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Hyaluronic Acid Tablets Combat Vaginal Dryness

Can women get relief from the vaginal discomfort that accompanies menopause by taking hyaluronic acid tablets? Some say yes!
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Many women find that the vaginal dryness associated with menopause is among its more troublesome symptoms. While hormone replacement therapy may help, not every woman wants the estrogen exposure. One reader found unexpected relief with hyaluronic acid tablets taken as a supplement.

Looking for Relief from Vaginal Dryness:

Q. After menopause, sex became painful and almost impossible. I tried Estring, an estrogen product you place up inside, but that caused a terrible yeast infection. I tried all kinds of lubricants, but they lost their slipperiness before correcting the pain and dryness.

Then I tried hyaluronic acid. It’s found in some topical products but I take it in capsules. Hyaluronic acid is said to add moisture to skin and joints.

I intended just to lubricate my knee joints from within for easier skiing. What a wonderful surprise when the dryness “down there” started disappearing shortly after I began the capsules.

Now I have sex any time I please, and the pain and dryness are so minimal that they aren’t a problem anymore. Hyaluronic acid is a bit expensive but so very worth it! My knees are doing well too.

What Is Hyaluronic Acid?

A. Hyaluronic acid is a natural compound found in the body’s connective tissues and skin. It has been used as an injection into joints and found to work as well as an oral NSAID similar to ibuprofen (Arthritis Research & Therapy, online Jan. 21, 2014).

In the UK, hyaluronic acid vaginal gel (Hyalofemme) is used to ease vaginal dryness. A study comparing this gel to vaginal estrogen cream showed equal effectiveness (Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Dec. 2013). We could find no evidence that oral hyaluronic acid tablets would ease vaginal dryness, but your story is intriguing. We hope to hear from other women if it works for them.

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I started taking Hyaluronic acid tablets with q10 to help with my dry skin since menopause which is becoming softer but I’ve also noticed I’m no longer dry “down there” BONUS !!

I suffer from extreme pain of vulvodynia. I am on gabapentin which barely helps. This pain is a tricky monster.

I just did an Internet search on hyalurronic acid and vaginal dryness after noticing this wonderful benefit. I started taking a supplement to improve my skin about a month ago. The dryness is hardly noticeable now, I’ve stopped using a lubricant and sex is so much better. I’m 48 and peri-menopausal. The supplement I take is labeled Hyalurronic Acid with BioCell Collagen and OptiMSM. It’s worth a try if nothing else is working for you.

Where can I purchase the hyaluronic acid powder or capsules in Australia.

I started early menopause in 2009 while in my 30s. I have a rare joint disease.. Lots of pain. Schiff started making a small tablet that has 3 things in it, one being hyalauronic acid, that is said to take the place of 2 huge glucosamine chondroitin tablets. It had great reviews so I went for it. I started it and wow…to my massive surprise my vaginal dryness and tears are a thing of the past! What a bonus. I take one tiny tablet a day. It didn’t take long to notice this change. I’m thinking under a month. Never expected this effect. It’s the triple ultra if you are interested in looking into what the dosage of hyalauronic acid etc is in it. Bottom line.. I am here to say H.A. does work for this. :)

Oral hyalauronic acid capsules seem to have easef my vaginal dryness too.

I have been searching different forums and found vitamin E suppositories were mentioned by many women. You can get them at amazon in the US and the UK, I ordered some and I am hoping for good results. I had breast cancer 8 years ago and can’t use any hormones.

I am a breast cancer survivor, (hormone – receptive) so also cannot take estrogen products. My oncologist said hyalo gyn gel would be absolutely safe for cancer survivors. NO idea if capsules (more systemic) has ingredients that could interfere, but worth checking. Also, for non-hormonal, Replens is a good moisturizer to use per few days, (but makes clumpy discharge for few days following). All pure, food-grade food oils (i.e, grapeseed, avocado, apricot, olive, coconut oil etc. ) should be safe, also.

