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Accupril is one of a group of drugs that includes Vasotec and Capoten.

These medications are called ACE inhibitors because they affect an enzyme (angiotensin-converting enzyme) important in regulating blood pressure.

Accupril is often used to treat high blood pressure; it may also be prescribed in combination with other drugs to treat some types of heart failure.

Full prescribing information can be found at:

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Side Effects and Interactions

ACE inhibitors, including Accupril, can reduce kidney function, particularly in people who already have kidney problems. Regular monitoring is essential.

People on Accupril may experience dizziness, fatigue, a dry persistent cough, nausea or headache.

Other side effects reported include chest pain, palpitations, back pain, drowsiness, constipation, hair loss, dry mouth and impotence.

In rare cases a serious blood disorder has developed. Report any symptoms to your physician promptly.

There are a number of compounds that can interact with Accupril.

In general it is important to avoid potassium supplements, including low-sodium salt substitutes.

Diuretics such as Dyazide, Aldactazide and Moduretic which preserve potassium can also cause dangerous elevations in potassium when taken with Accupril.

Other diuretics may also interact with Accupril. So might the psychiatric drug lithium.

Accupril should not be taken at the same time as tetracycline, since it can reduce absorption of the antibiotic.

Check with your doctor and pharmacist to make sure Accupril is safe in combination with any other drugs you take.

Special Precautions

The first few doses of Accupril you take may cause dizziness or fainting, especially for older people. Be especially careful standing up until your body adjusts.

When you start taking Accupril, be alert for a rare, but serious reaction.

Some people have experienced swelling of the face, lips, tongue and throat which can make breathing difficult if not impossible. This requires immediate emergency treatment.

African-Americans may be somewhat more susceptible to this unusual adverse effect. They are also less likely to get the full expected response to Accupril.

If you are African-American, be sure to discuss benefits and risks with your physician.

Accupril should be avoided during pregnancy, especially second and third trimesters.

Taking the Medicine

Accupril should be taken on an empty stomach, at least one hour before or two hours after a meal.

Do not stop taking Accupril suddenly, as this could lead to complications.

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YES, YES, YES! Being switched to generic quinapril from accupril DOES INDEED raise the blood pressure. No doctor could tell me why (probably not interested in finding out) but from a lot of study online, for me at least I am certain that my problem is because I must be gluten-free in what I eat…and accupril is supposed to be gluten-free whereas I can find no place that says quinapril generic is gluten-free. I am not a doctor…just have to live in this body.

Am in a battle right now AGAIN, as my doctor has to write a paper in order to get me the Accupril which we can ill afford on our retirement incomes, and who knows how long that will take. The President wants to change things and it is high time we let him know the misery that has come to us with all this generic crap. So far, most of my other meds, by the way, are generic. But I read online that if you must be gluten-free, and you take a high blood pressure med that is not gluten-free, your blood pressure will sky rocket, which indeed mine did.

I have been on 10 mg. Quinapril for years, the Greenstone brand. Why can’t pharmacies get these pills? Other manufacturers of this medicine does not work for me.

I have been taking quinapril 10 mg. In teh greenstone brand. Now all of a sudden, no pharmacy can get the 10 mg. I tried taking 1/2 of a 20 mg. Tablet and i was short of breath. Does anyone know who has the 10 mg. Quinapril?

I too have been taking 10mg Quinapril probably 12-15 years now, and all of a sudden they are no more. My pharmacy tried to pass a different pill to me, I didn’t want it, so I told them to dispense 20mg I’ll cut them in half, that’s not working, where my pressure was usually controlled by the 10mg tabs at 110/70 range, pulse 50-60, now it’s running 140ish over 80ish and pulse 90-100, I’m 65, in reasonably good health except for high blood pressure. I contacted Greenstone/Pfizer last week and was told 10mg Quinapril was discontinued, they still carry 5, 20 and 40mg, so I told my pharmacy to get the 5mg and I’ll take two of them at a time and see what happens.

