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Should You Take NasalCrom to Overcome Your Allergies?

If you are often troubled with sneezes and congestion due to dust, pollen or dander, consider using NasalCrom to overcome your allergies.
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You may think of allergies as seasonal, spring and fall. But some people sniffle and sneeze all year long. Stroking a pet or cleaning a dusty room may make the symptoms worse, but what can you take to make them better? You can only use a decongestant nasal spray for a few days before you trigger rebound congestion. Antihistamines are great, so long as they don’t make you sleepy. Steroid nasal sprays can be very helpful, but they may also increase your risk for cataracts. Perhaps you should consider NasalCrom to overcome your allergies.

NasalCrom to Overcome Your Allergies:

Q. I’m writing to thank you for recommending NasalCrom for allergies. I had never heard of it before, despite having allergies for over forty years. Last season was especially bad for me with severe laryngitis that started at the end of March. I wasn’t able to speak in my normal voice until I started using NasalCrom. This is going to be a staple in my house from now on!

A. Cromolyn (NasalCrom) stabilizes mast cells in the upper respiratory tract. These cells release histamine and other irritating chemicals in response to allergens. We’re glad you had such a good response to this nasal spray. If it is taken conscientiously several times a day, it can work extremely well. Don’t take it for more than three months, though.

Other NasalCrom Stories:

O.G. in South Carolina loves NasalCrom:

“Wherever you find it — big box stores and many drugstores used to carry it, although you had to look hard to find it — NasalCrom is underappreciated. It is extremely effective without the side effects of other allergy products.

“My five-star recommendation: used correctly and consistently, NasalCrom is the best allergy product on the market. I love it. (And no, neither I, nor any of my relatives or friends work for the company!)

Robert in San Antonio, Texas offered this:

“After years of misery and things like albuterol a doctor suggested NasalCrom and probiotics. Magic if you stick with it. Texas is dominated by a grocery chain HEB. They carry NasalCrom.

Lisa in Grants Pass, Oregon wrote:

“I found NasalCrom online. No store carried it. After 2 weeks I have definitely gotten relief. I too have a long history of allergy treatments…even years of shots and sinus surgery.”

People’s Pharmacy Perspective:

We have no horse in the allergy race. We are only interested in helping people overcome symptoms without dangerous side effects. We have been tracking the ingredient in NasalCrom (cromolyn) for decades. We’re surprised that it never became as successful as antihistamines and steroid nasal sprays. Few people are aware of this OTC medication. Learn more about the the pros and cons of Nasalcrom and the way it works at this link:

NasalCrom (cromolyn sodium) is Surprisingly Helpful for Allergies

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I had used NasalCrom in the past and had no side effects. It worked and worked well. This time around, I used it and had moments of excruciating burning in my nose. I’m on several medications now that I wasn’t before, so maybe something changed. But if it works for you, it’s better than steroids

Thank you, Peoples Pharmacy, for the information on NasalCrom. I just ordered a pack of three (one for me, my daughter and my son) online. Shipping was free. I did check your website to see if you sell it, but did not find it. Hope I wasn’t wrong.

Got it on line at Walmart. Best prise for NasalCrom

I used NasalCrom for years, and then I let that routine lapse. This year I’ve suffered from lingering laryngitis for months, which is pretty devastating for a public speaker. Rounds of steroids, allergy testing, and now I’m being urged to start weekly allergy injections. I’m going back to NasalCrom. Thank you for the reminder. It goes on my shopping list today!

I cannot find Nasalcrom – where can I get it?

It works for me if I remember to use it as ordered. I got my pharmacist to order it for me since it is not in stores, only about $10.00

I have grandchildren with terrible allergies, ages 10 months, 2, 11 and 13 years old. Is NasalCrom safe for them?

NasalCrom works for me; I tried it after I read about it on the PP website this year. I use it with an antihistamine nasal spray, but the NasalCrom dries up my nasal passage better. I can’t use steroid nasal sprays as they cause frequent bleeding. I buy NasalCrom in my local grocery store, but you have to look hard to find it on the bottom shelf.

Nasalcrom is the ONLY thing that helps me. I have allergies year round. So I use it year round.

My sinuses are clear because of this. but after a while you only need this like twice a day.

Yup, I discovered NasalCrom here and I am very pleased with the results and no side effects yet.

My husband had chronic rhinitis for over 20 yrs. Doctors prescribed antihistamines and steroid nasal inhalers with no relief. He started using Nasalcrom and all allergies are gone. Only to start sneezing and dripping nose if he forgets to use it. This has been a blessing since it was driving me crazy because he was constantly sneezing and blowing his nose especially after getting out of bed in the morning.

Thanks a million.

I tried NasalCrom after reading about it on this site. I really did not think it was any more effective than using a homemade saline spray and had an uncomfortable sensation when using it unlike the saline solution. Not a motivating factor, but the saline spray cost pennies, if that, and the NasalCrom was fairly expensive for a very small bottle.

I agree that “if it is taken conscientiously several times a day, it can work extremely well.”

I used it for years, on prescription, and tried afterwards, but gave up after being unable to find a reliable local source.

I believe that the reason people think it minimally effective is that #1: Like me, they don’t take it often enough. #2: The effects are very subtle because of the lack of serious side effects. And a lack of extreme symptoms is difficult to distinguish from a simple lull between allergy attacks. Both of these factors probably explain the lack of enthusiasm for this relatively safe drug.

If I can find it, I may start again and give up my other OTC med.

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