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Getting Off Zoloft Is Challenging

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Antidepressants can be lifesavers, but ultimately many people find that they would like to stop taking the medication. This can be more difficult than it seems.

Is Zoloft Addictive?

Q. I was told that Zoloft (sertraline) was not addicting but my experience suggests otherwise. I was on this antidepressant for nine years. I wanted to get off because it killed my sex drive.

One day after stopping this drug I experienced unbearable dizziness. I could not walk across a room without holding on to a piece of furniture for stability. I called my daughter but was incoherent.

She discovered that my blood pressure was 190/105 and my heart rate was 165. She rushed me to the ER where they thought I was having a heart attack. The tests came back negative.

I suffered headache, dizziness and nausea for days. My daughter suggested I go back on the Zoloft. Shortly after taking it my symptoms disappeared. I am angry that I was never told this drug is addictive. Getting off this drug can be a nightmare.

Withdrawal from Antidepressants:

A. You are not the first person to report disastrous side effects when stopping drugs such as citalopram (Celexa), desvenlafaxine (Pristiq), duloxetine (Cymbalta), escitalopram (Lexapro), paroxetine (Paxil), sertraline (Zoloft) and venlafaxine (Effexor). Sudden discontinuation may trigger symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, anxiety, headache, brain zaps, irritability, insomnia, sweating and pain, numbness or tingling in hands or feet.

You will find other stories about withdrawal from antidepressants if you are interested in CymbaltaEffexor or sertraline. The withdrawal syndrome has not been studied well, but research indicates that it is not unusual (Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, March, 2015).

To help you better understand withdrawal from antidepressants as well as non-drug approaches to managing mood, we are sending you our Guide to Dealing with Depression.

Revised 3/10/2016

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Dealing with Depression

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Dealing with Depression
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I’ve been off my prozac meds for over a month now (really can’t remember–seems like I lose my memory a lot). I feel bad, just bad ALL the time. The night is the worst. My body feels like it’s heating up, and I can’t focus. My brain feels swollen. The pressure on my eyes is enormous. I feel out of body and also feel like my brain is missing something. How does anyone get off this? I keep wishing this will get better but it hasn’t. I’ve withdrawn off of Zoloft before and gotten off of it but this has no comparison. Will I be sick forever? Damn these companies for not warning me how bad this could be since it stays in my system a whole lot longer than Zoloft. 25 days longer it says 😭😭😭😭😭

I have been weaning off Zoloft and all I can say is that it has been hell, probably the worst experience with medication that I’ve ever had. I cut the pill in half for over a week and thought it would be good to go every other day. Then the symptoms started. Zaps, sweats, dizziness, crawling skin, exhaustion and more. I stayed on half then down to 1/4 and then to 1/8 and even after stopping after 1/8 I am still feeling some effects. It’s been two days now without the 1/8 and I’m still uncomfortable with sweats and exhaustion, very minor zaps. This has been awful. Don’t take this medicine!!

I was on Prozac for a little over a year for anxiety and depression but the drug was making me sleepy during the day and keeping me up at night. My doctor switched me to Zoloft around 4 months ago and I’ve been taking it faithfully ever since, up until about a week ago. I stoped taking the Zoloft on my own because I felt like it made me gain weight. Every since I got off it, I’ve been unbelievably dizzy, nauseous at times, and haven’t been very hungry at all.

I have been cutting my doses in half for over a month now, and this week I finally stopped taking it all together. Needless to say, I am an emotional wreck. It doesnt help at all that my cat got very sick and is now in the pet hospital. I cannot stop crying, which is somewhat nice since I havent cried in years.

What I am worried about is I cannot sit still. I have anxiety and sort of pace when left alone. My thoughts are all over and often darker than I would want them to be. I am sort of obsessed over my cat having to be put down, even though the docs said it was not likely. I dont like being at home since he is gone, and I find myself driving around a lot when I am not working.

Its hard to say if this is going off meds, the situation with my cat, or a combo. I was only on 50mg for the last 3 years and I didnt like the rapid heart rate in the am after taking it followed by the need to sleep a little longer (and getting sweaty while sleeping). I hope things go back to normal and I am not losing my mind.

Side note, I planned on doing this now because it was a stress free time, but then the universe sort of flipped the script on me. The worst part is all the negative and sad thoughts that keep flooding my mind, especially in regards to life and death of loved ones.

I hope you are feeling better by now. I had to go from 1/2 to 1/4 and finally 1/8th. Two days off now and still feel effects. I’m hoping in a couple days it will be completely gone. What a hellish experience!

I’m weaning off of Sertraline right now. I was taking 50 mg a day, and have been taking it for many years. I, too, am having a rough time with it. My emotional state is awful, I can’t stop crying, and the dizziness is unbearable. How long does this take to pass?

I am a white female age 50 . I was on Zoloft for 11 years . 100 MG for the first 3 years . Then 50 MG for 8 years. When gradually coming off zoloft after 5 weeks of no zoloft .I woke one night with burning in my whole body down my spine in the left side of my head almost like sezure behavior my husband called the ambulance . My blood pressure was 180/90 I thought was haveing a heart attack . I can tell you the withdrawl of zoloft is very bad ! The burning in my body is not from menapause I can say that !! I wish it was then it would go away after 10 min.

My family Dr. Put me on zanex because my mind was haveing hullunations. Then they sent me to a Nurelogist he then sent me for an mri .a week later my MRI results showed nothing . He decided to put me on a anti sezure medicine .so here I am no health issues not even high blood pressure .except the night it was very high . After the episode of burning in all parts of my extremities for 3 strait days.

I’m pretty worried about my body haveing another attack . I now 3 months off of every thing no zanex no anti sezure meds no anxiety meds still experience brain zaps or electric shocks waking in the middle of the night with insomnia. I go to the store and have black outs after making sure I eat !! Is it from the zoloft yes. I had non of this before going on it .

My doctor prescribed 50 mg of Sertraline as I was becoming a nervous wreck due to lots of upsets going on in my life. However I didn’t really notice any difference being on them except being unable to cry and then I started to feel nauseous which I didn’t like. I asked my doctor if I could come off them and he told me to just stop taking them. I had been on them three months. My head feels fuzzy and strange and I feel nauseous. I hope this will disappear soon as I want to try and cope without medication.

I was dealing with a nervous stomach in the mornings. My doctor prescribed Zoloft. After just 1 dose of 25mg. I started getting jittery and had a panic attack. So, i stopped taking it. I continued to feel the side effects, and its been 3 days now. I just want to go back to the way i was before. Has anyone else dealt with this?

I have the same thing but I have not take the pills yet our son is in the nicu for two months and I have two more children at home too so should I take the pills or not

I’m having side effects as well along with the panic attacks after just 2 days of taking the Zoloft. I’ve stopped it and now waiting for the effects to go away.

Hi, Sorry you are feeling like that. After just 2 days of 50mg I felt the side effects and stopped. It’s day 4 and still feeling dizzy and nausea. I hope things get better for you. Best thoughts from Ecuador

I was on this for 6 weeks,,,took my repetitive thoughts away . But boom the shaking and jerking of my head pulls to the right in th exact same spot every time. It almost wants to stay to the right. I have full range of motion…it slightly started to do this whilst on gabapentin. But straight as I took sertraline total hell.

I kept saying oh muscle tension, gotta get worse to get better, but I dunno.. I stopped straight cold turkey , I noticed diff slightly not as bad,,,, then next day reverts, next not as bad etc,,, it’s been a week now of not taking…. All this must be down to these meds… I actually had faith they’d work. Now I feel I’m left with some dystonia issue,,,,,, it’s hell, I can’t do nothing, can’t lift , can’t exercise, trouble walking, sitting to ear etc head just pulls….

Zoloft is not addictive and the symptoms the writer experienced are due to not decreasing the dose over time before stopping the medication. This is known as titration and is the recommended way of stopping any of the SSRI medications. The body/brain becomes acclimated to the medication and has a response when it is taken away suddenly. Many people go off these types of medications without a doctor’s supervision and then are unprepared for how the body responds.

I, too, am weaning off Zoloft (generic: Sertralin). I believe I’ve been on it for 4-5 yrs. I started as I was dealing with the deaths of my parents and two beloved aunts (within 3 months of each other). I want to get off them as I am not sure of the long range effects.
I went from 75 mg to 50 for two weeks, then 25 for two weeks. I took my last 25 last Monday.
I am having “brain zaps” which I am not unfamiliar with. Only, I am having more now, and I also feel I am having trouble concentrating. I had headaches, but they have mostly subsided.
I am hoping that these are the only side-effects and will be able to tell only after I have passed about 3 weeks off meds.
This was the only med I was on.
Once I read others reviews, I knew that all the symptoms I was having were probably “normal”, so that has helped.
Good luck, everyone.

Hey There I currently take Zoloft 50mg and clonazepam, I have been tappering off the clonazepam slowly with barely any withdrawals, I keep telling the doctors , I am these are making me more depressed. Im curtain its the Zoloft, so they had me skip a day to try it at night, so the morning I skipped the zoloft I felt great better than I have the last 3 months, but they still want me to take the damn Zoloft, I dont know why. I took it down to .25mgs and I felt a little dizzy. And then skipped a day, feels weird. IM also taking Vitamin b complex. Any opinions on what to do I want off these meds. No Anxiety and Never had Depression. Been on Zoloft and Clonazepam for a month and a half.

I was on Celexa for 10 years and when I decided to quit, I would get feelings like electric shocks (not severe, but very noticeable) shooting through my body. I had to get back on them and slowly taper off the dosage until I was free of the effects.
I remember when my Doctor first prescribed them, I was hesitant to take them, but her words were something like this: These new anti-depressants are totally unlike the ones of the past. She talked me into trying them because they were so “wonderful”. And it did relieve my depression..but getting off of them is a different story that they don’t tell you about.

