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Remedies Offered for Troublesome Under-Breast Rash

Many women suffer from uncomfortable under-the-breast rash, but they don't have to.

Q. I have had a rash under my breasts for over a year. It’s very itchy and red and though I try to keep the area dry and clean, the rash never goes away. I have tried many things but they all seemed to make the breast rash worse.

I have big breasts and don’t know if that makes the problem worse. I am embarrassed to go to the doctor for this problem. Are there any remedies that might help?

A. One possible culprit that might be causing troublesome breast rash is a yeast or fungus infection. Fungi are responsible for such miseries as athlete’s foot and jock itch. They thrive in warm damp dark areas, so it is not surprising they would grow in the skin folds under the breasts.

Many other women report success with anti-fungal creams or powders for fighting breast rash. One wrote:

“I have had a problem with fungal infections under my breasts and in the groin area for many years. Clotrimazole OTC for athlete’s foot works well when I have an outbreak in hot humid weather.”

Some women find that using cornstarch to dust clean dry skin helps keep it dry and discourages the fungus. Zinc oxide cream used for diaper rash is another favorite. Here’s one’s woman’s formula for success:

“During the humid southern summers I am plagued with underarm rash and from time to time rash under my breasts. I mix one part cheap MoM (milk of magnesia with no flavoring) and one part Super Medicated Witch Hazel or Listerine type mouth wash (amber colored) and use this to cure any rash. I also apply a zinc oxide based baby diaper rash ointment to the areas affected by rash. It keeps me comfortable all during the hot weather.”

You might also try dandruff shampoo. It sounds odd, but dandruff is caused by scalp yeast and dandruff shampoo can tackle skin yeast. Listerine, which can be helpful against dandruff, has also cleared up some under-breast rashes.

ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) for Breast Rash

We know this sounds bizarre, but if you think about it for a minute you will realize that fungi do not like an acidic environment. Visitors to this website often report that vinegar works quite well to combat fungal infections of the nails or skin. Here is just one example:

“I was having this problem also. A friend suggested apple cider vinegar.

“At first I thought she was crazy, but I tried it. Shower and pat dry, blot the rash with apple cider vinegar and allow the skin to air dry. I washed all my bras in very hot water and had the rash cleared in just four days.”

If none of these suggestions work, make an appointment with your doctor. The problem might be caused by something other than fungus that requires medical treatment.

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I used to also suffer from this condition until I used iodine. The same stuff sold over the counter for a couple of dollars. Everyday after taking a shower I put some on a cotton ball and rubbed it on the rash and after a few days it went away and never came back.

This site is a godsend to me! Beginning to have a few thoughts that I could feel normal eventually!

I use Bordeaux Buttpaste – maximum strength (40% zinc oxide) – normally for diaper rash – and it clears it right up. I get one spot that gets very red and painful. I put the buttpaste on and then a large bandage over it and rub a thin layer underneath the remainder of my breasts.

It normally clears it up in 2 days. I’ve tried everything else and this is the only thing that absolutely works every time. I also wear thin cotton bras (pull over head) from Hanes around the house to just prevent skin on skin contact and absorb any sweat under my breasts.

I’ve also been known to put paper towels under there, as well, to keep it dry. I have never understood women who want larger breasts. Just wait until you are 70 and they hang to your waist. I hate my breasts.

I came to this site seeking recommendations for my under-breast rash. It just happened suddenly, out of nowhere: red, very itchy, a slight oozing that smelled bad. I couldn’t wear a bra at all because it would rub against the skin from my breastbone and across toward my armpit.
My doctor prescribed an oral antibiotic, cleansing with hydrogen peroxide, and applying NYSTATIN powder 3-times a day each. It helped for a day or two, but the intense and sudden itch was difficult. (I have asthma and various allergies, and also have eczema on my hands. My regular ointments handle those symptoms, though minimally at best.)
I did find a cream online that really helps with intense itching: PURIYA “Mother of all Creams” and “Wonder Balm”. Also, EMUAIDmax is good and their soap is the best. Both products are helpful, but haven’t eliminated the rash under my breast as yet. I will likely try TINACTIN and see if that will help.
Also, as for sudden rashes, I have found that ZYRTEC (it has Cetirizine) will clear up certain rashes and outbreaks of hives in a couple of days, too. It has an antihistamine and can make you sleepy, so I only take it before bedtime. It did help a lot!

I have big, saggy breasts and get this rash under them if I wear the same bra more than one day in a row (it doesn’t get a chance to fully dry out, and then you reintroduce the bacteria to a warm, moist environment) or if I go without a bra (i.e., flesh on flesh). I can usually clear up the rash and ooziness within a day if I just keep things dry and clean, with a clean bra. I also will use gauze pads to reduce the skin-on-skin contact. You can use the gauze with or without a bra. This is also a good trick if you’re going somewhere just overnight and either forgot to bring an extra bra or just don’t want to pack a second one. Make sure to let your bras air out overnight. Don’t tuck them back into a drawer or fold them together. Lie them cup up, and let them breathe.

