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Decongestant nose spray is fabulous when your nasal passages are so congested you can’t breathe. Just a spritz can open clogged sinuses. However, such nasal sprays have a big downside: nose spray addiction. If a decongestant spray is used for more than a week, the tissues of the nose become dependent on it. Stopping it suddenly results in rebound congestion, and suddenly you can’t breathe again! Sometimes people get stuck in this vicious cycle for years. How can you overcome it and break your nose spray dependence?

Kicking Nose Spray Dependence One Nostril at a Time:

Q. I became dependent on decongestant nose drops some years back. My doctor’s solution was to use the drops in a single nostril until the dependency passed and then totally discontinue nose drops. It’s not a perfect solution but it worked for me.

A. This is a sensible approach to overcoming nose spray dependence.

A pharmacist agreed with you:

“I have been a pharmacist for 55 years and discovered this treatment years ago. After the need to use decongestant nasal sprays for congestion associated with colds or allergies has passed, overcome rebound congestion by continuing to spray only one nostril. This allows the other nostril to adjust back to normal. When the un-sprayed nostril opens, discontinue the decongestant spray.”

Marilyn agrees that this approach can be helpful:

“I had a full blown addiction to nasal spray before it was commonly known that it could happen. I sprayed one nostril only until the other cleared, and then stopped. As others have mentioned here, one nostril free breathing is tolerable. It took 5-7 days for each to clear.”

Green Chile to Overcome Nose Spray Addiction:

Q. I got addicted to Afrin nasal spray. I couldn’t go any longer than 15 minutes without it.

It was a painful process to break the habit, but this worked for me. I would apply a hot compress to my sinuses (and cry because it hurt so much.) Then I would eat really hot green chile salsa, which would open up my sinuses. (I found this would also work if I was just starting to get a sinus infection.)

It helped to go for a run to get the sinuses open after eating the salsa. If I get a little stuffed up now, out comes the green chile. I have read that green chile has medicinal properties. Maybe this will help someone else break an Afrin addiction.

Overcoming Your Nasal Spray Addiction:

A. When people use strong vasoconstricting nasal decongestants for more than a few days, the nose adapts. Stopping the spray can trigger rebound nasal congestion, which may lead to a vicious cycle of nasal spray overuse.

Your strategy is intriguing. Others have found that gradually diluting the spray with saline solution can help.

Steroid Nasal Spray to the Rescue:

Some people also use steroid nasal sprays (Flonase, Nasacort, Rhinocort) to overcome nose spray dependency. Here is what another reader did.

Q. I have been using Afrin Nasal Decongestant Spray for two decades. My mom started me on it when I was a kid with bad allergies and then I couldn’t stop. I hated that nose spray dependence.

I finally got off Afrin by using Flonase and diluting the last bottle of Afrin with saline. It took about a week, and though I am still a little stuffy, I am so glad to be off the decongestant. I just thought others might benefit from my experience.

A. Thank you for sharing your success. Flonase is a corticosteroid nasal spray (fluticasone) that has recently become available over the counter. It can be helpful during the process of weaning off a nose spray addiction. It is also useful in controlling nasal allergy symptoms.

Side Effects of Steroid Sprays:

Side effects of Flonase may include headache, nosebleeds, nausea, cough and oral yeast infections. With long-term use, some people become more susceptible to cataracts or glaucoma.

To avoid getting into trouble with nasal spray, some people with allergies might want to try natural approaches:

How to Treat Seasonal Allergies: Drugs or Natural Approaches?

Cindy has a natural alternative for allergies:

“Some years ago I started taking one capsule of stinging nettle leaf a day to combat allergies. I have since recommended it to others. One of my friends has reported back that it has helped greatly in control of allergy symptoms. It is inexpensive.”

Marie shared another way to avoid an Afrin addiction:

“Afrin is great when used only for occasional stuffiness. I never spray it in both nostrils; I alternate. Even with the worst cold, breathing through one clear nostril is fine. If you alternate nostrils you don’t have to worry about rebound congestion.”

Ed noted that finding another way to treat allergies can help:

“I used Afrin for a few days and got completely stopped up. Took some cortisone pills that cleared it. Now I use daily sinus rinse and Flonase. A prescription, Montelukast, seems to help control allergies. This combo works for me.”

Kent reports:

XLEAR works extremely well for a lot of people, including me.”

Xlear is not a decongestant nasal spray and should not trigger nose spray dependence. It contains saline solution and the sweetener xylitol. Xylitol in nasal spray effectively eases congestion as well as decongestant nasal sprays (Cingi et al, International Forum of Allergy & Rhinology, June 2014). 

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  1. piza

    Man! I can’t thank this website and the people who shared enough. I am struggling with Afrin ATM and wasn’t even looking for solutions for so long because every website I found had the same solution. This site has multiple different ones, and I’m excited to finally try and stop the drug again.

  2. Annemarie

    I’ve started on Afrin again after having weaned off it for several years with saline. This was a month-long process, and I hated the stuffy nose and not being able to sleep. After a cold I got myself dependent on Afrin again, and once the cold was gone, I once again could not stop Afrin. After a few days of very bad sinus migraines (my sinuses are clear, but this migraine feels like a sinus migraine) I started taking Sinupret in hopes that it would alleviate whatever cause the sinus pain. It did, and after 2 days I found myself not using Afrin. Not only did Sinupret take care of most of the sinus issues but also took me off Afrin without any discomfort whatsoever. Truly hope that this will help others too. Being dependent on nose drops is quite uncomfortable and getting off them even moreso.

  3. William
    North Carolina

    To avoid rebound nasal congestion use only one spray in each nostril at night. I have been doing this for 20 years on advice of an ENT doctor.

  4. Jerry C
    La Habra, CA

    Neti-pot rinse with ready-made saline solution solves mostly all nasal and sinus problems, usually permanently. It is harmless and also generally-beneficial. Saline spray is always helpful, too.

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