I don’t care what anybody says, generics are not the same as name brand drugs. I have two medications that I take that the generic simply does not work for me. I had to get my doctor to do an appeal for me to get the name brand. One of them is a cheap drug that I have taken for years, but the price of it has gone up to almost $500 which is totally insane. After we did the appeal I pay $90. Still too much, but a lot better than $500. Quinapril is the generic of Accupril. Quinapril does not work at all for me.

My doctor finally had to put me back on name brand Accupril. It had done a fair job up until a bit over a year ago. I stopped receiving my Accupril in a bottle and began receiving it in foil packages stuck inside a zip lock bag. My blood pressure has been sky rocketing ever since this change, but the pharmacist insists it is the exact same thing I have been receiving. I have read that you should not take a diuretic with Accupril, but my endocrinologist was so concerned she prescribed a very low dose of hydrochlorothiazide 12.5 mg. to take in addition to the Accupril. I have not taken it yet because it scares me to mix medications, and I have interstitial cystitis. Anything that stimulates my bladder will cause intense pain. Has anyone else experienced this change in the packaging of name brand Accupril, and, if so, what did you do about it?

I am glad I read the comments! My pharmacy just changed my Quinapril from the large, triangle shaped 10 mg to another brand – a tiny round pill. And over the last couple of weeks my blood pressure has gradually risen. For a couple years it’s been steady at 110/70 and now it’s gone up to 135/87 and sometimes higher! They say they don’t get the other brand any longer, but now I realize after reading the comments that it is an insurance issue.

I been taking Quinapril 10mg twice a day and now the pharmacys I call don’t carry greenstone and I’ve tried to take Camber and it made my belly swell up and I just don’t like the way it makes me feel…..anybody know where I can get greenstone brand quinapril 10mg at, I live in Los Angeles, ca 90302

Walmart just gave me that greenwood brand

My pharmacy switched me from accupril to quinapril, telling me that my insurance would only pay for the cheaper quinapril and that they were exactly the same. The day after switching I started having problems breathing and began coughing to the point of throwing up, my resting heart rate skyrocketed and I had flu like symptoms, this continued for several weeks and I thought perhaps the change had done something.
I had several days left of the accupril so I switched back to it to see if that helped, within a couple of days all my problems stopped. To see if it was something else responsible after a week back on accupril I tried the quinapril again and the problems came back within a few hours. I had to demand going back to accupril from my md and my pharmacy and the insurance co. The battle lasted a while but worked out well, demand what you think is right don’t let the profits these companies make hurt your health.

I experienced the exact same problem. My pressure went from 130/80 to 200/115 about two days after changing to Lupin brand. I sent a Medwatch to the FDA and they referred me to Lupin. Lupin claimed there was no problem bla, bla, bla but I see now they are sending more inspectors to India.

I had been taking 20mg Accupril, not sure what brand, but that was really good for me. I had no problems at all.
Now that it is not subsidised in NZ, I’ve been put onto Arrow brand Quinapril 20mg. The side effects are almost immediate restless legs- really violent! I also had two blackouts upon getting out of bed in the morning- which upon reflection, after reading the above comments- never happened before going onto Quinapril.
I won’t be taking my dose tonight as I cannot manage the restless legs especially with the flu, but will be going to see my GP tomorrow to get this medication changed. Thank you everyone your feedback.

I have been taking 40mg of quinapril for many years. I recently just got my insurance renewed through CVS and now they are insisting I have to buy all my prescriptions through them or they will not cover them on my insurance.
I refuse so I am stopping taking all my drugs which includes quinapril 40mg, lansopril 30mg, adrena 20mgl, and an assortment of pain meds. When we get to a point where now I am being told where I have to spend my money then it is time to stop. I have a few of each pill left and when they are gone then we will see what happens because I will not be getting refills.

