make angular cheilitis disappear, hydrogen peroxide

Angular cheilitis, also known as perlèche, is a very unpleasant condition in which the corners of the mouth crack open. They are usually red and sore. Sometimes this is caused by leaking saliva, which irritates the skin and leads to eczema. In other cases, the cause is an infection: viral, bacterial or fungal. Unless the infection can be eliminated, the angular cheilitis persists. Is there any way to make angular cheilitis disappear?

One Way to Make Angular Cheilitis Disappear:

Q. I suffered from angular cheilitis for years. I could control episodes with antifungal creams but the sores at the corners of my mouth would always reappear.

I read about the antifungal properties of hydrogen peroxide and I decided to try it. When my next outbreak occurred, I treated it with antifungal cream as usual. When it cleared up, I started dabbing hydrogen peroxide on the corners of my mouth each morning after brushing my teeth. The condition has never reappeared, although it has been years.

Hydrogen Peroxide to Make Angular Cheilitis Disappear:

A. Thanks for the tip. A solution of half hydrogen peroxide and half water may indeed have anti-fungal activity (Dental Clinics of North America, Jan. 2005). Your conscientious application keeps any fungus suppressed. According to WebMD, Candida yeast (related to fungus) is the most common culprit causing angular cheilitis, so other antifungal treatments may also make angular cheilitis disappear. Some readers report that Listerine is helpful.

Antibacterial Treatment for Angular Cheilitis:

If the irritation and inflammation is caused by bacteria rather than yeast or fungus, the doctor may prescribe an antibacterial cream such as mupirocin. When the treatment matches the cause, it should make angular cheilitis disappear.

Vitamin Supplements:

Doctors disagree about the role of vitamins in angular cheilitis. One reader found that correcting a vitamin D deficiency could make angular cheilitis disappear. That may not be common, but shortages of other nutrients such as B vitamins or iron may contribute to some cases.

Celiac disease may also lead to this inflammatory condition. In such situations, a strict gluten-free diet treats the autoimmune celiac disease and all of its symptoms.

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  1. suepee
    north carolina

    I was told by my hygienist to use vitamin E in the corners of my mouth.

  2. Sue

    I had little blisters around the edges of my mouth years ago. When I traveled and used a small tube of regular tooth paste instead of my large tube of toothpaste with whitener in it the blisters went away. Even the skin doctor I went to did not have an answer for my blisters. One never thinks that some thing that is suppose to be “good” for you can do damage.

  3. Pam

    I didn’t know there was a name for it. But I do have that once in a while mainly because of the saliva leaking around my mouth. Glad to know there is a simple cure for it like peroxide.

  4. Marcia
    Charleston sc

    I would be interested in reading what your newsletter has to say about many different topics.
    Thank You!

  5. Margaret
    Hendersonville, NC

    I had angular cheilitis for years and tried anything and everything to get rid of it. Vicks, Listerine, otc antifungal cream, steroid cream, mom, you name it. I finally discovered that changing to a toothpaste without tartar control ( I use Tom’s of Maine Simply White) did the trick. It didn’t take long to see results and I haven’t had the problem since.

  6. Liz
    Central Virginia

    My doctor suggested dabbing a dot of Vaseline into the corner of my mouth at bedtime. This really took care of it. Sometime later I as I was applying a “chapstick” to keep my lips from drying out overnight, I decided to apply that into the corners of my mouth as well. This also does an excellent job at keeping the crack in the corner of my mouth from starting.

  7. Dianne

    I have also found bag balm helpful.

  8. Jan Pickens
    Mt. Pleasant, SC

    I started drinking more milk as I read that it was a lack of riboflavin in my body that may have caused the angular cheilitis. Worked beautifully!

  9. Debra

    I had this problem several years ago, and I found that switching from Crest to AquaFresh toothpaste prevented this problem for me.

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