I was on Prozac for a couple of years. Went to have gastric bypass surgery and they ask me to get off of it. Well 2 days after getting off of it I had horrible withdrawls. I couldn’t walk felt like I had no legs at all. Went to ER they told me to go back home and take 2 pills right then. And to gradually wing myself off. To never go cold turkey with any antidepressant. Took awhile but did get off. So please be careful with all of them.

I took Zoloft for several years and then decided to get off it. I knew stopping cold turkey was NOT an option, so I took it VERY slowly. I started with cutting 1/4th of the medication off the pill (I was taking 50mg). Even with just that small amount gone, I had dizziness, vertigo, anxiety, sleep disturbances, irritability, particularly during the first 2 weeks of the lowered dose. I stayed on this dose for 4 – 5 weeks, and gradually adjusted. Then I went to half the dose. And the same symptoms occurred again. It was horrible, but I was determined. I stayed on half dose for about 6 – 8 weeks (I don’t remember exactly, but it took me 4+ months to get completely off it). Every time I lowered the dose, I was miserable! When I cut the half pill in half (equal to 1/4th the 50 mg dose), I think I finally got below therapeutic levels. I used Gaia St. Johns’ Wort and 5-HTP to moderate the symptoms I was having, and it helped. I’m finally completely off it and have not experienced rebound depression or anything like that. I feel better and am glad to be off it. If I can avoid it, I will never go back on an anti-depressant.

Before commenting, It’s important to realize that people react differently, and that not all the SSRI’s cause the same symptoms immediately after stopping a medication. Everyone’s experience is different. I’m not a medical professional; this is only my opinion & perspective.

I don’t consider the SSRI antidepressants “addictive”, in the usual sense. You don’t crave your Zoloft or Paxil while you’re withdrawing like a person withdrawing from alcohol or narcotics.

Unfortunately, I don’t think many physicians realize the misery withdrawing can cause. The paradox is – nobody should be withdrawing from these drugs without medical supervision.

I’m withdrawing from Prozac, under the supervision and support of my Physician, very gradually. Prozac has a long half-life, which means it stays in your system longer than some other drugs like Paxil, which has a shorter half-life. I sure wouldn’t stop any of these medications “cold turkey”; if you do, you’re asking for trouble.

I also wouldn’t withdraw from these types of medication without doing it very, very gradually, and keeping my physician in the loop. I’d request something to help with the symptoms: something for anxiety & panic, Zofran for nausea – whatever you need to help you get through this, even if you have to stand up to your Doctor. I went to the ER after experiencing severe nausea & vomiting while withdrawing from an SSRI medication, They replaced the fluids I lost, gave me a script for Zofran (for nausea), and sent me home. They didn’t know anything about what happens when you stop taking this stuff, but at least I got the treatment I needed. That was me – someone else’s situation is not the same.

Good luck to everyone who is going through this.

Perhaps the lesson to be learned here is to never abruptly discontinue a drug that one has been taking for a considerable period of time. One should taper off very gradually, and then only with a doctor’s approval and under his or her supervision. This does not just apply to the SSRI’s, but to many other medications as well.

A second point that might be worth considering is the difference between being addicted to a drug and dependent upon it. Addicts center their lives on getting and using their drug of choice. They generally take far more than the appropriate dose and may even engage in illegal activities in order to get the drug. On the other hand, one can become dependent upon many drugs. One could make the case that one becomes dependent upon antihypertensives to control one’s blood pressure, insulin to control one’s blood sugar levels, and, yes, psychotropics to maintain one’s equanimity and functioning. Stopping any of these medications abruptly and without the approval and supervision of a doctor could cause significant, and in some cases life-threatening, problems.

Very well said…thank you

I am 92 and have been on Zoloft for perhaps 1 year. The doctor prescribed 25 mg. It has helped me deal with my wife’s dementia and episodes of seemingly being near death. I don’t like being on anti-depressants and have cut my 25 mg pills in half without suffering from reducing the dose. I have not suffered any extreme side effects.

I was put on 25 mg sertraline about 6 weeks ago with effective results. However, I do not like taking prescription medicine and looked for a substitute supplement. I went off sertraline and added Ashwagandha and Rhodiola (100 mg) instead. I feel most of the same results as sertraline provided without any side effects so far (11 days).

I was on Zoloft, 50mg, for 15 years, and decided several months ago to wean myself from it. I am 70 years old, and quite healthy. My internist advised me to take half a tab for two weeks and then discontinue completely. As a former RN, and informed health care consumer, I thought that wasn’t enough time for withdrawal, so extended it two more weeks, with half a tab every other day. Still, I experienced many of the same symptoms as have been listed here, dizziness, itching, muscle aches, fatigue, sadness. I stuck with it, and it has been a full month now without any of the drug. I still feel odd, tend to cry easily, and am sad without obvious reason more often. I do have a renewed interest in sex, and am no longer anorgasmic, so I think the trade off is worth it, but I do wish prescribing physicians took a more careful and attentive approach to the side effects of withdrawal from this and other psychotropic drugs.

I have been on 25mg of stertraline for 10 months….about 6 weeks ago I decided to go cold turkey and stop….first few weeks were ok ….then my blood pressure went sky high ended up in A&E ….we’re all test results came back fine…was sent home with high blood pressure…still having brain zaps….feeling numb and having fuzzy head still…however my pulse rate and heart rate back to normal…doctor said stertraline should not cause thee side affects well I disagree…started yoga which has help…the anxiety and panic attacks stopt….just hope the tingling in fingers,fuzzy heads…and dizzy spells stop soon…

I have been off Zoloft for about 4 months now, and quitting that drug was a living hell. I had anxiety, headaches, spells of vertigo that sent me to the hospital for 3 day stay, irritibility, pain all over my body, higher blood pressure, I felt like I was spirling down a rabbit hole of hell. It is horribly addictive. The sad thing is that drs. Are telling people its not addictive and safe. If I went through that coming off the drug … What was the drug really doing to my brain ? I still suffer anxiety tingling in hands, a feeling of dullness and not completely able concentrate. I was being over medicated for years on that stuff. I can do more now, feel like I’m back to old me but still somethings little off. I honestly believe Zoloft caused brain damage to me on some level.

I am on zoloft for about 1 month and i decided to get it off as it make me more anxious.i started to feel that way after the death of my father and trying zoloft was the wrong thing i i cut it off 12.5 mg but i am feeling tired,bad headache and heart palpitations like i am having a heart atack and this makes me more anxious.i try rivotril to sleep because am sleepless and thoughtful all the night.i dont know how to go thgrouh this.

I have been reducing my dose as directed by my doctor and experiencing extreme anxiety mostly located in my chest and experiencing mood swings. I am now feeling grouchy and irritable. Not a great feeling. Nothing seems to help. This is worse than getting off of nicotine. Man, I expected that it would be horrible but this is far worse. I visited my Cardiologist because I have been experiencing chest pain and left arm throbbing. He said it is Angina. Well I did not suffer as far as I know from Angina till I got on this medication. I was given the medication to help control my anxiety and picking disorder. Neither was getting better and it if anything made me unable to focus on anything. WOW this is a really bad trip for what? No more

I’m 78 and have been on Zoloft for 3 months. Started on 50gms and reduced to 25 after 3 weeks since reading the awful reports on here.

My husband died in his sleep from a heart attack, tried to revive him but he was already dead. Trauma from this and the consequences of his death caused me to think I needed a pill, given readily by my doctor.

I’m down to 12gms now and will do this for a month. Just tired and feeling weird but I’m lucky to be retired and also we have the National Health Service here which means I’ll be able to get tablets for as long as needed. Wish I’d never started but I feel this will end and hope all the people on this site will get through their pain.
Best to all of you

I have been taking Zoloft for 10 years or so at 50-100 mg depending on how i feel. I just stopped taking it about 2 weeks ago. I tapered off pretty well in my opinion, but I’m still getting brainzaps and dizzyness spells many times a day. I quit taking it because I don’t want to be dependent on any medication.

I asked a Dr. about long term side effects and brain damage and she said absolutely not. (not sure I believe it) I’ve noticed some effects that used to happen before I started taking it, like frustration at small things, like change falling out of my pocket when I’m driving, backpack falling off one shoulder when trying to carry too many things, etc. I can live with these little annoyances as long as the dizzyness goes away. Hell, maybe if it keeps happening I can sue them for millions of dollars lol. Good luck and health to all. Peace.

I’d been on 50mg of sertraline for about 2 years. Tried to quit cold turkey during August 2014 vacation. The first two weeks I really felt like it was going to be easy, but then the side effects kicked in. Mild dizziness, those weird brain spark things, irritability, and losing my temper. I became kind of unbearable to be around, so I went back on, but I still wanted to quit. Tried again at the beginning of November 2014, and scaled back to 25mg, then 25mg every other day, then once a week. Some of the side effects came back and I started feeling like I could never get off the stuff, but I kept taking 25mg periodically to stave off side effects. I haven’t had any now since Jan. 5, 2015. However, I do now have high blood pressure, which I’ve never had in 45 years. I’m starting dietary changes to combat that. I am happy I went on this drug when I did because I think it helped me make many of my relationships better. After the August quitting failure I took counseling more seriously and tackled some family/parenting issues that were major contributors to my anxiety and depression. Being a stepparent sucks sometimes. I do not have a good temperament to be the primary disciplinarian so that situation had to change. As of now I’ve quit and maintained a good happiness level. It can be done.

