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Problems with Generic Wellbutrin (Bupropion)? Not Again!

We had hoped that problems with generic Wellbutrin (bupropion) were behind us. That may no longer be the case. The brand name price is astronomical!

A decade ago we received a message from J. in Danville, New York. She said:

“I have been taking Budeprion XL 300 mg for three months instead of Wellbutrin XL 300 mg. I find that I am easily upset and cry very easily. Sometimes I feel aggressive. I also have short, stabbing pains in my head. Taking the brand-name drug (Wellbutrin) helped me feel the best I have felt in twenty years–not depressed and able to enjoy being with my family and friends.”

That letter started a saga of woe and intrigue with the Food and Drug administration. When we published J’s message in our syndicated newspaper column, we started hearing from other people with similar stories. At first it was dozens of letters. Then scores. Eventually hundreds of people wrote to say that Budeprion XL 300 and some other generic bupropion products were not working as well as Wellbutrin.

We sent these messages on to the FDA. The answer from executives at the agency was that this was all a tempest in a tea pot. These were psychosomatic reactions (headache, anxiety, irritability, nausea, dizziness, insomnia, tremor, mood swings, panic attacks, depression, suicidal thoughts, etc). A highly-placed FDA staffer insisted that such side effects could not be brought on by the generic drug. Budeprion and Wellbutrin were supposed to be identical.

After five years of arm-wrestling the FDA, we learned that the agency would request removal of Budeprion XL 300 and some other generic bupropion products. At long last the FDA admitted that there were problems with the absorption of these generics. They were not considered “bioequivalent.” Here is a post we wrote nearly five years ago.

Patients Vindicated! Generic Wellbutrin Withdrawn

Fast Forward to Bupropion 2017:

We had hoped that the problems with generic Wellbutrin (bupropion) were behind us. Officials at the FDA seemed more vigilant about approving this generic product. Sadly, we are starting to hear from readers again that they are experiencing problems. Here is the latest story:

Q. I believe you helped reveal the generic Wellbutrin (bupropion) failures several years ago. Is there any chance that there are still problems with some generic pills?

I have chronic fatigue, for which I take bupropion. About eight months ago, I started having bad nausea every single day. I tried everything, but the only thing that helped was Dramamine, which made me too drowsy to function. I even tried lowering my dose of bupropion, but the nausea didn’t go away. (My morning dose stayed the same.)

I read a recent news article (Bloomberg) about the differences between generic and brand-name drugs. I realized the release mechanism of my morning pills might be the problem. I take two bupropion in the morning, get nauseated and crash around midday.

I’m convinced that the pills are dumping the active ingredient in my system far too quickly, causing that rollercoaster side effect profile. It started when I got a new job and thus, a new online pharmacy that sent a different generic.

After that insight, I switched to a longer-acting version and I haven’t been nauseous since. Does the FDA do testing for this type of problem?

A. We alerted the FDA to problems with generic Wellbutrin (bupropion) back in 2007. It took five years for the agency to acknowledge there was a serious problem with some slow-release bupropion formulations. Although these drugs were removed from the market, we have continued to receive complaints about certain generic products. The FDA doesn’t test samples submitted by individuals.

Other Readers Complaining about Generic Wellbutrin (bupropion)

Inez in Preston, MD:

“I have been taking Wellbutrin for years. Of course insurance required a change to generic bupropion. I tried it and it DID work. My pharmacy changed to a different manufacturer. The pills even looked different.

“It was bupropion XL. After a week of headaches, nausea, vivid dreams, etc. (felt like withdrawal; like I wasn’t even taking it) I realized that is the only change and symptoms started a day after the change.”

Carolyn in Colorado:

“I had been on Wellbutrin for 20 years or so. Bupropion or what ever that pill is had an horrible effect on me. It took a year or so to find the right one in the first place. I have tried what they call bupropion and had a horrible time. It also smells like sulfur which I am allergic to.

“Tried another which did not work. Horrible. I am having a terrible time not wanting to end it all. I feel that I can not make it and just want to leave. Why mess with something that works?”

John in Texas reports a similar situation:

“Reading these entries is rather alarming. I have been taking the round small bupropion XL for 2 years. I experienced a drastic improvement in my bipolar 2 depressive symptoms.

“Within the last 2-3 weeks of taking the same dosage, but a new manufacturer, I am having suicidal ideations. These thoughts are persistent. I have never considered thoughts such as these…ever! This manufacturer was just approved. It’s an oblong, white pill. Anyone else out there going through anything similar?”

Laura in Arkansas feels blindsided:

“I feel like I’ve been blindsided by the manufacturers of name brand Wellbutrin. I used to take it and it was affordable. Now, I have no option. It’s too expensive to use. The drug companies get you used to using it then jack up the price so high nobody can afford to pay for it. Thanks manufacturer of name-brand Wellbutrin XL.”

Can You Believe the Price?

We just checked with our local chain pharmacy. The cost for one month’s supply (30 days) of brand name Wellbutrin XL 300 was $1,836. Yup, you read that right. That means each pill costs over $60. Put another way, a year’s supply of brand-name Wellbutrin XL 300 could cost a depressed patient over $20,000.

The original developer of Wellbutrin was Burroughs Wellcome. When that company was acquired, the drug became the property of GlaxoSmith Kline, now known as GSK. More recently, the drug was acquired by Valeant, a Canadian drug company.

We checked with This organization compares prices. They say that Canadian pharmacies charge roughly between $1.30 and $2.19 per pill for the branded version of Wellbutrin XL 300.

The Canadian Option:

We have created a Guide to Saving Money on Medicine with tips on how to use generic drugs wisely. There are also legitimate Canadian pharmacies where you can buy brand-name drugs at more affordable prices. Access to this online resource may be found in our Guide section:

Share your own experience with Wellbutrin (bupropion) below in the comment section. While you are at it, please let the FDA know if you have had problems with either Wellbutrin or bupropion at their MedWatch site. We told executives at the agency that we are once again hearing about problems with this antidepressant but we are not sure whether they are really paying attention.

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I’ve taken bupropion XL 300mg for three years. Had no problems with the Par Pharmaceutical formula. Due to insurance change, started the Blue Point Pharmaceutical formula with side effects that include vertigo, nausea, headache, fatigue, and tinnitus. I’ll be changing back to Par brand and reporting this experience to Blue Point and the FDA!!!

2019….PAR PHARM bupropion drug is not working. It’s terrible!! It’s not me!!!

I have been taking Bupropion SR for years. My doctor changed the dosage. With that, my pharmacy changed the mfr. to Dr Redoy’s Lab. They supply Bupropion SR 150 mg as a purple round pill imprinted with SG 175. I have never noticed an odour with previous dosages. Dr Redoy’s Lab Bupropion SR, 150 mg, has a strong sickening sweet smell. This smell cannot be right. I am returning it to my pharmacy.

I am a healthcare provider, and I am certain there are differences among generics. I had been on the Anchen version (A102) for years and had done well. About a week or two ago, my formulation changed (which happens with all my meds from time to time) to Actavis (142). I am NOT WELL. I am having recurrent, negative thought processes, suicidal ideation, and am barely able to function. I have never had trouble when changing generics of other drugs in the past. I find it a danger to switch formulations of a medication that is so relied upon for stability.

I was on Wellbutrin for about 10 + years and did fine and then they switched to Bupropion for the last 8 or more years and nothing has been the same. I have complained to the Dr and all they want to do is add on another antidepressant. Buprion does not work. I don’t know if its the pharmaceutical companies or the manufacture. I don’t know if one is better or not, I know as a consumer I am really tired of it. I have read so many reports by the FDA and news about the negativity of our generic drugs coming from foreign countries and I will not mention the two worst ones. Its sad that it comes to the cheaper prices can effect our health. I just do not think they are getting the formulations correct. I am not a professional, these are just my thoughts. We need to be more vigilant about things that affect our health. Thanks

I just discovered a Lupin 300mg Bupropion XL floating in the toilet after a bowel movement. Taken 24 hours before!

I have filed a complaint with the FDC, as obviously if the pill isn’t dissolving it won’t work.

I’d been thinking it seemed the medicine wasn’t working well- now I may know why.

I have been on various dosages of immediate-release bupropion off and on since 2008. My symptoms never improved but did not worsen either. My brother could not tolerate Wellbutrin 150mg XL and gave it to me in November 2018. It was the best I have felt in 10 years. So my provider at the VA hospital changed my formulation to Bupropion SA 150mg and then eventually to 300mg, when 150mg was not efficacious.

In my personal experience, the generic equivalents have not been as efficacious as the Wellbutrin brand in significantly relieving my depression. With a little research, I am only now discovering the discrepancy and the controversy surrounding the lower efficacy of generic bupropion as compared to Wellbutrin. All of these years, I thought I had treatment resistant depression. I have noticed that Actavis, a subsidiary of Teva, manufactures the generic bupropion that I receive at the VA hospital. I wonder whether the efficacy of Actavis bupropion is as poor as the efficacy of Teva bupropion. I wonder whether Teva has dumped its subpar bupropion on veterans’ hospitals. Having just learned, today, about these issues surrounding bupropion v. Wellbutrin, makes me angry because I feel I have needlessly suffered for the last 10 years with an inferior medicine because the VA was trying to save money.

I have been taking Bupropion HCL 75mg twice a day for years made by the Mylan manufacturer. All of a sudden all my pharmacy had was Heritage manufacturer. It absolutely did not work at all. I have been having constant anxiety attacks and thought I was losing my mind. I have to use CVS for maintenance medications and they do not carry the Mylan brand of Bupropion but I can do mail order through CVS Caremark and get it that way. This is really a serious situation for those of us who rely on these medications.

I have had problems with a Wellbutrin generic Bupropion. I have been on SR 150 by Sandoz 2x a day. It works well for me. My pharmacy stocked Sandoz more a few years. They suddenly changed to a different brand. I took the new brand for 3 days, and I felt terrible. I took it back and requested the Sandoz brand. Fortunately they were able to get it.

I have read where other people have had good success with the Sandoz brand. It
may not work for everyone but has worked very well for me and some others.

Six years ago I started taking two Wellbutrin, 150 XL, a day. It was a rough transition at first. I lost all appetite to the point that just looking at certain foods would make me puke. Within three months, I felt better than I had in years. I had been on SSRI’s for PTSD and depression before I started this. I can’t tell you what a different it made. My head was the clearest it had been in years. I know it is technically more for depression than anxiety, but this medication helped me get over my anxiety and depression enough to get out of bed and get my life back.