Please notify me of follow up comments pertaining to this subject.

So I’m just stumbling upon these conversations. I am 27 already in menopause because of my brain surgery. I had that in 2007 so right after I got married. I have really really bad Vag dryness. Started in 2009 My husband and I haven’t had SEX in over 5 years because of the pain and bleeding from tearing. If there is something that really works I would love to know. This year we will be married for 8 yrs. I have no idea how we are still together but I’m sure if something don’t change it not going to last. I’ve try HRT, they say go to the fertility center because of my AGE. So I’m willing to try anything if I haven’t already!

I had ductal breast cancer last Nov, followed by a mastectomy, chemo, and Arimidex pills for 5 years. I also have Type I Diabetes, since the age of 13. I am 60 now. I have had vaginal dryness for years with partial relief using both types of lubricants until I had chemo and started on the Arimidex. Now, I am not able to have any vaginal penetration without extreme pain, bleeding, etc. This is very disheartening for my husband and I. I, of course cannot use any type of hormonal cremes. I’ve been looking for a good vaginal moisturiser for years. There is one advertized on the tv, but studies have not been done on women who have had breast cancer. Therefore, I have not asked my Dr about using it or any other type of gel or creme. I would like more info on this hyalo gel, hyalouric acid, testosterone implant and any other products that have worked for other women. Thanks you all in advance.

After this reader noticed using hyaluronic acid for joints had the added bonus of alleviating vaginal dryness, I decided to give it a try. I had stopped using Prempro, and wanted an alternative that wasn’t a lubricant. I am happy to report it worked for me too! Thanks for the post; no more Prempro needed.

I was told by my doctor to try coconut oil that you apply with your finger to moisturize
up there. I use organic coconut oil every day and I find that it really works. I no longer have
the dryness, and as a lubricant it is very inexpensive. With the oil you must read the label
because some non organic brands are for external use only.

I have been using Premarin for years, until recently. Recently I have been using extra virgin olive oil. The olive oil works very well and is very inexpensive and safe to use.

I would like to know what the dosage strength of hyaluronic acid she was using. I have used vagifem tablets and premarin cream in the past but this does not help with the dryness outside the vaginal canal and was not enough lubrication internally without discomfort. I had a partial hysterectomy at 35 and am now 59 and believe I am in menopause. One thing I have found that works great as a lubricant is coconut oil; I believe I read about it on the site and decided to try it. It melts instantly with your body heat, is odorless and non-sticky like the KY gel can be. It immediately absorbs and lubricates I have no more pain during penetration. I would highly recommend it but I would also like to see if the hyaluronic acid would be a more natural way for me.

Is hyaluronic acid vaginal gel sold in the USA and Canada and if so under what names ?
People’s Pharmacy response: It is more common in capsules for oral consumption, but if you search hyaluronic acid vaginal, you will find a few brands in the US.

I’ve bought it on Canada or U.K. Amazon.

I received a sample while at last years TedMed conference of a great solution – it is a water based “YES” lubricant that you can order online from the UK and it is wonderful for helping with the dryness and cracking. The company is owned by two ladies and called YESYESYES. Their products are free of all the usual junk found in the personal lubes sold at most stores here in the U.S.

Yes I would also like more info, my obgyn won’t give me testosterone.

Interesting about testosterone implant… where does one look for info from an MD’s office or bioidentical hormone clinic?

Please forward to me future information/comments on hyaluronic acid.

I think it is awful that Doctors do not write for Bi-Est creme with 2% testosterone. It makes a world of difference in bones and sexual desire.
People’s Pharmacy response: Bioidentical estrogen cream would very likely have the same benefits as Premarin cream in fighting vaginal dryness. We have not seen studies showing whether it is safer than Premarin. The vagina is very good at absorbing estrogen into the bloodstream.

The Hayalofemme gel is available from I will try it!