For about a week or so, I stopped taking zoloft. I went from taking 100mgs a day down to taking it every other day, every two days and so forth.
It’s been recent in the last few days that I was feeling itchy all over, and had a hard time falling asleep. My scalp felt itchy and I thought it was just the dryness.
This is the 3rd night and the symptoms are worse. My scalp is itchy, restless, night sweats, and I cannot fall asleep. It’s past midnight and I already had to change pjs because I woke up damp and cool. Now I’m getting irritated and I’m sure it’s due from lack of sleep. Decided to do a google search with those symptoms and omg, never thought it could have been related to weaning off of zoloft.
I need to know if I should be contacting my doctor or if anyone knows how long these symptoms last?!? Is it going to get worse? I really don’t want to go back on it! Any helpful suggestions?

I have been taking 50 mg of Zoloft daily and cut my dosage in half 4 weeks ago. Since I had such bad side effects when I first started taking Zoloft, I assumed that I would have bad side effects coming off it. So far I’ve had headaches and swollen sinuses. Yesterday I woke up with itchy palms. As the day progressed the itching moved to other areas of my body. Luckily, the itching is contained to one area of my body at a time, but I guess that could change. I was going to do some research and see if an anti-histamine would reduce the itching. I’m just happy that I can finally get off of this drug. I’ve tried several times over the past 20 years but could never go more than two weeks without the depression coming back.

I have been on Setraline and Xanes for over a year now but I decided to come off and just try to handle myself differently…mind over matter. So I was taking my meds every other day for about 2 weeks until my prescription ran out….did not renew it so have not been taking any at all. I have been sick for the last 2 days of naseau and bad headaches and dizziness and not feeling good.. I also came off my xanex which I was taking at night. So I am assuming I am feeling this way because of this and not dealing with a flu bug or anything. It’s kind of scary that you go through this because I didnt realize I was actually addicted to either one of these. Can anyone tell me how long this will last? I’ve had to leave work 2 days in a row because of it.

My husband started taking Zoloft about 1.5 weeks ago, 12mg, and he is having ALL of the side effects, nauseous, shortness of breath, dizziness, etc. He wants to go off of it. At such a low dose (he is taking 1/4 of what was original prescribed) what is the best way to wean off of it? Take one day, skip the next? Horrible timing as we are going on vacation tomorrow :(

If you are weaning of f an SSRI and Xanax at the same time you are in for the worst. Benzo withdrawal is nearly impossible to maintain function then the SSRI withdrawal will put you into psychosis. You need to rethink your regimen before it’s too late.

Thank you….this is all common sense to me, too. I’ve been on sertraline for 2 years and wanted to go off. I’ve had awful vertigo and of course that kicked my anxiety into high gear. So frustrating…but my body has relief on it!

Hi, I have been taking sertraline for about 7 months and am beginning the weaning off stage. I truly appreciate all the info here. I would like to suggest that people may find tremendous help in mindfulness meditation. Research has shown that as little as 10 minutes a day have positive impacts that can be seen in the MRIs of people after only 2 weeks. Check out info from the book “Full Catastrophe Living” or web resources like Jon Kabat-Zin is truly an expert and has been working with this at the University of Mass. Medical Center for decades. Also Dr. Richard Davidson has done exciting work in this area.
I have also used self-hypnosis CDs by a psychiatrist to help with insomnia. I have found these techniques extremely helpful in my life. I would like to add that I am very sensitive to medications and often experience the worst of the side effects. My vision has been damaged from a previous drug and even more now from this one. I am currently considered glaucoma suspect and will have to have my eyes monitored every 3 months. The last time I had to do this was in 2011 after taking corticosterpids for asthma. Once I stopped them for a long period, my eye problems got better (not the vision, but the pressure and the cup damage) and I was able to start going in for check ups only once a year.
Well now I just had my yearly exam after being on the Sertraline and my vision is much worse and the damage is back. Hopefully the physical, glaucoma-suspect damage will clear up again after stopping the drug, but I don’t think my vision will improve. I hope this helps someone with more alternatives besides drugs!!!

I would recommend to anyone trying to get of these medications to eat lots of fruits and veggies (cliche I know). I ride bicycles alot and surf and those endorphins and adrenaline do more for me than Zoloft ever did in my opinion. If you’re older or not into sports, just walk a few times a week and you’ll feel it. Like you said, meditation and prayer helps too. I also listen to hypnosis recordings (apps) I get on my Iphone and the results are remarkable. I mostly listen to law of attraction stuff and everything I’ve focused on has come true (yes, weird I know)

I have been taking 50mg of Sertraline daily, for 20 years. I forgot to take it with me for our 4th of July vacation, so i was off it for 3 days and decided maybe it was time to quit completely. It’s been 5 days so far, and I have to tell you I have NOT experienced any of the listed withdrawal symptoms. So Far so good !!! : ) no visions, no voices, no zaps, no dizziness, no nothing. not yet anyway : )

I am curious to see if you are still off the zoloft and how it has been for you.
I would like to wean off also.
Thank you

Hi Lisa,
Yes my ears played up when I was coming off it. Just that horrible high pressure feeling, ringing in the ears sort of a thing. I don’t want to lead you down the garden path though, every one is different and what you’re experiencing may not be a side effect so I think it is still important to follow up with your doc.
Let us know how you go!

Can anyone tell me if this is a side effect of trying too come off Sertraline. …I have been on 100mg. I went to 50 for 2 weeks now I’m on 25 just started my first v of what I’m hoping well bee 2 weeks then going to cut that in half for 2 weeks. I know from reading the dizziness jolts and voices are all symptoms. … but I’m also having hearing problems. .. like someone holding their hands over my ears. .. like filled with water and pressure. My pcp said my ears are clear and had me on nasal spray. If this doesn’t work in a week I’m too see an ENT. Before spending money on an ENT I would like to know if this is a side effect of trying to come off this medicine? Could someone please let me know.

Hello Chrissue,
I’m a 46 year old woman doing the same as yourself. I’m off the Zoloft now completely and even three weeks off am experiencing visions, voices, zaps and moments of emmotional bursts (sadness or tears for no apparent reason). I am going to continue forward because I as you want to learn how to naturally manage my own stress and anxiety.
I do hold a very stressful job but I’m ready now, I believe, to set better limits and ration myself better. Fingers crossed I do well. I’m only expecting baby steps but any forward motion on that front would be a welcomed improvement.
In addition. I am making efforts to train myself to turn to exercise, breathng and walking as a place of outlet. In recent past it was always quick food. The 20 added pounds in the mirror are devestating to me but evidence that a change is necessary.
The hardest part for me is to give myself a break and to allow myself to fail every now and again. I know in my head that I will get back up. It’s just that weird monster comes in every now and again and causes me to doubt myself.
baby steps for us all. I wish you the best. Keep up the positive shifts.

Joni did the docs take you off Zoloft cold turkey?
I did it the wrong way and took myself off mine cold turkey and I can definitely feel your pain. There were lots of tears, my depression and anxiety came back ten fold, I smashed some plates and bowls, punched my partner in the head, thought I would never get through it.
Just now that these side effects are to be expected and you are not yourself right now. If you’re really not coping well, please see your doctor. Have you considered alternative therapies? The last thing you want is for your doc to replace the Zoloft with another type of addictive medication, but as I said, if you’re not coping it is soooo important that you see your doctor. Keep us posted with your progress, you’re not alone xo

I have been off Zoloft for a week my life is a living hell, crying, depressed, brain fog, zaps in my body system, dizzy spells, agitated. I see my family doc tomorrow I hope he can help I totally feel hopeless, I hope I either go back on it or something. I need the help, just left the stress center after seven days because of a od of my meds to much to explain there the docs there took me completely off. Now I’m screwed up even more bad stuff.

Ive been on zoloft for two years and I’ve been trying to taper off due to pregnancy n I think that’s why I’m so sick. I had strange head feelings, extreme sadness, bad nausea, severe sleep disturbances, like I feel like I’ll never wake up, horrible anxiety… I’m just always literally scared to darn death.

I have ran out of Zoloft called in prescription but my Dr. has not refilled. I am having the only way I know to describe is daytime nightmares. We I go into these nightmare it will last for about 5 minutes when it’s over I try to remember them but I can’t. Has anyone else experienced this? Dr.s should never not refill a prescription. I have a Drs.. Appointment next week for a physical and no refill until Thursday. Not great news I feel terrible.

I’m 66 years old and have been on 50 mg of Zoloft for 10 years, getting off it once before. This time I weaned myself off it very very slowly. This is my second day completely off it and I am having some very minor dizziness and brain zaps. I went down to 3/4 dose for 2 weeks, 1/2 dose for 2 weeks, and 1/4 dose for 2 weeks.
I also put on weight in spite of working out and eating relatively healthy. My hopes are that I can stay off it and manage my anxiety in a more natural way. I know when you make the decision to get off Zoloft, it’s hard to take it slowly–I was the same way the first time I went off it and it was not pleasant! This time has been relatively side effect-free and the extra 10 pounds is finally coming off.

Please give an update as I am same age as you and am trying to wean myself off. How are you now?

Hello! Thank you for sharing. I am experiencing extreme weight gain I THINK from going off of Zoloft. Did you experience this as well? Could it be my thyroid?

Depressed in SD ! I’ve been on same dose and same length of time ! (200mg 12 yrs) I have slowly slowly slowly weaned myself down to 100 mg – for 3 weeks after weaning from 200 to 150 I had some withdrawal effects worst of all being snappy. But muddled thru and that did pass. Now I’ve been on 100 for quite some time now and all I want to do us sleep – my body just feels soo tired – so I’m wondering how ur progress is going and if anyone else has had this insatiable sleepiness.