Ever since that time, I have had a continual struggle between generics and brand name. All I can say is that the differences between the brand and different manufacturers are basically like being a woman trying to find a birth control method that works for our individual needs. I was a pharmacy tech for years, and I was on the pre-medicine track in college. I say this to say that I know the generics are supposed to be “completely identical.” I used to believe that.

I have never ever had a problem with generics until Wellbutrin. Between my primary and secondary insurances, I was able to get the incredibly expensive brand name for about three years. The first time I was put on a generic Wellbutrin it felt as if I stopped taking the medication. I have had various pharmacists dismiss my complaints for years, acting just like the pharmaceutical companies did with your complaints. I have gone through all different types of manufacturers. My pharmacists have helped me with it for years, but I still can’t find one that feels like Wellbutrin. I know we are told to just live with it. On top of the mental issues these generics cause, we are supposed to live with the physical side effects too? Considering how long Wellbutrin has been on the market, I cannot possibly understand how the FDA has not worked out these issues.

The past year I have had to pay about $100 a month for Wellbutrin alone. That is the lowest we could get the cost using every coupon and loophole imaginable. I know that pales in comparison to the cash price, but that is an expense that is hard to bear. Wellbutrin changed their coupon in January of 2019, and the new one pays very little. I am in the middle of a divorce. I’m disabled from several back surgeries (after a car wreck nine years ago), and I am still unable to work. I am in the middle of my last semester of graduate school, and suddenly my antidepressant changes. I cannot tell you how much it has negatively impacted me. I know that if I could just get a few days of brand name in my system, all my issues would go away. I know that from past experiences. But that is impossible because I do not have $600 to spend on a month’s supply.
I’ve tried to switch from Wellbutrin to other “similar” medications, but there is simply nothing like it. On top of that, it is incredibly hard to switch from this medication to another without severe side effects.

I’ve never commented on anything online before, and I feel like I can’t express how time-consuming and difficult this entire thing has been. I just feel like the FDA and these pharmaceutical companies seem to forget the humanity of their consumers. I just feel like the production of mind-altering substances like this should be taken very seriously.

I have recently switched to Brand Name 300mg XL because I found out my brand name covers it. OMG, I can’t tell you how much better I feel.

Originally, I was taking generic XL (pill shows TL 102 on it) made by Legacy Pharmaceuticals. I knew something wasn’t right because after two months of taking it I felt worse than before I started it and I was constantly nauseated. I requested the brand from my doctor and he said we would try it and after, now about 3 months on the brand name I feel better than I’ve felt in 15 years. However, if I didn’t have insurance I would never be able to afford it. It’s $2000 a month retail! I agree with other posters that it is criminal to charge this much for a drug that is so old and the manufacture made their money on it years ago.

I have been on Bupropion HCL SR 150 MG tablet from Mylan for years. I had never taken the name brand or Wellbutrin. Several years back I told my Dr that the Mylan tablet just wasn’t cutting it. I still had way too many, what I called “blue days”, wasn’t happy, didn’t want to do anything, see anyone, just wanted to be left alone and miserable. She added another medication that was supposed to go well together, sertraline, the generic for zoloft. It seemed to work pretty good for awhile, then started feeling the blues again.

The latest is that my pharmacy changed from the Mylan brand to Dr. Reddy brand. What a nightmare! Every day I had a migraine, which I suffer from as well, and I was completely sick to my stomach. This went on for months. Nothing else in my life had changed except this generic medication.

I go between 2 states, Michigan and South Carolina. I talked to the pharmacist in SC, explained my situation, and she said that the cause wouldn’t be the generic change. She treated me like I was nuts. I talked to the pharmacist in Michigan, where I got the Dr Reddy brand from, and she was very nice and explained that different makers use different “fillers” she called them, and that my body was probably having a bad reaction to that. She said she would put on file a note about the issue I was having and they wouldn’t use it again.

Well, still in SC, I had to get it refilled. When I called to request the refill, I spoke to the pharmacist and asked which brand they had, she said Dr Reddy. I told her I could not take it and needed the Mylan. She said they couldn’t guarantee it but would see what she could do. I called a different store in the same chain to see if they had the Mylan. She said they didn’t, and they wouldn’t be getting it back in. She wasn’t sure whether Mylan was no longer making it or if their stores just stopped using them, but it was being switched out to Dr Reddy only.

I got a text saying my prescription was ready. I called and asked which brand it was, as no one had contacted me, but it was the Mylan brand, so I picked it up. Now I am getting close to needing another refill and am worried about what I may end up with. Does anyone know if Mylan is no longer going to be making this drug?

I see a few postings talk about another brand. I’m not sure if that one will work for me or not, I’m not sure if I should contact my Dr to see if I can get the name brand, or switch it out for something else, but it sounds like I’m not alone in this terrible reaction in switching generics. Does it do any good to contact the FDA with problems. Is anyone on anything different that works well?

I started taking Wellbutrin ir over 20 years ago. The first week I started taking it I thought to myself, this is how normal people feel. It has been successful for me all these years. I have been able to accomplish things I could not before. It has eliminated my depression and helped my ADD. Now Wellbutrin IR has disappeared, the generics do not work and I am back to the spacey, fatigued and ditzy individual that I used to be, sleeping more than normal and not functioning. Why has this happened? Someone should have been protecting those of us who need this medication. I would really like some answers. Feeling abandoned, sad and helpless.

I was able to use Wellbutrin XL300 (brand) for many years because our insurance plan paid part of it. We switched insurances, and now I have to take the generic. Oh, what heck is this?
I have ADHD and OCD along with low depression. I am angry, agitated, and out of control. I have moments where life seems worthless, and I shake those off because, well I am 67, and why waste what life I have left?

I will see my Primary care physician tomorrow and will discuss. I am seriously thinking of sending the Rx to Canada. My son was switched to generic over ten years ago. He was out of control, and I read up on generic problems with this medication. I told him that I would pay for his meds out of my own pocket. (He now has it covered by his employer.)

How can these manufacturers be permitted to push these drugs through without due diligence on the part of the FDA?

I have been on Activas brand for 5 months and was doing great and they just switched generic brands on me and I have had headaches and fatigue and irritability I had one day left of the Activas and I did it and things were fine again there is a difference between generics!

Hello, I have been on Bupropion XL 150 for eight years. It’s effects have been wonderful and changed my life. I tried to go off it 1.5 yrs ago and experienced confusion, short attention span, irritability, tightness in the head. So of course I went back on it. Recently my doc suggested I switch to an online script refill. Over the past six weeks I’ve noticed a steady decline in functioning similar to my previous withdrawal. I came home tonight and noticed the new script is from Lupin Pharma, and the old is from Actavis. I am going to get a new script with Actavis but it seems highly likely that a switch in drug MFR had a MAJOR impact on my treatment. That should not be the case right? Eight years and only great results to now facing symptoms similar to no treatment at all, while taking same drug by different MFR.

I had no idea anyone else had had this problem. The explanation provided makes a lot of sense. I had no problems with generics when I was taking 150mg bupropion XL, but when I tried to take 300mg XL at once (whether as a single 300mg XL pill or two 150mg XL pills), some generics caused severe grogginess starting mid-morning. I tried figuring out which ones caused it (not all of them did), but eventually I gave up and switched to taking 150mg bupropion SR twice a day instead.

I’m not sure if this happening to anyone else. But before, my pharmacists were always agreeable to ordering in the Actavis brand (the only generic that doesn’t give me migraines). Now they are saying that Corporate is telling them that they have to go with whatever is cheapest that month. How frightening that we have to alter meds monthly to whatever is cheapest. BTW, it cannot be bioequivalent. I actually get HBP on the other generics, which is a measurable effect. Hence, the request for Actavis only.

I too began to suffer depression when I first became an empty-nester. I tried to handle it myself, but I got more and more depressed as time wore on. I went to a psychiatrist and was prescribed Buproprion. It didn’t help very much, so my doctor kept raising my dosage. I was finally switched to a 300 mg XL generic, but I became increasingly more depressed as the weeks went by.

I finally decided to bite the bullet and pay the copay for brand name. Oh my gosh! The difference was astounding! It was like someone took blinders off my eyes! I had focus and energy. My mood was good. I was no longer depressed. I even gained some weight but that’s because food didn’t taste like sawdust any longer. I had an appetite again. Life was good for several years. Then I approached retirement age. My doctor suggested I revisit the generic formulation since I wouldn’t be able to afford the brand name under Medicare Part D. I had several rough weeks. Insomnia, dizziness, mood swings. But my doctor felt my symptoms would improve, given time and patience. So I stuck with the generic until I became depressed once more.

I finally told my doctor I refused to pay for something that was causing my depression to return and worsen. So I weaned off the generic Buproprion 300XL. Now I am not taking any meds, but am left living with a constant low level of depression. I can go back on the brand name but I can’t afford to pay for it. So I muddle through my miserable life now, taking it day by day. Sadly, I am a retired nurse. I had listened to many patient complaints over the years regarding the cost of medications, never thinking I’d have the very same issues after retirement.

The FDA should not allow generics to have such wide differences in absorbability and effect. 20% is too great. I’ve had many doctors beg me to not switch to ANY generics due to the unreliability of the physical/mental effects. I thought the FDA was established to protect the food and drug consumers in the US. It seems like they’re doing the opposite lately.

Does anyone know why massive amounts of bupropion have been recalled the last six months? I can’t find a reason anywhere. Today I went to put away my rx I just got and saw that instead of the little round pills they were large oval pills with 142 on them. When I looked at the description on the bottle is still said they were supposed to be the round ones so I took them back to the pharmacy. It was an “error” that they hadn’t updated the label.

The pharmacist informed me normally this wouldn’t happen but given I was on 300mg bupropion xl he wasn’t surprised do to the difficulty they were having getting it, all the brand changes and having to have patients change their orders to 2 pills 150mg until they ran out of those as well. The reason for the shortage he said was a massive recall on bupropion 300mg xl starting 6 months ago. I asked if they bothered to inform their customers as I hadn’t heard of this and have taken it for years.

I was told they weren’t required to inform patients unless it was a class 1 recall that could cause serious injury to a patient and this was a 2 or 3 class recall so no notifications were warranted. He didn’t seem to know why the meds were recalled. After reading everyone’s comments I wonder why even more as I’ve been on this for years and thought it just wasn’t working as well for me the last year or that life just sucked more than normal.

