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Gelatin Dissolved in Cherry Juice Combines Two Remedies for Knee Pain

Some people drink tart cherry juice and others take unflavored gelatin as remedies for knee pain; one reader combined them to good effect.
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Joint pain, especially knee pain, can really interfere with mobility, not to mention quality of life. Little wonder, then, that people avidly seek out remedies for knee pain. One reader found success with an unusual combination.

Gelatin to Strengthen Nails?

Q. I am 55 years old and suffer from arthritis in my knees. One day I decided to try some unflavored gelatin with tart cherry juice because my nails were not growing as well as they used to, and gelatin is said to help with that. Tart cherry juice is supposed to act as an anti-inflammatory compound.

Much to my surprise, the pain in my knees subsided substantially within a week! I had tried OTC pain relievers before to no avail.

I now swear by this gelatin mixture I drink every morning. I find that if I miss my morning concoction of remedies for knee pain, I feel pain before that day ends. Drinking it helps me so much that I go to the gym more often and have much relief from both the gelatin and the exercise. (My nails are no better, though.)

A. We love your story! Anything that helps people exercise is worth a try.

Combining Remedies for Knee Pain:

Tart Cherry Juice:

Many readers report that tart cherry juice can help alleviate the discomfort of gout or arthritis. In fact, there is research demonstrating that tart cherries are effective at relieving arthritic knee pain (Schumacher et al, Osteoarthritis and Cartilage, Aug. 2013). You can learn more about tart cherries, cherry juice and other remedies for knee pain by listening to our podcast, Show 1079: What Is the Science Behind Fabulous Foods for Health?

Unflavored Gelatin:

Other readers agree that unflavored gelatin can help ease sore joints like your knee pain. There has been relatively little research on this (or other home remedies for knee pain). One study we found sounds promising, although it is inconclusive (Kumar et al, Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, March 15, 2015).

You are the first we have heard from who has combined these two remedies for knee pain. We are sending you our Guide to Alternatives for Arthritis, with details on these and other natural approaches for joint pain.

Try MSM for Double Duty?

As for the nails, we have heard from some people that MSM supplements may be helpful. We haven’t seen studies, but it might be worth a try. MSM might also help ease arthritic joints.

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Buy tart cherry juice concentrate through one of the on-line vitamin houses such as Swansons.
Much cheaper and goes a lot farther.

I have been adding 2 Tablespoons of Certo to 5-6 oz of grape juice for arthritis daily and I believe it helps. courtesy of Peoples Pharmacy.

It is Interesting, but could you please provide recipe? How many gelatin and juice.

I went to three orthopedists before my chiropractor diagnosed my knee pain correctly: it turned out to be an IT band problem, the only remedy for which is stretching and maybe massage. I bought one of those rollers you will find if you Google IT band and it really helps, but by asking around I found that it didn’t cure the problem so you can’t quit using it.

We’ve been combining tart cherry juice and gelatin for years to help with my knee arthititis and my husband’s hand arthritis. We sometimes add selzer water to the tart cherry juice to help cut the high sugar content- very delicious- but don’t plan on adding gelatin to this- very foamy! For other ways of incorporating gelatin, I find that putting gelatin in non-dairy yogurts also works well (these yogurts tend to be more “runny” than regular dairy yogurts). My husband often puts gelatin right into his hot, black coffee. I have severe (bone on bone) arthritis in both knees but still stay very active. I think that the tart cherry juice and gelatin use is part of my success story.

I have been drinking the acv with cherry juice. The recipe is to put 2 packs of Knox gelatin in 1/4 cup of water then pour it into 1 cup of cherry juice. The only thing that you will taste is the cherry juice.

Trader Joe’s has the tart cherry juice at a very affordable price…and it’s the real thing!

How much cherry juice and gelatin is needed?

I would like the recipe for the gelatin and cherry juice mixture.

what is the recipe for tart cheery juice and gelatin. my nails are bad from statins, would this help?

This is a follow-up to my 9Feb. post and request from PP’s for results. My wife mixed two oz. of Very Cherre Old Orchard brand tart cherry juice w/half a pkt. of Knox unflavored Gelatine, stirred, not heated and drank that mix, twice daily from 9Feb. to this date. She has had a positive result from this mix in the last 18 days; reduced from ‘some’ to ‘no’ joint pain from surgery in May ’13, to repair two broken knee caps.
In fairness, time/healing could have been the predominant factor(s), but she believes that the tart cherry juice/gelatine mix has been a positive factor in relieving pain. jc

I would like the recipe for the unflavored gelatin mixed with tart cherry juice. Thank you.

Like others I would like to know the recipe for the tart cherry juice mixed w/gelatin.

I am dying to try this glycerin and tart cherry remedy for knee pain — but how much of each? Please share the “recipe” for this remedy!

ACMags – no need to be disparaging. The info about tart cherry juice and gelatin was submitted by a reader, and People’s Pharmacy quite clearly states above that they don’t know the precise amounts. They do, however, offer a recommendation, and if you read the responses above you’ll find it.