You can also keep a spray bottle of (cheap) vodka and water and spritz the underwire area and around the armpits of the bra when you take it off. This helps kill bacteria that may linger. I do this in summer so I don’t need to wash my bras too often (still every 5 wears or so) but those suckers are expensive and will wear out faster if washed too often. Always wash sports bras after every use (or just a regular bra if you’ve been sweating excessively).

Thank you so much!!! I went to the doctor over a year ago and he told me that the redness under my breasts was a result of being a person of color and overweight. For over a year I’ve been struggling. Finally, I showed my roommate and she her opinion. She said “Honey, I think it’s a yeast infection.”

I found this article and read through the comments, 7 days after applying ACV twice a day the itchy, red, smelly infection is gone and I can comfortably wear a bra and have sex without feeling awful about my body. I’m crying as I write this. Thank you so much.

I had trouble with intertrigo beneath my breasts for several years and tried all kinds of remedies. Perspiration with menopause made it so much worse. Sometimes the pain was so bad I could barely leave the house.

A friend recommended buying slings to wear beneath my breasts and I bought both the sling and the strapless cushions. The relief was almost immediate. The rash is no longer red, wet and angry looking; it looks better with each passing day. This product has been miraculous!

Hi Gigi,

I just started having problems and I’m in my 60’s. Still having regular hot flashes and sweating profusely at least a week out of every month. Have had many bouts of under breast fungal troubles. Doctor gave me Nystatin for the fungal problem and Hydrocortisone for the itching. It cures the rash but it always recurs the next month when I start sweating again. I’ve also tried stick deodorant under the breast and it seems to work well unless I forget. Now I have an ugly lump that looks like the rash only greatly exaggerated, I hope it’s the same fungus.

I know this may sound weird, but I used Tinactin on my under breast rash. It’s made to cure athlete’s foot, but it’s an antifungal powder deoderant spray that relieves itching & burning, & it also fights odor. I was pretty reluctant to use it because I thought it might burn when I sprayed it on, but it didn’t, no pain at all, just very cold. I used it twice the first day, & twice the second day. By the end of the second day, my rash was gone! Now I use it when I get out of the shower & before I go out for the day, to prevent any further outbreaks.

I had a terrible under breast rash for over a year. I finally went to dermatology and found out it was psoriasis. As soon as I treated for that, it cleared up. So if in doubt get a culture done.

I had an upper left lobectomy and was using Lidocaine for skin pain control. Within i month I developed an adverse reaction to it mostly under my left breast, You can’t see it as much as you can feel the rash .It’s small little open sores. I have been to 2 doctor’s who sit across the room and tell me to lift up my shirt and Do Not examine me. I have tryed EVEREYTHING OTC plus Aloe plant diaper cream, sunburn spray w/o lidocaine. This is driving me crazy!! No itching just pure BURNING. Has anyone had this problem? If so what do I do? It’s my opinion Drs. are more interested in making money than actually LISTENING to what their pts. are telling them.If anyone can help, please respond. Thank you. Debbie

I use a medicated powder, I also pat the skin dry after showering (do not ever rub the skin!)…..but the best thing you can use as a “barrier” against sweat and any recurring rashes is to use pant liners inside your bra. The pant liners are usually cotton, they absorb moisture and you can change them as many times if you want. Also pant liners tend to be a bit more “cushion” like for sensitive areas if they are sore/red raw.

The way I see it is if pant liners wicks away moisture from “down there”, it sure does the trick for under the breasts. I swear by it.

Just found this website. Could be very helpful! Thank you!

My mother had this problem. Tried yeast medications and they didn’t work. So she tried using deodorant and voila, it worked. She told others and it has worked for them as well.

I had a terrible rash under my breasts for at least a year and nothing worked. I tried anti-fungals and cortisone creams and every other home remedy I read about. I ordered the Breast Rash Cream from Hoskings Pharmacy and that cleared it up. I don’t know why it worked when nothing else worked, but it did.

Have your Thyroid checked,I had to start taking meds, for my thyroid,the itchy rash stopped.

it is caused by some type of fungal thingy– I tried all and nothing keeps it away for long long periods but grapefruitseed extract (GSE- for short)- vinegar helps as well- must dilute the gse or it burns- find the right strength trial and error- it never hurt me in anyway- thank god for GSE.

Been dealing with the under breast rash for more than 6 months. Used several OTC for athletes foot. Eventually ‘Top Care’ brand worked for a while because it covered candida. The hot weather here continues and the cream helps but does not cure the rash. I am delighted you posted the home remedies and I am ready to try the dandruff shampoo. If that doesn’t work there are several others to choose from.

Thank you Peoples Pharmacy. I have been following you for many years as an information source that can be trusted. Love the podcasts. I can listen to them anywhere including the gym.

