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Milkweed Juice Banished Warts

Milkweed Juice Banished Warts

Q. After reading about using milkweed juice to get rid of warts I wanted to put in my two cents. My husband and I have both had success with milkweed juice to cure warts.

I got rid of a plantar wart by exfoliating the surface layer of skin with a pumice stone to expose the wart and applying the milkweed juice, then covering the wart with a bandage. My husband had an outbreak of warts on his arm and applied the juice once, then forgot about it. Two weeks later he realized his warts were gone.

Something in milkweed is poisonous. When monarch caterpillars eat the plant, they too become poisonous to their predators. Maybe this is what makes it work on warts? Both of us had warts disappear with only one application!

A. Milkweed latex (juice) is a time-honored wart remedy. You are right that milkweed plants contain natural poisons (cardiac glycosides) that make the butterflies taste bad to predators. How milkweed works against warts remains a mystery.

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