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Brand name drugs like Cymbalta have become unaffordable for many patients. That’s why most people are dispensed generic Cymbalta (duloxetine). We have received complaints that some generic formulations are not up to snuff.

Q. I have taken Cymbalta for depression and pain. The generic I have been given just plain doesn’t help me, so I’ve been looking for an “authorized generic” that would be identical to the brand name.

One pharmacy refused to order it because they said they would lose money. Another looked at me like I was asking for a unicorn.

My insurance company didn’t have a clue what I was talking about. Cymbalta as a brand name isn’t covered and I cannot afford the $250 a month it would cost out of pocket. Can you help me?

A. Authorized generic drugs are identical to the brand name products, sometimes manufactured in the same facility. Prasco initially sold an authorized generic version of Cymbalta (duloxetine) but no longer does so. A spokesperson told us that there is currently no authorized generic for Cymbalta.

Readers who Report Problems with Generic Cymbalta (Duloxetine):

You are not the only visitor to our website who has reported problems with generic Cymbalta (duloxetine). Here are some other stories from readers:

S. wrote about her quest for an authorized generic Cymbalta (duloxetine):

“I asked my pharmacy a few months back about ordering an authorized generic form of duloxetine. The technician had a ‘deer in the headlights’ look on her face.

“I’ve tried two different manufacturers of generic ‘equivalents’ for Cymbalta and neither are worth the trip to the store. Thankfully, the brand name showed up finally from Eli Lilly after four months of waiting because my income (or lack of it) qualifies me to get for free medicine. I don’t know what happened at their Lilly Cares program but to make someone wait for meds for almost five months is just plain disgraceful. That’s what sent me on my quest for an authorized generic in the first place.”

Alice shared this experience about generic Cymbalta (duloxetine) for pain:

“I have completed three experiments with the generic duloxetine, each from a different manufacturer of the medication. All failed to relieve my pain symptoms. However, each time I returned to brand name Cymbalta between trials, the sharp pain and neck stiffness was controlled within days.

“I then tried an increase in the dosage to 40 mg and found no difference. I was able to find some relief when I doubled my dose to 60 mg, but the side effects of the medication were too much of a concern. Whatever the variances allowed in production of these generics, it seems to be preventing the active ingredient from providing pain relief in my case.

“My insurance won’t cover brand name Cymbalta. My appeal was denied because: ‘The generic products are A-rated by the FDA for bioequivalence and therapeutic equivalence to the brand name product. An A-rated product will produce comparable absorption and blood levels to the brand name product and would not be expected result in an increase incidence of adverse effects or sub-therapeutic effect compared to the brand product…’

“A one month prescription of brand name Cymbalta costs about $250, so I am now doing a trial using the brand and generic on alternate days to reduce my overall cost. I would be most interested in any research on this medication that might overturn the FDA ruling.”

Judy offered this:

“I do not know where to turn. I was switched from name brand Cymbalta to duloxetine made by a company based in India. I had an immediate return of depression symptoms including suicidal ideation. Many people on the net complained about its ineffectiveness.

“I contacted the FDA and the Indian company wanted my entire supply of pills. I sent them six. I received a new refill of duloxetine from the company with a different lot number. Already I am stable, happy and more functional. I believe the generic drug company released the formulation with a lower amount of effective ingredient just to see if they could get by with it. This latest supply is effective. Seems that should be illegal.”

Kristin’s experience:

“I have been on Cymbalta for the past four years. I have been too afraid of the suicidal thoughts returning to try and go off of this drug. I lost my job and insurance and it costs $250.00 to get 30 capsules!

“I can’t afford it and have not had it for 4 days and I am barely able to function let alone work. Withdrawal started after 24 hours off the drug and has progressively gotten worse. I have severe dizziness, headache, brain zaps that feel like lightning bolts going down through my arms and out of my hands. My hands are tingling and hypersensitive. My GI tract is in hyper drive and my appetite is way down. I am also moody and very sensitive.

“What the H#**!!! I am an RN. How can I take care of my patients like this? Due to the cost of this drug I don’t even have any to wean myself off it. HELP!”

