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Jublia Fights Nail Fungus, at a Price

The new prescription drug Jublia for nail fungus is costly, but only modestly effective.
Toenail fungus foot

Q. I’ve had fungus in all my toenails since the summer I spent three weeks hiking through snow. Most of my toenails and the outer skin of my feet sloughed off then, about 44 years ago.

I asked my physician to prescribe Jublia despite its low cure rate. At the pharmacy, I was told it needed pre-approval. If I wanted to pay cash, though, a 4 ml bottle to be applied daily for 10 months would cost me $418.00 per bottle!

I laughed and said no thanks. I can live with this just as I have been for all these years.

A. Efinaconazole (Jublia) is a new topical anti-fungal medication that is being widely advertised on television.

Cure Rates

Actual cure rates are not mentioned in the commercials. There were two clinical trials to get FDA approval.

In one, a “complete cure” was achieved in 17.8 percent of the subjects after 48 weeks of Jublia applications. In the other study, 15.2 percent of the volunteers achieved a cure after 48 weeks.

A Pricey Prescription

Chain pharmacies near us charge between $539 and $589 for a 4 milliliter (ml) bottle. You would need at least one drop per infected toenail each day.

If all your nails are infected, that could be 12 ml daily (the big toes get two drops). There are roughly 80 drops in a 4 ml bottle, so one bottle would last about a week. After 48 weeks you could be out over $20,000 if your insurance company won’t pay.

Home Remedies for Nail Fungus

A few days ago we received an interesting message from a retired physician:

“Joe & Terry,

“Thanks for your publication about the amazing cost of Jublia. No wonder they could justify ads on the Super Bowl!

“I’ve looked into the popular suggestions for my own long standing toenail fungus such as  original Listerine and Vicks VapoRub. They’re acidic and share some fungicidal contents, at rather low concentrations.

“My thinking immediately came to two critical factors: 1) you’ll have to treat for the total growth time of toenails, about 12 months, and 2) you need to find a way of keeping the tissue wet with the “medication” for hours at a time to assure adequate “soak-in”.

“It appears to be working! For the past 3 or 4 months I’ve been treating for 2 to 3 hours several times a week. At this point the new growth of the nails appears pink and healthy.

“And the treatment; several cc’s of amber “original” Listerine in the toe of each of a pair of molded plastic gardening moccasins I found in the garden department of our local Lowes. No socks, just my foot in a small puddle of Listerine.

“A year is a long time to do anything, but so far I’m sticking with this, usually when I’m sitting around in the evening.

“It’s hard to believe drug companies can charge about $70.00 per drop to treat what amounts to a cosmetic problem!

“All the best to the two of you.” David M., M.D. (retired)

Many people would prefer to try home remedies, even though we don’t know their cure rates. At least they won’t cost you as much as Jublia. You can learn more about various approaches such as vitamin E oil, tea tree oil, Vicks VapoRub or Listerine and vinegar soaks in our Guide to Hair and Nail Care.

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    I have had the issue my entire adult life, and it effected my going to the beach, pool, and son’s wedding, (they wanted everyone to go barefoot). I wore socks all the time. I cook, and it looked disgusting. I wore gloves. I lost 6 of my toenails and all but a couple of my finger nails. I think it was spring of 2018 I started using Julia. the dermatologist had coupons where I got the first dose free and payed 25.00 a month thereafter. A couple months after that I paid 40.00 and 70 due to some coupon mess up.

    Within a couple moths I could see my nails starting growing back, and I used it consistently for a 8 months. I am serious and not lying: all my nails grew back, and it really is amazing not to worry about going barefoot and having my grand kids ask me what happend to my feet. I stopped using it. Just within the last 2 weeks I can see the fungus coming back on 1 nail, and I found a manufacturer coupon/program copay of 25.00.

    Listen: Julia works. I had real bad nail fungus. It’s worth the try if you can get it cheap.

    What I really don’t understand is why it is so much less expensive in Canada. Two-month supply for big toe is 121.00 in Canadian funds. If you live near the border it is worth the drive, and there is always mail order.

    I did not try Jublia yet. I’m just reading about it. May not able to get Jublia due to the high price. If only the company would work on volume and lower the price so more people could afford it.

