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Could CBD Cream Relieve Your Knee Pain?

Studies of CBD cream suggest that it can alleviate joint pain without serious side effects. Research is just beginning, however.

As people age, their joints often begin to hurt. They may try a variety of approaches, from taking OTC pain relievers such as ibuprofen or naproxen to swallowing home remedies such as gin-soaked raisins or grape juice and Certo. You may not have heard of CBD cream to alleviate joint pain, but it is gradually becoming popular.

CBD Cream Speeds Runner’s Recovery:

Q. I’m a female distance runner who just completed my usual 10-mile run. About 15 years ago, I had knee pain. An MRI showed a torn meniscus. I limped out of the doctor’s office after he gave me alternatives including surgery, a shot of hyaluronic acid and physical therapy. I selected the PT which I still do on my own.

My knee pain resolved but recurred with less intensity when I started training for a marathon. My husband brought home some CBD cream, a non-hallucinogenic form of cannabis ointment.

I did not believe it would do a thing, but it definitely does. I’ve gained back some speed and now consistently run, hike and bike pain-free.

What Is CBD Cream?

A. Cannabidiol (CBD) is, as you suggest, derived from cannabis. This is a compound that does not have psychoactive properties. It has been used to control seizures. The FDA recently approved a highly purified form as the brand-name epilepsy medicine Epidiolex.

Does CBD Cream Relieve Pain?

Researchers have been examining the use of this compound for pain. They have reported some promising results in dogs with arthritis (Frontiers in Veterinary Science, July 23, 2018). Scientists studying rats found that CBD cream offered pain relief without changing the animals’ interest in exploring their environments (European Journal of Pain, July 2016).

We have heard from other readers that CBD cream or oil can be helpful in managing pain, but there are few well-controlled clinical trials to support this approach. We’re glad you have gotten such benefit and look forward to more research.

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I have controlled knee pain and other pains by applying DMSO liquid . It is available by’
prescription or at your local feed store. (It is used on horses legs)

If you want to have a fun, fabulous AND pain-free experience on the slopes, try just plain mj. Works great on my knees which have been injured about 60 times.

I started having pain in my right temple and jaw. The dentist said it was probably TMJ and sent me home with a TMJ handout of information. But the pain increased to the point where I was taking ibuprofen around the clock. My son suggested I try a CBD ointment. I massaged it on my temple and jaw. It actually took the pain away, and I stopped taking the ibuprofen. Turns out I didn’t have TMJ, but needed a root canal.

Wife used cbd oil and cream for pain control. She says it helps. I’d like to try it but fear I may test positive on drug test my employer requires.

I was recently a car wreck, where I was rear ended. I have whiplash. My neck,back and right hip has been affected by the wreck. My daughter brought over some CBD cream and I have been using it. It is working very well for me. It works better than any other cream that you would use for your muscles. Also it takes my pain away. I’m not using any of the drugs the doctor have me. Best stuff ever.

I recently bought some CBD cream at my local Hemp Pharmacy. It gives me considerable relief from joint pain, although it does not totally eliminate pain. Rubbing the cream into my aching joints definitely makes it much easier to get to sleep at night. I plan to continue using it since it has been very helpful. It was $50 for a small container, but a little bit goes a long way. At that price, it is worth a try!

While I do use other strategies to reduce pain, mainly to optimize activity and diet, CBD cream definitely seems to be a good addition for me!

I have been reading so much about this CBD cream and how wonderful it is for pain relief. Where do
you purchase it?

Holistic Healthline in New York has a radio show where people can call in with nealth questions. They have researched several CBD cream and oil brands and sell the
one they found to be the best quality. They have a store in
NY area. Also, dispensaries are announced in the newspaper
when new stores are opened.

I recently bought some CBD cream at an open market. I’ve been using it on my hands, and it seems to give me near instant relief. I am going to use it on my knee as soon as I finish writing this.

I am a 75 year old female who has had 4 major back surgery’s, fused from C2 to T2 cervical and from L3-4-5 lumbar. Walking made neck and shoulder pain excruciating. I was being prescribed opioid pain meds by my doctor in order to function. I heard about the pain-free effect CBD oil was giving. I decided to try some. I started using a full spectrum CBD oil, and within 6 weeks I was totally off the opioids and using nothing but the CBD Oil. Drops under the tongue for pain. That was about 9 months ago, and I still have not used any other type of pain med. I do use the CBD ointment for neck pain once in a while. Where has this been all of our lives?

I have a torn meniscus and arthritis. They don’t want to do surgery because I have RA and am overweight. I want to try this to get some relief.

Yes, CBD cream relived my ankle and foot pain from Eller’s-Danlos syndrome. I’ve used it on my back, hips and shoulders, too. Rub it in real good. When the back of my neck gets tight, it relieves that pain, too.

CBD oils are quickly becoming a favorite for athletes, seniors and cancer recovery patients. They are as effective as many OTC meds and without side effects, judging by my own experience and by others I know. CBDs are not psychoactive, but can sometimes contain an insignificant trace of THC. Don’t be put off by this, – you are NOT going to get high from a CBD oil, whether in pill form, ingested oil drops or skin cream. Just make sure you are using a reputable brand that uses non-toxic CBD extraction techniques. Do not buy from China. If you care to do some light research, you can start with Project CBD:

Do you know of any on-going research about this oil or cream for treatment of arthritis in the hands? If it helps, even a little, it would be extraordinarily useful and worth the expense.

The cream helped my husband when he had pain from his chemotherapy. It was a blessing when the low-dose pain medication wasn’t enough. I think it’s terrible they didn’t want to approve it in MO. They want to get rid of the pain medications because of the theft of it from drug users, but refuse the use of CBD. They are NOT making a dent in the street drugs. So at least make the creams of CBD available for use. It was a godsend for him. Too bad we had to drive miles to get it, and bring it home because it had been not legal here.

Have osteoarthritis in hip and knee. Have found CBD gel works wonders on knee but not so much with hip.

You can order CBD products from Swanson Vitamins

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