Brand Name Drugs from Canada:

If you purchase brand name Cymbalta from a legitimate Canadian pharmacy, the cost could be about one third as much as in the U.S. To learn more about authorized generics and reliable Canadian pharmacies, you may want to read the newly-revised Guide to Saving Money on Medicines we are sending you. This 20-page Guide is available for download at PeoplesPharmacy.com for $2.99.

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  1. Gael

    I’ve been on Duloxetine for about 18 months. However I am noticing quite a bit of confusion and brain fog – this is the only medication apart from a blood pressure drug. Has anyone experienced this?

  2. Ralph

    I have been on Duloxetine 30 MG for a week for foot pain and now I cannot climax.
    I want to know if this will subside after a month or so? After reading all of these comments, I don’t believe it will. Can anyone give me some advise?

  3. kelly

    my husband took this drug and he ended up with severe pain in both legs and can barely walk, he could no longer maintain a coherent conversation, he was in and out of conscousness, he has shock waves in his head, he had coughing fits and was passing out, he has lost is short term memory, he had a rash and skin sensitivity, had 4 visits to the emerengcy room, and because is is a generic drug, I cant find a lawyer to help with a law suit. I finally figured out myself what was going on when he started to get face ticks and his hands started jerking. He is weaning himself off the medication now… I pray that nothing is permanent. He is missing way too much work and has had to drop out of school while he attempts to recover.

  4. Lori
    East Sussex

    I have taken 90 mg of Duloxetine and it worked well with mood regulation and fibromyalgia pain for 10 months…I started to get a grip on my life…. I have now been prescribed the generic, Depalta..I am 2 weeks in and am in pain and crying..The Uk doctors are saying Depalta is the same and its cheaper…I am not in a good place and cannot find anything on this new depalta version

  5. Mel

    Well, I just got given a prescription for the Generic version Of Cymbalta 30 caps, Duloxetine 30mg. For pain? I do not understand how something that is for depression can even help me out with the pain I am having. I do not want to take anything that will change my moods or make me want to kill myself and or all the other side effects! And now I am too afraid to even try any of the pills after reading all of these comments! I mean who would not be?

    I need help for my legs because I was down for 2 years with no movement at all besides bathroom visits. Plus, I have lymphedema and arthritis. This is just crazy! LoL. All this mess now about pain pills is really messing up people who really need them! It was not my fault someone’s kids stole their parents’ meds. Or Doctors who left people on them longer than needed and so on. I need help with Pain! Not depression, that also seems not to work and can make you crazy!!! I need to get up and moving and get my muscles going and lose weight. I get so far and then have to stop and sit down for days.

    I am not looking for pain pills forever, just for a couple months to help me get past that hump where it hurts so badly you cant do it no more. Sorry, this is just ridiculous! I should have known when my Doc gave me the scrip that it would have to do with all this crazy stuff! I will just keep trying and hope no one else has to go through this much pain just to try to get back a semi normal life !!! Sorry to you all for all the problems with this generic.

  6. Sue

    I’ve been taking Cymbalta for panic disorder (since age 7) and depression. It works GREAT. I tried a generic (didn’t notice which one) which was like a sugar pill for me. It was nice to pay a LOT less so wanted it to work. Not only did not help went through sudden withdrawal from Cymbalta. When I finally got the approval – and paid the $180, I got relief two hours after taking name brand. With Cymbalta I have a full life. Without it, I am barely functional.

    • Sandy A. P.

      I have taken duloxetine for three years at 40 mg a day, and if I am taking it I feel normal, and in less pain. I take it for a work injury to my low back and neck that caused me to lose my job because my injury failed to improve. Anyway, I have taken two different colored capsules: one is green, and one is blue and white. Both of those gave relief.

