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(This post was originally published March 20th, 2008)

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  1. ruth

    I was denied my heart medication. In my case Toprol XL is not just to control my blood pressure but also is “directed towards decreasing the left ventricular outflow tract gradient and symptoms of dyspnea, chest pain and syncope.”
    Although my plan covers brand name medication the pharmacy refused to fill for the brand name and used a generic that all of my cardiologists agreed was not the appropriate medication for my particular heart defect. My new pharmacy failed to notify me regarding the change in my new drug plan’s formulary so that I could ask for an exception for this medication.
    My new drug plan refused to accept my doctor’s statement that I required the brand name medication. Then I discovered that for over two years, while my doctors were accusing me of not taking my medication, the pharmacy not only was not giving me the brand name, but also gave me the wrong generic medication.
    During that period of time, not only was I hospitalized five times and underwent surgery to implant a defibrillator, the blockage in my heart progressed from 40% to 60%. Could this have been prevented with the correct medication? Yes! My recent defibrillator printout shows improved heart function. In this case the Pharm did not know more than my cardiologists and the generic did not work.

  2. Deb

    Wait, this product price has INCREASED this much over 2 years? My walmart was going to charge 87$ for my rx, until I gave them my insurance info. I’ll be discussing another change with my doctor, this is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous. I stopped one type of bp med 5 yrs ago because of the cost, and this is not any different.

  3. Deb

    I was prescribed Altenolo for 5 yrs, and didn’t realize that it was the cause of my lethargy, therefore a huge weight gain. Three months ago, my Dr gave me Toprol xl 50 mg per day. I feel GREAT, I have lost 15 pounds, and sleep like a baby.

  4. Ralph Z.

    I was taking the Toprol xl generic ($10) and had the shakes in hands and arms like if I was getting “Lou Gerigs” disease.
    Had stomach pains and the time release of the pills was not working. I had very bad hair fallout and bad dreams.
    Went back to the regular Toprol XL and after a few months all those bad symptoms are gone and blood pressure is down to normal.
    I was paying $40 with insurance and now that the generics are off the market my insurance has raised my payment to $50.
    There should be some agency to look into this as we who took generics should be compensated and the price should not rise now because everyone is going back to the regular.

  5. DWC

    My Son was taking Toprol and had no problems. Ins Co switched to generic and he had nothing but problerms and had to go back on Toprol.

  6. Allan P.

    I have been taking generic 50mg Toprol for 7 years. I am a daily runner and recently had chest pains or angina upon starting to run. Since I had angioplasty 10 years ago I assumed that my LAD was again blocked. On April 2, 2009 I had and angiogram and all arteriol pathways were wide open. This excluded arterial blockage as a cause of the angina.
    Two weeks later I had an imaging stress test to check out the aortic valve. Sure enough that valve under stress seized up and restricted blood flow. At rest, it worked very well with some residual stenosis. My cardiologist suggested I reduce Toprol to 25mg for one week and then stop it altogether. As a runner, with Tooprol 50mg my resting rate on an EKG was 39.
    On the stress test it was difficult to really get the heart rate very high. Now for the Great Part. Almost immediately upon reducing the amount of Toprol my angina disappeared. And, I really tried to induce it with some long runs. I previously had to stop and rest 5,6 or 7 times on a mile run to let the angina dissipate. And that is my experience with Toprol. I still take a daily 10mg Altace and a 25 mg water pill.

  7. DLSW

    Express Scripts changed my Toprol XL to Ethex version of the drug. Though I am usually VERY careful about my meds I didn’t check this one. After taking it for about 10 days, I started having LOTS and I do mean LOTS of cardiac ectopy (extra beats) and runs of what is known as ventricular tachycardia. My heart beat which was down to 60 went up to 88-92. BP started going up slowly but got to 188/98 and my hands kept getting pins and needles in them.
    Needless to say these symptoms caused me to start having panic attacks. I then looked at various sites to see if anyone was having the same problem and naturally they were. The really bad thing is Express Scripts KNOWS this and neglected to inform ANYONE! I phoned my physician and she ordered name brand and the pharmacy, though they got it for me, told me that it is in short supply.
    Now it took a very long time to get my meds right now I am told this. No sense calling Express Scripts anymore because they have a sorry story to tell you when you do. Ummmm where is the FDA?

  8. Kristina

    There is something wrong with the ETHEX generic of this drug. I was recently switched to it and have experienced very scary side effects. Rapid pulse, hypertension, nightmares, headaches, palpitations etc. I went and found a pharmacy that carries the PAR generic. DO NOT TAKE THE ETHEX GENERIC.

  9. DebT

    I have taken Toprol XL 25mg for 4 years with no problem. My insurance stopped paying for the name brand in Jan of this year. No problem with the generic by Par–didn’t even notice a difference.
    Last month was different, however. They gave me a different looking pill by Ethex. I’m having palpatations, angina and dizziness. I’ve just been taking it a few weeks. I was planning to call my doctor tomorrow morning. I’m glad I decided to do a little research on the new generic. I’ve had some wicked dreams the last few nights that I didn’t even associate with this until reading other posts.

  10. RXLisa

    I have rapid heart rate and was placed on Toprol XL 100 mg daily.
    Last year, I was switched to Ethex generic version of Toprol XL and I have experienced elevated blood pressure, rapid heart rate and feelings of angina.
    I’ve just read the Ethex lab package insert and saw the product didn’t meet the dissolution test required by the FDA.
    So, how is this “generic equivalent” FDA rated A/B?

  11. jw

    After reading one of your articles about a gentleman switching to generic Toprol and having his BP rise dramatically, I asked my Dr. about that this morning, as I have always been on generic. My BP has been all over the place and we can’t figure out why. He said as long as it hovers near 130/80, we will stay with the generic. I am going to monitor until next visit. Would certainly like to read more viewers comments. Thanks

  12. John Maas

    I had been using Toprol XL at a low dosage of 12.5 mg per day for PACs. My PACs became much less noticeable. At a later refill time, my provider substituted a generic. My noticeable PACs returned with a vengeance. My doctor represcribed Toprol XL with no generic substitution allowed. I went back to Toprol XL, and my problem was resolved.

  13. A Foster

    I was taking Toprol XL now having to take generic blood pressure is now 190/90. Dr has me taking additional pills but it’s not working.

  14. Annette Steiner

    Thank you for your discussion regarding problems with metoprolol. It saved us a lot of concern. My husband took Toprol XL 50 mg. for about 6 years without any problems. About Jan.07 we changed to the generic. It was 25 mg x 2 tablets. Still no problem. Then in January 08 the 50 mg version was available (Sandoz). He started having bizarre, vivid dreams that he thought were reality. After hearing your program on FDA, we obtained some Toprol and he is back to normal. On a side note, you can buy Toprol at WalMart for about $30/mo and the co-pay for Humana is $50. Thanks again, eventhough we have to wake up at 0600 we listen to your probram regularly. It has been most helpful.

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