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Liquid Laxative Solves Lifelong Body Odor

Q. I can remember stinking since elementary school and nothing would help my underarm odor. All the years of being made fun of despite being an attractive girl turned me into a recluse. I’d wear sweaters and carry extra shirts with me wherever I went.

I can swear that milk of magnesia works for me. It’s quick. (You don’t have to put it on the night before.)

There’s no smell even though I sweat. That’s fine with me. I just wish I’d known about this when I was growing up. I would’ve been so much more outgoing.

A. Applying the liquid laxative milk of magnesia to underarms can be messy, but many people find it is an effective way to stop body odor. You are right that it does not stop sweat. We can’t explain the mechanism but personal experience suggests that it does work.

Should you (or anyone else for that matter) want a much more convenient method for applying milk of magnesia to your underarms, we have created The People’s Pharmacy MoM roll-on Deodorant. It is a lot less messy than smearing MoM from the bottle and a whole lot easier to take on trips.

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Aluminum-Free MoM (Milk of Magnesia) Roll-on Deodorant

We have heard from many readers that MoM (milk of magnesia) makes a terrific deodorant that does not irritate the skin. Our unscented aluminum free roll-on is effective, gentle, and contains no aluminum whatsoever.

Aluminum-Free MoM (Milk of Magnesia) Roll-on Deodorant
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I developed a chronic body odor problem for the past few years. Scrubbing my armpits and using deodorant were futile. Perhaps part of the problem was yeast/bacteria. I tried washing my armpits with original Head and Shoulders shampoo and have not had BO since. I use it every shower. I don’t even need deodorant. It must be the zinc.

I am working on my diet.. You said you quit grain? All of them? Would you have any suggestions on what to eat? Thank you

I have experienced that myself: I gave up grain and sugar two years ago and I don’t even need deodorant anymore. I still sweat (as we all should), but I don’t smell. I can often go a week without taking a shower and no one else would even notice but me. Diet DEFINITELY has an effect on odor. No question. (I do still consume a lot of healthy, organic, grass-fed or pastured meat and eggs. Does not seem to make any difference.)

I remember from Prevention Magazine, Robert Rodale (founder) used to go through his garden and eat Sunflower seeds (it cured his black toe) and pumpkin seeds. There also was a comment: eat zinc, don’t stink. Perhaps there is zinc in the MOM?
I drained some of the water off the MOM bottle and it is easier to apply. Does it work
the same? It does not last long enough for me, not all day. Sometimes body powder
works better.

I discovered when I wore polyester fabrics that the odor was really bad. The odor remained even after I showered and I never felt fresh and clean. I switched to 100% cotton tops and t-shirts and that solved my problem. My skin needs to breathe and the polyester fabrics prevented it.

It is a good way to stop body odor. I think I can have a try.

My intent is never to be insulting. I make comments that aren’t very clear because of space and time. Just commenting that’s all.

I am “just saying” that personal hygiene has nothing to do with it. Everyone’s body chemistry is different. MOM has worked better for me than anything I have ever used, prescription deodorant included. When I can “smell myself” there is a problem. When I use “common sense” hygiene and still can smell myself, there is a problem. So, before you criticize, you might want to walk in their shoes.

My wife did not check the label and the last bottle of MOM she bought was cherry flavored. It did not have a strong cherry smell and she is still using it. We she forgot it when we went out of town for 4 days and she had to use her old deodorant and decided the MOM works better. I think she will check the label the next time though.

I did purchase the MOM deodorant, and found that it does not work for everyone. I found my regular deodorant to do much better — though not foolproof.

I’ve found that the salt crystals solve the odor problem for me. They do not stop sweat.

It’s great that you have created a deodorant based on Milk of Magnesia. I would like to see material on the relationship between diet and body odor. I noticed that the odor of my sweat was less strong after I stopped eating sugar, and I’ve heard people say as much about ceasing to consume meat.

This is one I have never been able to understand. While some very few folks body odor is Quiet strong. I am never offended to any measurable degree. I may say goodbye quicker. The sad part is if they are offended by their body odor. Mostly/probably it is more of a lack of concern for personal hygiene. The very few that are really bad probably have little to no sense of smell.
The real personal hygiene is to attempt a perfectly clean and healthy mouth with teeth.
I was raised on a farm. I believe we are suppose to smell. So, big deal. Our body is a bio-chemical machine. A co-habitation with our friends and enemies internal/external. Our bodies a war zone of sorts, good and bad. We are designed to detect odors to survive. Odors are alerts of danger/health/safety.
Common sense of hygiene. Common sense of cleanliness. Fanaticism of any sort is unhealthy.
Relax it is , OK. We are going to be alright.
“Just Saying”

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