      The last time I filled it, it was a two-tone pink capsule. After two days I felt like my bones were on fire; my migraines felt like ice picks in both eyes; and even the migraine meds did not help much. After four days I was having brain blanks, dizziness, and just thinking I was losing my mind. I called my pharmacy, and they did not have answers. I looked up the pink pill form and found nothing. I finally called to get the script refilled at a different pharmacy because the pink pills could not be identified, and I knew they weren’t working! Just today I got the new pills. They are blue and white. I showed the pink ones to the pharmacist, and she even said she couldn’t identify the manufacturer, but thought they were a generic duloxetine. I think it was a sugar pill or fake. I am so upset this happened.

      I know someone who committed suicide after taking cymbalta and tried to get off twice. I am thinking I am going to have to take this forever, but if it makes me feel normal, it’s worth it to me.

    • Anna
      San leandro, ca

      Hi, Sue,
      Thank you for this. The generic barely works for me but I have no other option since I can’t afford the brand name. I hope to become functional enough to get a job that will help pay for brand name. Some people like us are just more sensitive to medications especially when you’re dealing with head meds.

  7. KP

    Yes, Same Problem. Teva worked for me, but the version made from India is not

  8. Trudy
    Calgary Canada

    My pharmacist gave me duloxetine by Sandoz which made me ache and hurt all over as I take it for back pain and fibromyalgia. I am certain this was not good.

    I stopped taking it after four days of the same issue and am now taking the brand name and there is certainly a difference. Any patients that experience this type of issue should report it ASAP.

  9. Bev

    The problem with generic Cymbalta for me, is the inert ingredients. First, I am allergic to FDC red #40 and also yellows #6 and #30. Since I have Irritable Bowel syndrome I also have problems with some generics causing me intestinal cramping. The DailyMed website (https://dailymed.nlm.nih.gov/dailymed/) lists all the versions of duloxetine currently on the market and their inert ingredients. You can compare versions to figure out what ingredient may be giving you a problem.

    • Teresa

      I’ve been on 60mg cymbalta for 10yrs – brand for 5yrs then generic since 2014. It was prescribed for depression and anxiety during a time when I couldn’t cope with some events that had happened and it really did make me feel better. But when I had to switch to generic it ‘stopped ‘working’. There were no obvious physical side effects but my outlook changed. It was gradual but within a year I stopped working out, quit my job, slept all day and became really apathetic about life. I’m really starting to think switching to generic had something to do with it because I’ve been down before but this is different. I don’t feel sad or angry but some part of me is gone. Weird because I feel more compassion and empathy for other people than I used to and I’m still really funny(I am funny af)but I have to force myself to do anything.
      My pharmacy gave me a different generic last refill and on the third day my ears started ringing everything went black heart palpitations nausea and I had to lay on the floor where I was for about four hours. So I started weaning from 60 to 30 for a month then 20 for about two weeks…I felt perfectly fine! then I forgot to take one week ago so just stopped but third day last Saturday ughhhhh and worse Sunday so started on 20 and going to take it slower. I found this site and all of you and I never knew!!! I’ve had all kinds of unexplained physical problems too starting arnd same time I lost my mojo but never considered Cymbalta as the culprit. Until recently.
      I believe Cymbalta is toxic and over prescribed and there’s no exit plan once it’s done its magic (if it doesn’t kill you first) but it did help me in the beginning.
      Thank you for being here and good luck to all of you!!!!

      • Clee

        On my last refill for my Duloxatine (which was green) I noticed it was now blue and white. I thought nothing of it until I began to feel about 6 weeks later that my thought processes were significantly different. I felt sad ALL the time. I didn’t want to face the day upon waking up in the morning. I just felt like I had no thoughts in my head. This went on for about 3 month and was getting worse and worse and on my last scheduled visit to my M.D. I mentioned this to him and asked if it was just my imagination. No…it is likely NOT your imagination. He said he has patients who say the exact same thing. He said that drug companies change the formula AND the manufacturer (to save money) all the while making more money, and all you are getting is a sugar pill. He said this is very likely what has happened to Duloxatine …so he put me on Pristiq. I’m doing okay now and I’m trying to get back to the old me again. I’ve only been on it for about 2 months. I take it at night because it makes me drowsy if I take it during the day.

