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Ear Plugs Solved Snoring Problem

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Q. I snore a lot at night. My wife is always complaining about her sleep being interrupted by my loud snoring.

I recently wore earplugs to bed for another reason, and this had the unintended result of stopping me from snoring. I now wear earplugs to bed every night and no longer snore.

A. We can imagine earplugs helping your wife deal with your snores. How they would stop your snoring is a mystery to us.

Snoring is sometimes a symptom of sleep apnea, which can have serious consequences for health. If your wife agrees that you no longer snore, you need not worry about this. If she still complains, discuss it with your doctor, who may prescribe CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure). A new device consists of a nose plug rather than a full-face CPAP mask. Some people find it easier to use to solve their snoring problem.

Overcoming sleep apnea can help with weight control, headache prevention, attention deficit problems, and high blood pressure.

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Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

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Getting a Good Night’s Sleep
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I use a sleep tracking app to track my snoring. It can be pretty constant. I have been using earplugs the last few nights and my tracker shows my snoring less than 10, actually between 5-0. I am going to be talking to my Dr, but had been curious if others had this happen. Glad to see I’m not alone.

my husband started wearing earplugs at night and his snoring has dramatically decreased! he also doesn’t stop breathing anymore in his sleep.

I used the silicone type jaw supporter but would find it off my face in the morning. I guess it got too restrictive, took in off during sleep.
I really appreciate this discussion…have tried snore stop pills, snore stop spray. etc. Not cured so far. More please.

I suppose this was just a coincidence. I doubt you would stop snoring just because you are wearing ear plugs. I snored a lot as well, but a device called jaw supporter helped me….

My husband and I would really appreciate knowing what would silence or at least lessen snoring noise! More on this subject please!

I would like to hear more on this as I too snore.

Hello Friends,
My Husband snoring drove me crazy. I tried ear plugs and pillows, but he still snored. While I was trying to sleep, I noticed that he held his breath, which is sleep Apnea. I bought him a foam wedge, and told him that he had to use it or I would use duct tape and tape him up on it. Not only did it stop his snoring, but he had a Hiatus Hernia and the Gastroenterologist was amazed when he scoped his Esophagus it was no longer a horrible bright red. He had been seen this specialist for quite a while, and he said that snoring can be a sign of something else. He complimented me on the wedge. He still sleeps on a wedge, but not as high as the fist one.
Take care, F. Hall

Please get checked for sleep apnea anyway if you can. My husband refused to get tested and now he’s caused permanent heart and lung damage. He’s on oxygen for the rest of his life. He gets short of breath walking across the room. He snored for years and I wore the ear plugs.

I would like to hear more. I do not have sleep apnea but I have snored my entire life. I am 63. My husband says he is happy to hear my snoring because it means I am having a good sleep.

A nose plug?

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