So I have been on Zoloft for 3 years for a panic disorder and back in June they increased my dosage from 50mg to 100mg. Since then I have gained 20 pounds while panic attacks are gone I feel horrible about my body. I spoke with my doctor and I am trying to wean off of them. So I’m back at 50mg for 1 month and then go to 25mg for 1 month and then stop. I’m on day four and I’m not having any issues other then irritability, I just feel like I want to scream and go to bed out of it. I know this will only be temporary but I would like someones thoughts. And I am hoping I will lose the weight too. I have changed my eating habits and I am now joining a gym since I blame the cold weather for missing walks. :P

I have been on Zoloft for 15 years now. I came to the point where I was so numb and just couldn’t think clear as I used to. My new psychiatrist suggested it’s time to get off Zoloft completely. I was also on 600 mg seroquil, now I’m down to 200.. I went down from 200 mg Zoloft to 150 mg Zoloft and since six days ago I’m down to 100 mg. Now I want to wait an extra week to go down anymore. I usually go down on one or the other every week. I like the idea of 100 mg one day then 50 mg the next and following that pattern. I get the chills or willy’s a lot and it makes my head shake like I’d be cold, but I’m not.
I will be laying on the couch and the phone rings and my chest automatically gets extremely tight. When I walk I sometimes feel like I’m inside a video camera. Sorta bouncy. I become anxious and frustrated so easily especially when there’s a lot of noise and stimulation around. My head feels 5 times heavier. My throat gets tight a lot. I get nauseous. Sometimes I feel like I can’t handle anything. I will feel extreme guilt and I haven’t really done anything. I want to get some vitamin B’s. I hear everyone is low on vitamin B’s.
Also found out my progesterone level is critically low. I’m using cream every day now for 2 weeks. Yes I also take .5 or 1 mg ativan (lorazepam) to take the edge off my Zoloft decrease side affects. It really helps. Sometimes I feel like I’ll lose it, but I know this is just the roller coaster ride that will lead me to a better mind. I am seeing a counselor who is also a psychiatrist. I personally couldn’t do this without his support. I plan to stay with my doctor for a while even after I’m off my meds. I don’t just want to wear a band aid forever.

I was misdiagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder 9 months ago, I was taking 250mg of Zoloft EVERYDAY, and I hated it. I went to a different psychiatrist and around a month ago my diagnosis was changed to unspecified Bipolar disorder. I started Lithium, and dropped the zoloft to 200mg. I had no issue, in fact, I started feeling so much better. A couple of days ago I was lowered to 150mg.
Yesterday, I couldn’t eat, sleep, or even think clearly. While lying in bed, about four or five times, I thought I saw something one in my room, there was nothing there (i know now I experienced Hallucinations) . Today I feel like absolute garbage! I almost vomited, I am weak, I don’t want to socialize with even my family. Just to name some of the effects.

I’m lowering my dosage now. Started 4 years ago beginning I felt absolutely great!
but now since I went from 150 to 125. (now on 125) I feel sever dizziness and noush, I feel like vomiting. My head is spinning away is that normal to how I feel?

I was on 200mg of zoloft for about 4 years. I was originally prescribed it for anorexia due to severe stomach pain. Since then I have been diagnosed with high anxiety, depression, and PTSD. About 2 months ago I quit cold Turkey because I was having intense feelings in my stomach. They were episodes where I felt as though someone had just died when nothing had happened. After quitting it was hard to function at first but not as bad as how I felt on the zoloft. Since I quit the only real problem I’ve had is weight gain.
In two months off zoloft I’ve gained about 20 lbs! I feel very uncomfortable all the time and embarrassed. I plan to get on something else for the stomach pain and anxiety so my next steps are seeing a pharmacologist or psychologist. I just don’t understand the weight gain or the intense feelings of dread.

Hi, I read about your Zoloft withdrawal and wanted to say I was on only 6.25mg of it for 2 years, almost 2 and a half years and I still felt the horrible blow of withdrawal. I was afraid to take more. When I took 12.5mg, I got extreme derealization as I already suffer from severe A.D.D. and manic depression. I stopped cold turkey 3 months ago and now I’m just plain manic and in rage at times and other times I’m very meditative and calm. “Hostile”, “Irritable”, “Talking fast then slowing down all of a sudden”, I get all of that… but I’m using my own mind… and at times, a nice .5mg peach pill of Xanax to hold me over :) Xanax and red wine are my fixer in life and so is meditation….
I feel that zoloft is great to be on for maybe a year or so, but you have to stop it eventually. It injures your brain’s own ability to fight a disease. Let’s say you’re on xanax 1mg for 5 years and just stop… what would happen? Your alpha waves would not be tuned to that frequency and you’d have a beta relapse/convulsion, whatever you like to call it. Then more lucid dreams, waking up tongue hanging out, dizzy, dry mouth, tingling hands… same thing night after night for weeks and even months on and off.
To me, meditation and having that exact mindset, every night, for months, and eventually, for a few years… there’s not turning you back. You could walk through hell with a smile on your face. Hope the best to all who withdraw as I know what it is and it’s not pretty. God bless.

I have been on Zoloft (sertraline) for probably 15 to 20 years! I started at 25mg, then 50mg. Then after my sister died I was prescribed 100mg 14 years ago, 3 1/2 years ago I lost my mother they put me at 150mg. Then just recently my only child died at 23 years (not even 8 months ago) The doctor put me on 200mg because of course I thought I was going off the deep end, I just wanted to die and still have days like that but who wouldn’t!!!?? Now she has me at 250mg.
I have gained weight, absolutely no sex drive, I don’t care about cleaning the house at all, I just don’t care about much of anything. I also have a Vitamin D deficiency. I wish I would have never went on them. At first I thought this is great now I am struggling to keep sane. I have tried to go off and have tried doing it very gradually. I just can’t do it. Even before my daughter died I tried and all I thought about was suicide. I think they have changed the makeup of my brain and I will never be able to get off them. Seek help from doctors if you are trying to get off. DON’T do it alone.

Hi everyone :)
I’ve posted a few times before, thought I’d give you guys an update!
I first posted almost a year ago, when I was 21 and had just finished tapering off the 100 MG of zoloft (a dose I had been taking for 9 years). I tapered off “properly” and very slowly, albeit with very little support from my doctors. I had extremely serious withdrawal for a full month, and intermittent symptoms for a month after that. I’m all better now. You will be, too. It’s VERY hard. If you’re having symptoms that make you feel like hurting yourself or someone else, please seek help. You can expect a full month of pain, no matter how slowly you tapered, and you might get two months. But it WILL get better. When you’re in the throws of mood swings, sweats, brain shocks and nausea, remember that this will get better. Hold on to that.
I sat on a jury during my withdrawal, asking for recesses every so often so that I could vomit. This is a long, hard road, but it will get better. My symptoms are completely gone now. No brain shocks, no mood swings, no anxiety, no depression. I have better energy than I’ve ever had, I feel more connected to the people around me, everything is better since I got off of a medicine that I didn’t need.
I see now that people are reporting switching to a gluten free diet, and this is something that I have had to as well. Although my withdrawal symptoms went away, I had continuing digestive problems. They were extremely painful and lasted for six months. I saw a GI specialist, a nutritionist, an allergist, no one was able to help. Finally, I got all of the doctors to admit that they had seen these persisting symptoms (abdominal pain and bloating to the point that I looked pregnant – I am a very thin, tall girl, 5’8″ and 115 lbs) before: in other people who had recently weaned off of antidepressants. I learned then that something like 80% of the serotonin in your body is located in your stomach.
While no official studies have been done about this (because nobody wants to stop prescribing these drugs because they make so much money) it makes sense that discontinuing something that blocks serotonin re-uptake would cause a change to the stomach. A well known Boston GI specialist and a well known Boston allergist both told me that although they couldn’t prove it, they thought that the pills were the cause of my symptoms, which they have only been able to diagnose as “irritable bowel syndrome.”
If you have these problems, I have good news: acupuncture helps a LOT. And insurance will probably cover it. Acupuncture helps manage the symptoms for me, but only when combined with a gluten free, dairy free diet. I was already a vegetarian, so I am now essentially on a vegan diet. Eating cooked food, and not raw food, will also help as warm food is easier to digest.
My digestive symptoms are currently managed, and the initial withdrawal symptoms are long gone.
Yours will get better, too.
I have faith in you guys. we’re all in the same boat – we were prescribed something we thought would help us, and instead we’ve found the opposite. it’s not fair, but we can get through it. remember that you aren’t alone. and please remember to seek help if you feel like you’re going to hurt yourself or someone else. doctors will tell you that brain shocks and the like are just your old mental illness returning, and in my case that was a lie. My symptoms were not returning (I’m not sure they were ever there to begin with). Every case is different, though, and some of you may have old symptoms return. If that’s the case, get help, even if it’s not in the form of getting back on the drug. There are a lot of ways to manage depression and anxiety. be safe, be smart, be patient.

I hate these pill pushers too! We have consulted with a nutritionist and pharmacist. We are on the hardest journey of our life. We have been using meclizine for the nausea, melatonin for the insomnia, no caffeine anymore, and a gradual switch to a gluten free diet. Please keep us posted on how you are progressing!

I recently had my daughter taper off paxil and it was hell for 10 days. We treated the withdrawal effects, with help from our pharmacist, I had my daughter take meclizine for the vomiting, and melatonin for the insomnia. Both worked enough to help us get through the withdrawal. I consulted with a nutritionist and we have her taking vitamin D, vitamin B and magnesium. When I have this totally under control I will yell from the mountain top about these corrupt pill pushers!