My mother has been taking Quinapril for 21 years and for 1 year has had a rash on her chest and back that will not go away no matter what she tries. Her doctor took her off fish oil but still no results. Has anyone ever heard of this? She also takes Metoprolol, and Pantoprazole. Any help from ya’ll will be much appreciated.

I started taking the lupin brand 16 days ago
My blood pressure has been steadily rising for a week or so also retaining fluid.
Bp was 95/65 consistently now after 16 days 126/87 with headaches and puffiness.
I have been taking the heart shaped brick colored tablet for years.

I have been taking Quinapril for several years and have noticed loss of hair (top of head only) over the years. I have no family history of loss of hair. Is this a side affect? Any recommendations on a potential substitute?

I highly urge anyone that experienced a rise in bp after being forced to switch to lupin quinaprill to report it to the FDA. I JUST DID! My husband has been getting greenstone 20mg and other generic brands (always brown pill) for years and it controlled his bp, suddenly pharmacy changed to lupin and it did not work 140/100, head aches, luckily we caught it as I take his bp at home… so we changed pharmacies 2 years ago to another that carried the right brand…. suddenly last month the pharmacy jumped to lupin as well, same thing happened 140/100 no matter how much of it he took….
I called ALL pharmacies in the area all but one had changed to lupin and the one could not guarantee they would stay with greenstone! All the people with high bp taking quinaprill need to know!!! we here are being forced to take it if we can not afford the name brand, this is WRONG PEOPLE COULD BE DIEING AS I TYPE from this $$$ effected switch that is happening, again I strongly urge anyone who is experiencing this problem to report it!!

I am taking quinipril 20mg.
I have experienced the following side effects:
persistent cough day and night; sore breast; tiredness; itching; dizziness; light headedness; dry mouth; restless legs.
These symptoms also happened when I took lisinopril.
Question; are there any other ace inhibitors that I could take that don’t have that same side effects? My doctor seems complacent about my complaints.

I have been taking 20 mg of quinapril for about a month. I find that I am exhausted. I have been sleeping (quite deeply) 3 or 4 hours in the afternoon and still sleeping a full 8 hours at night. I seem to have no energy or motivation. Could this be a side effect of the quinapril?

Marie, I take 20 mg of Quinapril, and the cough goes along with it. But the Quinapril is the best for me for bp, keeps it down like 120/72. Only thing I have found that works so good, I tried Maxide once and it did nothing so the doctor switched me back to Quinapril.

Rich, I take 20 mg of Quinapril and it keeps my bp controlled. I would never eat a grapefruit or drink the juice either with any medication.

Dear people’s pharmacy;
I have been taking 20 mg. quinapril for quite a few years and for quite a few years, about every 4 to 6 weeks I get a dry constant cough that will last about 1 month or more, then leave for 4 to 6 weeks, and start the cycle all over again. I have asked the doctors but none can give me an answer. I feel quinapril could be the problem. need help or suggestions thanks
marie c.

I have been on Quinapril (Greenstone Brand) for years but Prescription Solutions just moved me to the Lupin Brand and my blood pressure has skyrocketed. Has anyone else had this result??

I am on Quinapril 10 mg per day. Do I need to restrict dietary sources of potassium ( eg, prune juice, orange juice, bananas,…)? Is there a percent of RDA that if my daily total stays below I will probably be ok? I recognize people will be different, their kidney function will be different—but I am looking for a ballpark estimate. Thanks.

I have been taking quinapril by Teva mfg. co for years and have never had any adverse reactions and now I was just switched to quinapril by Lupin mfg. by the insurance co. without any prior notification. Does anyone know if there have been any reports of any significant differences or side effects from quinapril by Lupin mfg?

Is it okay to eat grapefruit when taking quinapril?

Is it ok to eat grapefruit if I am taking quinapril?

I have had problems with rising blood pressure since being switched to quinapril from accupril. Does anyone else have info on this?

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