    I have been on Jublia for 18 months and never missed a day. I still have the fungus, and now they have raised the price since insurance doesn’t pay. The low cure rate is discouraging but my dermatologist says that the laser has much higher cure rate, and it is only a fraction of the cost of Julia, so I am going that route.

    I have been using Jublia on two big toes for about 10 months. It comes in 8 ml bottles here. And treating two big toes once a day, I find that a bottle lasts me approximately 3 weeks. The instructions that come with the medication indicate that it is important to squeeze a drop from the bottle onto the nail, and not to just paint it on with the brush head supplied. Doing this I get approximately 40 drops per bottle, which is less than one might expect, but I put this down to the drop size being governed by the size of the applicator brush. I infer from previous comments that others find it lasts much longer than I do, and would greatly appreciate quantitative comments from others to compare with my own experience. After 10 months of treatment, my nails are only about half clear.

    I don’t know why its so expensive. I had toe fungus for 30 years, and after 6 months I am fungus free. I love this stuff. I have pretty feet again. I got samples from a friend who is a foot doctor and apply it now once a month. And if I needed to buy it I would. Because it works.

    After almost three years on Jublia, it just can’t get the job done. Applying it once daily during the week, and twice a day on on the weekends, it just fails to clear up the fungus under the toenail. It did help somewhat, but just couldn’t clear up the fungus more than half way. Jublia is about $600.00 for a small bottle paid by my insurance, and feel that they are taking advantage of the insurance companies with a product that just can’t do the job. I gave the product a two, because it did clear up half way. I really wanted it to work, but unfortunately, it doesn’t.

    Just discovered Jublia yesterday and a small bottle(4_6 ml.) cost $112CDN. My insurance will reduce that cost to $21. I will try it as the comments here are encouraging. I am 68 and have had fungus since age 14. I want to get rid of this curse before I die.

    Well I do think that this drug is way too expensive! Sorry to offend you all.
    I’m going to try the listening approach, I bet you have to work, and my feet will smell soooo nice at the same time! Yummy!

    My self Anil Chejarla
    i have 24 years old… nails are effected by fungus…before 1 year….
    so that reason i want to Jublia nail solution…
    thanking you sir….

    Thanks for that idea because I have that fungus. Now I am not getting any treatment because of money, but how much does it cost to buy that. I am in Uganda, and so I so I don’t know. I need help, please, and am waiting

    I’ve bee using Jublia now for 2 months. I’m on my second 4ml dose and I have to say this stuff really works. I’ve had pretty bad toenail fungus for about 20 years. This is the first time anything has ever worked! I was very skeptical when my Dr. gave me the prescription, and I wouldn’t have done it at $500 a bottle, but my insurance paid 3/4 of it, so at $125, I decided to give it a try. Pretty amazing results I must say. My 2 big toes that looked like I had gang green nails could only be cut with a Dremel tool. Now they are more like pale yellow and have started to thin out considerably to where I can actually cut them with a cuticle scissor. The three smaller toes have gone from deep yellow to pale white and are also much thinner. One is starting to turn clear and look like a real healthy nail should. I’m going to keep at it because I’m finally getting results and feel like I can show my feet in public for the first time in what seems like an eternity. definitely give it a try. I would also recommend you wash and dry your feet well before each use, spray your shoes and sneakers everyday with Lysol, and frequently change your socks at least twice a day. If you keep at it, you might great results like I’m getting. Nail fungus can be quite a curse and very disheartening. Jublia seems to give us sufferers a fighting chance. Good luck.

    In Canada the price for Jublia is much lower than what is described here, 6ml for $80 CAD. In my case each bottle lasted 3 months, it was only $320 total cost for one year of treatment for the 4 bottles that took me to clear my nail fungus ($27 per month). I understand that if you have all ten toenails with fungus, you may need more than the 4 bottles, but for my case it worked, it was hassle free and inexpensive.

    As a medical pedicurist, I’ve witnessed many recovered nails after consistent use of Jublia. After years of laser treatment & regular sterile pedicures with little result I consider Jublia to be the most effective treatment I’ve ever witnessed. It’s an absolute shame the greed of this company! If only all of my clients were able to fill a prescription of Jublia at a reasonable rate. Consider the fact that most of my clients actually can afford this but will not based on principle!