My daughter, who is 12, was on Paxil for 7 months and we tapered off and still had side effects. When we spoke with the doctor, she recommended that we put her on Zoloft. We met with a nutritionist and she recommended that we have her vitamin D level checked (it was 21, considered deficient).
We will never have her take another BS drug again. We have adjusted her diet no caffeine, and now a gluten free diet. She is slowly recovering from both the withdrawal and the anxiety that we first sought to correct. These doctors know that this could be treated with adjustments to your diet and with vitamins. The doctors have what I call a drug dead end plan, meaning it don’t end til your dead! Always question the doctor, they receive kick backs from drug companies for giving out the drugs! They are disgusting people!!!!!!!!

Please be under the scrutiny of a Psychiatrist or another professional when coming off Zoloft. I was on 100mg for about 2 years when I decided to come off. I felt it had done its job and I was ready to not be dependent on the pills. So I stopped without consulting my doctor and without weaning myself off.
Oh deary me, it was on the fifth day I got terrible stomach pain, shoulder pain, whenever I moved my eyes it felt like my entire body pulsed in a strange way. I immediately took a pill to alleviate these effects. My Psychiatrist told me if I wanted to come off them to definitely take professional advice which being stubborn I disregarded.
To conclude, come off gradually under the care of a professional, you are not alone. Be strong because you can and will recover it just takes time, remember that every time you feel bad and push through. Be strong for your friends for your family for yourself.

I told the doctor that I want to stop taking Zoloft and manage my anxiety/depression myself through diet and cognitive therapy. She just said “no, you’ll be on them for the rest of your life”. And that was that. This is the beginning of my journey; I refuse to let pill pushers control my body. I’m glad I found this site..

Hi all,
I am so thankful to have found this forum! I started taking 100mg of sertraline 4 years ago when I was 26 and have been recently weaning off. I just got married, moved to another state and started a new job. Everything is going great here! One doctor put me to 50 mg for 2 weeks and I got violently ill. Thank god I reached out to another doctor and they put me up to 75mg to go slower. That was yesterday.
I have not been able to hold down a full meal in about 3 weeks and have lost close to 10 lbs. I am not a big person so 10 lbs is really bad for me. My new doc has me taking Prilosec and a dissolvable nausea medicine. I am not sure if its working yet but I hope it is. My main withdrawals have been nausea and exhaustion, and extreme loss of appetite. Any tips I should try? Any idea how long this is going to last???
I am going to be doing 75 for 3 weeks then 50 for 3 weeks then 25 for 3 weeks etc. thank you all for posting it’s so nice to not feel like you are dealing with this solo. I wish my former doctor would have answered truthfully when I went on this in the first place. I straight up asked if this was addicting and he laughed and said no, absolutely not. Sheesh did I learn from that conversation. Good luck everyone I wish you all well! Thanks again for having this convo

NH, I SO know how u feel. I was only on Zoloft about 4 month,and 50mg, but it got so bad I’d have such a temper & I’d snip @ my coworkers (or FORMER coworkers I should say, cuz I’d lost my job in Oct). I think Zoloft led me to act the way I did, b/c I wasn’t like that before either. Two of our dogs will make licking sounds or something, & I get mad too like u. I’ll pop them & tell them to stop & I get so annoyed. I don’t like feeling this way.
I’ve actually been off Zoloft now @ least 2 mo, but was taking SAM-e, but now I haven’t taken that now either for a few weeks cuz its expensive & I don’t wanna ask my husband for $ for it. (I really don’t know if it helps, if I knew for sure, I’d ask him to help me get it).
My husband paid for me to start college (I never went & he thinks I can do better. I’m age 36). I’m starting next week & am nervous, esp since its been so long since I’ve been in school & worried about concentration & being around other people(that someone may inadvertently do something to bug me). My husband thinks it’ll help me be around other people who have goals of bettering themselves as well, but I’m still scared…
I’m supposed to have a physical sometime coming up (I got note from dr saying I’m due for one) & he doesn’t know I’m off Zoloft. I’m afraid he’s gonna try to put me on something else & screw my head up worse. My 1st husband was on Zoloft when we’d 1st met & went off it & to make a long story short,a few yrs later he had threatened suicide numerous times & finally I had to have him put in hospital & they said he was bi-polar & had him on kinds of meds, & a few mo later he ended up shooting himself. I don’t want to think this could happen to me, so it scares me to be on meds. Although others say mental issues need to be treated like any other disease. So how do u know what to do?? Sometimes the meds make u act crazier!! People wouldn’t think I’m crazy but I feel like something’s just not right in my head, & I can’t put my finger on it.
I wish the New Year would bring happiness & stability to everyone out there!!

Hi, I came upon this page and really glad that I did. I’m trying to get off of Zoloft after having been on it since I was 12 years old and now am 29. I was on 150 mg went down to 100 for a while then 50 now 25 mg and I have been feeling so agitated beyond words, I mean someone can be eating making a small noise and it will make me want to blow up… I’m so miserable with this I don’t know how I can handle this.. my eyes have been blurry, I feel so unstable… my temper is just nuts, it’s just crazy! Then on top of it I have always ever since getting on Zoloft have had these bizzare thoughts that I cannot stand! It hurts me really bad because I will get so angry for like absolutely NO reason hardly at all and then I will have a terrible thought about someone or hurting someone and my question for coming here is I just want some answers PLEASE… is it just me and I am crazy, or has anyone else had terrible thoughts with Zoloft?
I pray it isn’t just me because sometimes I just feel like I want to die because of the thoughts and raging anger. I use to not have these thoughts before Zoloft so I am VERY confused… but the odd thing is the terrible thoughts of hurting the ones I love didn’t start until after like 10 years of being on Zoloft, although I did have other thoughts like I was weird and strange acting and I shied away from almost everyone which was also not like me. I just want to know if I am just nuts or has Zoloft done this to me? PLEASE can someone help me have some peace of mind/hope? :-(

yes I agree not to do it without a doctor, and also I have found that maintaining a balanced diet, exercise, sleep, etc. most definitely helps. I would also suggest staying away from alcohol, it is a depressant and will only make you feel worse. take care of yourself Tammy B.

Wow, I want so off this drug, as it has not helped me at all! I have always been a go getter, now, I stay at home! Increased my alcohol use and am more measurable than ever! I can’t function, it takes me all day to do two dishes! Help!!! my doc put me on 100 mgs but I have been braking them into two…I feel worse now then I did before…I need a safe way to get off of this without my doc’s help since I don’t have health insurance….please
PEOPLE’S PHARMACY RESPONSE: We don’t advise quitting Zoloft without your doctor’s help. It can be very difficult and really needs to be taken very gradually.

thanks for the update BB. keep up the good work. I’m gonna look into Sam-e. I never tried it before.

I recently found out I am pregnant. I have been on 150mg of Zoloft for about ten years and my Dr. put me on a tapering off schedule that at first seemed ok- 25mg every two weeks. I was ok until last week when I hit 75mg. I have been suffering from 24/7 severe panic attacks and insomnia ever since. I also started getting the brain zaps. It has been a living nightmare especially since I can’t take any sleeping aids or anti-anxiety meds because of the baby. I was feeling really lost and like I was going insane until I came upon this site today. Now I’m thinking that I have come off my meds wayyyy too fast.
I went up again to 100mg two days ago but the Dr. thinks it will be another week or so until I see a difference. It makes me feel better to know that other people have survived this. One day at a time!

Hey Haluk, I’m curious about this Gelesmium you’re talking about. You said a medicine gave you panic attacks & made your stomach sick-I’m assuming you’re talking about prescription & not the Gelesmium. Is the Gelesmium made for the purpose of treating depression, or does it have multiple uses? I’ve come off Zoloft & been taking SAM-e & am looking for more natural ways of healing. I wonder if I’m able to take the SAM-e & Gelesmium together? I’m going to look it up, but if you could let me know the frequency you take it & how it makes you feel, etc, I’d appreciate it! Happy December everybody! :)

Hi – I thought you couldn’t take SAMMe with zoloft? I have been weaning off zoloft and have been on 25 mg for a while – scared to do the last leg of this process! Though I feel clearer, I am definitely depressed. Did your doctor say it was ok to take it together? I would love to try that but def heard somewhere that they conflict.

Hey guys. I had been using zoloft about 7 year. I am off about 6months, first month was so difficult. But I had horrible stomach problems. Now my stomach feels better. I had to use lorazepam too. When I was on medicine it really helped me. I became a social person, happier person, but the side effects were terrible. I had so much panic attacks when I was using the medicine. Before I didn’t have any panic attacks. Recently I found a wonderful homeopatic medicine gelesmium. It helped my panic attack. 7 years ego I was computer programmer, When I start medicine it made me a little bit manic. I started a more social job. But now I am off the medicine but I wanna go back my old job.
This medicine totally change my life.
I became more social. I was focusing better when I was in medicine. It gave me self confidence.
But it gave me a panic attack disorder. Sick stomach. Now I am off the medicine. 1st month was terrible. Then I felt better really good. If you are gonna stop taking this medicine it is not gonna be easy. Get ready your self. Taper the dose for a month it makes it easier.
Ask your friend and families help. Because you can get crazy and screw your life. By the way I use calmforte. it was really helpful.
sorry for my english.
Good luck!

I thought I wouldn’t have enough space w/ my previous comment, but wanted to add that I am going this morning to appeal my unemployment (they are denying me benefits) & also going to get signed up for classes at college. I took admissions test a few weeks ago, & did great on reading/writing, not so great on math. But they accepted me so that’s all that matters!
So I pray that all goes well, esp with unemployment people, b/c they are making this hard on me. I pray I’ll be able to keep a level head & state my case. I think coming off the Zoloft was making me be crazy @ wk, I think contributed to my being fired. I want to bring that up, but my husband says I shouldn’t volunteer any info b/c they could use it against me later. So I’m a bit torn on that.
So wish me luck I’ll be able to draw some benefits (I’ve always put 110% into my job so I feel I deserve it).

