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Digestive Disorders

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Download this guide to getting off heartburn medicine. Preventing ulcers. Effective treatments for constipation and diarrhea. Foods and drugs that cause gas.

Product Description

Many heartburn medicines such as Nexium, Prevacid or Prilosec can be hard to discontinue once a person has taken them for a month or two. The result of stopping them suddenly can be rebound hyperacidity, leading to agonizing discomfort and driving many people back to the medications. Find out how to get off them safely.

Learn how peptic ulcers can be effectively treated, and how to prevent them.

Which foods and drugs commonly cause gas? The guide describes how to pinpoint those that cause trouble for you. There are also ways to lessen the impact of beans, broccoli and other common culprits.

Find out about effective treatments for both constipation and diarrhea.

Product Reviews

  1. ON PPIs for thirty years, in the midst of withdrawal..!

    Seattle, WA

    I’ve been on Priolosec since it was first available and on Nexium the last year or so. In spite of PPIs, I’ve had to take lots of baking soda morning and night to deal with pain. GI doctor recently suggested getting off Nexium but didn’t say how. I decided to stop the morning pill and continue the evening pill until I adjust. In morning, I mix 1 level tsp baking soda into 16 ounces of water and sip it all day, at least once an hour. If I eat carefully — mostly light things like yogurt — no pain. Yesterday lentil soup for lunch was too much and I had to take more baking soda. I had planned to stop the nightly pill after one week but I see I’m on the edge of major pain so am continuing on one a day for another week. Then will break the 20 mg pill apart and gradually take less. I think this approach is worth a try and hope it helps someone!
    Esophageal cancer runs in my family so must be careful.

  2. Reductions


    I read all the reviews above and can relate with each one. A tricky subject for sure. I recently went to my gastro doctor to specifically discuss this subject. We talked a lot about PPI’s. Several years ago my stomach and esophagus was in extremely bad shape because I decided to get 100% off of Nexium. When quitting after what I consider a slow withdrawal from this medication I got the rebound effect and did not realize what was causing it to the extreme I was experiencing it. Regurgitation of food particularly at night and the chest pain I was experiencing was making life exceedingly miserable. After doing an endoscopy the gastro doctor put me on 40mg of Nexium twice a day. Got it under control and felt great after two months. Then after 2 to 3 months I went down to 20mg twice a day and seems to transition to the lower dosage quite well without any rebound effect. Long story short, after two years I got down to 10mg every other day and was still doing fine. No problems so I decided to go back to the Gastro doctor to discuss a further reduction. He was surprised how well I was doing with only the 10mg every other day. He discussed the studies which so many people talk about and tried to show me the studies were flawed and he felt it would be a mistake for me to have a further reduction. He said my condition with the stomach ulcers and esophagus was a serious situation and did not want to see me get back in that situation again. Our discussion was three months ago and I decided I would like to reduce it at a very slow rate. Considering further reductions over a long period of time and very slow reduction of amounts. Maybe a year to get to 5mg every other day. I realize I got to “go slow” to prevent rebounds problems which can be difficult to deal with. Eventually would like to work off of these PPI’s 100% and I know that is not possible for me if I don’t take is slow – very slow. Good luck with those dealing with this aggravating problem.

  3. Nexium


    I’ve taken Nexium 7-8yr. This is 4th time I tried to get off it due to potential side effects and only to be taken short term. After going from 40 mg to otc 20 mg, to Zantac 150, the pain has been horrible. Tried apple cider vinegar, aloe juice, probiotic, going back to Nexium. Feel like abdomen on fire. Gas from both ends. Hurt all the time. Haven’t had any problems on Nexium. Off is horrible. The benefits outweigh the potential side effects for me. Just wish the Dr would have warned me. I would never have started talking it.

  4. Thanks for the HELP

    New Jersey

    Great info to help others wean off PPIs. I have taken Nexium for many years, but have decided to transition to natural remedies. Thanks to you, I now have the info to succeed, with the least side effects. Kudos…

  5. Gluten and sugar really may be the enemy!

    Puyallup, WA

    Look into SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth) and how gluten and sugar affect it! Also have GERD and esophageal problems (a stricture) and been taking PPIs for years to treat it. Had all sorts of reflux issues when trying to quit, just like everyone here. This SIBO may be WHY we have GERD. Gases from the bacterial overgrowth push on the LES and let in those acids to our esophagus. We take PPIs, which reduce digestive acids, which helps the bacteria over multiply, and in the wrong place, and more gas is produced. A vicious circle! And of course our gut bacteria love carbs, so high carb diets make it even worse. It’s helped motivate me to stay with low carb eating, seeing a connection as to *why* gluten is such a problem. And I’ve now gone 12 days without omeprazole! Going to get tested for SIBO as soon as I can. Everyone’s different, but it’s something to look into!

  6. apple cure heartburn

    Alberta, Canada

    An apple (I like the Gala apples) after meals helps me with heartburn. An apple a day keeps the doctor away !!!