    I was at the point where a podiatrist told me the only way I’d get rid of the nail fungus on my big toes was to remove the nails, because fungus was all the way into the nail bed. I actually considered it because I’d tried it all and just couldn’t get rid of it. I mean I tried EVERYTHING. Not only was it ugly, my toenails actually hurt and were ingrowing,misshapen,thick, and smelly.

    I was lucky; my insurance covered Julia except for $40 co-pay. But it does take persistence, a lot of time, and a hefty sum in co-pays. But my nails are better than in many many years. I am cured. No more discomfort, or thick, smelly, ugly toenails. I sure as heck won’t be returning to any nail salons again. I think my pharmacy was anxious to sell as much as they could (my pharmacist told me only 1 other person was getting it from her pharmacy) because it was constantly being filled, to the point I have sitting here 10 new unused bottles.

    This was such a relief, and it sure feels good to have pretty feet. I don’t even wear polish! After years of suffering and embarrassment. I love Jublia. Wish I’d taken some “before” photos to show how well this worked for me.

    I am trying Jublia also. One bottle (8ml) has lasted about 4 months so far. I have been embarrassed for years and was concerned about complications with ingrown toenails with fungus in the future. No one else has a solution, other than taking pills (which to me is much worse, the problem is in my external toenail, not my stomach) which have also proven ineffective.

    So far I am getting good results, my nails are looking like they are growing normally. It’s expensive and they could make it cheaper, but I am glad to use it.

    what can i say —my insurance company was charged 649 of which i paid 40 dollars and the stuff works like desonex –would rate it close to a zero on a scale of 1-10 … in this country when a drug vendor charges 649 dollars for a toenail infection and the government allows it then we are in trouble –still looking for the gun and mask when they sold to me –who is the owner of this drug …………..would avoid at all cost .

    I read your article and it actually makes me sad to think that had I read it before starting Jublia I may not have even tried it

    I have suffered with fingernail fungus for nearly 20 years and while I lived with it ( thanks to dirty tools used to get my nails done ) it has been a horrible painful and most of all imbarrasing on so many occasions experience I had all but lost hope of ever finding a cure

    I have been using it 73 days now and yes it’s expensive and yes it takes a lot of patience and effort to follow the program but for me it is working
    I mean if it wasn’t so gross to look at I would post photos but to me it is so imbarrasing I will keep it to myself and my doctor

    But for the people who know me and know how bad it had gotten for me Jublia is freeing me from a prison my imbarrasment over my nails had had me locked in.
    My nails are actually starting to look like finger nails again

    My dermatologist gave me a coupon for zero copay, but told me I needed to use Walgreens, even though I use another pharmacy for my other prescriptions. I can get 12 refills at zero copay. I’m only treating one big toe which is only partly affected, and I’ve only been treating a week. We’ll see how it goes.

    All your money for the high price is top play for their fraudulent ads. Jublia has only a 17% cure rate after they raid your pocket.

    20 years ago I had toenail fungus on the large toe. Thanks to People’s Pharmacy and someone sugesting taking a vitamin E pill, with a pin a hole in it and squeeze a drop on the edge of the nail and “push” it under the nail was a way of geting rid of the fungus. I tried it, voila, it worked. It took about 9 mmonths. The one drop daily was all I did and now I have no fungus.
    I put the Vit E pill with the sewing pin in into a small pill bottle therefore using all the Vit E, over time, rather than using a “fresh” pill daily. Have patience–Try it!

    Well, without drug coverage it would have cost me 80$ here in Canada. Fortunately I have insurance and just got it filled. 0$. We will see how it works a year from now. I tried penlac about 5 years ago with no success. That was close to $400 without insurance. With insurance I paid 60$ or so.

    It is working for me for me but it’s taken almost 16 months for the ugly nail to grow out and for my nail to look pretty again. At 48 weeks, my mail would have definitely been considered a fail. That’s why I think people get too hung up on these studies low cure rates. Scientifically speaking, if it takes 12-18 months for a human toenail to grow out and these results were observed at 11 weeks, then of COURSE there isn’t a higher success rate…the nail hasn’t grown out yet. That’s common sense. No medicine is going to work faster than the nail will grow, period. Even if I’d taken a 3 month course of terbinafine pills, my toenail would still look gnarly at the very far end right now. Hopefully, in a week or so I can the remaining nastiness off and have normal toenails again!!! But that’s just my two cents. Patience, people…it works like a charm!