Well, an update y’all-I had been taking 50mg Zoloft for about 4mo, went down to 25mg on Oct 7, added 400mg SAM-e supplement on Oct 22 to the 25mg Zoloft. On Nov 15,16,17 I had a lot going on w/church, yard sale, etc & forgot to take my meds. And it didn’t really affect me! I guess the way I cut down was slow, so didn’t really affect me too bad. I’ve started taken the SAM-e again Nov 20 as a precaution if I get stressed, etc. Btw, the SAM-e info says to take 2pills/3x daily (1200mg total), but is too expensive to take that much so I just take 2 pills(400mg)in the morning w/my vitamins.

I am curious so I decided to type up my experience of going off Zoloft cold turkey 3 days ago. I was on 200 mg. for a good 4 years, Clonopin 5 mg. a day. Things that have me concerned being on them: I realized how slowed down they keep me, my husband can be standing over my shoulder and have me look up something for him on the web – he’s done reading and pointing me where to go on the page, and I haven’t even gotten past the header or intro paragraph. I suffer even while on the meds, so something isn’t working.
When I would type, or hand write the word I wanted to put down to paper or screen it would come out something totally different than what I wanted it to be…. this was so weird for me, as I never ever have a problem with what I want to say in journals, letters, etc., and so far it hasn’t happened. I too was diagnosed with Pre-diabetes and have gained 100 lbs. over the course of time as well as I have two auto-immune diseases.
1st day – slept, ridiculous nose bleed.
2nd day – agitated but not insurmountable, went to movies at 5:00 – but (by) the time it was 1/2 way over – I could barely sit still, I was twitching, my legs were jumping, the h/a started to kick in, my appetite started to kick back up again – never ever have done this, but I ate a large pizza over the weekend, usually I can’t get two pieces down…. will have to monitor this!
3rd day – woke up with a H/A. Started to research brain tumors…. Really? yep, Really. By mid-afternoon, the pain in my body was so bad, my neck was burning, with muscle tension, my head was like I felt my brain was floating around inside my skull… so I decided ok, what will naturally get me feeling better, I had started Potassium-Magnesium pills, as I also take a water pill…. and I believe I was to be taking this since I started the water pill, but wasn’t informed to do so. I read it helps with everything including anxiety. I started them a week prior to knowing I wanted to get off the meds… I stopped the water pill as well. I choose to take the Pot. Mag. pill for myself, please don’t do so at my doing it. I started drinking green tea w/out sugar, and although slightly agitated, seemed to be able to do more work on the computer.
9:00 a.m., I gave myself a foot rub and hand rub for reflexology purposes, I have done this forever. I did start to feel some relief with that, laid down and did my breathing exercises.
I called my chiropractor and got an appt. right away 1:00 p.m. He could barely touch my back, as the muscle tension was so intense. With gratefulness to him, for being so gentle, he worked on me, massage, cracking, etc. He gave me e-stim on my neck and shoulders and heat pad on my lower back. (please note, I have nerve damaged in my back). After therapy, I couldn’t get off the table, I was so locked up, I could barely move.
Salad for dinner.
Day 4 – slept fairly well, for on the couch, and my muscular aches are better, no pain in my neck at the moment…. lower back pain slightly better. Have had an organic iced coffee (they say using ice is a metabolic pick me up). I am going to do some light stretching and floor exercises…. but for the most part, using self massage and chiropractic care have helped reduce the tension.
Hopefully throughout the day will not be so terrible.

Thank you mrc for your comments & I will keep updates on whether SAM-e/cutting down on Zoloft is helping.
I’m so sorry to hear of Sandy affecting you-I hope it doesn’t worsen your depression. I hope you haven’t had too much damage to sort through. I live in SC so we got some extreme wind but no rain.
I just got my last paycheck in mail & they cheated me 15 min on my check & I feel it’s one last dig & was mad, and thought: ya know, it ain’t worth it. They’ve taken up enough of my energy & have been upset so much in past, I’m just moving on. I really am trying to train myself to not keep dwelling on things (which I tend to do) ’cause I’m letting those who bug me WIN! & and I’m not gonna allow that anymore! Its not healthy & it only drags me down. I deserve better!! Everybody here does!!
So I hope & pray for everyone here to be successful & persevere through the tough times (and there will be plenty). But should also look @ the good around you-appreciate the little things & not take things for granted.
MRC–good luck with your going to school & dig in & don’t give up!! Thanks for listening everybody:)

Good luck BB. please let us know how you are doing weaning off of zoloft and using the SAM-e. I went back up to 100mg, I just can’t function at my job w/o it. but I may be getting laid off soon, we were affected by Sandy so they’re not letting us part-timers back to work yet if they even let us back. I feel like it’s a blessing in disguise too. anyway, best of luck going back to college. I’ve been thinking about going back too and I’m 37.

Hi I last wrote in on Oct 22; on that day I bought some SAM-e supplements which some say helps with depression. These aren’t cheap-they cost about $20 for 50 200mg pills, but I caught them on sale & bought 2 boxes. It says to take 2/day, but I’ve just been taking 1 in addition to the 25mg Zoloft & 1 Claritin & numerous vitamins.
I feel like it could be helping but too soon to tell. But I had something bad happen last week (or maybe blessing in disguise): I got fired from my job. He said I was great worker but had personality conflicts w/my coworkers & was causing problems. I would’ve never thought I’d be fired-I practically ran the place. But my husband had been pushing me to go to college (I am 36 & never went) & I was planning on quitting anyway before new year, so it just happened a bit sooner.
Definitely on the upside I don’t feel as stressed as when was working, and I’m hoping this was God’s way of pulling me out of there to clear my mind & get healthy to be ready for school. We are getting the ball rolling for me to get admitted to school, so wish me luck!!! I’ll need it:) it’s been 18 yrs since I’ve been in school so a bit daunting, but everyone seems to have faith in my ability when I don’t… so I hope I can not let anyone down.

Wow. My heart goes out to all of you. My situation was not depression that drove me to the doctor, but a period of 2 years with a series of events that by themselves would have been non-issues. But because they all occurred one after another, on top of each other, and were ongoing I just simply was like the frog in the pot. The chronic ongoing stress and responsibilities depleted me, but I still had the many responsibilities.
I did not know then about the affects of stress to my body. What I really needed was time to heal, rest, restore my body with nutrition, etc. But I went to the doctor who prescribed Zoloft “to lift me up”. This was about 12 years ago. It did the job, now I was able to “do everything”, but my body wasn’t well and I was totally ignorant of how these drugs worked.
I continued on until life had stabilized, so I thought okay, quit the drug. I had always been healthy and did not expect that I was supposed to take this forever. I was fine, so why take a pill? Okay, the first 2 times I tried to quit the symptoms were crying, unexpected rage, insomnia, so I would just cry and say I guess I have to take this. But then a few years later an event occurred that turned our world upside down in a day. I became so sick over a period of 9 months the doctor doubled my dose (which by this time had become Sertraline). 3 years ago, tried to quit it and within 3 months, I had the withdrawal symptoms and gave in, and took it again. 2 years ago I decided it would not own me, so I again attempted to quit it and I did it very slowly.
What happened to me was absolutely a nightmare. Symptoms came on one at a time, over a period of 6 months but I would have many normal weeks in between, so I thought I would get through it. I had toughed out the irritation, had lost interest in life, felt like an empty zombie, but was still not going to go back on it. But then it got even worse after 6 months. I started to have no interest in food, but had chronic diarrhea at the same time. Thought it was the flu, but became scared when it continued for weeks. I had lost over 20 lbs. and could not afford to lose any more weight. And this was not a healthy loss. The insomnia also kicked in and I was not sleeping at all. Because the symptoms came on slowly, one at a time over a period of months I did not attribute them all to the drug. But now I was afraid I was going to die. And the random panick attacks, I thought I was going crazy. I called the doctor, who put me back on the drug and all the symptoms were gone. The very things the drugs are used for are the very symptoms that may occur upon withdrawal.
The doctor put me back on 100mg and as soon as I stabilized, I began to take only half a day. And by 9 months after starting them again I am taking only 25mg. a day. Yes, I have had some of the minor symptoms, but I have stabilized. When 9 months has gone by I will then begin to reduce the 25 by carefully shaving only a bit off and do this for 6 months. If this works then after 6 months I will begin to shave off more. I am going to VERY SLOWLY reduce over a VERY LONG period of time. I am reducing over a period of months this time, instead of over a period of weeks. ALSO, I know now what to watch for and pay attention to my body.
AND I FOUND A BOOK (Prozac, Panacea or Pandora? by Ann Blake Tracy, PHD) that explains what the drug has done to my brain and body, all of the horrible withdrawal affects we have all experienced and how to restore my body BEFORE I remove this toxic drug from my body completely. This book also provides many resource of the nutritional support and other things that have assisted people in successfully weaning of the drug and supporting the body. This book is a wealth of information and the stories of many people’s experiences. Very tragic. It covers all the medications on the market for depression and psychosis.
INFORM yourself before you quit any SSRI. I have changed my diet and am fueling my body with what it needs to heal and restore itself. I am beginning to remind myself of who I used to be before this drug changed me, and I am not going to rush the process…but I have my eyes on the goal! Unfortunately, doctors only offer drugs that address symptoms, and cause other problems in the body. Then those other problems are taken care of with another drug. I am not against those who must have them. My husband is now disabled, suffers with chronic pain and takes 4 horrible pain meds 4 times a day….until this year. I found some therapuetic oils and supplements for him to try in January this year. Within a week he was able to sleep through the night, then he was able to reduce a pain med. Now to date he has reduced 3 of his pain meds! One he reduced by 75%, one by 50% and one by 25%. This is so thrilling to not have him dumping as much of that toxic stuff into his body. We both have hope restored. I hope you all find your answers…keep looking…there are natural remedies that DO WORK! God bless.