        I think it’s horrible that these companies play with people’s well-being the way they do. As it is, they charge very high prices for our meds and then they rub salt into the wound by cheating us with the necessary ingredients to keep us stable. BUT, they make THEIR money at our expense!!!

  10. Joleen

    My insurance company also dictates that I can no longer take the Original Cymbalta.

    4 years ago, my insurance switch me to the generic duloxetine. I’m all about saving money, so I tried it. A couple weeks in I started feeling miserable, moody, crying, depressed. So my doctor wrote he script as DAW -Original only no generics. I was fine things went back to normal, mood in check and pain in check. This Jan 2018, my insurance company AGAIN dictated that I can no longer take Cymbalta since a generic was available. Having tried the generic before with NO SUCCESS, I talked with my Dr. and she sent the insurance company a letter stating the generic does not work for me and I need to take the Original Cymbalta.

    My insurance still denies my script. I was actually told by an insurance agency I was screwed..SO TRUE. In the hopes after a few years time, the Generic MIGHT work for me.. I started it again. I’m right back where i was last time. I’ve been so down, lost focus, cant remember things, and my nerve pain is back with due diligence. Where can I turn. does anyone have a drug that can be substituted for Cymbalta?

  11. John
    San Francisco

    Was taking cymbalta for 4 years. Recently, I was given a generic and didn’t think twice about it. I spent a month with extreme symptoms, and finally when I started getting a headache that would last for days, I went back and checked on the medication and realized it must be form this CHINESE SOLCO BRAND!! Shame on Walgreens as well for even stocking it.

  12. Susan H.

    I have been taking Cymbalta for years, and I just switched pharmacies on 03/16. I have been in more pain, crying at the drop of a hat; I’m angry at the world; when I get up I get dizzy, and my tachycardia takes off; my arms, legs and hands feels weak.

    I have been crying all day then it dawned on me that I am taking a generic for Cymbalta. So I called the pharmacist, and they told me to wait and see if it turns around in a few days. I sent a message to my primary care physician and explained to her what is happening. My body is very sensitive when it comes to drugs, and when you are messing around with someone’s chemistry like that you need to be certain that it’s the right drug. The pain I’m having is intense tonight. I hope I don’t have to fight the insurance company over this.

    • amanda
      Dallas tx

      A lot of the generics for this drug cause high blood pressure, which is probably why you got the head aches. I got them too and found my blood pressure in the triple digits. It was awful.

  13. Thomas

    No problems whatsoever in using the generic, FWIW

  14. Ruby
    San Antonio Texas

    I just located this site. I am taking generic Cymbalta manufactured by Solco
    Who can I call to report a serious almost fatal problem? Help this is urgent.

    • Snooks


      I was also changed to Solco. They are bad news. I haven’t contacted my pharmacist but am doing so today. I don’t remember the other generic but was much better. My Dr. Wrote a new script for real Cymbalta only. Can hardly wait to get them. These generics so bad should b taken off the market. Maybe the CEOs of these co. Should have to get sick & take them. They might look into it more seriously.

    • Karen S.

      I took my first pill this morning of Duloxetine DR. It is scary reading this. What serious or almost fatal problems happened?

      Thanks for speaking up, you don’t know how many people this might help!

      • Leigh

        I agree, Karen. I am thankful and would like to know as well. I hate these antidepressants and I always get generic. I was prescribed Duloxetine (DR 30 mg) by Solco as well. It’s in the bottle waiting for me to take it (or to not take it).

  15. Bill

    I have been taking generic CYMBALTA for years for depression. I has always been effective. In fact, my prescrition is for 60mg which I cut to 30 mg to save money by splitting into a second capsule. All of the generics I have used have had the same color capsule (green and blue) A couple months ago I received 60 mg Duloxetine from Ajanta, a company based in India of all places. The prescription was filled through Walgreens/Prime Mail. The first thing I noticed is the color is completely different. When splitting them, it doesn’t appear that they had the same volume of tiny, white, spherical pills inside. After a few weeks, of taking them I noticed an increase in overall pain in my body and a return of symptoms of depression. I doubled up my dose to the full 60mg Ajanta pill without much relief. I have even had a return of some of the symptoms I’ve experienced after missing a day of the medication. As I type this I realize I have to find a way to get back to my original form of Duloxetine if I am to continue living my life symptom free.

