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Oolong Tea Healed Eczema

Drinking a few cups of oolong tea every day can help control hard-to-heal eczema.
Oolong Tea Healed Eczema

Eczema, also termed atopic dermatitis, can be very persistent. Dermatologists often prescribe strong steroid creams, and that usually eases the symptoms for a while. But once the cream or lotion is no longer being used, the itching and redness often return. That is why we appreciate learning about alternative treatments for eczema.

Oolong Tea for Eczema:

Q. During a discussion of possible remedies for eczema on your public radio program, someone mentioned that drinking oolong tea reduced his symptoms. I suffered for years with a spot of eczema on my ankle about the size of a softball. At times it was raw and at other times it was a little better, but it was a constant presence for years.

I had tried every over-the-counter treatment with no luck and had completely given up hope that it would ever go away. I had no expectation that oolong tea would work, but I started drinking it a couple of times a day for about a month. The eczema disappeared.

That was over a year ago. I stopped drinking the oolong tea long ago, and the eczema has not returned. I am simply amazed, and I cannot thank you enough for that home remedy.

Why Not Try Oolong Tea?

A. We are disappointed that no studies have been done to follow up on the original Japanese research suggesting that oolong tea is helpful for hard-to-treat eczema (Archives of Dermatology, Jan. 2001). Drinking a few cups of oolong tea daily seems like a low-cost, low-risk way to deal with atopic dermatitis, the medical term for eczema.Here are a few more readers’ stories about dealing with eczema:

“Turmeric and amber Listerine helps keep my atopic dermatitis under control. I take a capsule of tumeric a day. And I rub brown Listerine over the affected areas immediately after getting out of the shower. I have not needed steroid creams for over three years.”

“My great-nephew has suffered from it…coconut oil is fantastic applied topically for this…it soaks in really well.”

“I would recommend trying a gluten-free diet. Three of my friends who have suffered from psoriasis or eczema for years went on gluten-free diets and their skin cleared up within a few days. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it myself!”

“I dealt with Eczema for several years and finally cleared it up with apple cider vinegar (I used the cheapest store brand). I just dabbed some apple cider vinegar onto the area with a cotton ball a couple of times a day. Within days, the Eczema disappeared and has never returned in over two years.”

“I have eczema and tried Neem oil. Within three days the problem was better.”

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