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Grapefruit Lowers Blood Pressure

Q. From about 1985 till about 2005, my blood pressure ran about 150/90 and I needed antihypertensive medications. In 2003 I planted several citrus trees, including two pink grapefruits.

When they started to bear fruit, I ate lots of grapefruit and made gallons of juice (which I froze). I enjoyed the juice as the harvest faded.

The past several years my blood pressure has been about 130/75. Two doctors told me to keep up the grapefruit routine and cut back on the meds! I feel wonderful.

A. Both animal and human research suggests that grapefruit may indeed have an impact on blood vessel flexibility and lower blood pressure (Phytotherapy Research, July, 2009; Metabolism, Jul. 2012). Other foods that can help lower blood pressure include beets, green leafy vegetables and dark chocolate.

To learn more about natural ways to control hypertension readers may wish to consult our Guide to Blood Pressure Treatment. People who take blood pressure or cholesterol medications must be cautious about grapefruit, though. It can interact with dozens of drugs to make them more dangerous. There is detailed information in our Guide to Grapefruit Interactions.

Israeli researchers have found that red grapefruit not only lowers blood pressure but also cholesterol and triglycerides (American Journal of Hypertension, Oct. 2005; Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, March 8, 2006). We talked with Dr. David Bailey, the scientist who first discovered grapefruit-drug interactions several months ago.

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What a fantastic website. I learned so much. Thanks to this site, I just brought Dad’s blood pressure down from 175 to 148!!! I hand juiced one white grapefruit and one hour and 20 min later I noticed the dramatic results. Dad is on 40 mg of lisinopril and all his ailments are from the lisinopril I see after reading treato.com: (ache all over, hip joint pain, constipation, dizzy spells, water retention, cough, sleepy… It is time for us to give up our fear of stroke for our loved ones and realize that stroke is more probable with the meds than with citrus alternatives. How much quality of life are we going to sacrafice with these meds??? The medical and pharm. culture has done a great job of instilling false fear in people so that we will continue to contribute to their greed.

When having my blood pressure checked during my three monthly visit to the doctor three months ago, both he and I were surprised to see that my usually normal blood pressure had risen to 140 over 90. He told me to buy a monitor and take a reading at approximately the same time every morning, and if it got any worse over the following two weeks, I should go back and see him.

There is always useful information on line, so I searched and came across the wonders of the simple grapefruit. At first I ate one a day, then eased off to one every second day or so.
Last week, when my blood pressure was “officially” checked at the surgery, it was back to 120 over 70, as I knew it would be.
Whether it was the grapefruit alone that done the trick, or if it is also the fresh squeezed lemon juice mixed with a teaspoon of pure raw honey in a large glass of pure spring water I now drink faithfully every morning , is anyone’s guess.

If I had told my doctor what I had done, no doubt he would have poo, pooed the possibility of something so simple doing the trick, so I didn’t.

I don’t know about BP meds, but I know for sure grapefruit causes a similar problem with statin drugs. It does seem to have the effect of increasing the strength of the drugs, which can cause liver damage, which is why you are warned so much. That’s why you better not take the chance to eat grapefruit and still take the meds…

I am now off statins, but have yet to enjoy grapefruit again. Thanks for the reminder, People’s Pharmacy! :)

Not all statins interact with grapefruit. Pitavastatin, pravastatin and rosuvastatin do not.

The study reported in pub med used citrus paradisi and not another variant which showed no effect. How to differentiate these two in the super market?

what I didn’t understand in the PAST is why Doctors would not try Natural Alternatives, before turning to man made medications? I’ve been on BP medications since 2005 and I’m Fifty Three now, These Medications are so expensive if you don’t have Good Insurance. Now that I know how much these Medications are, NOW I understand and know the answer, Grape Fruits 99 cents, so lets say 30 dollars a month for a Natural Remedy that is not likely to cause you other problems VS Man Made MEDICTION that costs over 100 dollars per month for Medications that in time may cause other problems that might cause you to have other issues that you’ll have to take MORE Medication for! And there is THE ANSWER! I’ll take GRAPE FRUIT THANKS!!

I am taking nifedipine 30mg for BP medication for 4-5 years now. Lately the medicine can’t control my BP so my doctor added lisinopril and kept my BP to a safe level but lisinopril has a side effect that makes me cough so I went back to my MD to change the lisinopril with something else. Instead of changing she increased the dose of nifedipine to 60mg and discontinued the lisinopril. My BP was in the 150/90 range. The past few weeks while buying groceries I can’t resist the temptation to buy grapefruit which I love to eat. My medicine bottle says “avoid grapefruit”! I continued my medication and eat grapefruit too. After 2 days my BP has been 118/67, 126/72, 114/68! So I said I need to add a section of grapefruit to my medicine. I ran out of grapefruit and haven’t eaten for a week and my BP now, just right now 5:23am 3/17/2016 are 222/119, 218/119, 214/118! I was shocked to find out! So need to go and buy some more grapefruit.

These drug companies just want to sell their stuff. They don’t tell us about alternatives so we continue to buy their products. I’ve been researching why grapefruit is contraindicated with my medicine. All the websites, but one, only say “avoid, don’t mix grapefruit with nifedipine” without explanation. Thank you People’s Pharmacy, and you guys for your inputs. Loved reading them.

This is a very good starting place for people on BP meds and wanting more info on grapefruit interactions … Not enough info in my opinion so talk to ur Dr Pharmacist & research … I won’t take ANY RX or non RX meds without thoroughly researching side effects/interactions and if I have the slightest feeling something isn’t right for me I’ll find another med … Good luck people use common sense & always research ur meds & have a list in your car purse wallet of ALL RX & Non RX meds vitamins herbal medicine that u take in case something happens in an emergency and you cañt talk to 1st responders That list can save your life in an emergency…

What foods wood be an alternative for meds for Diabetes?

I found eating or drinking any type of grapefruits aggravated my osteoarthritis. Would like to know your thoughts on this from The People’s Pharmacy.

I am in my eighties and have been on blood pressure medications since about 50 years if age, I, too, have been told to stay away from grapefruit (which I love to eat), however, have refrained from eating grapefruit all these years due to advice of my doctors. Please advise of any home remedies I may try while still on my medications. Thanks….

If you eat grapefruit and it interacts with your BP meds so much that it drops your BP so much that you faint?….Then perhaps you need to eat grapefruit and nix the BP meds

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