I have been using the MoM women’s deodorant under my arms for two or three years and am very pleased. No itching, no burning. After trying many other products (creams, powders, etc.) for rash under the breasts, I rolled across under my breasts with the deodorant. It worked wonders and I have not had a rash since then. Each time I come to the US, I buy a supply of this deodorant. Thank you for such a good product and the newsletter. Love so much of your good advice.

I use coconut oil to take care of this problem. Just rub it on the affected area. Coconut oil is anti-microbial.

What I found helped me to clear a Rash I had was to use a crystal salt stick. Dip the salt stick in water and use it under breasts and arm in place of a perspiration deodorant and voila your problem is resolved and all body odour is neutralosed

I had this problem. My wonderful dermatologist told me to use Triple Paste Cream, which is used for diaper rash. It cleared it up immediately.

Listerine works wonders on this also. Apply daily following a shower. It doesn’t hurt to apply before bed as well. Once this has dried, follow with cornstarch or a good body powder without a lot of perfume. Results should be seen in less than a week. Once control has been established and rash disappears, apply every few days to maintain rash less state.

I have this problem when the weather is warm. I wipe under my breasts with mouthwash. Then I apply deodorant and baby powder made from cornstarch (the deodorant helps the powder stick). I especially do this at night before going to bed.

I use an under arm antiperspirant and it really helps!

I misspoke below. I recommend the ointment, it’s not a gel. I also tried the cream and it was not very helpful. Ointment!

After trying several remedies and continuing to be miserable with the highly itchy rash under my breasts I tried applying Walgreen’s OTC hydrocortisone 1% . At another pharmacy it is called hydrocort 10 which happens to be the same strength. I use it before going out in our tropical humid heat and most definitely after showering. For me the rash is directly related to sweating and it’s imperative I shower as quickly as possible after sweating. The shower combined with the gel (not the cream version) has completely taken care of the problem unless I neglect the routine.

Want a quick solution ? Use your deodorant under each and you won’t have a problem.

I’ve had tremendous success with most skin irritations by just applying Milk of Magnesia. I’ve seen it work on shingles,(mine), jock itch,(my brother), a scalp rash that was diagnosed as a viral something that persisted after 2 years of treatment,(a business associate), diaper rash…you name it, it works. Amazing. I buy the generic version at the dollar store. Cleared up my shingles in 5 days. Never itched, never really hurt. My Dr. couldn’t believe I hadn’t called him.
And it’s the best deodorant ever. Thanks for all you do. You’re greatly appreciated.

The key to solving the problem lies with the heavy breasts. Yes, been there and had problems for many years. The ultimate solution is to reduce the heavy breasts.

What I found out was my heavy breasts were due to fibrocystic breasts. My personal physician recommended that I take iodine and I used the liquid stuff from his office. I found a tablet called Iodoral and he approved it. Apparently many heavy breasted women have fibrocystic breasts.

Back to the breast issue. It took several years for all the cysts to dissolve and my cup sizes went down accordingly. The under-the-breast issue solved itself. Yes, I still have droopy boobs but they are not heavy nor do I sweat like I used to.

I had this problem, also for several years. When I began taking an herbal formula for eczema, this rash went away, too. The herbs were burdock root, dandelion root, nettle leaf, yellow dock root, and Eleuthero. It took a couple of weeks to work. The premise here is that many skin conditions have internal causes. This formula aids digestion and elimination.

I also have large breasts and suffered with a rash. Although using baby powder after showering helped somewhat I found total relief by applying antiperspirant every morning. I always buy two, 1 for under my arms and 1 for under my breasts. I have had no problems since I started doing this.

I too have used corn starch but found that it did not work for my Mom when she had the same rash. She was using cornstarch but it kept getting worse. Mom is diabetic and her doctor said that her fungal infection was thriving on the sugar in the corn starch. Switched her to athlete’s foot spray and it is gone. Just thought you might like this info.

Frequently I have what I call “hot spots” on various parts of my body. I keep a tube of Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream USP 0.1% in my bathroom drawer. A little goes a long way. I just rub a very small amount into the area and the itch/hot spot is gone in a few minutes. Usually one application will take care of the problem. It’s a miracle. Have your doctor give you a prescription.

A wonderful product: Balmex Adult Care Rash Cream…it WORKS!!!

Two things have worked for me. One is milk of magnesia, applied with a cotton ball to affected area. I use a hair dryer to dry it. It flakes off, but that’s ok, it’s still working. Another is amber colored Listerine, applied the same way. After a few days of application with either one, the rash goes away. If I see it start to reappear, I reapply for a day or two and then it goes away again.

Forgot to mention the cream from the dermatologist didn’t work. He also had me try Monostat cream and my rashes were so stubborn, it didn’t work either.