Hi, i am 31 and I have been on sertraline for 7 years from 50mg to 150mg. I have been down to 75mg for the past year and have weaned off come felt over the past 3 months. Saturday was my last dose at 12.5mg but I have been feeling the effects since last week as I dropped from 25mg about 12 days ago.
I basically feel exactly like I do when I have a bit of a depressive “wobble” as I call it! I feel nauseous and have a headache / fuzzy head. I don’t really feel depressed but the physical symptoms always show more for me. I am determined to see this through as my marriage is breaking up due to my depersonalisation since being on the meds and I need to see who I really am! Hopefully the side effects will lessen over the coming week or two.
Thanks for everyone’s advice and reach out I I can offer any help to anyone.

I’ve been on Zoloft 50mg for about 4mo. Not sure if it’s helped a lot, but am choosing to go off it, esp after reading everyone’s experiences. It’s not right that drs prescribe meds to people w/o telling them all the issues esp w/withdrawal. I have been taking 25mg since Oct 7 (is now Oct 15). I’ve been taking Claritin in daytime & Benadryl at night like some have suggested. I have had several nightmares that are work-related-very vivid. I feel stressed @ wk, and is hard to know if it’s more so b/c of tapering of Zoloft, or more stress.
I have had some physical issues that may be Zoloft related since I’ve read other people w/them: some balance issues, some restless leg issues, some insomnia, no motivation/energy, no sex drive, weight gain. I’ve always had weight issues, but exercised the last coupla yrs & lost weight, but now lack motivation.
Anyway, I am glad to have found this forum & I hope to have success & wish everyone else much success as well. I will check in for comments & advice. Thank you so much!!!

Hello all-I am SO thankful to have found this forum, as I am weaning off Zoloft. I am 36yr old female & have only been on 50mg about 4mo, and just decided I don’t wanna feel I HAVE to be on a medication, and esp after reading everyone’s comments, I KNOW I wanna get off as soon as possible!
On Oct 7, I cut my pills in half & have been taking 25mg for a little over a week now. I have a stressful job (I work in a restaurant where I wear many hats), and lately I feel I’ve snapped more at particular people who get on my nerves. Little things upset me. We have a small dog that licks the floor a lot (?) I guess has some deficiency & licks dirt, but I hear her licking sound & I get so mad!! My current husband said he had been on Zoloft before after he had a tragedy in his life but went off it, so I think he understands my behavior at times.
My 1st husband was on Zoloft when we met & he decided to go off it & I was like ok, fine. I was young and didn’t really know about withdrawals and all. To make a long story short, a few years later he threatened to kill himself & I had to have him hospitalized & they formally diagnosed him as being bipolar. They put him on more meds, he came home later, went back again, and home again, and 2mo after being told he was bipolar, he shot & killed himself.
I do not want to end up like that. I am newly married & live in a small town now, with not much to do here. I drive 30mi to work & don’t get to exercise like I used to and have gained like 20lbs. Ugh I know I’m probably rambling, its just I hope to have a family now I’ve got a 2nd chance with my wonderful husband. I don’t wanna be addicted to pills & have them screw up my brain more.
If I have kids, I don’t wanna think I’m gonna abuse them or anything. I’ve been through some bad things in life (Mom died 6mo after my 1st marriage, 1st husband committed suicide, a best friend died, numerous other family members died.) I try to look at good things in life, but get caught up in past sometimes & use it like a crutch maybe. My husband now is offering to pay for me to go to college (I never went) & have a better job. It’s scary but never have had an opportunity like that.
I hope my mind will be clear & be able to study & concentrate. I sometimes feel its ME, that I’M the problem, is why I snap at people. But I normally don’t do that. Some people like co-workers that get on my nerves, I’ll act like a jerk to, and I don’t wanna be this way. I’m sorry for rambling on, but wanted to give a bit of a picture of myself & kinda didn’t shut up.\
Please pray that I will not have crazy withdrawal symptoms from this. I have had some quite vivid nightmarish dreams about work in last week. A couple times in past I’d wake up with legs feeling dry & itchy, and sometimes have balance problems (this is before I went off Zoloft). I wish I could blame Zoloft on my weight gain, but I hafta say is probably from being not motivated & lack of energy so not exercising. Oh and I slept for about 5 hrs y’day afternoon & then slept all night as well. Lately I’ve been staying up very late into the night & maybe due to Zoloft. Ok I hope all this isn’t too long. I’m sorry I said a lot more than I meant too but just glad to have found some people who maybe understands what I’m talking about. God bless you all!!!

I have been on Zoloft for years anywhere from 25 mg to 100 mg. I currently take 50. I suffer from chronic pain from Chiari malformation. I have tried many different meds over the year but always go back to Zoloft. I am very sensitive to meds and always experience nasty side affects. Zoloft just doesn’t work for me any more . My doctor wants me to switch to savella but I am scared to wean off Zoloft and try a new med. I hate the withdrawal and the crappy titrating feeling of a new med and dealing with the nasty side affects.
Anyone go from Zoloft to savella and have a good outcome?

I am trying to wean myself off my medications. I explained to my Dr. that my stress has been reduced significantly and I am concerned with some side effects that have developed since taking this medication, i.e. loss of balance, memory, concentration and focus. He kind of poo pooed me and suggested I have a blood work-up to to test my B12 and folic acid levels. He also had me stand with my feet together and close my eyes to see if I could stand still or if I lost my balance.
He said that low levels of B12 and folic acid could be the cause, however if they are normal I should see a neurologist. I have to believe some Psychiatrists’ don’t want you to get better or to stop taking medication regardless of the method because they may lose a patient. So I am trying to figure out the best and safest way to stop taking Sertaline, Lamogtrigine and Clonazepam without the Dr’s help. Hope I am able to figure this out without too many issues.

Hello.. I was taking Zoloft 75 mg. up until three months ago. I couldnt afford my prescription so I cut them cold turkey. I had been taking them for like 10 months. It maintained my weight and my sex drive was ok. But now I am getting the mood swings back. So I am just wondering if I should go back to them? I was diagnosed with post partum depression, but no it seems it just depression. :( with five kids its kinda hard not be feel over whelmed. I just don’t want to become addicted to them. Any advice?

HI Linda
I’m interested in how you are doing now that it’s been a few months. I am trying to get off zoloft and scared but want to do it. Hope you are well

Your story is encouraging to me. Can you tell me more about how long you were on the meds and how old you are. I am 52 and have been on zoloft for about 9 years. I really want off cause I have not felt like myself for a while now. I actually feel more depressed. I don’t want to take more AD I would rather try to do therapy like mindfulness and yoga. I really hope that would work for me. I don’t like how I feel right now. UGH

Hi JR interested in hearing more about your experience coming off zoloft. I am afraid to try some of the herbal remedies. But would much prefer that over meds. Thanks

Hi Liz. I just turned 52 today. I am very interested in hearing how you do. I went on a very low dose of zoloft about 8 years ago to treat generalized anxiety disorder. It really did help very much for a long time. I recently have been pretty depressed (however I can cover it up really well) and my psychiatrist switched me to effexor which was terrible for me, now I’m trying cymbalta which has not done anything either except make me feel more anxious and headachy and weird. I am a registered nurse and I do not understand what the long term effects of these meds are and concerned. I really want to get off and see what I can do naturally for myself. Please keep me posted on how you are doing. Thanks

Are you saying you are now off SSRI’s and AD in general? I hate this weaning off period. I feel like my psychiatrist is really pushing for me to stay on meds. Don’t know who or what to believe.

Very helpful information. I am curious if you are on any AD’s or if you are using more natural treatments. I have found that since I’ve been on long term AD’s (zoloft) my memory is not as sharp as it used to be (I’m only 52) and generally very intelligent, also I would really like to try to get off AD’s as it scares me to think I may be in for a depression that is med resistant. Quite concerned. Hope there really is hope out there. I have NO reason to be depressed and I know I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder but hoping I can treat this with other therapies.

Ativan, xanax or any other antianxiety medications are not good options for anxiety. They have withdrawals that are worse than SSRIs or any other antidepressant. I have been through hell and back withdrawing from both so please learn from my mistake

Hey Stacy. I was on 150mg and tapered off for around 17 or 18 weeks before I stopped completely about three weeks ago. I wasn’t put on anything else either however, I did my own digging and have been taking a vitamin B100 complex along with a vitamin C+B tablet that dissolves in water and is carbonated called Redoxon-B. I think it may be helping me though I’m not absolutely sure.
I don’t think my poor children can handle another two months of this nonsense. Like I said, I’m actually working on the beginning of week four completely Sertraline free. I didn’t and don’t have the highs and lows. That sounds awful and I’m sorry to hear it.
I started tapering months ago with the absolute determination and objective of getting off this stuff completely and I was dumped by my boyfriend of 2 years a month ago so I would have expected to have some serious lows right now but I am seemingly doing much better than anticipated. I have so many things going on right now, a business, 2 kids\single mom, starting university in two weeks, volunteer work and obviously the upkeep of the house and much more. Maybe I’m too busy to be depressed or have crazy ups and downs, I’m not sure. Maybe my up\down is the severe aggression I feel most of the time. All I can suggest to you is to make sure you are getting enough vitamin B. Aside from that, I am also asking whomever reads this if they can help as well. I really hope the nightmare ends for us both soon Stacy :(

Selena R. – Were you put on anything else? I’ve been off of sertraline for 3 months now and still having withdrawal effects but it seems to me I get a new one every week. I do have severe mood swings now that just started and I’m hoping this to be the end of it. I have extreme highs and lows. What was your mg and how long were you on it? I was on it for 5 years, never should have been put on it – Was diagnosed with post partum depression but in reality it was just a hormonal imbalance from having my baby girl. I get feeling really hopeless at times as I just want to be my normal self again but then again I am trying to push through this and be strong. How long did your symptoms last and did you feel this way at all?