I know the manufacturer had been switched before on me but I don’t recall when and wouldn’t have suspected it of being the cause of the symptoms I’ve been having as I know they are SUPPOSED to be the same. Now I wonder??? And why is there nothing, that I have been able to find, explaining what the issue with it was this year (2018) but I find issues from 4-5 years ago? This is frustrating!

Back in 2011 I started on brand name Wellbutrin. It was awesome. I had more energy, focus and was happier. Then I was forced to take generic version. Within a few days I had a stiff neck, splitting headache and had trouble swallowing. Something was definately different!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the doctor kept telling me they were “equivalent.”

I was so shocked and angry about such a blatant disregard for an obvious TOXIC drug scam that I have never gone back to any pharmaceuticals, except when it’s PRN for pain. Even then, this experience made me lose my faith in pharmaceuticals and the ability of doctors to discern the difference between generic and brand names. I mean, really?

I wanted my doctor to say, yep, that is BS, I’m writing you a brand name because it’s medically necessary. Didn’t even offer. I guess I had to be an advocate for myself, maybe that would’ve helped, but it was the apathy and “oh well,” I guess it didn’t work and ignore the generic reaction side of it that totally turned me off.

Good morning! Today is August 14, 2018. I feel the need to share my experience with the changes made to my antidepressant, Wellbutrin. I was prescribed wellbutrin 300, and I’ve taken it (the oblong shaped, marked 142, Bupropion Hcl XI tabs 300 mg) for over 12 years. On August 3 2018, my pharmacy sent me a different brand or type of Bupropion Hcl XI. It is round and is marked ST300. I started taking this new brand on the 6th of August and have had the worst time ever! I feel so much rage! I am agitated and hate everyone and anything! How can this happen? I feel like I am in a downward spin and escalating!

Today I realized these feelings of rage began when I started taking this new Bupropion round pill marked ST300. I called my doctor this morning to inform her of my reactions and to enlist her assistance. She explained that many people react differently when pharmacies use a different manufacturer to fill prescriptions. I am so grateful that she listened and requested a change; back to the original medication. I will share my reactions, if any, once the medication is changed, and I start taking it.

My wish for all of you is this: Please speak to your doctors, and ask for assistance and pray that you will get well soon.

Have been on Buropion XL 150MG x two for years (about 12+), then some seven or so years ago they didn’t seem to be working as well. My doctor added Prosaic (which didn’t change anything); and then stopped the Prosaic and added another 150MG of Buropion XL. Have been taking 450MG for five years or so. The pharmacies are forever changing manufacturers. I am loosing too much weight because no foods hold any appeal; having trouble starting and sticking with tasks; am forgetful; and feeling that emptiness that comes with my depression. Had my thyroid and Vit D levels checked, all is good.

Began thinking I may need to change antidepressants. After reading others’ comments above, I wonder if my system is just reacting negatively to the various manufacturers’ versions of Buropion XL. Is it even safe to be in the same medication for so many years? Is less ever more…meaning maybe ask my doctor about reducing my dosage.

I had a “breakdown” in 2014 and ended up trying to go see my daughter (in heaven) sooner than I should have. After 3 weeks in the hospital and a combination of therapies, my Doctor put me on bupropion XL. I took the oval shaped pill with the number 142 on it and have been able to function in society again. 6 months ago I switched pharmacies because my insurance changed and it was going to be more affordable if I did. The pill changed to a round pill. For three months I was completely spiraling down the wrong direction and even though of suicide. Along with headaches, dizziness, nausea and tremors it was as if I was not taking the medicine at all. It took me two weeks to realize the only thing that had changed was the new round pill. My Doctor called in a new prescription at my old pharmacy and luckily my “cash price” was way cheaper than the insurance price copay! Well new dilemma, my old pharmacy has switched to the round pill. I even contacted the FDA and they said it was impossible for this reaction to be happening. Guess I will have to get so suicidal again to prove a point. Frustrated

I was taking the generic round version, and it was great. They switched me to an oval pill with 142 on it, and I started having BP spikes. My BP normally runs 90s/60s, and it would spike to 150s/90s. Felt nauseous and had headaches from only taking the new pill for 3 weeks. My GP changed me to a completely different drug as of today because my insurance won’t allow me to “pick and choose” which shape pill I take.

If a generic cannot be found that works for me, I will seriously consider buying the brand name from a Canadian Pharmacy. Which one is trustworthy? Thanks

I take the Wellbutrin 300 XL from Canada and it is working fine. It is not a generic, they have generic, but I order the name brand. I had trouble with all generics in US. Last one even gave me auditory hallucinations. I use and have no problems at all. Use a Canadian pharmacy with a certication that they belong to CIPA.

FIRST: PLEASE MENTION THE MAKER OF THE GENERIC YOU ARE REPORTING WHEN POSTING. Yes to all of the above that has been shared.I am beyond despondent. Was on brand-name Wellbutrin 300 XL for 10 years. Woke me up out of a 30 year sleep. (Serotonin antidepressants did not work for me.) It seemed to stop working, so I discontinued taking for several years to try other non-med methods. I now really need to go back on for severe depression. Doc called it in, I went to pick up at CVS, the pharmacist almost almost fainted when he pulled it out of the bin, and immediately called my insurance to verify: $3500 for 90 days with insurance, $8700 without. I agreed to try a generic ($7 for 90 days, Cipla in India). Symptoms of nausea, dizziness, extreme fatigue-crash in afternoon, hopelessness and despair came on within 3 days. Spoke with my docs and they were outraged. Endocrinologist said that what they were charging for the brand-name was as high as a rare chemo drug. Also, the research is over, it is a well-established drug, an easy formulation, and that this is criminal and complete price-gouging. So, I have been trying to figure out which maker uses the most identical “Inactive Ingredients.” Hard to do as they change with dose and whether regular, SR, or XL. Also when you look up makers, Par (is now Endo), and others are not even on the list of FDA approved makers. Here is the list. Which have you used? Do any work??
Thank you, Mary E
-Manufacturer: ACTAVIS LABS FL INC
Approval date: November 26, 2008
Strength(s): 150MG [AB3]
-Manufacturer: ANBISON LAB CO LTD
Approval date: June 30, 2017
Strength(s): 150MG [AB3], 300MG [AB3]
-Manufacturer: ANCHEN PHARMS
Approval date: December 14, 2006
Strength(s): 150MG [AB3], 300MG [AB3]
-Manufacturer: IMPAX LABS
Approval date: November 26, 2008
Strength(s): 150MG [AB3]
-Manufacturer: INVAGEN PHARMS
Approval date: August 26, 2016
Strength(s): 150MG [AB3], 300MG [AB3]
Approval date: June 30, 2017
Strength(s): 150MG [AB3], 300MG [AB3]
-Manufacturer: LUPIN LTD
Approval date: April 6, 2017
Strength(s): 150MG [AB3], 300MG [AB3]
-Manufacturer: MYLAN
Approval date: July 14, 2010
Strength(s): 150MG [AB3], 300MG [AB3]
Approval date: April 12, 2017
Strength(s): 150MG [AB3], 300MG [AB3]
Approval date: August 21, 2017
Strength(s): 150MG [AB3], 300MG [AB3]
-Manufacturer: SUN PHARMA GLOBAL
Approval date: December 18, 2014
Strength(s): 150MG [AB3]
-Manufacturer: TWI PHARMS INC
Approval date: November 3, 2017
Strength(s): 150MG [AB3], 300MG [AB3]
-Manufacturer: WATSON LABS INC
Approval date: August 15, 2008
Strength(s): 300MG [AB3]
-Manufacturer: WATSON LABS INC
Approval date: November 26, 2008
Strength(s): 150MG [AB3]
-Manufacturer: WOCKHARDT LTD
Approval date: November 21, 2012
Strength(s): 150MG [AB3]
Approval date: January 17, 2014
Strength(s): 300MG [AB3

I wish everyone would identify the manufacturer of the pills they are talking about, so that there was a more clear picture of the companies. I have just started talking SR by Solco and read that it is a chinese import and am wondering if my hands shaking and ear ringing would be as bad with a different generic. I had no idea there were so many companies that made/distributed these meds!!

I too stumbled across PeoplesPharmacy web site trying to find out whether Bupropion HCL XL 150 mg manufactured by Lupin Pharma was made in China because my therapist warned about generics manufactured there. None of the recent comments mention this manufacturer.

I literally just started taking it yesterday. I took Wellbutrin 11 years ago with excellent results. I don’t remember experiencing any side effects when I took it and today my throat started hurting.

Yes, #2 on the side effects list. Too soon to tell if it is going to help me. I was just wondering if anyone else is successfully using this generic? My pill is round and white with L015 on it. Filled by Kroger.

Bupropion 150 XL stopped working for me – after decades of success with brand name and generic Wellbutrin. Now I’m being forced to learn about generic manufacturers. It could be the Par Pharmaceuticals product I took for at least 3 months, or the SciGen product (manufactured for Dr. Reddy) that was in the May refill.

After months of feeling foggy headed, isolated, and lethargic, I realized it was depression. in June my doc switched me to twice a day generic “regular” 75 mg – and told me to find a different manufacturer. Now using Apotex product and feeling some better – though it’s partly due to knowing what was wrong. (At age 70+ there’s no telling!)

All 3 generic manufacturers I’ve looked at (including the one I’m taking now) are “bad boys” with regulatory problems, lawsuits, etc. Obviously they’re the low ballers that appeal to the big pharmacies. Drug manufacturing is a humongous global business, and consumers have no way to protect themselves. If someone organizes consumers, let me know. I’m in! Thanks, People’s Pharmacy, for making this available.

I have been taking this G E Bupropion for 7 years… Yes, I was also affected by the recall several years back. This new manufacture is not selling the proper grade equivalent. This is the worse I have been in years. Depression, nightmares, trouble even leaving the house.

Even thoughts of ending it all. I can not function like this.. In a complete fog all day, crying spells, insecurity. I do not want to loose all that I have gained. But there seems to be no joy in my life everything is hard to do.

Actually very scared. Will have to discontinue use until someone steps up and takes care of this problem. They need to do a class action suit. Maybe then they will think twice about selling crap replacement pills.

I’ve recently started on Bupropian. Never the brand name though. I have recently been charged from one genetic brand to another. Since then I’ve had terrible difficulty sleeping and my RLS is worse than ever. The only thing that had changed is this Rx. Of course, when at the major chain pharmacy (the only one I canuse withmy insurance) I’m told it’s virtually the same.