  16. Hope
    New Jersey

    I understand TEVA is no longer supplying Duloxetine. I also see so many complaints from people whose generic brands have been changed and the medications are all different, causing major side effects. Is there anything we can do? Who do we notify? And, I think if someone can start a petition and pull together we will all be better off. I apologize I do not know how to start a petition.

    • Amanda
      Dallas TX


      You were taking the certified generic? It sounds like before the switch. They no longer make the certified generic, unfortunately.

  17. Kim

    Has anyone tried Solco mgr. of duloxine?

    • Meg
      New york

      Yes, I picked up my prescription January 9 and noticed the manufacturer had changed and the pill looked different . I really didn’t think much of it I had a lot on my plate at the time. Then I began with daily migraines , every single day that I took the Cymbalta (solco) I went away for the weekend and I have my weekend medicine kit that had the old Cymbalta manufacturer pill (citron) I had no headache.

      Back home back on the solco, brand migraines returned. Thank goodness I have an amazing pharmacist he is getting me my old brand back taking back the old pills and getting me my old manufacturer Med. I have celiac disease he suspects it may have been something in the filler in the SOLCO brand.

      • Bev

        Check the inert ingredients of both versions at https://dailymed.nlm.nih.gov/dailymed/.
        I did fine with Citron’s version, but horrible with Camber.
        By process of elimination you can narrow down what versions may work for you and what won’t.

    • Ann

      Both my husband and I take duloxitine 60 mg. We use to take a burgundy and pinkish colored pill. A few months ago I noticed our pills were blue and white and manufactured by Solco Healthcare in China. Both of us have noticed a change in our moods since taking the Solco brand. Both of us have been overly tired, had gas, bloating, and frantic dreams. I’ve contacted my pharmacist and doctor to tell them that something is not right.

  18. Diesel

    I had taken Cymbalta 30 once daily and after changing to a generic noticed it didn’t work as well. My Doctor increased my dosage to 2 x 30 daily. It helped. Now I recieved Apo-Duloxetine generic and found myself going through withdraw symptoms. I suspected poor quality and switch to a different brand. I opened 1 of each brand and found small clumps on the Apo brand and small beads in the other. I returned the Apo-Duloxetine to the drug store to complain. Nothing has happen other the owners of Apotex were found hanging in their basement. Weird

    • Sandy

      Were these the pink and pale pink color? I had them subbed one time, and they were like taking nothing at all! I gave up and got a refill at a different pharmacy, and now I am scared because they are the blue and white and they say they come from China? What is going on?

  19. Lucinda

    I have been taking generic cymbalta for years from the Teva company, and it has worked great for me. I was recently switched by my pharmacy to a generic manufactured by a company in India called Ajanta. I am having upset stomach and face swelling within 2 days of taking. Hoping the pharmacy will switch back.

  20. Kelly

    About 5 years ago I started Cymbalta name brand and it worked really well for anxiety and pain in my shoulder. Then I didn’t have to take it for several years. I started having anxiety again while going through menopause and other things. The doctor gave me Duloxetine CIT.

    From the day I started it my anxiety was worse and couldn’t sleep. After about 1 month I had some old Cymbalta in my cupboard and was curious what it would do. The day I took Cymbalta name brand I felt better and could sleep and felt like myself again. Then I would go back to Duloxetine and feel bad. I would take a Cymbalta and feel good.

    Totally confirmed this to me that there is something in the generic that I don’t do well with. Maybe fillers or inactive ingredients. Not sure. I asked my doctor for The real Cymbalta. Hoping to get it soon.