Why isn’t the question of measurements for cherry juice and gelatin answered? Do we really need to buy your book for answers??

!What are the measurement of tart cheery juice & gelatine for relief of pains?

No mention as to how much gelatin and cherry juice. Would love to try but need amounts.
Thank you.

Same as most of the above comments. Need the recipe/proportions. I’m going to try 6-8 tart cherry juice and one packet of gelatin (or see if the 3 oz./1 tsp. is the equivalent). Would love to get rid of the arthritic pain.

Would Love the recipe for Cherry Juice and gelatin Please

It is great that people share their ideas and successful remedies but it would certainly be helpful if they would also give the recipe or the amounts of whatever it is they are suggesting. How can one forget the most important part of the remedy?

My wife and I bought a quart of tart cherry juice(R.W.Knudsen) and a package of gelatin. Both of us will try the conservative approach of 3oz and 1 tsp.

Would you please send recipe? Thanks so much.

I would love to have the recipe. I have been told I need a knee replacement & I am only 51.

Is there a way to get the ‘mix’ on this. Have tried Very Cherre from Old Orchard brand; 100% tart juice, no sugar added and antioxidant rating significantly above pomegranate and concord grape with good effect for sleep aid. This would seem a decent mix for wife’s recent joint paint, so a little more info on the mix would be helpful. thx, jc
People’s Pharmacy response: The first person who wrote us did not give the recipe, but we would imagine it is one packet of unflavored gelatin in 6 or 8 ounces of juice. Try it and let us know if that seems helpful.

I have been taking MSM powder for ten years after my knees started giving me a lot of trouble walking stiffness and pain. A fellow hiker told me this was a good cure, and I haven’t had any knee problems since I started taking it. It has done nothing for my nails though. I take 1/4 t with juice or water. Some brands are better than others so you have to try them out.

What is MSM that was recommended for improving nail growth/breakage? And is biotin available under that name in drug/health stores?

just answered that above.

My own personal recipe is 3 oz tart cherry juice by Knudsens and 1 tsp plain beef gelatin.
Since neither can hurt you if you change the amounts much, do what is good for you! I’ll know in a week if it is helping, I started 2 days ago. Since I want to get a jump start I drink 3 other oz of the tart cherry juice twice a day. Gelatin is once however altho more isn’t bad.
good luck!

I’ve been doing 3 oz per day, now mixed with beef gelatin (plain).

Have seen a white grape juice and gelatin concoction, but would really like to know the amounts of the cherry juice, etc. to try this one. Thanks!

don’t think so.

read the article in the paper but what are the amounts? I tried one packet of gelatine and about five ounces of cherry juice (unsweetened). Hope that works. I did not see tart cherry juice on the shelf.

I too would like to know the mixing proportions of tart cherry juice and unflavored gelatin. I have tried the gin and white raisins without much success.
thank you

Nails: 5,000 mcg of biotin daily made mine faster-growing, stronger and smoother after only a few weeks. I’ll continue this regimen indefinitely.

Does black cherry juice have the same effect as tart cherry juice?

how much and how to make. This sounds great! I just started using a Nutribullet and do a night blast for sleep: 1/4 cup raw oats, 1/2 cup or more of tart cherry juice, 2 Tbsp mixed nuts (pumpkin seeds/almonds/cashews), 1/2 frozen banana slices, 1/2 cup Decaf Brewed Green Tea. It seems to work and tastes great. I know this isn’t exactly related, but my joints don’t seem to hurt as much. Blasting in DC!!!

I would love to know the recipe this person used when mixing the tart cherry juice with unflavored gelatin. Thank you

Yes both are good effective Integrated home remedies but one caution.
Know where your Tart Cherry Juice comes from, Wash State and Mich are key sources and both also have Melatonin a hormone for sleep aid. Mich State Montmorence Tart Cherry is preference, some buy a concentrate and take about 2T after evening meal and some buy a dried version to chew. Taking mid day might leave you handicapped, because of the sleep effect. I speak from experience, aids both my knees and I sleep like a baby, even with pleasant dreams.

I love tart cherry juice for arthritis pain. Too bad it is really too expensive for many, many sufferers to use every day, even if they can find it. Nine dollars a bottle and a bottle lasts 2-3 days at most.

I read your article about the cherry juice and gelatin helping knee pain and help for nails. What is the recipe for this concoction?

Are you using “all natural” products and preparing it yourself, or off the shelf cherry and gelatin, can you give us more details?

going to try that! I too have arthur in my knees! was taking TCJ but got away from it, so now back! thanks for the reminder! and adding some gelatin I have (plain) can’t hurt too!

Sounds like a winning combination – just curious – how much cherry juice, how much gelatin? Any particular brand of gelatin – is it possible to find it in bulk?
Thank you!

I would love to have the “recipe” for that!

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