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Coconut Oil Solves Vaginal Dryness Dilemma

For some, coconut oil may be be an effective and inexpensive home remedy to deal with vaginal dryness and painful intercourse.

Q. I am 51 and a seven-year breast cancer survivor. I went through chemo and radiation, took tamoxifen until my hysterectomy 2 yrs ago. Since chemo I have had severe vaginal dryness. Sex was painful with burning and irritation for days afterwards.

About a month ago I came across this website. I started using vitamin E and noticed a difference immediately. A couple weeks ago I switched to Organic Coconut Oil from Trader Joes in the morning and night. It’s wonderful. No more dryness!

Intercourse is pleasurable again (coconut oil is not sticky and smells great). There is no swelling, burning or irritation afterwards. Reading all of the comments on your website has been a life saver.

Thank you ladies and thank you Peoples Pharmacy.

A. We are so glad you have experienced good results from the coconut oil. Others report similar benefits from olive oil.

For those who would like more information about this personal problem, we suggest downloading our Guide to Menopause. We have quite a lot of information about olive oil, coconut oil, vitamin E and other lubricants such as Corn Huskers lotion and natural products like aloe vera and Sylk with kiwi-fruit vine extract. In addition, there are many suggestions for easing the symptoms of hot flashes.

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My vaginal pain has been attributable to scarring for years. My uterus was removed at age 33 but my ovaries were left. None of the expensive creams helped the pain. I am going to try the coconut oil and olive oil. I don’t believe it can make the pain worse. Although I have been told repeatedly there is nothing that will help.

I am now in post menopause and the vaginal dryness is horrible me and my partner use coconut oil for lubrication and Im now using it for the dryness , it seems to be working but I wonder if I mix vitamin E oil with it or Olive oil , will it work even better??

My gynecologist recommended the cocoa butter wafers for vaginal dryness: insert one at bedtime. So, I did buy some (online). I use 1/2 a wafer. It melts quick and really, really works! My only issue is, although I love the smell of chocolate, it is a bit weird having that bag of cocoa butter wafers in the bedroom/bathroom – sure does have a strong smell of chocolate! They do sell a “deodorized” cocoa butter wafer, but I was afraid to order it, not knowing what smell they have, as well as having some other additive. Has anyone tried the deorderized cocoa butter wafers?

Could you use fractionated coconut oil?

I’ve been post menopausal for over 40 years due to a total hysterectomy. About 2 years ago my doctor diagnosed me with Atrophic Vaginitis because of the horrible burning. My daughter is a distributor for natural oils, and she recommended that I try coconut oil. Love it!!! It works better then Premarin. I put it in a Vaginal applicator and then freeze it. Amazon sells vaginal applicators since drug stores don’t usually.

LOL – I’m 70 and have been using coconut and/or olive oil for several years but it never occurred to me to use it on ME! We use it as a lubricant on HIM as part of our foreplay and getting it inserted in me that way is a convenient, Just-In-Time method, much easier than freezing and making capsules and manually inserting it ahead of time, etc.

Very informative thank you. I have used coconut oil externally for quite a while now and works well for me. I would like to try the Vitamin E internally but I have to take a statin for high cholesterol and have read various reports and forums some say Vitamin E can be used others say under no circumstances must the two be mixed! Can any one offer any advice? Many thanks.

Just diagnosed with cervical cancer. Tried to have a colposcopy done to remove it and the Doctor was unable to do so because I was so dry that the speculum tore my skin. She put me on Premarin for 3 weeks with additional coconut oil every night. Sure hope this works, they can’t do the procedure until this is resolved! Thank you for the ice cube idea :)

Hi, I have been taking 40miligrams of Lipitor a station for years. The Dr. also prescribed vitamin E because I have a low amount in my system.. I have not had a problem with it. I had a complete hysterectomy nearly 25yrs. ago. I have severe dryness and the Premarin didn’t help much. I had never heard about using coconut oil or any of the other oils for dryness. Can’t wait to see if it helps me.

Just browsing… so which is better: Vit. E or Coconut Oil? Can one just use it out of the jar? Thanks.

I melt organic unrefined coconut oil and use an eyedropper to fill empty capsules (found at health food stores). I then refrigerate & once solid, store in fridge in a repurposed (dark) plastic Rx bottle. I insert one per night using a plastic plunger made for inserting vaginal yeast infection medications (can also be purchased at drug store). be sure to clean plunger daily with hot soapy water. Can also use plunger to inset Vitamin E capsules! This system works like a charm!

This is my first exposure to this. I was given the estrace cream as well and don’t want to run the risk of side effects and cancer. After reading about Vitamin E oil and/or Coconut Oil, I’d like to try it. If I make suppositories with capsules, do they just pop out of the capsule when ready to use?

I was about to start Vagifem due to vaginal dryness, and was not looking forward to it due to all the side effects. The burning has been so bad that I just didn’t think I had a choice until I found this. I never thought of a natural oil, like coconut or Vitamin E. I don’t feel any burning inside. It just burns on the outside, so I am wondering if this will stop the burning on the outside too? I have been using Lidocaine to stop the burning.

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