  7. Dancing with Nexium Withdraw


    I’m off Nexium for 8 days now after weaning off every other day for about 2 weeks. Then 1 day when I decided to skip 2 days and then that went pretty well and then another day and another. In the first couple days it Wendy so well I thought ” thank God maybe I’m cured “. after the about day 5th day it started to belch and have alot of heart burn. Dealt with it by taking Tagamet once or twice a day, and of course Tums. Watching a little my diet, but not really sure exactly what I should and should not be eating or drinking. Also trying apple cider vinegar with honey however I may have added to much vinegar . Need to perfect it. Not giving up yet. I know I’m feeling miserable constipated and bloated but my headaches have also gotten better. I really feel this is simply a reaction to going off this awful drug. I have gerd and Barrett’s and osteoporosis . It like the perfect storm. I did not have gerd before I took nexium. Slight heart burn. Please think very seriously before taking the drug. There has to be a better way. I’ll post as I go along this journey of withdraw . Good luck and Pray for Gods guidance”. God Bless

  8. Withdrawel from omeprozale


    I’ve taken Nexium for 2 years and then omeprozale for about 2 years. Once realizing this should not be taken for this long, I tried stopping cold turkey. The pain in my chest felt like I was having a heart attack. Warm water and a tsp of baking soda does give relief. I’ve been drinking a tea of ginger and tumeric because I just like the flavor. But when I didn’t have any that’s when the pain came. I didn’t realize it was helping my withdrawal symptoms until I read the articles from others with similar problems. Thanks for sharing!

  9. GERD


    If one has been taking these types of meds for GERD for months-years,just stoping cold turkey will cause a rebound effect and cause a severe increace in acid production and GERD symptoms.If trying to stop,wean yourself off slowly over weeks.Dont just stop cold turkey!

    Internal Medicine



    I quit PPI’s after thinking about what they could do. I don’t watch tv and I read a lot. I also quit gluten and sugar when I quit the PPI’s and have not had a problem since. I truly believe that the crux of the problem (as do many gastro-specialists) that GLUTEN is the culprit. Since giving up gluten my 40 yr. old problem of GERD has been eliminated. Google GERD and gluten and see what the facts are…it causes GERD and can take the problem away if eliminated from the diet.

  11. Lynn
    San Jose, CA

    I have been taking Prilosec for many years, originally one in A.M. and one in P.M. For a couple of years I have only taken one, in the A.M. I am concerned about these side effects. I tried to go without but I had such bad heartburn. Is using tums just as bad? If you use apple cider vinegar in water doesn’t it make your throat sore or make your stomach more acid? Please help. And ginger is awfully hot to the taste isn’t it?

  12. I have something called ” nut cracker esophagus” ( esophagus goes into spasms). It’s very painful and scary. I have GERD and I have struggled with taking PPI’s since 2004 and before you heard about all the bad side effects!

    I’ve tried every natural product out there & even ones ( supplements are expensive too); yet they don’t work. I’m miserable and many nights I’ve had to sleep sitting up. I have many bottles of supplements that don’t work or has made it worse! Vinegar doesn’t help either. My natural Dr. has given me many things to try; but I had to go to my medical Dr. and he basically said if I don’t get GERD under control I could get esophageal cancer and I was starting back with the spasms that feel like a heart attack.

    I took the prescription intending to take it, till the pain went away. Since that time, I’ve heard PPI’s can cause heart attacks, but my pharmacist says mostly kidney damage but that’s for people that are on it for a long time!!

    My Dr. says those commercials are scaring people and he wouldn’t give me anything he wouldn’t give his wife!! He said they don’t do studies on the people that really need it and don’t or won’t take it. So what do I do? Get cancer, if I don’t take it and kidney damage if I do??? It works if I take it; and my chest doesn’t hurt, but I bought some otc Zantac ; I take one every morning; sometimes I have to take another during the day. I don’t know what to do!! I’ve always taken probiotics and enzymes.

    I was first diagnosed with nutcracker esophagus in 2004, but I haven’t been on PPI’s since then. Once I started feeling better and not scared; I went off of them and just in the last year it slowly got has come back and I had to have relief and make sure I wasn’t having a heart attack ( I’m 64). All along I’ve taken tums, mylanta, baking side, Pepcid anything to get relief! And even tums aren’t safe because of the aluminum?

  13. Linda Mitchell

    One person ALREADY stated that the answer to stop taking PPI’S is to take GOOD QUALITY digestive enzymes which have all necessary different enzymes –along with QUALITY PROBIOTICS. This is how I stopped PPI’S , which I took since first available.