I need to do something soon. Even with sleep meds and my other meds and melatonin i’m still waking up a couple hours after I go to bed 😫

I’ve had the same issues as other with the generic. It is not even close to equivalent. For the past year I’ve been paying for Wellbutrin XL out of pocket from a Canadian pharmacy. A 90-day supply was $204.00. My dr. would send the prescription to them. Sadly, the U.S. government is forcing them to close their website – not due to any issues with mail order pharmacy but with an issue several years back with their wholesale pharmacy. A similar issue happened with CVS, but the US gov is not forcing them to close. You can look up the details. I really don’t know what I will do after they close in July because my insurance will not cover name brand anything, and the generic XL version of Wellbutrin doesn’t work at all. I suspect a lot of pressure from Big Pharma was behind this.

Switching to the non-generic version of Wellbutrin (thank you, Canadian pharmacy and People’s Pharmacy) solved difficulties I had experienced over the years with different generic versions. Most notably, panic symptoms, which I have not experienced since starting the brand version five months ago.

I have been taking generic bupropion for several years. Because of the insane price hikes this year- (and raised our premium to a nearly impossible rate)- we were told to order our meds through some mail order pharmacy or switch to Walgreens from Kroger pharmacy, where we have been for the past ten years. This past month, I noticed the bupropion (300 cream) from Walgreens looked different from what I have been taking. I can definitely feel it lacking effectiveness, with the some of the depression, irritability, and anxiety returning- the depression in particular is frightening for me. Luckily our mail order pharmacy (after having various problems with Walgreens, we switched again) has sent me the same generic as Kroger pharmacy. By the way, I don’t blame this on Walgreens at all- I am sure they are different in certain regions. It just happened to be my experience.

I have been taking Wellbutrin XL (brand ) for almost 13 years, with amazing results. It was the only thing that cured my recurring depression and allowed me to live a normal, productive life. The insurance offered by my employer recently changed, and I was forced to switch to the generic because the brand would have cost me nearly $1800/month WITH insurance coverage. My psychiatrist said his patients have not done well on the generic XL, so he put me on the generic SR, which I take twice a day (instead of once a day with the XL).

I’ve been on the generic for about 6 weeks and feel worse than I have in years — depressed, crying for no reason, hopeless. This is the second time in the last 13 years that I tried a generic version of the drip (the last time was a decade ago when I tried the generic bupropion XL). Both times my depression returned within weeks of the change. I am beside myself. The generic is obviously not being absorbed by my body at the same rate or to the same extent as the brand.

Why can’t the FDA look into this? And why can’t my insurance company force the brand to negotiate a lower price? I know I’m not the only one who has had this experience.

I just started taking Buproprion for Wellbutrin SR in October of 2017. Never took the brand-name drug. It has helped with my depression, but it increases the ringing in my ears and I feel like I’m easily agitated and on edge.

My dose was recently increased to 200mg 2x a day, and the ringing is worse, I feel like I cry more easily and my jaw is clenched all the time. I sweat just walking down the hallway at work. I’d love to have the relief of the drug without the physical side-effects. It is difficult to take. But at this point I’m not sure what else to do.

My insurance company (United) will not cover brand name Wellbutrin. I take Wellbutrin XL 150 and it wants to charge me $2000 a month! Last year my doctor filed appeals and numerous documents to finally allow them to give me the brand name and NOT the worthless generic version. Now, even though I have changed nothing, United is saying that approval has “expired”! I need to go through all of it AGAIN and there are no guarantees they will approve it this time. Do these insurance companies really want to be responsible for thousands of suicides??! Why do they think we demand the brand-name version… for laughs? NO, because it DOESN’T work!

I have had the same problems I was on the brand Wellbutrin years ago and it was wonderful but the price kept going up even though I had insurance now it’s over $1,000 out of pocket a month the generic has never helped me I don’t understand why the price keeps going up because of the medication has not changed it’s a shame I’ve tried everything else in the side effects are terrible.

Yep – United has even DENIED the Appeals TWICE. I am stunned by this. Even more, I am SHOCKED at how this drug company has increased the price! I am surprised they are even afloat at this rate. No doubt, they have very deep pockets. I have been on XL 3000, so you can imagine what that one costs. Mine is also used for pain, which causes depression, as we all know. I am tempted to go thru Canada, but have heard one is being shut down for giving counterfeit drugs. They are being criminally prosecuted. So, now what?

Like Kay Florida maybe? 4.25.18 I THOUGHT PERHAPS I had noticed SOME undigested pills but when I saw TRIPLES (My dose is three 150 mg bupropion XL in the AM) passing through undigested AT THE SAME TIME I began to catch on. They are passing through my system entirely undigested at least part of the time from the manufacturer Par Pharm which I know because I have checked a few times, still in original condition after a couple of meals and 10 or 11 hours with little change. No wonder I spend a majority of each day looking out of the window at work wondering why I even bother to live…..I am in month 4 and a couple of weeks of this manufacturer!

I have been taking this medication, mostly as a generic, for over a decade and I know how I am supposed to feel when I am getting the medication in my system. If I hadn’t spent so many years living with depression, being educated about it by my own means and otherwise, working on it, in therapy, working my way out of it, around it, making ‘friends’ with it, etc.

I might not know any better than to follow these horrible thoughts but even I could fall prey to having nothing but these thoughts day in and day out. I don’t know how we can say that we live in a modern, civilized country, some would say the greatest country in the world, when we allow such a disparity in the manufacture of drugs within these generics and turn a blind eye to it.

I’ve been reading up on this issue lately, but nobody seems to mention the brand of the generic they’re referring to. Cigna pharmacy has been mailing me Sandoz for years, and I don’t feel it’s working very well, and they recently changed to Solco brand (manufacturer).

I increased, actually doubled my dosage today, and don’t feel anything. I wish you all would share the failure brands.

This makes me wonder if my Meloxicam is working. It changes constantly, too.

My insurance just denied my claim for name brand Wellbutrin 300xl stating that I needed to try two other antidepressants before they would make the approval. My problem is I have already done that with disastrous results.

The first was in 2002 when I took Paxil. That was before people knew that antidepressants could cause suicidal thoughts/ideation. I had no idea that I was slipping further down a well of insanity until I almost killed myself.
Inspite of major depressive disorder, I stayed away from antidepressants until 2007 when I finally sought professional help. I was placed on Wellbutrin 300xl and responded immediately and positively to the medication. When my month sample ran out, I got a refill at the pharmacy. They gave me Budeprion. Within days I was spiraling out of control with no way of knowing what was happening since all generics are the same as name brand, right?

The only reason I didn’t commit suicide this time, was because I was fostering a dog that started acting strangely and refused to leave my side. Especially in the shower, which is where I would fantasize for hours about cutting my wrists as the water grew cold. I would hallucinate/fantasize about my blood mixing with the water and circling down the drain. My dog would sit with her head poked through the shower curtain. Weird, I thought. That dogs’ behavior is strange. No. It was me.

I researched what would make a dog act like that and realized that I was the one who was sick. It came into sharp focus and I finally did research and found The People’s Pharmacy report on Budeprion. I showed that to my Psychiatrist and she switched me to the brand again straight away.

Now, 11 years later, I am successfully being treated using therapy and the same Wellbutrin regimen from 2007. I have an excellent and successful career and life. I am terrified about what to do next. I can start taking the generic, Activas and hope for the best, when the worst actually means possible death. Or I can wean myself off the few remaining Wellbutrin and hope for the best, where the worst means I’m incapacitated by crippling depression.

It all sounds horribly dramatic, but I assure you, this is what my current reality is. What do I do? I’m clinically diagnosed with the same disorder by three independent doctors. Every time I’ve taken a different medication, I’ve gone crazy. Only this time I don’t have a dog to snap me out of it. It is a most terrifying thing to lose your mind, and not even know it is happening until it is almost (or is) too late.

These brain medications are nothing to trifle with. They aren’t just some random ‘feel better’ pill. They are actually keeping me alive and functioned and off disability (or worse). I feel like calling the CEO of my insurance company and telling them I’d be happy to try the new meds with the caveat that I move in with them and they deal with whatever consequences come of the medication switch. Is there any hope for me?

Or is my time simply up as a functioning and successful adult? Can anyone help? I have 8 days of meds left. When those are out, will my time be up or is there some white knight pharmaceutical solution on the horizon of which I am unaware? I don’t want to die…now. Can I say the same in 3 weeks? Will I still be here in 3 weeks? I’m just a number to the insurance company. Perhaps I’ll leave directive to carve that number on my headstone instead of my name.

I take Wellbutrin 150 mg XL (non brand). The Actavis generic worked for me for over a year. i got switched to TWI 2 months ago & have all my symptoms back. My doctor has just ordered I use brand name only. It took me a year to get myself to feeling like I was living again All to be erased by a cheap generic. I hope it won’t take too long for me to get it back together.

I also took the Solco generic of SR 150mg twice a day & it did nothing for me either.

Hope this helps!

Helen: Reading your story is so powerful! Not to mention, heartbreaking. You Paint a picture that truly illustrates what I wish they could actually see and feel. This is nothing to take lightly for so many who need and benefit from it. PLEASE keep posting how you are doing on the generic. For others to benefit from, and from this fellow Indiana resident who prays you are doing well.

Do these insurance companies ever really look into our records to see what ant depressants we have already tried? I don’t think they do. Then when we finally hit on a name brand one that works they decide then not to cover it and demand that we get generic. Why should I feel worse just so they can save money?

I had taken brand name Wellbutrin for 20 years for major depression. Brand name helped my depression so much. The generic ARE NOT the same. I feel that it is very unfair to sell these generics when they are definitely NOT as therapeutic as the brand ones.

I recently started taking bupropion again (I took it years ago, and it worked well but was off it for a number of years for various reasons). It was working extremely well, and my depression improved dramatically while I was taking the PAR Pharmaceutical generic (300 mg XL, round, white with A102 on it). But when my pharmacy recently filled my prescription with the Actavis brand (same dose, long white oval with 142 on it). Right away I noticed that the effects of this pill felt MUCH weaker than what I was used to. After about 10 days I was feeling severely depressed (thoughts of self harm), I was having vivid nightmares, and experienced dizziness and trouble concentrating. After a day or two of this sudden severe depression I realized it must have been caused by the switch to Actavis. I went back on PAR Pharmaceutical brand and felt better almost immediately. I don’t know if this was simply a bad batch but I’m very disturbed at the almost total lack of efficacy of the Actavis brand.

