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Joint Remedy Wards Off Fleas

 Q. I have always been the one in any crowd of people to whom bugs would flock for a meal. I always thought I just tasted good to them.

After an automobile accident about a year ago I started taking MSM (methyl sulfonylmethane) to help
relieve joint and muscle pain. While on a trip to the mountains a few months later, watching others around me fight off mosquitoes, it occurred to me that I hadn’t had any insect bites recently. I traced the change back to when I began taking the MSM.

Shortly after that, I started giving it to my elderly dog to help him with his painful hips. He now walks and runs without pain, and he remains flea free!

I have recently heard from another source that MSM can be given to animals to control fleas, so apparently my experience is not just my imagination. According to my sources, dosage is not a problem. If you take too much the excess is eliminated with regular body waste.

I continue to take mine, and I give my dog 1/2 teaspoon of equine MSM powder
each morning. We both feel better and the bugs go elsewhere for their meals!

A. Thank you so much for sharing this fascinating story. We had no idea that MSM could do double duty like  this.

We recently became more concerned about flea bites when we learned that fleas and ticks can transmit Bartonella, a little recognized infection. To learn more about this hidden epidemic, listen to our radio show on Ticks, Fleas & Mystery Disease.

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    I am a long time sufferer of psoriasis. I tried many steroid creams and ointments, over the counter
    ¨cures¨, and ate many items that were a guarantee to cure my scaly, cracked, and itching skin. Many things would get my psoriasis where it was not inflamed but none controlled it. About 2 1/2 years ago I injured my knee. The doctor gave me a shot to help with the inflammation and pain. As my knee began to heal, I noticed something else was also healing, my psoriasis!
    After 3 months I returned to the doctor for a follow-up and reported that the psoriasis had cleared, and at 2 1/2 months it began to return. As an experiment, I received another shot. Again, all my areas of psoriasis cleared up and the skin was smooth. I get one of the shots every 2-3 months and I am enjoying wearing shorts, sandals, and not answering questions about my hands, feet, wrists, and elbows. This shot has been a miracle for me. According to the doctor, this should not have happened, but I am so happy it did! The shot is 40 mg Kenalog 4 ml 1% Lidocaine.

    My grandaughter’s little dog is a magnet for fleas–hope this will keep the critters far away.
    gloria jones

    keep me posted

    I love my cats. I wouldn’t give them this stuff without doing some research first. Thanks!

    I don’t have a horse but looked up where to get the powder. If there is a Tractor Supply store near you, they may have it. Looked at the website for Tractor Supply and found they have many forms on-line whether in pills or powder. I’m a cat person and would have to be sure of the dosage. It might work for dogs but not all meds for dogs should be given to cats. Make sure it would not be toxic for cats.

    I have a couple of cats that are professional flea collectors. The fleas sometimes seem to build a resistance to certain commercial remedies.
    Where does one acquire this equine MSM powder?

    What is the dose and are there any concerns. Such as, cholesterol or heart concerns?

    I have a similar experience with coconut milk, and/or coconut cream. I put it on to help protect my skin while in the garden or doing yard work and all of sudden noticed no ticks (we are overburdened with them here) or mosquito bites and it helps the skin, too! But like the MSM idea also for pets, great find.

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