I had a severe rash under my breasts and under my arms so severe it was like raw meat that oozed like a poison ivy rash. I tried everything listed in the article and ended up at a dermatologists office. He mixed a special cream (thank goodness for insurance – it would have cost me $400). Just so happened my hairdresser handed out small bars of Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Oil Soap for Christmas gifts one year (oh and tree oil alone didn’t work either). To my surprise, all the rashes dried up! Thought it was a fluke and when I ran out of soap and my rashes returned, I hopped on Amazon and ordered more. Yes, that rash cleared up again! It’s now been 3 years, and I carry my bar of soap with me everywhere I go. I’ve never had thoses rashes return!!

Don’t be afraid to ask your dr. for help…they’ve seen everything at one time or another. I love natural remedies whenever possible, but a prescription for Nystop (nystatin topical powder) resolved the issue immediately for me. I wish I had shown the rash to the dr. much sooner instead of fooling around with vinegar, Listerine etc etc. Wasn’t worth the misery.

I also had the problem of a rash under my breasts. The PA at the allergist office told me to use Monistat Complete care chafing relief powder Gel. I apply it after my shower and it totally keeps the rash away! What a wonderful relief after years of fighting this in hot humid Houston!!

May I second the Monistat or jock itch rash powder? (I had no luck with baby powder and my doctor warned me completely against using deodorant under my breasts!) Quite frankly (This will thrill a lot of ppl, but, here goes..he said it was bad enough that ppl were using aluminum under their armpits to stop sweating (where does the sweat go?) but, under breasts? Absolutely not…I cannot say that there is another anti perspirant that works…but there are deodorants we lived with for thousands of years…maybe try one? If no, you’re not alone

I also have had that rash under my breasts. The medication for Jock Itch worked great. To keep it at bay, I use my deodorant and powder every day. under my breast.

I use baby powder (with corn starch) daily. I apply it under my breasts before putting on my bra. It keeps me dry in that area, therefore, no rash or itching. It is a very simple and inexpensive cure.

I had the same problem with a rash under my breasts. At my next dermatology appointment I showed the rash to my doctor and she suggested I use an underarm deodorant. Anything is worth a try, so I started using Powder anti-perspirant deodorant and my rash and itching have disappeared. Very easy fix for what I thought would be a difficult problem.

I use deodorant under my heavy breasts. Keeping the area dry to begin with seems to prevent irritation.

I get a mild case of this during the summer months and have found that coconut oil works well for me.

So did I , and an added benefit was the “curing”of several warts that had developed in the area. The coconut oil also made my skin extra soft and wasn’t drying like some of the recommendations.

Working in the yard in the hot, humid Georgia summer weather, I developed a rash under both my breasts. I tried baby powder to keep it dry, but that didn’t work. I read on the People’s Pharmacy website that others had used apple cider vinegar with success, so I tried it and it worked! It does burn when applied so you may want to dilute it with water initially, but I use it full strength. The burning stops after a few minutes. Even though the rash is gone I continue to apply a small amount of vinegar every day. If I stop, the rash begins to reappear. I don’t have to use it during the cooler months.

I find that 100%00 pure witch hazel is excellent for skin irritations on sensitive parts of the body. Application needs to be applied at least 3x a day with a cotton ball. Then dry with a cotton ball. Do not use with anything else, less I find it loses its potency.

Athlete’s foot antifungal cream. Great way to go, and cheap.

This ticks all the categories for me: Large breasts (etc) and I’ve used so many of the suggestions. So many I can’t use due to the additives…my skin has become less tolerant of chemicals and what might be GRAS (generally accepted as safe) for most are not for me.
Yes, using either vinegar or alcohol will stop itching (fortunately) but they’re not ongoing treatments.
I’ve come up with some of my own preparations but what really really works and is easily applied is the MOM deodorant sold on People’s Pharmacy.
And not just there…I got a rash on my legs from some plant in the patio and I started getting little blisters with an itch as well. I didn’t want to break any of the small blisters by rubbing something on them (when something itches it’s hard not to want to use a bit of pressure. Common sense prevailed, I got the bottle of MOM which is devoted for body use (I have another one for underarm use) and it worked. It worked very well. I had to reapply it a couple of times but it dried out the blisters, the magnesium ‘cooled’ the inflammation and gave me peace of mind because I didn’t have to worry about chemical side effects and I know magnesium is a very helpful mineral.
Anyone remember before the days of roll-on or spray-on deodorants when there was a paste type compound in a jar that was applied with fingertips…well what made the roll-on so popular is just what makes the MOM so good. No sticky/greasy fingers or sprays…
I usually take a tissue and wipe off the roller ball after use.
And if I get a bump on my face or to heal an ingrown hair, I use the MOM and it seems to speed healing.

I tried everthing ( cornstarch, talcom powder, anti-fungal, drs prescriptions, cotton pads etc) to no avail. But then…i started using Caladryl clear…and it is the miracle worker i was looking for! Dries it up when you have the rash, and also prevents the rash from starting. I love this stuff!! (Let it dry, to prevent possible stains on your bra.)