I’ve had a bunch of life changes happening around the same time that I was switched in the EXACT SAME WAY as you, and I’m just now coming to realize that it’s probably the med switch. I kept using my same techniques for coping that I learned from therapy, and they weren’t working anymore. I’m more easily frustrated and have been crying way more often (even at work!) and have been straining my personal relationships pretty heavily with all of my insecurity.

I just received my latest 3 month supply and they are no longer the Actavis brand. I’m going to discontinue taking the Actavis and go for the most recent ones. Crossing my fingers that it works.

For years, I was on Wellbutrin XL 300, which was covered by my health insurance with a slightly higher copay than generic as long as the doctor indicated it was “medically necessary”. Any time I moved, had a new doctor, they would insist I try generic again. It didn’t work. But also, I noticed what some have reported here for the brand name XL, undigested or partially digested pills passing.

And no, it was not just the shell. Because of that, with the help of my current doctor, we tried generic formulations immediate release and sustained release (changes in insurance coverage made it worth another try). For whatever reason, I react horribly to the generic sustained release, but finally found Mylan immediate release, 2×75 mg both taken in the morning worked well enough. My pharmacy refilled my prescription the first week in April, 2018 with a new manufacturer, Heritage Pharma, and it’s been straight downhill ever since. I can’t sleep, am anxious, angry, blow up easily, and am gaining weight after a year in which I lost 50 lbs., reduced blood pressure, pulled A1C from over 7 to just over 5, reduced triglycerides, and according to my regular doctor have all the indications of excellent health now–until this damned cheap crap being sold as Wellbutrin.

I have had issues before when pharmacies changed my thyroid medication manufacturer and was told by CVS that because different patients reacted differently to different generics, they contracted to stay with the same manufacturer and I am now fine on generic. The same with another medication. What is terrifying is the negative effects can range from simply ineffective to truly dangerous. As far as the Mylan bupropion, now that I am on the Heritage Pharma for a few weeks it’s clear I’m having withdrawal symptoms, and they are serious. I will write and report the problem, but have no hope the government, particularly this administration, will take any action to address what is demonstrably a flawed measure of bioequivalency.

I don’t know what to do, but as soon as my prescribing doctor’s office opens today, I will be on the phone with her seeking help, and on the phone with CVS. Though my local CVS is quite helpful, don’t have much hope they can help me if CVS no longer carries the Mylan. It infuriates me for patients to be dismissed as having psychosomatic symptoms. I’m a retired college professor and after decades of experience am a student of my own specific reactions to supposedly identical medications which, for me and many others, are anything but identical.

I have been taking generic Wellbutrin SR 200mg twice a day for many years. For the last 9 mos. I have been struggling with exhaustion, slow reflexes, feeling constantly sedated, hopeless, sad etc. I asked my Dr. why the meds aren’t giving me energy like they used to. The pills look the same, round and pink. I have a bottle of extra Pills from several years ago, same shape and color so I assume same manufacturer. They are the same strength. I have been taking them for 10 days now and feel terrific! I think the new pills must be different and are not effective for me. Now what do I do? I can’t tolerate SSRI’s. Maybe I will try different maker and hope that works. It’s SO frustrating to find what works and then have that taken away.
I don’t think I have ever tried the brand name. Has anyone been able to find it for a reasonable price? Mexico maybe? It would be worth it to go there and buy it if I have too!

I have been taking Wellbutrin XL for 20+ years but only in about the last 8 have I been taking the generic because my doctor wouldn’t allow it before. I researched it and found out that some generics caused problems, and some did not. Recently, my pharmacy switched to Par Pharm. I have been blowing up at people for nothing, angry all the time, depressed again, can’t lose weight, can’t make decisions. This is a nightmare! This is the only drug that has ever worked for me, and now it is causing me problems. Help!

DO NOT start taking Wellbutrin. This is the biggest regret of my life. After years of searching for an anti-depression medication, it did bring me relief. But when I tried weaning myself off, because I wanted to get pregnant, it triggered life-long migraines and then fibromyalgia. Since 2005, at the age of 40 I have been on anti-migraine and pain medication, and at the age of 48 I have been on disability. I am in constant pain. I have missed my life. My life is over all because of Wellbutrin. My neurologist said he believes it should be pulled from the shelves. I agree.

I had been on Wellburin XL 300mg for 12 years without problem. This Feb I had a huge seizure; was in the hospital 4Days with medical bills over $10,000.

This was so scary. I was taken off the Wellbutrin because of the risk of seizure. I stopped cold-turkey; sweats and constant vomiting for over a month, but I am feeling much better now. I cannot believe the FDA has not pulled this drug off the market.

I am lucky I was not driving when this happened. This drug is pure poison. I guess I need an attorney. I have lost 2 months of work and have huge medical bills. So glad I am off that poison.

I found this because I was looking up issues with generic Bupropion XL 300 mg. I had this issue with the rapid bioavailability of the med about 10 + years ago, resulting in panic attacks, and asked for my doctor to prescribe the name brand instead. I immediately stopped having anxiety attacks. Once the problem was IDed by the FDA and apparently pulled the problem versions off the market, I went back to the generic. In the last few months, maybe up to the last year, I’ve noticed my anxiety, irritability, anger are completely out of control to the point where I don’t even recognize myself sometimes. I’ve asked my Dr to lower it to 150 mg but I’m now wondering after seeing this article if we’re yet again experiencing issues with the generics. It’s infuriating (or is that just the bupropion setting me off :) ). The manufacturers should be forced to do bioavailability testing in human subjects for every available dose. Frustrating, to say the least

Is there a generic for Wellbutrin SR150 that works like the name brand? If so, who is the manufacturer? I’ve been on Wellbutrin for years but the name brand medication has just gotten too expensive.

I have taken Bupropion (Wellbutrin generic) by Mylan for years with no problems. You may want to see if it’s available. Recently, my pharmacy changed to Bupropion by Solco, which I am finding is ineffective. Back to depression, mood swings, anxiety, irritability, etc. Just starting to attempt to get Mylan product again. Very discouraging.

This is the second month in a row where I refilled my script for Wellbutrin XL 150mg at a big-chain pharmacy. The price was $5. I’m paying out of pocket. I don’t know what’s going on. I can’t find anything about a massive price reduction. Of course, I did not question it.

I was caught up with the bad drug replacement 5 years ago. Had a very bad reaction was almost hospitalized because of it. Now they have changed it up again. The dark red replacement pill my chain pharmacy has changed to is horrible. Nightmares, anxiety, depression, confusion. I can’t go through this again. Am allergic to most other anti depressants so what am I going to do now. They are going to have big problems with this off brand. Is there nothing we can do to change this? Class action? Just got my life back to where it is functional. Am at a loss as to what to do now

I have occasionally noticed (getting gross here) a pill in my stool. The only pill I take anywhere close to this shape is Bupropion HCL XL 150. When I have noticed it, it seems to be intact. I decided to put on disposable gloves ones day and picked it up. Outside white color had discolored (of course it had passed through me) but when I squeezed it the contents were still inside and still white.

So does this mean it had NOT broken down enough for the medication to be absorbed??? This first occurred at least a year ago (my memory is awful so I’m not sure exactly how long ago, could be longer). On the occasion I do see it in my stool (50% of the time), half of that I pick it out and see if it’s full. More often than not, the contents are still inside. I have found that it is just the shell of the casing but not as often. The pill is small, white and round.

I was stable for years first on brand name Wellbutrin and then on a generic. However, over the past year I have been dealing with worsening symptoms of depression. I thought I was going crazy. I suspect now that I was suffering because the Actavis bupropion XL 300 is not as effective for me as what I was on before my pharmacy switched brands. A month ago I got switched again without notification to the Par brand. It took me weeks of panic attacks, unusually vivid dreams, utter lack of motivation, suicidal thoughts and problems with anger management, to realize that the Par bupropion is the culprit. (Years ago I had a similar problem with Teva before it was withdrawn from the market, which took me much longer to work out because my pharmacy swore up and down at the time that it was identical to brand name Wellbutrin. I know better now, in large part because of the People’s Pharmacy article.) Currently I am trying Mylan with better results. I hope my health continues to improve. It’s criminal that generics that can range so dramatically – and disastrously – in effect are considered interchangeable by the FDA and commercial pharmacies.

I just had the same thing happen – found a pill “shell” with powder still inside. I’m taking Bupropion XL 150 from Actavis

Kelly could you tell me where you are getting the Mylan brand? That works best for me and I’m having a hard time finding it.


Dammit. I’ve been having insane mood swings, lost all my sex drive, been crying constantly, etc. and I was convinced I was premenopausal/having marital issues. Turns out, the generic for the 150SR (purple round pill with 525 on it) is from some out-of-country manufacturer, and people have had loads and loads and loads of problems. Thankfully, I have an understanding and available doctor who is able to lobby for me + walk me through the ropes of getting the brand name through insurance. I almost lost my mind and ruined my life.

On February 8, 2018 my pharmacist switched me from

Actavis South Atlantic LLC’s Bupropion Hydrochloride – 24 HR Bupropion Hydrochloride 300 MG Extended Release Oral Tablet


Golden State Medical Supply, Inc.’s version.

I’ve been experiencing severe depression and suicidal ideation since the switch. Before this, my depression was under control.

I’ve reported this to the FDA using your link and am returning to my pharmacy today to ask the pharmacist to switch me back and to make an official report. I am posting here so that others can see this and feel confident in asking for the same thing if they are experiencing similar symptoms.

Please keep reporting and encouraging consumer labs to do more testing on bupropion again. It will save lives. The only reason I feel confident asking for the switch is because of your reporting on previous problems and this most recent post about July 2017. I was on bupropion for years and have only experienced suicidal ideation since taking the Golden State Medical Supply version.

Thank you so much.

I have been the exact same, constantly crying and telling my gynecologist I’m premenopausal. Had my IUD taken out. I have been a mess. I have been on bupropion XL 300mg and a generic topamax. I stopped the generic wellbutrin a few weeks ago to see if that was my issue, and it did help some but I also believe it’s the generic topamax as well. I have now slowly weaned myself off of that. I have now been approved for the name brand Wellbutrin and will be picking it up today so I am praying it works, as my anxiety is back so badly.

Thank you for this post. Unbeknownst to me my pharmacy switched my Bupropion from ACTAVIS to IMPAX in March. And I had no idea why I was back in my ‘dark days’. Now I know and can try to get this corrected.

