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Do Sunflower Seeds Keep You Alert Behind the Wheel?

Consuming sunflower seeds in the shell may help drivers stay alert. Have you ever tried this tactic?
Do Sunflower Seeds Keep You Alert Behind the Wheel?

How do you stay alert when you are driving? Some people listen to the radio or to audiobooks. Others sip on a travel mug full of coffee. One interesting tactic that some readers use is munching on sunflower seeds.

Sunflower Seeds to Stay Alert:

Q. I’ve tried different things to keep alaert while driving and found that sunflower seeds worked better than anything else. If I know I have a long trip or will be driving late at night, I make sure I have sunflower seeds in my car. It works every time.

A. To our surprise, we found that Israeli scientists have published research comparing energy drinks to sunflower seeds for combating driver fatigue (Accident; Analysis and Prevention, Sep. 2009).  Both approaches worked equally well, although manipulating the sunflower seeds to shell them could get in the way of quick driving maneuvers in the simulator.

We heard previously from an individual who sponsored similar research, although it was never published. In that study, energy drinks helped at first and then led to a slump.

Other Readers Chime In:

We had an earlier report on munching sunflower seeds as a way to stay alert.

Q. A while back you ran a suggestion of eating sunflower seeds to stay awake while driving. Something about removing the shell with your teeth and tongue apparently helps alertness.

I want to second this idea. I used to drive 800 miles between Sacramento, CA, and Spokane, WA, and I had to fight sleep constantly. I tried mints, candy, chewing gum, soda pop and coffee without success. Then I started eating sunflower seeds, and my problem was solved!

A. Many others also endorse this tactic. Someone who chews on sunflower seeds while driving should keep a container handy for the shells. We recommend avoiding anything that will lead to excessive distraction while driving.

AWC suggested a different tactic:

“Chewing sunflower seeds actually has helped me a lot, but I also found that having a passenger in the car with you helps with staying awake, because of the fact that you are talking, and they can help pay attention too.”

RMD also took a different approach:

“I find it amazing that everyone has a method for staying awake when they get sleepy while driving, instead of the obvious, which is to stop and take a nap.”


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