plants improve your sex life

People around the world have learned how to use the plants in their vicinity to heal themselves and make life better. Not surprisingly, many cultures have found plants that can improve your sex life. What are they?

The Medicine Hunter:

Our guest is Chris Kilham, known as the Medicine Hunter. He travels to remote locations to learn what native people can teach him about plants. In many regions, people treasure plants that can help restore sexual interest or ability. They range from the maca of the Andes to Ashwagandha from India and Rhodiola rosea of northwestern China, Siberia and Scandinavia.

How Could Plants Improve Your Sex Life?

Kilham reports that Rhodiola rosea, for example, can increase energy and endurance, and that women who have lost their periods can regain normal cycles by taking the herb. Tongkat ali, a plant from Malaysia, has androgenic activity and appears to benefit men with erectile dysfunction. Maca, on the other hand, is not used for erectile dysfunction, but rather to improve sexual desire and drive in both sexes.

You might be surprised to see Theobroma cacao in the list of “hot plants.” It is the source of chocolate, of course. Yet the cacao bean itself, without sugar, is full of feel-good compounds such as anandamide, kaempferol and quercetin. Kilham characterizes it as a “love drug.” Listen to see if you agree.

This Week’s Guest:

Chris Kilham is an ethnobotanist, author and educator who has taught in the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He is founder of Medicine Hunter Inc. and has conducted medicinal plant research in more than 45 countries.

Chris works with companies to develop and popularize traditional plant-based food and medicinal products into market successes. These include kava, maca, rhodiola, schisandra, tamanu oil, cat’s claw, dragon’s blood, ayahuasca, and hundreds of other plants. Chris also works to bridge worlds, regularly sharing information about other cultures through presentations and media.

We are speaking with him about his book, Hot Plants: Nature’s Proven Sex Boosters for Men and Women. His website is

Listen to the Podcast:

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Air Date:August 5, 2017

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  1. Ed
    Austin, TX

    I have really gotten hooked on your podcasts over the past few months. But I was sorely disappointed by this one. It was your guest’s connection to Purity Products that was the turn-off.

    I find that company’s radio informercials revolting. I couldn’t believe that you would have someone from that company on your program.

    • Terry Graedon

      Ed, we’ve never heard those radio infomercials. Our interview certainly did not focus on his commercial enterprises.

  2. carole h.

    Well, started on that ashwaghanda and not for a better sex life but for inflammation and sleep.
    On the third night I slept deep. How do I know? I wasn’t awake.
    I did not expect such a fast response.
    I woke up this am feeling RESTED.

    Thank you, People’s Pharmacy, for bringing things like this into the light.

  3. Berryman

    My go-to vegetable far outperforms Viagra etc. Try purple okra. I eat mine directly from the garden, raw. Sometimes while working in the garden, but mostly raw in my salads. About 5 normal sized pods, 4 to 6 inches, does the trick for me. Your experience may differ from mine.
    I very seldom cook the pods, so I don’t know if the benefit will still persist after cooking.

  4. Daniel B
    Apex NC

    I heard most of today’s (8/6/17) broadcast which extolled the benefits of herbal medications such as Ashwagandha, Rhodiola rosea, and Maca. The discussion did not address adverse interactions with meds such as those I take to control blood pressure. Please comment on this concern in a future program.

    • C

      The only thing would improve my sex life is a woman , who likes men and sex.
      So far, Nada – unless you are wealthy with a new car.

  5. Keith
    Columbia, S.C.

    I just heard your show. I was wondering if the book was being sold on Amazon. Also, this is not a plant, but when I was in the Peace Corps, in the Philippines, the natives swore by “Balut.” as an aphrodisiac, and a libido enhancing food. Balut is basically a half incubated chicken egg. (It tastes as bad as it sounds.) I was wondering if you or your guest had any knowledge of whether this really works.

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