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Remedies Offered for Troublesome Under-Breast Rash

Many women suffer from uncomfortable under-the-breast rash, but they don't have to.
Remedies Offered for Troublesome Under-Breast Rash

Q. I have had a rash under my breasts for over a year. It’s very itchy and red and though I try to keep the area dry and clean, the rash never goes away. I have tried many things but they all seemed to make the breast rash worse.

I have big breasts and don’t know if that makes the problem worse. I am embarrassed to go to the doctor for this problem. Are there any remedies that might help?

A. One possible culprit that might be causing troublesome breast rash is a yeast or fungus infection. Fungi are responsible for such miseries as athlete’s foot and jock itch. They thrive in warm damp dark areas, so it is not surprising they would grow in the skin folds under the breasts.

Many other women report success with anti-fungal creams or powders for fighting breast rash. One wrote:

“I have had a problem with fungal infections under my breasts and in the groin area for many years. Clotrimazole OTC for athlete’s foot works well when I have an outbreak in hot humid weather.”

Some women find that using cornstarch to dust clean dry skin helps keep it dry and discourages the fungus. Zinc oxide cream used for diaper rash is another favorite. Here’s one’s woman’s formula for success:

“During the humid southern summers I am plagued with underarm rash and from time to time rash under my breasts. I mix one part cheap MoM (milk of magnesia with no flavoring) and one part Super Medicated Witch Hazel or Listerine type mouth wash (amber colored) and use this to cure any rash. I also apply a zinc oxide based baby diaper rash ointment to the areas affected by rash. It keeps me comfortable all during the hot weather.”

You might also try dandruff shampoo. It sounds odd, but dandruff is caused by scalp yeast and dandruff shampoo can tackle skin yeast. Listerine, which can be helpful against dandruff, has also cleared up some under-breast rashes.

ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) for Breast Rash

We know this sounds bizarre, but if you think about it for a minute you will realize that fungi do not like an acidic environment. Visitors to this website often report that vinegar works quite well to combat fungal infections of the nails or skin. Here is just one example:

“I was having this problem also. A friend suggested apple cider vinegar.

“At first I thought she was crazy, but I tried it. Shower and pat dry, blot the rash with apple cider vinegar and allow the skin to air dry. I washed all my bras in very hot water and had the rash cleared in just four days.”

If none of these suggestions work, make an appointment with your doctor. The problem might be caused by something other than fungus that requires medical treatment.

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