I am taking the advice from someone on this forum and using clotrimazole and betamethasone my dr. prescribed. I’m starting tonight. I will report how well it works. Or not. This rash is constant itching and makes every day uncomfortable. I will be so happy if this takes care of it.

Being very large-breasted and living a good part of the year in a hot climate, I suffered for years from a persistent rash beneath my breasts. The problem comes from moisture that accumulates from perspiration and just can’t evaporate. Once I began to have hot flashes, I initiated a very serious search on the web for products that would give me some relief. I finally found a product that has changed my life. It’s a sling with very soft cushions that are worn beneath the breast. I no longer have any itching or burning; I have no further need for cortisone creams or lotions. Finally – relief!

Based upon my personal experience, this is what worked. I actually went to the dermatologist, she recommended the following and it worked, even down here in hot steamy south Florida. The rash is probably fungal, use Lamisil cream (over the counter) as directed, to the affected area. Don’t expect immediate resolution. It may be two weeks before it starts resolving. But it will work. I know it itches, but don’t scratch. It will make it worse. Been there, done that.

After it resolves, use Zeosorb (over the counter) antifungal powder to keep the area dry and fungal free. This worked for me, and I was miserable, frustrated and skeptical. PS There could very well be other issues, staph, mrsa, contact dermatitis, etc., etc., (all quite treatable) in addition to the probable fungal, so the best plan is to go to the doctor. They see this stuff all the time, instead of just using a bunch of home remedies that do nothing but prolong a miserable affliction. This is my opinion based upon my personal experience, take it or leave it.

Please tell me where I can find one of those slings! 8 years of suffering with this is all I can stand. Thank you in advance!

First of all start using Tide Free so you can stop being exposed to laundry detergent with dyes and scents. Next switch over to bar soap such a dove. My husband had to have a skin graft on his leg after a break and they told him to use dove unscented. Then use lotramin from the tube. A few days rash will be gone and the ointment. Prevents further outbreaks. Use under belly aprons too.

I have had this hurtful rash under my breasts on and off for 35 years. If that’s not bad enough, guess how it must feel when I go in for my yearly mammo… It cracks open the skin in the very crease, it’s makes me cry. I dread going. So when I know that my mammo is coming up. I use baby wash, pat dry then I use the blow dryer after that. I use Mennens foot power (the original one) not the medicated one, it will burn. I have used Desitin, but it didn’t help.

I have sat under a sun lamp it works but be very careful that you don’t use it for too long, I burned myself. Use it no longer than 5minutes.

I have had under breast rash for awhile now and also under my belly apron. There is a powder available at some truck stops. It is probably in other stores as well. It’s an Anti Friction Calamine Powder. The brand has a funny smiling Monkey applying powder to his red rear end. It is made with talc, calamine powder and a light fragrance. Results and relief are almost immediate! This powder will absorb perspiration and ease skin area contact problems. Calamine, one of the main ingredients, works amazingly to help stop the issues. Try this, I am confident you will be pleased with the results.

Do any of these remedies work for poison ivy?

Been suffering for four days with very itchy, painful rash under both breasts and it was getting worse. Came to this forum and tried the Milk of Magnesia. I soaked a paper towel in MOM, then wiped it over the rash and dried it with hair dryer. The itch stopped immediately. I was so relieved.
Then I applied the Clotrimazole over the MOM. I then lay in bed with the area exposed to the air for about 1/2 hour and fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning I could not believe how much healing had taken place. This is the best way I have ever found to treat the rash. I think the MOM has an ingredient in it that kills the yeast infection. Not sure, but if you are suffering give this a try. It works fast!

I tried diaper rash cream with zinc oxide, and it was gone within 1 day!

I am a large breasted woman who lives a very active lifestyle and spends up to two hours a day, six days a week in the gym. My rash started out just under the breasts but two months ago it extended all the way down my midsection. After having my dermatologist perform a punch biopsy on one of the sores, it was determined that I suffer from Grovers Disease, caused by excessive sweating. Since my diagnosis they tried treating me with an ointment for yeast infections which didn’t work, then a topical steroid ointment which didn’t, followed by an oral steroid treatment which helped significantly but made me hyper as hell!
Finally out of desperation I asked the dermatologist what else I could possibly do to combat this itchy and embarrassing rash. She suggested light therapy and because my insurance wouldn’t cover the therapy in her office, she recommended indoor tanning one to two times a week. Yes, a dermatologist recommended indoor tanning. But let me say this, after only ONE session, immediate improvement was noticed and along with the tanning, I apply Desitin two to three nights a week on the affected areas at bedtime and so far so good!
I am writing in the hopes that those of you who may be suffering from these horrible under the breast rashes will take the time to also maybe get tested to make sure that what you have is not Grovers Disease as well and if it is, try the tanning bed and some Desitin… Keeping optimistic that my symptoms improve every day because I am not about to give up my healthy lifestyle just because of sweat!