Is Hyalofemme available in the US? Does it require a prescription?
People’s Pharmacy response: It does not seem to require a prescription. You can find it on Amazon; they are getting it from the UK.

Me too, if this works it is great news!!
More info is needed, e.g., is Hyalofemme available in the US? Is it sold over the counter in the UK?
Y from NM

I would like to know the dose of hyaluronic acid you take and how many per day. I have seen it in 33 mg, 83 mg and 166 mg per capsule.

Regarding HA, hyaluronic acid:
I began taking it in Feb. of this year in the form of powder, 100 mg 2x per day (1/16 tsp.) orally for joint pain, and it works great. The recommended dosage for vaginal dryness is 150 to 300 mg day on some sights and 200 to 400 mg on others.
For me personally I started with the 100 2x day to gauge what my body would need, and then increased it to 200 2x day now, and it has really helped with the dryness. I prefer the powder because I can increase or decrease for my own needs. Most people that buy the powder do so to make their own anti aging serums ect., I have found that taking it orally also gives you that as well.

This is going to sound a little off the wall, but I took a two-step approach to this problem in my body. I had to have a complete hysterectomy when I was 30, and within a couple of years the vaginal dryness was so extreme that my vaginal walls were like tissue paper; they’d crack and bleed from a gyne exam. Going through menopause, of course, just made it ten times worse.
Nothing helped, and the situation deteriorated until I finally found a very forward-thinking urogynecologist who prescribed vaginal massage, performed by a compassionate gynecological therapist who taught me how to continue daily massage and stretching at home. (She used lanolin-based massage products, and the therapy not only increased the blood flow to the area, but it renewed the supple, pliable texture my body had when I was young and intact.) She stressed that I had to keep it up myself at home; that it was a clear case of ‘use it or lose it.’
A couple of years later, while working with a bioidentical hormone replacement specialist while trying to get a grip on severe depression, I was put on a very low dose of testosterone via a quarterly hip implant the size of a grain of rice. Not only did my post-menopausal depression and lethargy lift immediately (I mean, like OVERNIGHT!) my libido came back on line like gangbusters AND my body’s natural vaginal lubrication increased. I occasionally use a little KY to get things started, but to be honest that’s rare. The T dose is so low I don’t experience any of the possible side-effects of being on testosterone, and my physician carefully monitors my estrogen and progesterone levels to keep my body in balance. It’s worked like a dream for me–not only are my moods stable, but I have energy again, and unlike before, when a good workout would exhaust me, I’m able to build muscle mass when I work out and feel GOOD about it–energized and vital.
All I can say is, ladies–don’t stop looking for an answer! Hyaluronic acid worked for the woman who submitted her story, but it didn’t do a thing for me. Physical and hormone therapy worked for me. These options may not work for you, but don’t stop looking! Somewhere out there there’s SOME combination of therapies that will give you back your joie de vivre! Don’t let ANYone tell you that you just have to “learn to live with it.”

I tried to follow the link to read the study but apparently it’s paid-only access. This is quite interesting to me as the estrogen cream Estrace is super expensive!!! Plus the idea of a non-hormone is appealing.

It’s great to hear about a treatment that doesn’t involve hormones. I do have one concern though…has anyone heard about an association between the use of Hyaluronic Acid and breast cancer?

How much did you take? I do not want to overdose. I am using the Vagifem and I keep getting yeast infections.

This is timely for me since I am concerned about the long term side-effects of Premarin Cream (prescribed by my MD), as well as my United Healthcare price of $174 per tube. This Q&A references Hyalofemme which is available in the UK. Any info on Hyalo GYN sold in the US?

I’d like to know what’s in it; I am allergic to all aspirin/ibuprofin/anti-inflammatory medication. Does it have any of these in it?

I’ve been taking hyaluronic acid to help build bone, but I haven’t noticed any effect on vaginal dryness.

What drug interactions might occur with using hyaluronic acid?
People’s Pharmacy response: We are not aware of any.

I’d like to hear from others as well.

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