Yes, I too tried using the Valeant coupon and was told that in California they no longer can take the coupon. I researched further and found that our great state of California passed Assembly Bill 265 which prohibits the usage of Prescription coupons in California. However, there is an exception to the law. Section 132004, (C) The individual has completed any applicable step therapy or prior authorization requirements for the branded prescription drug a mandated by the individuals health insurer, health care service plan, or other health coverage.

I called Valeant Wellbutrin XL customer service on 3 separate occasions and they were unwilling to help, even though I read them the exception to the law. The law is easily available on Google. In contrast, Pfizer, the maker of Zoloft did allow me to use their coupon at the pharmacy. I’m not sure what to do either. I may attempt to contact news companies to see if they would help with a news story. Maybe pressure from the public will do something.

I would encourage anyone affected to fill out this form that alerts the FDA:

I submitted one earlier today, but on its own, it’s probably not enough to trigger an investigation. If they receive a lot of complaints, they may look into the issue.

It sounds like the problem involves multiple manufacturers.

I had been taking the Sandoz version of bupropion HCL SR 150 for over 10 years with wonderful results. Pharmacy just changed to one supplied by Actavis and I succumbed to depression within a week. I am not being successful in getting the Sandoz version from any of my local pharmacies. I am trying other manufacturers to see if there is one that will work.

I just found out that California no longer accepts prescription discount cards if the medication in question is available as a generic! I’m not sure what to do…. I had the Valeant card where I was paying $5 per $30 supply of Wellbutrin XL ($5 each of 150 and 300). I had a bad experience with several brands of the generic buproprion XL, and I absolutely can’t take generic! I’m trying to figure out what to do… I put a call in to my doctor to find out if there is anything she can do. I just can’t afford the $1500 and $2000+ it costs to get the name brand. Anyone had the same issue?

My company just switched to what I thought would be a better insurance. turns out it is worse, in terms of prescription services. My new XL 150 (I have been on Wellbutrin brand for a long time, no issues) is from Lupin Pharmacies, an Indian lab that is under investigation by the FDA..many many infractions.

My brand name prescription now costs 3,400.00 per month, which is not going to happen, obviously. I am pretty tense about it all, have not started generic yet, but am very concerned.

I am in the same situation with the same price quotes. This is an unintended consequence of AB265. Call Jim Wood’s Sacramento office to register complaint and they can give you a contact number for the assembly health commity.

My therapist decided to put me on Bupropian XL. Started at the low dosage, it did nothing. I’m up to 300mg. And still no results. I have side effects from Sertraline that are affecting my sex drive. The therapist said when it’s combined with Zoloft it’s called Welloft. Well, it isn’t working. Nothing is working. Do not understand why meds are put on the market when they cause problems. Does anybody know of any alternatives? This is really ridiculous and has been going on for two years now.

I have been taking generic Bupropion 100mgx2 for a few months–no problem. BUT, when doc ordered refill, I got a 200mg pink pill. I started this pill last week. I was noticing (and ignoring) extreme dry mouth and irregular heartbeat. Sunday, went to ER due to symptoms of stroke. I am pretty sure this change caused it. It was terrifying. I won’t take it again.

On the flip side of this issue, I took budeprion 300 mg for years with good result and no adverse effects, until it was withdrawn from the market. I was then switched to a different bupropion formulation. After I switched to the new formulation, I developed a low white blood cell count (a known side effect of bupropion) and had to stop taking the drug. Unfortunately, this switch was not a good one for me.

I have been discussing taking welbutrin IR… which is way cheaper than the XL. The genetic is a headache. I need the brand name & I can afford the $150 for the IR instead of the XL for $1,400.

I am writing this as I lie in bed about to puke. Got put on the generic cus Wellbutrin cost an arm. Ever since, I’ve cried every day, multiple times a day. I’ve wanted to die. I’ve wanted to hurt people. I can’t focus on school work and just end up crying. I crash around 12/1pm everyday. I feel heavy. And now I’ve been sick to my stomach for three days straight. The side effects are getting worse, and I’m getting off of these!!!!!

100% fed up with pharmaceutical prices for brand name drugs. Done. Consulted naturopath. Taking St. John’s Wort and Ginseng. Also, Huperzine A. Better. Safer.


I have been taking Wellbutrin for 20 years. In the course of 20 years generics came out, and I tried them. This was before the price skyrocketed. It would take two, three weeks to realize that I was not feeling right and that the generic was not effective. A number of years would go by and inadvertently I would be prescribed the generic again and I would try it. I always had the same results with generic. It simply did not treat my “free floating” anxiety. So before the prices skyrocketed I knew the generic was worthless to me. I was eating the $4,000 out of pocket expense that my insurance policy requires. You know this is not psychosomatic if you are willing to pay $4000 out of pocket!

Valeant’s pricing strategy is to maximize reimbursement from patients with generous insurance. Google search the company and you’ll find several articles about price gouging and Senate hearings concerning Valeant.

I agree that some generic drugs are NOT the same formula and some generics are just useless. I take stimulant medication for my ADD. I feel the effects within an hour that my medication is working (or not). Stimulants work by increasing dopamine, which my body does not make enough of. I learned that Wellbutrin, unlike most anti depressants, increases dopamine. I wanted to try a non stimulant drug for my ADD, so I asked my doctor for a prescription for Wellbutrin.

I too was appalled at the brand name price and knowing my health plan wouldn’t pay for it, took the generic (mfr: Anchen). Other than a slight headache, it did nothing for me. So I just assumed this drug doesn’t work the same as ADD drugs do.

I had the same experience with generic Adderal. It was absolutely useless. I went on an ADD forum and read many comments from people who also found the generics useless and worse, had bad side effects. Insurance companies for the most part will not pay for the brand name drug. So I figured I’d just have to pay out of pocket for the brand name. For this, I was paying $700 a month for health insurance that I was forced to buy under Obamacare or pay a penalty!

Now, it gets worse. Every chain pharmacy in my town, Walmart and Costco, do not carry the brand name drug that’s the only one effective for me. They also all tell me they cannot order it for me. Fortunately, there is one independent pharmacy left in my town that is able to obtain the one brand that works for me.
You have to wonder, what is going on here. By the way, I also wanted to try another non stimulant drug for my ADD which is Provigal. However, the ridiculous price of that drug discouraged me from trying it.

It’s a sad situation and even sadder is the fact that the FDA is NOT on the side of the consumer and we can’t expect any changes for the better from them.

I have been on Wellbutrin or Bupropion for about 15 years. Wellbutrin alleviated my clinical depression and anxiety to a very great degree. A few years ago the generic Bupropion my insurance supplied became much less effective for alleviating my depression and anxiety. The generic also caused a mental fog to descend on me. I make my living troubleshooting complex systems, and it became very obvious that my mental acuteness had diminished. I had trouble getting any work done. Eventually I learned that it was the generic Bupropion that was causing the problem, and I got myself switched back to name brand Wellbutrin. Very soon my mind became sharp again, and I was back to 100% mental capacity. HOWEVER, in September 2017, I started to feel like I was on the generic Bupropion again, even though I am taking name brand Wellbutrin. I’m depressed, anxious, and in a mental fog again. It’s a major problem for me. I opened a case with Valeant, to see if they had changed their production process to be more like the cheaper generic Bupropion. I received a call back from Valeant by someone who said they were a pharmacist. They said Wellbutrin was still Wellbutrin, but I did not have a lot of confidence in their answer.

Over 10 years ago, I was put on Wellbutrin, and it was wonderful. But then I had to go on a generic. It was awful. Not only did it not work, it seemed like it permanently fried my circuits. I think it dumped its load improperly because I went through a period of extreme chills, followed by the worst sweating I’ve ever had, over and over, for well over an hour. (I now suffer from permanent head-to-toe hyperhidrosis/excessive sweating.) I didn’t tie it to the buproprion until the next day when I took it again. So needless to say, I stopped taking that and read without surprise all about the controversy of Wellbutrin and its generics.

I figured things might be better now, so many years later I cautiously took the PAR brand for a few months and I was pleasantly surprised. Not as good as Wellbutrin, but my depression lifted and was better. Then I was switched to Actavis. When I recover, I am going to look into filing a complaint with the FDA against them. It came close to killing me. Luckily, I called my pharmacy for advice, and they’re going to help me. I cannot describe my rage at how careless they are with people’s health. I am going to become a thorn in the side of the FDA and perhaps the local Attorney General. Consumers need protection more than corporations need profits.

Have you ever had a side effect of a halt in your words? I started cutting the pills in half, and it stopped but don’t want to because they are very helpful in losing weight.

I’ve been on brand and generic (A102 pill) 300mg XL for over 10 years via mail order. Ten days ago I had to refill at a local chain pharmacy at the last minute and received Actavis (their preferred generic), and it’s definitely not the same – racing negative thoughts, palpitations, sensitive skin, shakiness, and anxiety about 1.5 hours after dosing. Later in the day I’m cranky and tired then have trouble sleeping.

Just got back from vacation in Mexico and I was in a fog the whole trip, and one night had a lucid dream about jumping off the balcony. I’ve NEVER had such thoughts. Also since the cutover I’ve consistently felt “off”, like right before a cold or the flu kicks in. Nothing else in my environment has changed recently.

Clearly it’s releasing too quickly, and perhaps there’s something else insidious going on as I’m also experiencing marked sexual dysfunction, like when I tried Prozac in the 90’s. Thankfully my insurance covers brand at a reasonably higher co-pay so I’m off the pharmacy in a bit. Never again!

Well, this morning I called CVS mailorder pharmacy to refill my brand name Wellbutrin XL 300 mg and the bill total was going to be more than $4,000!!! (For a 3 month supply.) After unswallowing my tongue, I spoke to the customer service representative. The tier 3 drugs that have a generic available will be billed at the full price if the PATIENT requests the brand name drug. CVS mail-order said that starting in 2018, BlueCross requires that the brand name must be DOCTOR requested, otherwise the patient will pay close to full price, if it’s a tier 3 drug and a generic is available. Instead of $125 for 3 months, it would be more than $4,000 for 3 months.
No way can I afford this. I’ll call my doc on Monday to see what they can do for me. All I know is that the generic Bupropion 24 XL did not work the same for me as the Wellbutrin. I found that it made me despondent, very moody, and actually depressed. This is the opposite of what the drug should be doing! I was willing to pay the extra $100, but not $4,000. No way. All I can do is call my doctor on Monday and discuss it with her. Wish me luck…

12/11/17 Well I knew the problems I was having seemed like withdrawal but thought maybe just a couple of the pills were faulty. I have been on Wellbutrin for 20 or so years. I was getting ready to tell my dr I needed to try something different. I have tried most anti depression meds thru the years but Wellbutrin has worked the best. I currently take 150mg twice daily and 5mg pristiq once daily. I started Wellbutrin for IBS which was brutal for many years. The next day after the first pill I was cured!!! Man! Great feeling. So I hope our government will straighten it out.

