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Mustard on Eggs Eliminates Gas

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Q. I read in one of your columns that yellow mustard might help relieve heartburn. That article caught my attention. I have found that eating more than one hard-boiled egg produces bloating and gas with an unpleasant sulphurous odor. Adding mustard to the eggs before consuming them seems to eliminate this problem so I can eat a dozen deviled eggs without trouble. Do you think the turmeric in yellow mustard is the key ingredient?

A. A dozen deviled eggs is a LOT of eggs! Turmeric, a yellow root in the ginger family, has been used historically in Chinese medicine to treat flatulence and other digestive upset.

Researchers are now looking at this spice and its active ingredient curcumin for its anti-cancer potential. A preliminary study of a turmeric concentrate suggested that it may be helpful for preventing colorectal cancer. We suspect that turmeric accounts for the reports we have received that mustard can relieve heartburn.

Here are some testimonials about yellow mustard for heartburn:

“I was interested in your column about the person who used yellow mustard for indigestion. I want to provide some positive feedback: I tried the mustard remedy for indigestion over the last couple of days and am amazed and delighted that it works!”

“I was fascinated to read that someone else takes yellow mustard for heartburn. I stumbled onto this remedy myself years ago: I noticed several things that often caused me heartburn. But when I put mustard on them, I was fine. Now when I experience heartburn, I put some yellow mustard on Saltines and get relief.”

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    I’ve always just put the eggs in cold water, brought to the boil, turn off the heat & just wait ’til they’re cool enough to handle. Then you can refrigerate if you like . . . or eat! enjoy!

    Is it good for gas?

    ALSO, the way you cook the egg can help. Pinch a whole in one end of the egg. Put them in a pot with cold water. Cook boiling 3 min. then turn off the heat and let stand for 8 to 10 min. The sulfur ring in the yoke had disappear. OF COURSE, the mustard also helps!!

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