  14. Off Lansoprazole for 1 year!


    I took Lansoprazole for for 12 years and have successfully weaned myself off over a period of about 2 months. I began by dumping about 1/3 of my capsules for 2 weeks, then 1/2 for 2 more weeks then 3/4 for another 2 weeks. Then went down to nothing. I also started by adding fresh ground ginger to hot water and then straining it and drinking it as a tea morning and evening. Now I only drink it in the morning. I have been off Lansoprazole for over a year and I feel so much better – no more leg cramps!



    I think I will try the applecider vinegar in water daily while I try to stop taking OMEPRAZOLE (PPI)
    I have been taking that PPI for several years and now will try the apple. Cider Vinegar in water daily…. and hope it will work.
    Ruth Shapiro

  16. Prilosec withdrawal


    My husband quit Prilosec cold turkey in March, 2016. He immediately had acid reflux worse than he ever had before the medicine. He tried everything everyone said to try to no avail: probiotics, licorice, protein smoothies, quit drinking coffee, etc. After a month or so he started having migraines (he had never had a headache). He has been to his doctor; they did X-rays; he’s had a CT scan; he’s been to a neurologist and just saw a EN&T doctor. Nothing they have given him has stopped the pain.

    About 6 weeks ago he started back on the Prilosec at the recommendation of his doctor and our pharmacist. All acid symptoms are gone. His taste and appetite are back. He’s gained some weight back (he lost 11 lbs), but the headaches are still coming. Has anyone experienced this problem? If so, what worked?

  17. R.Haywood

    reading these accounts of real people,s lives who have been taking this drug for a long period can be a real eye-opener as my wife has been taking these for many years and will now be taking action to get her free from this drug
    I have been chewing raw ginger twice a day for quite some time and find this perfect
    for the digestive system when taken before a meal this also brings the taste buds
    it is an acquired taste but the most effective way to use it.

  18. marian

    one in my family died of esophageal cancer years ago-here is more known today such as
    proper diet and probiotics

  19. gotta stop - NOW

    Mike Smith
    cheyenne, wy

    I’ve been on Omeprazole since I had chemo for colon cancer in 2003. I tried a couple of times to wean myself, to no avail. Then I heard the horror stories on the news the past month and decided to suck it up and go cold turkey. I eat a lot of veggies, chicken, basically stay away from acidy foods. I haven’t taken any omeprazole in 2 weeks and counting. I keep some alka-selzer handy and tums. If I don’t eat late and have normal portions at night, it’s not too bad. I think I’ll make it. Oh, alcohol consumption takes a hit too, but a glass of wine on weekends hasn’t hurt me too much either. I haven’t tried the apple vinegar, but will give that a shot too.

  20. PPI's

    Barb Wallner

    Have been on Nexium for about 8 years. After hearing the latest I quit cold-turkey for almost 2 weeks. Started with the apple cider vinegar. 2T in a glass with fruit-flavored water twice a day. Did a little back sliding after pizza eaten too late in the evening (after 6) and missing one glass of vinegar concoction. If I feel the urge, I do pop one antiacid. It seems to be working and my thinking has been not as fuzzy. Thanks to all the ideas!

  21. Hello again,
    I recently wrote re: the periet I’ve been on for 12 yrs.. I’m happy to say; that for the past 2 mons. I’ve been taking high dose of probiotic, it really seems to help. Also, take an antacid from health food store. I’ve taken the odd periet , sometimes 2 per wk. had prescription filled in December, I’ll keep it handy. I think it will be a struggle for awhile, I’m determined to get off periet permanently. Billi

  22. Digestive disordersPPI/Nsaids

    Pat R
    WA ST

    In the preceding 10 years I took Prilosec for GERD, daily for the first 5 years and had frequent regurgitation of food particularly at night. The next 5 years to date I have used a CPAP machine and I have not had a single incidence of GERD. I quit the Prilosec -Omeprazole- one day and did not have a negative result.

  23. Digestive Disorders

    DM Martin

    Very helpful. I find that chewing a piece of lemon rind before and after meals helps a great deal. Also, a 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda relieves quickly and apple cider vinegar in water is helpful. Dr. Low Dog has recommended 6 mg. of Melatonin at night for a couple of months and I also found that helpful. Much better to use natural remedies than the drugs…. I became totally depended on them.

    I do use a good digestive enzyme as well.

  24. PPI's


    I have been taking Prilosec for many years also. I have found that I can take one every
    five days and that seems to work for me because getting esophageal cancer would not be
    good either.

  25. PPI'S. stay away from them


    I have been on ‘periet/ ppi’s ) for 12 yrs now. I have had one bladder infection after another, also experiencing many side effects , ie diahrea/ constipation, have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, lung’s there are other problems. The latest , that it could lead to heart attacks………So much for The drugs Drs prescribe for us. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get off this drug, I’m trying to.
    The pain is excruciating when I try to ease off them. Billi

  26. Digestive Disorders/PPIs/NSAIDS


    This article was very informative! I will print it to show mine and my mother’s doctors. We are both taking PPIs for a long time now. Scary what goes on with drug companies and medical people. Thanks for the needed info.!

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