    • Diesel

      I have had a simular experience with Generic Cymbalta( Apo-Duloxetine).
      It seemed to be nothing compared to brand name drug. I had used the generic for a month and had withdraw symptoms.THE DRUG MAY HAVE BEEN TAMPERED WITH OR SUPPLIED THAT WAY. I tried a different brand and compared the contents. The Apo brand was small clumps the other band was small beads. I returned what I had to the drug store and complained. Nothing was done. So I complained to my doctor and it’s no substitution Rx but I had tried a Sandos generic that worked. But What a rippoff. Good thing I’m easy going and had experience the withdraw of taking Lyrica . A unstable person would react poorly for sure.

      • Barbara D.
        Jefferson County, Missouri

        I, as well, keep getting the run-around.

      • Darlene
        New Brunswick Canada

        My insurance won’t cover the cymbalta .. day 3 on the generic brand and I’m a bomb waiting to explode!!! Every part of my body hurts I’m feeling anxious and chest pains and due for my period any day is not helping !! There has to be another solution to our problem!! I’ve been unemployed since May and cannot afford the cymbalta !! What are they doing to us ?? Using us as their lab rats !!!

  21. Gigi

    I have been taking a generic Cymbalta for years which was produced by a company named Citron. I recently filled my RX on 11/7/17. My pharmacy has changed to a different supplier, Teva. I have not felt well for a couple of weeks due to a cold so it took me awhile to figure out what is happening. I’m in withdrawal. This medicine is not working! I am dizzy, lethargic, having headaches and having tingling in my face. I am also experiencing rapid cycling. My pharmacist has a two week supply of the original brand he will give me to try, I know it will help, I just wish I had put two and two together sooner.

    • Doreen

      Oh my goodness! I just went through the same exact thing with the same two medications! I have been taking Cymbalta from Citron for years and I was given the Teva brand this last prescription. Not thinking much of the change I decided to try it and I have been in so much pain and depressed for the past 2 weeks! Luckily I spoke to my pharmacist and she switched me back to the Citron brand. Hard to believe the same medication from two different companies can be so different!

    • Rita Levet

      Teva brand of generic Cymbalta brought me down in two weeks. Will never take it again. I have been taking Citron Pharma generic, and it continues to work well. Besides, the brand-name capsule was twice as big!!!

    • Barbara

      The same thing happened to me. I have taken the generic of Cymbalta manufactured by Teva since 2008. I take 120 mg for fibromyalgia. Walgreen’s suddenly changed the manufacture to Solco. Told me was the same. The capsules were smaller. After 2 days I went into withdrawal with the shakes and fibromyalgia worst than ever! Called Walgreen’s and said I was taking the Solco meds back and I wanted Teva back. As soon as I had taken 2 days of my old meds, I improved 100%. I also made sure that no substitutions got put in my record.

  22. Lisa

    I am reading all comments and agree. I have a written prescription in my purse, just in case I locate a pharmacy I can find the original Cymbalta from.
    But, it isn’t looking possible. So, what is the solution? How do we get back the original brand of Cymbalta?? And our insurance should pay for original, because It does work!!! Very frustrating!!!!!!!

  23. Sherrill

    I am so glad that I am not alone in knowing that the generic Cymbalta doesn’t work. This is the second time I’ve tried the generic in 6 years. I was hoping this time it would work since it’s been a few years from the last time I tried it. I’m going to have to pay the $240.00 for Cymbalta, because I can’t go on like this, I’m so miserable. But it’s such a relief knowing it’s not all in my head.

  24. Bernie

    Agree fully on the ineffectiveness of generic Cymbalta. Being a thyroid replacement patient as well, I face the same problems with those drugs. The combined possibilities of several generics at once is not worth the savings to me but I can afford the exorbitant prices begrudgingly.

    Why don’t the prices of the name brand drugs come down when the generics appear? Could it be that continuing to profit via the folks that recognize the difference is fostered by the lack of generic success. If they work so well, why would anyone pay the NBO price?

  25. Kevin P

    Was prescribed duloxetine for nerve pain. After just five doses 20 mg I had severe reactions. My entire body is in pain, a rash on my neck and head, my mouth is completely raw as is my throat. This is very scary as I am a stage 4 cancer patient.