    I had toenail fungus and was prescribed a topical ointment that would have cost me $90 with insurance. I had read that Tea Tree oil was supposed to work to rid the fungus as well, and mentioned that tol the pharmacist. She owered her voice and said “you’re right, and it does the same thing in about the same amount of time. You’re still looking at 9 months or so, but you’ll only pay a few bucks compared to the prescription”. I kept up with the tea tree treatment and darned if she wasn’t right! I applied it at night after my shower and it took about 7 months. The nail actually fell off after a period of frequent runs but it was almost cleared.

    I hoped I wasn’t the only one to notice that!

    Jublia has been amazing for me and cleared up 4 of 5 toes. The 5th one was almost completly cleared when insurance stopped paying. Only after taking about 8 months. Now that nail is getting worse. All other treatments have serious side effects. Waiting for appeal approval.

    You should try some of the natural treatments…they don’t need approval and work as well.

    I have used Jublia for over a year. It did not work for me. Just a waste of time and money.

    Same here!
    I Want a full refund.

    me too, hasn’t worked, but keeps them from yellowing- that’s it

    Having toe nail fungus for 20+ years and trying Sporonox and homeopathic remedies with marginal success, I figured I would try Jublia due to the ubiquitous commercials shown on TV. Once I received a coupon waiving the copayment I asked my doctor to prescribe it. He agreed and when I went to the pharmacy they informed me it would take a day to get the “large” size and get preapproval from my prescription plan. When I picked up the Jublia it was in a tiny bottle and the large was only 8 ml. There are only 20 drops in a ml and therefore the entire bottle should only have 160 drops.

    Reviewing the literature indicating the need for 1 drop per toe per day, that’s 10 drops a day and therefore the 160 drop bottle should last about 16 days or figure 2 bottles per month. If the treatment time frame is 10 months, then one would need about 20 refills.

    Then I looked up the pricing for Jublia and the cost ranged from $1082 at Walmart to $1187 at my RiteAid. So it would cost about $22,000 for the 10 month treatment that only shows a complete cure rate of 17.8%. That’s absolutely ridiculous!

    I then calculated the cost of the efinaconazole active ingredient. Estimating the active ingredient at 10% solution and 8ml in my bottle at $1187 the active ingredient is only .8ml for that price and converting that to cost per ounce I get roughly $35,000/oz. (32 X the price of gold/oz.). Let’s get crazy and calculate the cost per gallon of active ingredient and you get $4.5 million per gallon.

    And once again the American consumer is getting ripped off. The Canadian online pharmacies charge roughly $20/ml so my 8 ml bottle would cost $160, so here in the US we pay 7.4 times as much. I am almost embarrassed that I cost my drug plan that kind of money and I will NOT be refilling this prescription.

    The FDA should NEVER have approved such a costly treatment with poor success rate. I would also add that the applicator brush has turned into a useless mass after one weeks use.

    THE most effective toenail fungus treatment is Tea Tree Oil antiseptic applied EVERY day directly to nail after shower. It will take 1 mo to 6 mo but is 100% effective and only costs $10/3 oz bottle.

    I had a card for zero copayment and cvs wouldn’t take it on my refill. Paid the copayment and they said if I find a different coupon to come back in. They said that Walgreens would accept it. Great why didn’t they tell me that before hand.

    When I got home and saw the cost I couldn’t believe it. It does work but I will never buy it again. 1066 for this product. It’s 8mls. Is this manufacturer insane. Am calling them this week because they ripped both me and my
    Insurance company off,

    As soon as anyone makes claims that something “is 100% effective “, we must all realize that person is ignorant and/or a charlatan. Nothing is 100% effective. Nothing. Tea Tree Oil is useless for treating fungal nail infections. Don’t waste one second on this home remedy. You might as well soak your toes in mashed potatoes.

    What really drives me crazy is the STUPID COMMERCIAL with Mario Lopez. He comments disparagingly on a woman’s foot on the red carpet, implying that she has unsightly toenail fungus. BUT THE WOMAN IS WEARING CLOSED-TOE SHOES!!!! You can NOT SEE HER TOES! How STUPID is THAT?!?! Now are you SERIOUSLY thinking about taking a drug from a company that is so slip-shod as to allow such a nonsensical piece of foolishness to air?!?! Good luck with that.