Never use corn starch as a powder for a yeast infection!! Yeast feeds off of corn starch therefore the infection will get worse and even spread

So true! Corn starch helps the mold grow. I’m going to try the MOM for sure, especially since we ordered 3 and they don’t work for the sweating we do with all the farm work in the hot weather. For a deodorant we use Zinc Oxide diaper rash cream (yes, we get messy fingers but no smell, ever, so wonderful) and I’ve used Calendula Ointment regularly after showering to take care of the rash under the breasts.

Mostly: Thank you People’s Pharmacy for bravely going into alternative solutions for body areas that are never discussed easily but evidently a lot of us have these problem. So good to have a place to find answers!

I am using Clotrimazole and baking soda to dry it and it does reduce it, but I will try hair dryers etc. My problem is that initially when I started I got a water blister, that has since turned crusty and sore. Is this normal and when does it go?

Thank you for the comment. I will try using this. Dark moist and perspiring areas seem to be mostly where the rash is itchy. By using neosporin, antibiotics for itching and you could even use vasoline, although all of these products are moist, they make sure you do not become infected and have chemicals to stop the itching. Separation of the breasts from the chest helps with cloth I think is better than paper. Just to mention after working out is when I get it the most. Important to get out of wet clothing soon after a workout. Thought to help…

I used to have this problem occassionally. Use an over the counter athletes foot cream for about a week to get rid of it. Try drying your bras in the dryer instead of hang drying. I know they don’t last as long but it makes sure your bras are completely dry before you put them on and the heat may kill more germs. And make sure to shower asap after excercising.

I am currently suffering from some kind of red rash too. At first I used the gold bond powder, but it only relieved the itch for a bit and the rash never cleared. Now I’m using tinactin for athletes foot. It cleared up and I stopped using it for like two days and it came right back. My room mate said it’s like antibiotic you have to continue using it even after it’s gone. Then use the gold bond to help keep it dry on a daily basis. The spray will definitely burn, but stops the itching instantly!!! Expensive, but worth every penny.

Thanks for this tip – I will relay this to my wife who is experiencing same.

I overheard this on a bus… Same type of rash as diaper rash! I use diaper rash cream to treat and baby powder to prevent.

Having cleared the problem by going sugar-free, ironically it is back…since adding kefir to my diet….!

KDelphi – have you tried drinking kefir? It’s around $2.99 a bottle at Trader Joe’s (and available elsewhere for various costs). It’s similar to yogurt but way more rich in beneficial bacteria. I’m drinking this along with taking probiotics (I worked up to a cup in the morning and a cup at night), but I started with kefir first and it was already making a difference. Just a suggestion (because it’s not in pill form).

I have to wear a bullet resistant vest which causes severe sweating in the summer. I too would get a very annoying itching that wouldn’t go away no matter how much I washed or kept dry. I read in a police forum that the itch is caused by the development of some type of crystals in the skin which caused the itch. The solution they suggested was to wipe the itchy area with rubbing alcohol. There was immediate relief. Worth a try if nothing above works. Good luck

I can report (sadly) two things that do NOT work….I tried those little liners you stick inside your bra with adhesive (its also ruins your bras…you have to scrape the adhesive off with a razor blade) and the “breast band” (it is a terrycloth band that is supposed to keep the skin apart when you are not wearing a bra—does nothing).
I appreciate all the comments about intestinal balance, but, since I have had a colectomy, I think it is too late for me (I have a J pouch) There is an “intestinal flora food” specifically for people without colons, but, I am certain Medicaid isn’t going to pay for it and it is very expensive…probiotics seem to go “right through me” (sort of like pills with a coating on them….I do eat yogurt.)
I have been using anti-fungal powder and it seems to keep it down, but I can tell it’s just a sweaty day away…sorry if I repeated myself…this “line” is a hard one to follow, no? thanks to all

I’m not a doctor, but I had this problem for a few years. It is a fungal condition caused by Candida. I recently (maybe two weeks ago) started drinking Kefir and taking high-quality probiotics to rebalanced my intestinal flora and boost my immune system and “normalize” my very out-of-whack gut. I am also avoiding gluten and processed sugar. None of this was done to address this specific condition. However, this condition has all but resolved itself! And, as a plus, I’ve had a couple of people tell me that my skin looks really radiant. Plus, my energy level is increasing every day and previous digestive issues have all but disappeared as well. As Candida overgrowth is so prevalent due to poor diet and processed foods, and your skin is your largest organ and the largest eliminator of toxins, this all makes sense. The previous suggestions are really useful, but I think that they’re just treating the symptom. By addressing intestinal flora imbalance, you’d likely be addressing the cause (and feeling better overall). Just a guess, but it’s working for me!