Hi Jess, did you do anything in particular to help with the mood swings and especially the irritability? I am also feeling the good parts of being off the drug! The good and bad are battling it out now and I took my last real dose three weeks ago. Any advice you can give on how long this lasts and how to make it easier mood-wise would be a blessing to me!

How are you feeling now MB???

I begin week four of the withdrawal tomorrow and still no let up on the irritability. Sleeplessness as well. To let you know how bad it is, I get enraged when doing my hair and there is a bump I can’t fix. I took a drive out to see family this weekend and the drive there and back with my two kids was a nightmare. WITHOUT withdrawal it is a nightmare, but I NEVER yell at my kids. I yelled so loudly at my poor daughter that she cried. :'( I feel terrible. I’m almost through it I’m sure but is there anything I can to to make my mood a little lighter?
I am taking vitamin B complex and a vitamin B+C tablet every day. I am sticking with this for absolute certain. On the upside, my energy levels have significantly increased, and I am losing weight :) The weight gain was a serious issue for me and I have had long term issues with my weight even before I started the meds. A previous comment mentions caffeine as a friend, well my tolerance for caffeine has decreased greatly which I anticipate will save me quite a bit on redbull and tim hortons, lol.
I am just really concerned about the irritability. I will deal with the insomnia but I am going to have a ton of people to apologize to once this is finally over. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP me find a way to make this easier :(

I have been working on weaning my self off Zoloft. I have no idea the side effects I would experience. Anytime I do any activity I have profuse sweating. I can be sitting after a shower and my face starts sweating. The zapping and dizziness is the worst. I have moments of confusion which passes quickly. This is not a harmless drug. But at the time of my divorce it was a life saver. Other side effects are sleeplessness, blurry vision, high pitch ringing in my ears and irritability.
I find two Advil and caffeine to be my friends in this process. When prescribed patients should be warned of the possible withdrawal symptoms. They may choose not to start taking it.

I’ve decided to go back on zoloft. There was a reason I went on it in the first place, and it wasn’t for minor depression, it was major. For me and with my chemical makeup, I’m just not able to be productive without it. Sucks but I think I’m gonna have to face the music and accept this fact.
Good luck :)

So I have been on Sertraline for almost ten years now too. I was pregnant when my Dr put me on this. I was always convinced that I had a chemical imbalance until I realized that I could be happy by really working on myself. Not I am completely convinced that my reaction and bouts of depression were all natural because of terrible things that I had been going through (death of a loved one, post par tum depression, alcoholism, severe marital abuse).
I was also diagnosed with PTSD about 3 years ago. I have been tapering off the sertraline for over 3 months now and the insomnia is bad, and I have NEVER in my whole life been this irritable!!! I have been treating everyone around me horribly especially my own kids :( I am an amazing mother and I never have raised a hand to either but the way I have been treating them is leaving me horribly guilty. I’m a single mom so it’s almost impossible for me to get some kind of break.
HOW LONG IS THIS GOING TO LAST FOR???? Can someone please give me some kind of time frame the withdrawal? I had no clue it was such a hardcore drug until now… I need to see the light at the end of the tunnel for when I can expect to be that caring and patient person I know I am. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you all so much xoxoxo

oh God Bless you Jess, I needed to hear that so much! Thank you for posting this. Nobody understands unless they’ve gone through it!
Thank you again.
Keeping the faith…

Very well said @ jess. I was going to say a lot of the same. I have notice one key advice she says. Be smart don’t let it trick you… Your own brain that is. I got on here the first week I was totally off zoloft. I took it for two years. I had ptsd and probably still do. The anxiety and panic messed me up real bad. I didn’t want to be very far from the hospital it sucked.
The best thing I have learned is face any of ur fears and it gets better and better. I started tapering off zoloft 3 months ago I took 75mg for a month and then 50 and then 25 all for a month each and then quit. Dizzy sick aches and pains zaps ect. Your own brain is your worst enemy tho hang in there everyone w can do this.
Ps don’t try to post with a smart phone if your raging like I was last week these things are expensive lol the curser jumps every where. Be strong and smart that’s the key I believe :)

Hey guys. I’m an 18 guy, and I was on zoloft for a little while. for probably about 6 months. And yeah, I’m having HUGE withdrawal symptoms. I got off of it a few times cause I thought I was fine. And I got irritable, and I got off eventually a few more times cause I hated the symptoms. then, I’d get back on cause I thought I needed it. Off and on and off and on I kept doing it. After a little bit longer I had panic attacks, for 6 months. it blew. I know the little suckers I was taking (half of 25 milligrams) screwed with me. It been 6 months!!! I feel kinda restless and stuff, sometimes out of place from reality. Idk what to do about this. Can somebody who’s gone through most of or extremely close to this help me out? I need options and I don’t trust doctors right now.

Hello, again! I have been off of zoloft for 3 months now and all is going well.
I’ve posted twice before this, once when I was just starting to get off of zoloft after taking it for 9 years, and then again after being free of it for a month.
I tapered VERY slowly but I had every symptom in the book and suffered horribly for a full month before my symptoms let up. I am a 21 year old female, and I am an athlete, just for context.
I just wanted to respond to those of you who are worried that your anxiety is coming back, or who are wondering if increased anxiety/crying/irritability/etc is a symptom of withdrawal or if it is your old illness coming back.
While I’m sure that everyone is different, for me, I had INTENSE mood swings for the first month of withdrawal, along with the constant brain shocks and nausea and…. er… diarrhea. I would fly into rages, cry for hours at the drop of a hat, go into manic episodes where I cleaned obsessively… it all lasted about a month.
a full month.
After that, my symptoms let up and now I am back to normal. My mood is very stable, I feel healthier than ever, and the last month especially has been wonderful.
everything I have read says that a month of symptoms is more or less what you can expect. The first 2 weeks are the hardest but your brain and body chemistry is all totally resetting. It takes time. The hardest part is being patient, throughout the pain. My advice is to tell your friends and family what is going on, so that they are not surprised by your mood swings. Gather a support system and keep people close to you. I know that I tried to push everyone away from me but my family and friends were patient and stuck with me listening to my rages and crying jags, which really helped, and they are all so relieved to see how happy, healthy, and balanced I am now of course, you have to be smart. If your symptoms are too terrible to live with, then maybe you should go back on a low dose of the drug. But I promise you that if you soldier through a month of this, it will get better. Keep at it for a month and then decide (unless your symptoms are putting you in danger of hurting yourself in which case please seek help immediately).
Be strong, it gets better, I promise, and you will feel so much better (not to mention how proud you will feel for getting through it).
good luck, you are not alone!

I have been off Sertraline for about a week now – due to not being able to afford my prescription. I take 150 mg per day – pretty good dose. I contacted my doctor office and told them I could not get the med for 2 weeks. I was concerned about side effects. They returned my e-mail saying I would be fine. One of my greatest side effects with Sertraline – even if I miss just a day or two in the past – is an immediate feeling like I am going to throw up. I have even moved myself toward the garbage can thinking it is really going to happen. It has not happened and this feeling only lasts a minute or so – but still yucky. Also I seemed to be pretty “jacked up” talking a lot – I take this med for anxiety. Also, after being slobby for 6 years while on the med, my home has been really clean over the past week – coincidence or not? I liked the med a lot over the past 6 years, but often wondered if it made me not care enough about things. I am not sure if after the 2 weeks I will go back on or just stay off.

Ivy, I am wondering the same thing, is the depression I am now experiencing a withdrawal symptom or is it the old ‘stuff’ coming back? I have been on zoloft 50-100mg for years. I am in the process of tapering off and I’ve been taking 25 mg for the past 3 weeks or so. I’ve had all of the symptoms others have mentioned, esp. dizziness, hot flashes, heart racing and the worst was a panic attack at work one night and thought I was losing my mind.
Before I started weaning myself off I started taking extra fish oil, b-complex and herbal remedies I found online and eating more whole foods. These things do seem to help, I know because I have tried to get off of zoloft in the past without supplements and without success.
But I have to say today has been a really bad day. I’ve been crying and extremely depressed since I woke up this morning. I try to explain to my husband (after snapping at him more than usual:) that I cannot just bounce back and that I haven’t been this depressed in years. It feels as if my old maybe unresolved issues and symptoms are coming back. I have suffered depression and anxiety most of my life, all of my adult life. I am now 37. And in my case it’s definitely hereditary. The negative thoughts just will not stop and I am really afraid. I’m praying this will pass or at least become more manageable…
Some of my reasons for stopping zoloft are I want to feel more like myself, if that makes any sense, the potential birth defects in babies and who knows what the long term effects will be on us? Also, I don’t have health insurance.
Best wishes to all who are struggling and to all who have posted about their experiences. Finding good information out there and realizing you’re not alone is always very comforting. Oh and JB I am praying for your daughter, I remember being like that at her age… I didn’t start antidepressants and therapy until my early 20s. Looking back I think I would’ve had a better quality of life had I started taking ADs along with therapy in my pre-teen yrs.

I worked with my doctor to get weaned off of 50 mg’s of Zoloft. I have been off of it for 65 days and on day 50 I started getting severe panic/anxiety and all the symptoms I had before but times 100. So I am going back onto the medication. Starting back tonight, how long do you think it will take to “kick in” since I’ve only been off it for a couple months? Any help is welcome. I wish it worked instantly!

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