    I developed a very deep fungal infection in a toe nail that was injured when a paint can fell on it. I tried oral medications and laser treatments. Miraculously, the Jublia is working. There is only about a 1/8th inch area of discolored nail at the tip left. I purchase the 4 oz bottle for $75 a month. Steep in price, but it is working.

    Oh, Wow! That’s awesome! I’m happy it’s working out for you. Where is it that you ordered it from?

    I’ve had Lamisil prescriptions twice. It worked but I don’t like the side effects.
    My podiatrist office has laser treatments. About $500.00 for three treatments on all nail that have fungus infection. Two years later, the fungus on my big toenail returned. I tried Jublia with minimal success. I’m using the Vick’s vapor rub and listening treatments. If that doesn’t work, I’ll do laser again.
    As a note- nail shops that use Emery boards or drill attachments on multiple customers grind the fungus into your nail if a previous customer was infected.

    I have fungus in most of my toe nails, I’ve tried Vicks for 8 months with no change. Tea oil no change and many other remedies with no change. I was at the doctor today and she gave me a prescription for Jubila. I was so excited finally something that will work. I got to the pharmacy and the gal behind the counter said it was real pricey and I wasn’t covered for it. I asked how much and she said $6,000.00 per bottle and they would have to special order it! I was shocked at the cost, there is no way I can afford that.
    Shame on the pharmaceutical companies for charging such outrageous prices!

    Fingernail fungus on 4 nails, for tears. Now trying Jublia, after all the home rems. RiteAid charged me only 112.00 for 4cc bottle, some others quotes 538.00 or more! That’s cash price.
    hope it helps

    CVS told me the price was $500…..really. Shame on the pharmaceutical companies.
    Cosco told me it was $150.00 which is still too much !!!!!

    Maybe they should just give it to you for free, after all, in your delusional eyes, there is no cost to bring a product to market….save for the scientists, chemists, R&D, testing, both pre-human, and otherwise, advertising. Yep, you shouldn’t pay $150. Calling you cheap would be a compliment!

    Most expensive stuff I have ever seen. $540.00 for 4 ML of a 10 % solution, 80 drops total. That’s $510,000.00/ gallon! Since it’s a 10 % solution, that is $5.1 MILLION bucks per gallon of the active ingredient. Vicks sounds like a much better idea!

    This is a big pharma conspiracy. Before I picked up my Jublia script from Walgreen’s, I asked how much would be billed to my insurance. They stated that $648/4ml. But then the Walgreen’s rep tried to convince me that this was a zero -copay, therefore zero out-of-pocket to me. Wrong!

    Non-preferred drugs come out of my (HRA) which IS out of MY pocket. I called Express Scripts (my prescription insurance ). Two separate reps there tried to tell me the same line–“zero-out of pocket” to me. Wrong again!

    I asked to speak to a manager and explained that I’m not that gullible. She finally came clean and admitted that the balance pulls from my HRA (account). It seems that the reps at this “insurer” are trained in deceptively ‘selling’ practices. BTW, Express Scripts also sells the prescriptions that they insure. Yes, an Insurer that also sells the products that they cover for loss!!! No conflict of interest there, right? Moral Hazard, anyone?

    My HRA is held by Cigna, my medical insurer. An HRA is a credit line that pays our medical cost, pre-taxed, from my balance. It would be nice to find it ‘not robbed’ behind my back, if I ever need medical care.

    Big Pharma wants to deceive patients into thinking medications are cheaper than they are, or no cost at all, with the complex practices, and sketchy laws, which are clearly designed to deceive the consumer. Buyer, beware.

    Criminal to have insurance company pay for this for my spouse and self, while they won’t cover basic care for my rare dystonia.

    I had toenail fungus that was a third of the way into my big toe nail. Being an avid fan of Iodine I saturated the nail no burning, stinging or other side effects, I only did this for two or at the most three times. The nail grew out normally and I have not had a problem since then. That was about 3 years ago. A bottle of Iodine cost less than $5.00.

    For fungus on one toenail, my doctor asked if I wanted to try Jublia. When I said yes, he notified the manufacturer, they contacted me, and I pay $75 for it. I call the company for refills and pay $75.

