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Milk of Magnesia Clears Up Acne

Using milk of magnesia (MoM) on skin can help clear away the pimples and inflammation of acne.
Milk of Magnesia Clears Up Acne
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Q. I just started using topical MoM (milk of magnesia) on my skin and my acne has started shrinking. I am trying to get off oral antibiotics so I hope this remedy works.

A. Many readers tell us that applying milk of magnesia (magnesium hydroxide) to the skin can help clear up acne. The only reference we have found in the medical literature is a letter in the Archives of Dermatology (Jan. 1975).

Satisfied users apply it twice a day, leave it on for 10 or 20 minutes and then wash it off.

IL in Gilbert, AZ, offered this testimonial:

“Regarding Milk of Magnesia as an acne remedy. I read about this a couple of weeks ago in the paper. I am a 44-year old woman who has had acne (regular and cystic) since I was a teenager.

“I took Retin-A when I was 18. It helped but did not clear it completely and you were correct about the side effects: depression, sensitivity to sun, redness in the face, cracked skin.

“My skin actually got better when I took birth control pills, but when I quit taking them, the acne resumed. I and my son (age 12) tried the Milk of Magnesia after reading the article. We are having excellent results – not completely clear but really helping. It seems to slough off the skin and remove the redness. I have tried everything: Proactive, Retin A, Cleocin-T. etc. I have also taken countless antibiotics to no avail.”

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