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Gelatin Dissolved in Cherry Juice Combines Two Remedies for Knee Pain

Some people drink tart cherry juice and others take unflavored gelatin as remedies for knee pain; one reader combined them to good effect.
Gelatin Dissolved in Cherry Juice Combines Two Remedies for ...
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Joint pain, especially knee pain, can really interfere with mobility, not to mention quality of life. Little wonder, then, that people avidly seek out remedies for knee pain. One reader found success with an unusual combination.

Gelatin to Strengthen Nails?

Q. I am 55 years old and suffer from arthritis in my knees. One day I decided to try some unflavored gelatin with tart cherry juice because my nails were not growing as well as they used to, and gelatin is said to help with that. Tart cherry juice is supposed to act as an anti-inflammatory compound.

Much to my surprise, the pain in my knees subsided substantially within a week! I had tried OTC pain relievers before to no avail.

I now swear by this gelatin mixture I drink every morning. I find that if I miss my morning concoction of remedies for knee pain, I feel pain before that day ends. Drinking it helps me so much that I go to the gym more often and have much relief from both the gelatin and the exercise. (My nails are no better, though.)

A. We love your story! Anything that helps people exercise is worth a try.

Combining Remedies for Knee Pain:

Tart Cherry Juice:

Many readers report that tart cherry juice can help alleviate the discomfort of gout or arthritis. In fact, there is research demonstrating that tart cherries are effective at relieving arthritic knee pain (Schumacher et al, Osteoarthritis and Cartilage, Aug. 2013). You can learn more about tart cherries, cherry juice and other remedies for knee pain by listening to our podcast, Show 1079: What Is the Science Behind Fabulous Foods for Health?

Unflavored Gelatin:

Other readers agree that unflavored gelatin can help ease sore joints like your knee pain. There has been relatively little research on this (or other home remedies for knee pain). One study we found sounds promising, although it is inconclusive (Kumar et al, Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, March 15, 2015).

You are the first we have heard from who has combined these two remedies for knee pain. We are sending you our Guide to Alternatives for Arthritis, with details on these and other natural approaches for joint pain.

Try MSM for Double Duty?

As for the nails, we have heard from some people that MSM supplements may be helpful. We haven’t seen studies, but it might be worth a try. MSM might also help ease arthritic joints.

Revised 5/15/2017

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