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Noxzema Relieved Eczema

Many readers have reported that Noxzema relieved eczema. The herbal extracts it contains seem to counteract itch.
Noxzema Relieved Eczema
Winneconne, WI -22 Oct 2015: Containter of Noxzema deep cleansing cream.

We have heard from numerous readers that Noxzema relieved eczema. Have you tried this old-fashioned cleansing cream for itchy, irritated skin?

Testimonials That Noxzema Relieved Eczema:

Q. I broke out with eczema in May. Not knowing what it was initially, I tried topical treatments that might dry it, from oatmeal baths to sea salt in my bath water.

Finally I tried Noxzema. It seemed to start working within a few hours to ease the itch and inflammation. I am also taking some zinc, but I credit Noxzema for most of the relief.

A. Noxzema is a non-soap facial cleanser that contains camphor, eucalyptus and menthol. Many readers report it can help ease eczema. It was initially developed in 1914 as a sunburn remedy called “Townsend R22” by Dr. Francis Townsend. It soon got a reputation for “knocking eczema” and is said to have gotten its “no eczema” name from that.

Combining Eczema with Dandruff Shampoo to Fight Eczema:

Q. I find that applying Noxzema to itchy scalp bumps about five minutes before showering and then lathering with a dandruff shampoo really helps relieve the itch and reduce the bumps.

A. Thanks for sharing your approach. Many readers have told us that Noxzema can be very soothing on eczema, a skin condition that may show up as itchy red bumps like a rash or as dry cracked skin. In addition to oils that provide moisturizing action, Noxzema contains camphor and menthol that probably help ease the itch. Menthol activates TRPM8 channels in nerves to calm an itch sensation.

Instead of Nizoral, Noxzema Relieved Eczema:

Q. Many thanks to whoever wrote about Noxzema for itchy skin. I’ve been plagued for over four years with a horrible itch on one side of my nose. It may seem laughable, but it’s not so funny if you’re scratching day and night, and one side of your nose is getting more and more inflamed.

My doctor finally referred me to a dermatologist, who didn’t know what to say and prescribed Nizoral cream with pessimism. He was right: it didn’t work at all.

Then I saw your column. The next day I bought Noxzema, applied a dab and presto! The itch disappeared! It’s fantastic. It’s too early to know whether the effect will last, but in the meantime I want to help other people just as I have been helped.

A. Thanks for telling us about your experience in which Noxzema relieved eczema or a similar skin condition. The herbal extracts camphor, menthol and eucalyptus in Noxzema seem to have antifungal properties. In addition, they seem to be able to calm itch or pain receptors.

Other readers are enthusiastic about dandruff shampoo to treat eczema, seborrheic dermatitis and other skin irritations. Selenium-containing shampoo such as the original Selsun Blue are especially popular for these purposes. Some people even report that using such a shampoo as a face wash can help against acne rosacea.

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