I’m 45 & up until 5 months ago the proactive approach worked for me (fan dry after showers & use medicated gold bond).
Last summer got me with this issue :( I’ve had this site bookmarked for a couple weeks.. What I have to share:
Always wear absorbent under garments at night..even a fluffy cotton hand towel separating areas helps. No it doesn’t stay in place all night but makes a difference if really sore & raw.. ‘Bottom butter’ in the diaper isle relieves that bar none.
It almost seems to make it go away but it doesn’t. Anti fungal sprays hurt like hell. I read everything here and applied the following:
I showered with dandruff shampoo (twice a day) since yeast or fungus isn’t known for sure… at night I used monistat…it IS after all made for our yeast issues. They have external cream that’s about the same price as the shampoo. After I shower in the morning I applied just a generic Walgreen’s foot crème since the goal is getting rid of it I wanted to cover both bases. I’m elated to report that this concoction worked and I’m back to being proactive!

Topical treatment may alleviate the symptoms but addressing the internal issues will likely solve the problem permanently: eliminate or reduce sugar (in any form) and take a good probiotic with FOS for better absorption. This will change the environment in the GI tract and, hopefully, eliminate your problem. Worked for me.

Many of the bra’s are not made with fabric that wick moisture away from underneath those sweaty breasts. However, cotton will do it. I took an old cotton ‘crew sock’ and tucked it between the bra and the breast and discovered at the end of the day that there was no moisture or redness there. I had a couple pair of cotton crew socks that were getting thin in the heel and ready to be thrown out. I tucked the heel of one of those socks at the center and then worked my way out, tucking as I worked to each end of the sock. Try not to tuck wrinkles in. At the end of the day you will be amazed how damp it will feel. Throw into the dirty laundry and put a fresh one on the next day. And…you will discover that the sock is already contoured to fit!!!

Plain old vinegar, white or apple cider, applied to the rash daily will keep it healed. Vinegar is also good behind the ears or anywhere else that a fungus tries to grow. I have been using vinegar for years.

I quit using dryer sheets & fabric softeners in my under garments, which eliminated a lot of the odor. Then I decided to use a mixture of equal parts baking soda and corn starch to dust under my breasts following my daily shower. This has worked for several years. Perfumed talcs would always cause me to break out in a terrible rash.

Bordeaux’s butt paste works good (esp if not a yeast prob)…also, I tried a lot of those “soft cloths in bra cups”, stick on pads, even a silicone version….they did NOT work for me (I have large breasts) also, NEVER but anti antiperspirant under breasts—you will regret it. nic–what is the “skin repair” that you use (I once had a yeast skin infection so badly after bowel surgery, that it ate right through my stomach skin and formed a fissure!!!) I’d like to hear about any OTC skin repairs…thanks everyone, I hope we can keep helping each other ;)

Try using Gold Bond Medicated Powder after you shower and towel dry. I used to get heat rashes in the summer but no longer have that problem.

I have suffered from rashes as mentioned here. Under breasts, around bra band, in groin area, etc. I found that it was an overgrowth of candida. A change in diet to eliminate all carbohydrates helped clear up the overgrowth. Now I must be very careful about carbohydrate intake, but feel I am on the right path. To help with the rash while the diet did its work to control the candida overgrowth, I used dandruff shampoo. It worked wonders.

if allergic to latex, make sure doctor knows….i know that is not what mine is, but, my case is prob not common..

After coming home from the hospital with a bad C-diff outbreak, they sent home a “skin repair” to keep my sore bottom from making me crazy, but I digress. . . . the skin repair works in those sweaty spots where I break out. But I have learned from this discussion. Think I will take some of these suggestions . . . no sugar, etc.

I agree with J.L. I also had a rash in that area and found out I’m allergic to latex. I break out everywhere my bra touches – all around my back, under my breasts, and across the shoulders. It’s especially bad in the summer as I sweat in the Texas heat. I have found by trial and error that some brands of bras cause less irritation.

I mean, the rash is gone (or at bay) but all this stuff I am reading about Candida, etc makes me think that it is more of an endogenous problem….but the “remedies” are so expensive…I also have had my colon removed which I think makes yeast more likely. My surgeon just keeps telling me “probiotics” but I never notice any difference on them.

What about Diflucan for serious candida/yeast?

I suffer from heat rash in the summer – under breasts, in groin, or other areas that rub. Baby powder made with corn starch (NOT talc) has worked wonders since my teen years in preventing it. It is finer and smoother than plain corn starch.

I had this problem and have been using Vagisil Powder under my breasts for years now and have had no problems. You can buy it at the grocery store or local pharmacy.

Tinactin liquid spray, which is also for athlete’s foot, works for me.

