spoon and a bit of prepared mustard in a plastic condiment container on my bedside table. I don’t even have to get out of bed to take some when the leg cramp begins. The price is right too.

  9. HelenM

    About six months ago I started to have right hip pain, and I sleep on my right side! I thought about the soap and wondered – would it help with this pain? I was already taking the raisins, had been for years. And for all those years they kept the hip pain at bay. I do have “mild to moderate” arthritis there. Well, I am 78, I have arthritis everywhere! I had several small hotel bars of soap, plus I wear a mild support brief over my panties. I put the soap between the two garments, the support brief held it in place. Sometimes I moved it around, was using two pieces, to where intuition dictated. My pain became less and less over the course of several days. During that time, I happened to visit the doctor, who does try very hard to keep a straight face when I come up with stuff outside of his medical education, and tries to be interested and open to new things. He said, well, if it helps……and it did to the point where after a couple of weeks, I no longer needed it. If the pain returns, I will know what to do for it immediately.

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