    I’ve had intermittent fungus on both great toenails ever since a sadistic ski-boot “fitter” absolutely insisted I buy too-short ski boots, which pained me greatly until I gave them away after one season. I’ve lost numerous toenails since then. The new one always grows in fungus-free and stays that way UNLESS I wear any shoes or boots where the toenail pushes against the end of the shoe…. Then the nail starts to come off again, the fungus sets in, and another “cycle” begins. SO, it’s important to give that nail gobs of toe-room and never let it push against anything! Just a thought.

    I’ve had toenail fungus for many years. Before I started with Vicks and/or Listerne I used a medication about 20 yrs ago that a Dr gave me from his samples. It cured the fungus which was also on my hands but left me with liver problems. I’m allergic to over the counter medications, like Tylenol, aspirin, anything in a gel form.

    I’ve used Listerne and it works. The gold color. I tried Vicks and that helped. I recently had a pedicure and lost some of my toenails. The big toe is slowly growing back. I don’t use any meds. I use eggplant water that I make for high blood pressure. I haven’t taken a blood pressure pill in over 6 months. I’m very lucky that I’m in decent health at 76. I told my Dr I will not take a statin for my cholesterol. I eat coconut oil and my cholesterol has lowered.

    I had foot fungus and sliding, itching skin, peeling hands and feet from wearing boots in the lake. 45 yrs. later, all that is left is nail fungus. This went away after soaking feet for one hour in corn meal and hot water. Once a month or two keeps it away. Very cheap. Feels good.

    I had a big toenail with fungus. It did get infected so not necessarily just a cosmetic problem.

    Kaiser told me it was cosmetic. I replied that the puss is very cosmetically displeasing. They got the message.

    One time the nail was removed. It grew out with a very small red spot but otherwise normal. That red spot spread over the whole nail again.

    I eventually has that nail removed completely.

    I had a really ugly case of fungus on my big toenail. I used Vicks Vapo Rub. It totally cleared it up in less than a month and after two years the fungus is still totally gone! Forget the Baloney expensive drugs. My doctor told me none of them work and they are rediculously expensive.

    Robert/Nick: Appreciate your suggestions. I might be interested to hear regarding just about any positive aspects in your web optimization campaigns once this can be put in place.

    I am wondering why the removal of the nail is not recommended as a possible solution. I had it on my big toe and was checking into possible treatments. I accidentally stubbed my toe very hard and knocked the nail loose. It eventually came off but at the same time a new nail grew out. In the same length of time that it seems to take for prescriptions to work (17-18% of the time) my new nail had grown out fungus free. This was definitely a less expensive option though I don’t recommend intentionally stubbing your toe hard enough to loose the nail, but a doctor should be able to assist.

    I was a Corpsman with the Marines in the ’70’s. We saw every type of fungal infection you could imagine, including fungus under the toenails. Our standard treatment was to pull the toenail. It worked about 1/2 the time. I would imagine that with the topical anti-fungal available today, it would be possible to obtain a higher rate of cure by treating the area as the toenail grew back.

    Having had toenail fungus for a couple years, I’ve finally hit on a convenient method that appears to be working: I cut a cotton pad into small squares and taped it to my big toe (my “test toe”) with a bandaid. Then I use a medicine dropper to put enough white vinegar on to saturate the pad. So the toenail is soaking in vinegar all day, although I do not notice it and don’t have to keep my foot in a bucket for hours (a previous method I tried, which was effective, but inconvenient). I wear it all day and night, changing it the next morning. After about 4 or 5 months I have seen great improvement and the new growth appears good. I’m going to continue to do this and add in the other toes. The most frustrating aspect is not that these treatments take so long to work, it’s that it takes so long for the toenails to grow out. But having seen results, I am committed to this for the long run.

    Does it make a difference if the vinegar is white or brown?

    I had a thumbnail with fungus for many years. I had tried Vicks and Listerine with no improvement. On a whim, I tried Iodine (Lugols, 2 oz) and overnight I saw a difference. I admit I was not as regular and consistent as I should have been with applications, but in spite of my this, the magic was complete! I was left with scarring in my nail, but the fungus was gone after a month.

    What kind of scarring did you have on your nail?

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