    I stopped taking it when I realized that it was causing my issues. I cannot eat can only drink water and I am not sure what can be done about it. I have been unable to find any info about this reaction and am very concerned about my health. Has any one experienced any thing like this?

  26. Jacqueline
    New York State

    I just found this site. I feel horrible to read that so many others are going through the same thing that I am. But at least I now know that I am not alone.

    I have been on Cymbalta for years, and it has worked beautifully for my depression and Fibromyalgia. But in May of 2017 I began feeling very depressed with body aches, and it just got worse. I then realized that my pharmacy changed from the generic Duloxetine made by Apotex, which worked really well for me, to another generic made by Teva, which does not work at all. My doctor signed paper work for me to get the name brand Cymbalta, but I couldn’t afford the $240.00 price, and that was after my insurance company dropped it to a lower tier. I ended up spending the summer with severe depression and thoughts of suicide while working with my doctor trying to find another medication that works as well and/or trying to find a pharmacy that distributes the Apotex brand. Neither generic Duloxetine by Teva, which is made in India, or another generic by Breckenridge, work well at all. After spending so many years finding Cymbalta, which works so well for me and so many others, it is very disheartening to find that it is in the hands of the distributors and the pharmacies, who go by the best price; and the drug companies making the generics. None of them seem to care as to how much their poorly made products are hurting the lives of the people who depend on these medications.

    • Grace
      Staten Island, NY

      Sorry but Teva is made in Israel. I never did try it for Cymbalta but I always request it for baclofen and Clonazepam. No other generic has worked for me. As far as the Cymbalta yes I have had to pay way too much for the brand name and I take 90 mg a day for fibromyalgia and many other elements. None of the generics Work for me at all.

  27. Teresa
    McDonough, GA

    I have been on Cymbalta for about 6 or 7 years for fibromyaglia. The generic duloxetine does nothing for me. I am in terrible pain and nothing seems to help. Eli Lilly at one time was supplying name brand Cymbalta to Prasco Labs and being sold as a generic.

    When I finally realized what was going on, I called Eli Lilly for help. They gave me their information for Eli Lilly helps and another contact, but I am on Medicare and no coupons or other programs will help with the cost. Something is not right with these generic manufacturers!!!!!! I can’t believe the FDA will not do anything about these poorly made generics and letting people suffer because of it.

    Why do we get drugs from countries such as India????? GET REAL PEOPLE, because I am totally outraged and in pain!!!!

    • Dianne S
      Levittown, PA

      we should file a class action lawsuit against insurance companies and pharma benefit cos. AND THE FDA for tiering us out of Brand CNS.
      psychiatric medications. The brain is the most complex part of the body. Most every generic CNS destabilizes and causes unacceptable human suffering.

      Pharmacies must do their due diligence to help their customers maintain stability by providing those generics that work for them. I strongly believe no CNS brand medication should be unaffordable for those afflicted with mental illness. There is no such thing as an effective CNS generic.

      • MKACZ

        Totally agree–a class-actionlawsuit is needed. The generic does not work the same way as the name brand Cymbalta for fibromyalgia. I have to argue this each and every year. I literally just told the insurance company they can treat me for opioid addiction in a year, if they won’t cover this, as it does not help my pain.

    • Car

      Omg when I got my script from Walgreens I could not believe they where from China Solco is the distributor I wouldn’t take them. Plus was telling friends about America is getting generics from India China
      It’s just terrible and FDA should close their doors Not doing there jobs we are the governments ginie pigs HELP FDA should be accountable for approving pills and food that is slowly killing us.

  28. Serena

    I am concerned that my doctor choose this medication for depression. I do not have any pain issues. Many years ago, I had success with generic Prozac. I am now wondering why she did not try that. SSRIs have helped me in the past, just seems that after being on them for several years, they stop working. I have been off antidepressants for a year. I have only been on Duloxetine 30 mg for 4 days. I do not know the generic vendor, how do you find this out? I have noticed I am slightly off balance (I am not usually). I am slightly aware of my heart in my chest.

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