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Show 961: Botanical Treatments in Dermatology (Archive)

LIsten to distinguished dermatologist Dr. Dan Siegel discuss the value of home remedies for common skin problems.
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Botanical Treatments in Dermatology (Archive)

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Do home remedies have a role in skin care? Dan Siegel, MD, says that dermatologists can find a lot of medicinal uses for botanical products, and that helpful home remedies are great.

Hemp Oil for the Skin:

Find out about the benefits of hemp oil. Although it is related to marijuana, this product is not psychotropic. It is, however, an excellent moisturizer, as are other botanical products such as olive oil, jojoba oil and shea butter.

Fighting Fungus with Home Remedies:

Fungus and yeast can often cause skin problems. How can home remedies such as oil of thyme be used to heal such infections? Speaking of fungus, certain mushrooms in the diet appear to give the immune system a significant boost.

Itches are another common skin symptom. Whether caused by insect bites or poison ivy, itches may yield to home care such as hot water or an oat powder bath.

Natural Care for Psoriasis:

Could natural treatments benefit psoriasis? Dr. Siegel says yes indeed, and relates soaking in the Dead Sea to certain Bible stories as well as to modern dermatology. Turmeric could also be beneficial for several skin problems, including psoriasis and warts.

This Week’s Guest:

Daniel Mark Siegel, MD, MS, Clinical Professor of Dermatology at SUNY Downstate and Director of the Procedural Dermatology Fellowship. His website is

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What was the mushroom supplement that was supposed to boost immune function (and possibly help with stubborn nail fungus)?

What could be more a home cure than improving your diet with the aim of healing yourself?
See Dr Caldwell Esselstyn’s Prevent and reverse heart disease or DrJohn Mcdougall’s The Starch Solution Health and Healing have more to do with avoiding toxic substances than repairing the damage and itis both quicker and less costly

I have three close friends who have been diagnosed with a slow progressing leukemia in the past year. Is it a coincidence that all three are heavy diet cola drinkers?

I don’t like this new website. It is very hard to navigate. But I do listen to the radio programs. It’s a good thing and that I can also order a copy of the broadcast CD’s of particular interest.

I’m also unable to download podcasts. I don’t use iTunes, so the problem isn’t limited to the iTunes interface. FYI: I use gPodder to download podcasts.

We do have our web team on the problem, and hope to have it resolved soon. Thanks for your comment.

Regarding your new website design, I can no longer find the link to download the podcast. Any help would be appreciated.

And also the podcast no longer seems to be output to iTunes?

What’s up? :-(

I hate the design of your new website. It’s very UN-user friendly. And it’s nearly impossible to find the mp3 download for radio shows.

To download the MP3 simply right click the “Play in new window” for your desired show, and select the “Save link as..” and there you go. :)

We’re sorry you’re having trouble. We do have our web team working on re-establishing the links to make sure that our mp3s of our shows are once again available to download. In the meantime, take some time to explore our site. Some of our improved features are a much more readable font, a faster and more accurate search function, and a screen that is optimized for all devices, including tablets and smartphones. Do bear with us as we work out some of the kinks.

I always make a habit of waking to hear your show. Today’s was great! I’m anxious to investigate the remedies further! Thanks!

We, too, rarely miss a broadcast of your show (for us on Saturdays @ seven am) and we have been quite faithful for about 8 years now (or more?). My husband and I are so grateful to you both for the oodles and oodles of healing help you provide and for your very interesting and knowledgeable invited guests. You are jewels. Thank you. Jean

What would be a good natural substitute for Clindamycin phosphate to treat skin bacterial infections?

Great show! Looking forward to using several of the suggestions Dr. Dan Siegel recommended. Thank you.

Fungus and yeast – I found that using my anti-perspirant on the places where yeast forms prevents it. I have not had a single episode since starting this.

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