I second the comment about avoiding sugars. When I’ve had a sugar binge (for me this is organic ice cream) I know I’ll have a red, tender area in an abdomen fold the next day. The rash will get worse if I continue to eat sugary food. I’ve heard that yeasts feed on sugars, so it could be that.
My go to OTC is – this is the real name of the product – Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. A pharmacist developed this cream. It was named by one of his customers when she asked for it. It helps heal many skin problems. Active ingredient” zinc oxide. Inactive ingredients: Boric Acid, Castor oil, Mineral oil, Paraffin, Peruvian Balsam, Petrolatum. I asked my pharmacist for it. It has been on the shelf since then..

Well, one of the things that really helped me – and this is going to sound somewhat crazy – was to roll up a bandana and tuck it under my breasts so that it was between my skin and the bra. I just used one of those blue and white bandanas that you see folks wearing on their heads or around their necks. It needed to be soft and absorbent to be comfortable – just roll it up from corner to corner. (I had tried tissues to no avail.)
I used the rolled up bandana trick when I was having radiation for breast cancer in 2002 as it was impossible to wear a normal bra at that time – only a sleep bra (or no bra at all).
I also used aloe vera and Gold Bond before tucking the bandana underneath. Not sure if it was the removal of moisture or just not having the bra fabric (with rubbery stuff in it) that did the trick, but it did work. IMHO, the bra fabric can be a real problem. Also, even tho I don’t wear underwire bras, I would think that an underwire would be a major contributor.
Today, if I start to have a problem, I still use the rolled up bandana which seems to wick up a lot of the moisture. Sometimes I have to change it out mid-day if I sweat a lot. Although I have noticed that since I’m careful about the types of bras I buy, the problem is minimal as the present time.
Hope this helps somebody—

I have been using Desinex powder under my breasts and have had great success in keeping that area dry. Also, after a shower,I will use my hair dryer to dry that area before applying the powder. I also suggest that you be tested for diabetes, because that is what was causing this to happen to me, I had developed diabetes during menopause and didn’t realize it.

Please, please try eating Greek yogurt daily. I know from personal experience, over a year of discomfort. Lotions, creams, powders mask the real issue. It does not go away! (I did see a doctor and received a cream.) I am pleased to say I have healed and continue to eat yogurt at least 2 to 3 times a week. The rash returned in a mild form as soon as I stopped eating yogurt. Will not do that again. Back eating yogurt and keeping it under control. GONE! Not sure if this will help others, but I know how horrible It was and I just felt the need to share this information and possibly help someone else. P.S. I experienced the start of the healing process in just a week. Took longer to completely disappear. Best of Luck!

I have had this problem on and of for about 30 years….since we moved to Fl.
One day my husband said here try this…it was clortimazole. He used it for athletes foot. It solved the problem almost overnight. It is useful for any area on the body. It a must to change bras every day and if you are having a tough time wash the area with baby wipes and dry well. Then apply again. You can find the product with the innersoles in almost any supermarket or drug store.

You’ve identified too much sugar as a problem. You might also consider treating this as systemic candida problem. A product called Syntol for getting rid of candida without making you ill is helpful and adding good probiotics with FOS can make a difference. Florastor was recommended to me by an ARNP. following a prescription of antibiotics, was also helpful in eliminating such a rash.

two things work well for me ….baking soda as a paste or natural deordant

After radiation for breast cancer, i could not wear a bra and developed these rashes. Virgin coconut oil cleared up the rash. I also used the coconut oil on my radiated area after the “heat” went away. Three doctors expressed surprise at how quickly my skin recovered.

Keeping the area DRY is crucial. I have found Lotrimin (OTC) powder, rather than a cream, helpful. One way to keep area dry is to use clean, flannel cloths under the breast. That will prevent contact contamination from either the breast or abdominal wall.

During the humid southern summers I am plagued with underarm rash and from time to time rash under my breasts. I mix one part cheap MOM (no flavoring) and one part Super Medicated Witch Hazel or Listerine type mouth wash (amber colored) and use to cure any rash. I also apply a zinc oxide based baby diaper rash ointment to the areas affected by rash. It keeps me comfortable all during the hot weather. PS Also I dry my underarms and under my breasts with paper toweling rather than cloth and use paper towels or even toilet paper as a sweat barrier between my bra and breasts.

True the cornstarch (don’t use it). (if its actual fungal rash) some ppl might have diff things? I know mine was fungal when nothing else worked (Gold Bond spray didn’t work…Calamine spray soothed but didn’t “cure”)

You need to steer clear of Cornstarch Powder for the under Breast Rashes. Because Corn Starch feeds fungal rashes!!! I use the generic version of Gold Bond Medicated Powder (Comes in a yellow, mustard colored container) I am anxious to try Vicks for this!! If it works on fungal toenails, why not breast fungal rashes? the Gold Bond medicated powder has Talc rather than Corn Starch.

Micro Guard antifungal powder (2% Miconazole nitrate) is the only thing that works for me…expensive, but works…can get it online anywhere

MOM! Milk of Magnesia works well! Dab it on, let it dry, or use a hair dryer to accelerate.

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