Just so everyone else knows,,,, I have tried 3 different types of generic Wellbutrin in the last year. 30 day scripts each time. The first one did nothing. Just absolutely no change in mood or personality or anything. The next two types had me thinking crazy and having wild dreams. Sick feeling day and night. Not good for anyone to go through. I kept thinking it would get better after several days. IT DID NOT GET BETTER. I stopped taking anything. I did start Xanex so I wasn’t so short-tempered all the time. But now I want to sleep continuously. So I do. Sure wish I could get name brand Wellbutrin. Best Wishes.

Canadian here, chiming in re. terrible experiences with Actavis tablets specifically!!

I had been using a different supplier’s generic bupropion XL (300mg) for over a year with great results for managing my depression. Here in Canada the main distributor for the generic drug is Mylan.

One month my local pharmacy was out of their regular stock, so they filled my prescription with Actavis’ version of the generic. I still had a couple weeks left of my usual pills, but when I started on the new ones I went downhill FAST. To think I just had a weird body chemistry with those pills was one thing… but hearing here how many others are finding them plain ineffective also? This is awful. ?

I started on name brand Wellbutrin in 2007 at a small dosage which was gradually increased over a couple years, to 200 SR twice a day. Initially, Wellbutrin was like a dream come true for me but over the years, taking various generics, it seemed to lose it’s luster. I thought maybe it had run it’s course with me after being on it for so long but I was still able to maintain and function for the most part.

Well, a few weeks ago, my pharmacy (Express-Scripts) sent me Solco brand generic. I’ve been on a downward spiral ever since. Constant crying, don’t want to leave the house, etc. Apparently, my previous generics were still working to a certain extent because I haven’t felt like this since prior to starting on Wellbutrin. The last generic I was on was Actavis which others have complained about. Maybe it’s not quite as good as the real thing and then this Solco is even worse. That could explain my marginal decline prior to this full on crash.

The only drug that has ever worked for me was name brand wellbutrin 100mg immediate release. I had been on the drug for many, many years. It was my saving grace. I cannot take the generic, extended release is horrible and makes my tongue swell. Generic is not really wellbutrin, patients know this, companies know this and so do the “regulatory” agencies.

Wellbutrin, name brand gave me life, now there is just severe depression. Shame on companies that stopped making this drug. How many people were guinea pigs for testing to get drug on the market? I guess if the drug was for a different illness somebody might have cared.

I had been taking bupropion for the past 4 years after spending the better half of 6 years trying to find an antidepressant that worked for me. It worked at first, but I continued to take it even though my symptoms of depression came back. I hit my lowest point in my life (in terms of depression) in May of this year (now November), and my doctor put me on the brand name Wellbutrin. It was like night and day after the first month. I felt human again, no longer a shell of a person. However, at $4,300 a MONTH for my 90 pills (150mg 3x/day), my insurance company did NOT like that.

Several months later they decided they didn’t want to pay for it, and I went without my medication (or had to get samples) while I got more prior authorizations (the staff at my doctor’s office is horrible, and this process took incredibly long). I had to pay $100/month a couple of times, which I could not afford but needed my medication, because it took so long. Had I not had my Wellbutrin coupon, I would’ve been out of luck. Well, we just got a letter in the mail stating that they would no longer be covering the cost of my Wellbutrin. My heart was shattered. I got my life back this year, and now they’re taking it away.

Update on my last comment: I previously took Cipla bupropion 300 mg XL. They were oblong white tablets. It worked very well with zero side effects.

My pharmacy changed manufacturers from Cipla to Lupin, which was a white circular tablet. The dosage and release were ostensibly the same – 300 mg XL. However, the Lupin was completely ineffective. It has zero bupropion as far as I am concerned. I became very depressed and anxious again, similar to my experience before starting bupropion. I began to have a phobia of showering, and could only bring myself to do it every 4-5 days. I could not go to many public places for fear of panic attacks, especially shopping centers like Walmart, and busy public places like bars (aka agoraphobia). I also began smoking again, which is VERY odd because bupropion is a smoking cessation drug.

My pharmacy then ordered the Cipla again. On the first day, it felt like the first day I started bupropion, like a strong coffee buzz. Within a few days, I felt better, I stopped smoking, I could handle public places better, and I was showering daily.

After about 10 days on this Cipla, I’ve noticed side effects similar to SSRIs. I had previously experienced zero side effects from Cipla bupropion, so I find this extremely odd. I feel jittery, irritable, having insomnia where I wake up between 3-5 am for no reason, and now experiencing erectile dysfunction. Bupropion is prescribed to counter erectile dysfunction for men that take SSRIs, because bupropion helps cure erectile dysfunction, not cause it. The only time I’ve had these side effects is when I took SSRIs – previously I’ve taken citalopram (Celexa), escitalopram (Lexapro), and sertraline (Zoloft), all with very similar side effects.

It is clear to me that someone is either making counterfeit Cipla bupropion, with SSRI fillers to cut corners, and selling these counterfeits to the pharmacy, or Cipla themselves have added SSRIs to cut corners on bupropion. Rather than using 300 mg bupropion, they may only have to use 100 mg of bupropion and add 5 mg citalopram to get a “similar” anti-depressant effect, despite the side effects.

It’s very clear that the FDA is completely negligent in their duties. They have done and will continue to do nothing about this situation. In the mean time I just want real working bupropion without having to shell out $1,500 a month for brand-name Wellbutrin!

I had been stable for many years taking the PAR brand generic Bupropion 300mg XL. My provider Express Scripts switched to a different (cheaper for them) brand Actavis. Shortly afterward my symptoms all started to return, like I was taking nothing. I returned to my Doctor and she specified that my prescriptions only be filled with PAR.

That worked great for a year, now apparently Actavis has taken over the market with their cheap pills that don’t work and Express Scripts, and other pharmacies are no longer able to bring in other brands because of the pharmaceutical wholesalers they work with.

It’s all about whatever is cheapest and makes the most profit – who cares if it works or not?

I’ve been on Wellbutrin XL 300 mg off and on for 21 years. I was originally on brand now on generic. I’ve been taking it consistently for the last 10. I totally agree they still don’t have this drug right! Nothing works like the original.

I was on Par’s version for quite some time and did ok. Then within the last month, my pharmacy went to Activis. Wow! I felt a huge difference and NOT for the better. This stuff is awful! I reported it to my pharmacist and he did some research. He is not going to reorder activis again due to some potential issues he’s been hearing about. I’m hoping I can get my doctor to write for brand again. I may have a prior authorization, have to use a coupon, and a bigger copay; but I don’t care anymore.

Depression is nothing to play with. The FDA needs to crack down on manufacturers of generics. The ranges they give them for active ingredients is way to wide, especially for certain drugs, in my opinion. Not to mention better quality control! Wellbutrin saved my life. Literally. It’s really the only antidepressant that works for me.

FDA needs to take another look at this drug and think about the harm being done to the patients. Manufacturers are getting off with a slap on the wrist.

Today I got curious, found out that I was switched to Actavis from PAR back in June. June is when my depression symptoms started coming back, along with hair pulling and binge eating. Coincidence? I think not. I got my pharmacy to switch me back to PAR today, and hopefully it works like it used to.

I have been taking bupropion IR made by Actavis. 100 Mg twice a day.

Beforehand, I did start on bupropion 150 Mg SR. It made me angry, BUT I actually FELT subtle positive changes. My doctor suggested we try the IR version. Usually I tolerate IR drugs much better anyway. So I have been taking the IR as prescribed. I have not felt any different.

Recently I came across the leftover bottle of the SR. I decided to try it again (I know it’s important to consult my doctor before changing anything ) but I wanted to just see . I also have always taken my doses at night with no problems sleeping .

The next day after taking the SR was incredibly different in a good way. It felt like the medication should be. Nothing drastic, just my confidence was increased and my fatigue was not keeping me in bed.

I’m waiting for my doctor to prescribe the SR again once he gets my request. I don’t have any more SR so I’m taking the usual IR.


The SR i had is by SANDOZ.
The IR I had is by Actavis .

I have also had major issues with actavis when I was taking Dexedrine spansules. I had to transfer to adderall ir. My issue is not biased, however, because I had I knew there was a major issue with the ir manufact. Before I looked up who made it . I realize the delivery mechanism is different, but i was taking 200 Mgs twice a day and it would jsut make me feel so flat. Empty – well more empty than I already felt from the sertaline . I know
For a fact something is off.

I have been taking oblong white tablets of bupropion 300 mg XR for several months. On my last refill, I was given round white pills, of what was ostensibly supposed to be the exact same thing. In the last couple of weeks, my depression has returned, and some mild suicidal ideations are starting to return to the point before I started bupropion. I knew the new version was not working when I started smoking again, because bupropion is a very effective anti-smoking drug that helped me quit.

It is absolutely ridiculous and negligent for the FDA to continue to allow this to happen. These companies are making huge profits from selling bunk pills that endanger people’s well-beings and lives. Anti-depressants are life-saving drugs that keep people from committing self-harm and suicide. All versions of bupropion should have the same effect, and if it is found that one manufacturer consistently has complaints of bad pills, they should be shut down.

I have been taking Wellbutrin XL for 10 years. I cannot tolerate ANY of the generic versions. Within a few days of taking them I begin feeling weepy, less motivated, down. By the end of week two I am full-on suicidal and can barely hold it together. The first time this happened to me I was switched to the generic automatically by the pharmacy and had no idea what was happening or why. I had to retrace everything to figure it out.

Since then, I have switched insurance plans – not companies, mind you, just got on a different plan due to a new life event (job change, etc) and was therefore issued a new id number. They would make me go through the precertification process all over again, even though I have been “their insured” for about 17 years. So back to the generics I went, just to prove that yes, they really do cause me horrific side effects and lend no therapeutic value whatsoever. Once I am a complete wreck my husband goes into the pharmacy and flips out (not their fault, I know) until they, the doctor, and the ins co. document the event and get the paperwork processed so I can get the name brand again. It’s insane.

