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The idea of yoga classes usually brings to mind images of young, fit people twisting their bodies into difficult poses while breathing deeply. But does yoga benefit people who don’t fit that stereotype?

Yoga for People with Pain or Disability:

Both our guests teach yoga to people who are neither young nor fit. These are people with arthritis or disabilities that may make some yoga poses impossible. But the practice of yoga still offers rewards, even for those who are far from fit or flexible. Learning to breathe properly and move mindfully can help everyone live better. Will you get a yoga benefit?

This Week’s Guests:

Matthew Sanford was injured in an automobile accident when he was 13 years old. Although he has lived with paraplegia for 38 years, he has become a nationally recognized yoga teacher. His book, Waking: A Memoir of Trauma and Transcendence, describes how the practice of yoga has enriched his life. He is the founder of Mind Body Solutions, a Minnesota-based organization that serves people living with trauma, loss and disability. Find him online at and The photo is of Matthew Sanford.

Carol Krucoff, C-IAYT, E-RYT, is a yoga therapist at Duke Integrative Medicine in Durham, North Carolina. Many of her classes focus on people with health challenges such as arthritis. Ms. Krucoff is also an award-winning journalist and author of several books, including Healing Moves and Yoga Sparks: 108 Easy Practices for Stress Relief in a Minute or Less.

She is co-director with Kimberly Carson of the Integrative Yoga for Seniors Professional Trainings, helping yoga teachers make the practice safe for older adults. They are co-authors of Relax into Yoga for Seniors: A Six Week Program for Strength, Balance, Flexibility and Pain Relief. Carol Krucoff’s website is It contains a free, downloadable guided relaxation breathing practice, the “Six Minute Stress Reducer:”

The Yoga for Seniors website:

Listen to the Podcast:

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Air Date:January 21, 2017

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  1. Julie

    Matt Sanford is so wonderful. I am so glad he could share his wisdom on your show. Everybody can do yoga, even you Joe!

  2. John

    I really appreciate your program and listen often on WQCS. I heard program 1065 about a week ago and have re-listened twice to both segments.

    Matthew Sanford resonated with me in particular. I found his stories and thoughts about navigating life to be meaningful. Thank you.

  3. Cindy
    Raleigh, NC

    Hmm….your site says the podcast is still available for free for four weeks after the air date, but exactly how does one access it? As Jayne mentioned, the “green bar” is gone. Suggestions?

    We enjoy your show and would like to be able to listen again and share it with others. Thank you very much!!

  4. Bruce

    I agree with the first comment. I cannot usually listen to the show when it’s on the radio on Saturday afternoon here in Wisconsin. I always listened to it online. I’m certainly not going to pay $10 for the download just because I can’t hear it in real time. C’mon!!!!!!

  5. Naim

    “Listen to the Podcast:
    …. The show can be streamed online from this site and podcasts can be downloaded for free for four weeks after the date of broadcast.” ….

    There is no longer a way to “stream online from this site” – the green bar is gone from the show page. If you go to the podcast download page, you have to enter an email address and billing information to “add to your cart” and “purchase” an item that is clearly labeled on the page as costing $0.00. I didn’t complete the process, it seemed ridiculous and cumbersome, and I don’t know how to do mp3 on my laptop.

    Why can’t I just press the start button on the green bar and presto! listen to the program? What was wrong with that?? Why make it hard?

    Streaming the show from the website show page was easy and convenient. Most public radio shows that I listen to after the original broadcast offer the streaming option. I listen to The People’s Pharmacy by streaming from the Radio Show page every week, since my public radio station stopped carrying the show. Except now I can’t.

    I’m not happy and I miss my People’s Pharmacy Radio Show. What happened??

    • Terry Graedon

      Please bear with us. A recent software upgrade resulted in a temporary incompatibility with the streaming software. We are working on resolving the problem.

      In the meantime, you can get the mp3 from iTunes or the store: When you get to the radio show page in the store, click on the arrow next to: “select option.” Select the mp3 and add to cart. Then you will be asked to check out, providing your name, address and email information. You will not need to enter credit card information, since the price for the mp3 is $0. After you have completed the checkout, you will be able to click the box that says “complete order.” Then you will see a page that has a blue box that says “download now.” Click that link and enjoy the mp3!

  6. Betsy

    I cannot find the radio broadcast of this show on your link. It is Jan. 24th, so it should be available. As the listener above remarked, no green bar.

    Thanks so much, B. Karrer


    There is usually a link to listen to the podcast for the previous program. But it is not available. How do I get the podcast (free) to listen to the last program?

  8. Jayne
    Toronto, Canada

    Hello Teri and Joe,

    I can no longer listen to your show from this link. Where has the green bar gone!

    Please fix. I like to listen to you when I wake up at night.
    Many thanks,

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