The thing is, I don’t blame the insurance company for not wanting to pay for it. (Not that they are going hungry or anything), but the cost of the name brand is beyond ridiculous. I was at one point taking 3 – 150 mg tablets, which cost the insurance co $4500! My co-pay was $70. Then my dose was decreased to 2 – 150 mg tablets, which cost them $3000. Again I paid $70. Finally, since our premiums jumped by $500 per month this past year (to $1765 for 2 adults), I asked to be put on 1 – 300 mg tablet, which costs them $2000, my co-pay would be $70 but my doctor gave me an rx card, reducing it to $5 per month.

Now, we have moved to another county, must switch insurance companies altogether, and none of the new ones cover the name brand. I have no idea what I am going to do. I can’t tolerate SSRI’s. I have tried other meds similar to Wellbutrin, but this formulation is the only one that works well and without major side effects or drug interactions.

I do not understand how they can charge so much for a medication, especially one that has been around this long, has generics (useless, but still). There must be something that can be done…You can’t let people just go off medications that help them because you want to get rich charging $60-70 per pill (well, obviously, you can). All the other meds I take – different categories – are generics. No issues with them. This is the only one. There must be help for people like me and all the others whose stories I’ve been reading…

CORRECTED (sorry)- I have taken Wellbutrin XL 300mg, or a generic thereof, for 19 years. It has always worked perfectly when taking either the brand name or the generic version manufactured by PAR. About 10 years ago I was switched to TEVA, became extremely depressed and suicidal for months- literally almost lost my life to this stuff- before they happened to switch manufacturers again at the pharmacy and I was fine. I didn’t put 2 and 2 together until much later when TEVA recalled their product because people were killing themselves and/or having seizures from it. Fast forward to 2017- In January the Pharmacy again switched manufacturers, and in addition to nausea, motion sickness, and headaches, all of which began within a day or two and never ceased; within 12 days I was incredibly depressed and once again having suicidal thoughts. For the first time in nearly 10 years. THIS IS NOT OKAY!!! Why is the FDA allowing consumers to suffer in this way? They themselves state that PAR is the only company to perform an independent Bioequivalency study on the 300mg. Since it’s not required, the other companies all did not. I will never let them switch me to anything besides brand name or PAR ever again. This is criminal. And the worst part is, pharmacists just look at you like you’re imagining it since nobody passed the literature on to them.

I have taken Wellbutrin XL 300mg, or a generic thereof, for 19 years. It hasn’t always worked perfectly when taking either the brand name or the generic version manufactured by PAR. About 10 years ago I was switched to TEVA, became extremely depressed and suicidal for months- literally almost lost my life to this stuff- before they happened to switch manufacturers again at the pharmacy, and I was fine. I didn’t put 2 and 2 together until much later when TEVA recalled their product because people were killing themselves and/or having seizures from it.

Fast-forward to 2017- In January the Pharmacy again switched manufacturers, and in addition to nausea, had motion sickness, and headaches, all of which began within a day or two and never ceased; within 12 days I was incredibly depressed and once again having suicidal thoughts. For the first time in nearly 10 years. THIS IS NOT OKAY!!! Why is the FDA allowing consumers to suffer in this way? They themselves state that PAR is the only company to perform an independent Bioequivalency study on the 300mg. Since it’s not required, the other companies did not. I will never let them switch me to anything besides brand name or PAR ever again. This is criminal. And the worst part is, pharmacists just look at you like you’re crazy o imagining it since nobody passed the literature on to them. This is real!

I had really wonderful results using the Mylan generic 300mg xl for the past 6 months. I renewed my prescription at a different pharmacy and now I’m on the Anchen brand. My emotions are unpredictable and I’ve taken to crying about everything. I have increased anxiety and stress, where before I was able to cope much better. I worried that they had messed up my dosage but now after reading everything I am flabbergasted and hoping I can get back on the mylan brand and hopefully feel some relief.

After reading all of these comments, I think what makes me the most upset is how many sufferers of depression who were prescribed Wellbutrin at one time, tried the generic version their pharmacist gave them, and then either had no response, or worse, had some horrible reaction(s). Then they decided that Wellbutrin would never be the “right” medication for them – when in all probability their lives could have been greatly improved by the REAL thing.

I will never forget the month of October, 2004, when the Wellbutrin I was taking (I don’t remember the exact formula) started working in my system, and my dysthymia subsided enough for me to recognize that the sun was shinning, and that my grass was green, and that I had a hundred reasons to be thankful to be alive. I realized for the first time in my life that most other people must feel like that every day, WITHOUT any medicine. I will be eternally grateful for this life changing drug.

I wish more people who suffer from depression could really experience it’s effects. Now how do we get rid of all the phony generics, and get ones like Sandoz the attention they deserve, so doctors and pharmacists can use them?

I was prescribed brand name Wellbutrin XL almost 10 years ago. Worked like nothing had ever before in my life. Loved it. Got switched to generic. Tried 3-4 different generics, which resulted in either no effect at all (feeling like I withdrew, right back to depression in 3 days), and it “dumping” in my system: for the first 3 hours I felt high as a kite, couldn’t sit still, teeth chattering followed by the worst crashes of my life by 3 pm every day. I felt like dying, sat and cried for hours.
I’ve been taking only the name brand for years now. And at every pharmacy, they have to special order it. Won’t keep it in stock, and argue that I’m crazy for not getting the generic.

I have had similar experience as what others have shared. I was on Wellbutrin XL 300 mg for many years. When I took it, I felt like myself. The first generic I took several years ago did not work. Then I started getting a generic that did seem to work. For the past 3-4 moths, I have been struggling with my depression. I am tired all the time, I can’t get out of bed in the mornings, I’m anxious, weepy, and forgetful. I don’t feel like myself and am miserable in my own skin. HELP!!!!

I am so glad that to see that this issue is being brought up again!

I have been on generic Bupropion for close to 10 years. I noticed about 9 months ago that my depression had come back in full, almost overnight it seemed. Very little energy, negative outlook on pretty much everything. And on top of that I gained 22 pounds while dieting and exercising, and began smoking again. Looking back I realized this nightmare began when my pharmacy switched generics to Actavis. My doc even increased my dosage from 300 xl to 450 xl, and I feel no different. It’s been absolutely terrible. Paying for the name brand is not an option for me.

Thank you for bringing this issue to light again. It is giving me a glimmer of hope that something can be done to fix this!

How do you know if a certain manufacturer’s version is comparable to the brand name?

So should i start the generic Wellbutrin XL or should I try another medication because it seems like the generic companies are not delivering the proper ingredients that consists with Wellbutrin

Now im worried i did alot of research of this drug I’m only on the 150 mg just started it the Wellbutrin generic hope it works out for me

Is it just the 300mg dose? Thats what in hearing, i just started Wellbutrin xl generic for a week it is effecting my vision but not going to give up yet.

I was prescribed Wellbutrin for feelings of tiredness and fatigue brought on by another medication. Within days and weeks, I was behaving differently but I didn’t realize what was going on and that it was the medication. A patient and calm-natured person, this made me into someone my friends and family didn’t recognize at times — angsty, agitated, crying for no apparent reason – it ruined my life. Please get this off the market. I had no idea a medication could cause all of these awful things — and the doctor who prescribed said he was not aware I was given a generic and would have never had me take it if he knew it was the generic given the history of severe side effects.

I have always thought that generic drugs could be made by colleges with pharmaceutical programs. I think our political institutions should bring lawsuits against manufacturers that do not provide the exact ingredients, including delivery methods. Wellbutrin had a good reputation as a antidepressant until manufacturers messed with the delivery systems.

Wellbutrin was also a very good price from the beginning, until they got greedy…now generics are altering the ingredients and delivery systems and starting to charge more…sort of like the Epipen problem.

It was brought before the Grand Jury, why can’t we do the same with other drugs, price gouging and harmful ingredients.

I’ve been taking generic Wellbutrin for many years. A few years ago I started feeling unwell, and shortly thereafter read that the brand I was taking had been recalled. I was OK until a couple of months ago. I started to feel very agitated, hair-trigger temper, fuzzy-brained. My past experience with bupropion just occurred to me, and in googling it found out that there have recently been a lot of problems with the generic again. Nice to know that I’m not going crazy but no idea what to do about it. Anyone have any ideas?

I’ve been having problems with Bupropion XL manufacturered by PAR Pharmaceuticals. It feels like I stopped taking the drug or tapered down drastically even though I’m taking it consistently as prescribed.

I have tried ALL generic brands of Wellbutrin XL available in the U.S. Sadly, there has been no improvement with the generic formulations. Taking them is like taking nothing and, sometimes, side effects are worse. Insurance does not cover the brand. Therefore, I am stuck paying out of pocket an enormous price. Canada prices are better but still, they are expensive. Generics still don’t work!

I have been on Wellbutrin for many many years. I experienced great relief from my severe depression and of wanting to no longer live.

However in the last 6 months I have been going downhill. Especially in the last 3 months I have felt very agitated, have headaches, am horribly depressed again, and my anxiety is off the charts. And yes, I have severe memory loss. So much so that I feel like I may have Alzhiemers. I suspected that the Wellbutrin was not working but did not check into it until just now. The fact that so many people are having problems should be alarming to the FDA. Seeing others having problems similar to mine only intensifies my anxiety. What do I do now, and where do I turn?

It is said in this post to not stop taking the med suddenly. Well, that is exactly how it feels, and I haven’t stopped taking it. It feels like it’s just a placebo.

Where you on 300 mg or 150mg?

There is even a noticeable difference in generic manufacturers. My husband chooses to get his bupropion filled at a specific pharmacy because he says the brand they use works much better than the one at the new pharmacy we have been going to.

I’ve always had problems with irritability and depression so I don’t know if it effects me that way as well. A 30 day supply of generic is $9 but the original is $752!

I’m a retired RN and since I graduated in 1975 I’ve seen two trends: More medications being recalled after they’ve harmed a significant number of people and more problems with generics. It’s gotten so bad that some doctors admit privately they won’t use generics for their patients unless they must.

My own personal experience is illustrative: When changed from Lexapro brand to the generic, my symptoms returned. Once back on the brand, I was fine.

Recently a family member became severely depressed when the pharmacy suddenly switched him from the brand to the generic version of Pristiq. After many weeks of horrible suffering the doctor finally got the insurance company to switch back to the brand Pristiq. After about a week and a half, the depression started to lift. Many generics simply cannot be considered “equivalent” when the binders and fillers and other aspects of the compound such as the time-release mechanism or compounds are different than what is found in the “brand” name drug. If these differences cause the medication to be absorbed, released or metabolized differently then they should NOT be considered to be “equivalent”.

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