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Chocolate Stars as Hiccup Cure

We have been writing about hiccup remedies for 40 years because there always seems to be an interesting home remedy for hiccups. People claim an enormous variety of things work to stop hiccups. These range from scaring someone, which we doubt is effective, to having the victim swallow a spoonful of sugar. This remedy has been approved by doctors (New England Journal of Medicine, Dec. 23, 1971). What is your favorite hiccup cure?

Chasing Away Hiccups with Chocolate:

Q. The absolute best cure I’ve ever found for hiccups is CHOCOLATE. Don’t believe me? Try it.

Keep some 70 to 90 percent cocoa dark chocolate on hand. (Lindt is good.) Smooth a bite of the chocolate on the roof of your mouth and be amazed at how fast your hiccups disappear!

Don’t worry about chocolate making you fat. Unsweetened dark chocolate is beneficial. (Milk chocolate, though, is not good for dieters.) You’ll thank me for this cure.

Chocolate as a Hiccup Cure:

A. We first heard about using chocolate as a home remedy for hiccups from a listener who called our radio show. Her Danish grandmother had always dispensed a few chocolate chips to a child with hiccups.

We have since heard from others who agree that chocolate can help stop hiccups. Here’s one reader’s hiccup cure story:

“I discovered this remedy one day after repeated bouts of hiccups. I became aggravated and decided that if I was going to have them, I was going to have them with chocolate. They stopped immediately, much to my surprise. The chocolate remedy has been foolproof for years now.”

Presumably some of the cocoa flavanol compounds are able to stimulate the vagus nerve to counteract hiccups (Experimental Physiology, Jan., 2013). We can’t think of a tastier remedy to chase away the hiccups.

Other Hiccup Remedies:

There are, of course, many other hiccup remedies. One of the simplest is sipping water. It can be made more challenging by sipping from the opposite side of the glass, bending over and slowly straightening up while sipping or synchronizing the sip with the hiccup. You can read what we have written about those remedies here.

There are plenty of other hiccup remedies. We demonstrate a few of them in this video. You’ll find many others in our book, The People’s Pharmacy Quick & Handy Home Remedies.

Let us know what your favorite is. If you try chocolate for hiccups, we’ll be interested in hearing how well it works.

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My hiccups are gone immediately with a bite into a slice of lemon or a squirt of lemon juice into my throat. I’ve had family and friends over that get hiccups and the lemon has worked every time.

The best method I’ve found is drink a few gulps of a carbonated drink then give a good belch. Obviously this is not to be done in a social setting, but it will cure the hiccups.

I’ve used the teaspoon of sugar and drank water for years. Usually worked in a few minutes. This was in the medical publication JAMA more than 30 years ago. I would like to try the chocolate cure.

I just hold my nose and drink a glass of water. Works every time. Got the idea from someone on the internet.

Years ago, my friend’s father had hiccups for days. While eating some ice cream, they stopped. That’s how I cure mine now. I just take a little bit of ice cream and put it way back in my throat and keep it there as long as I can and they go away. I’m guessing that when the cold ice cream touches that dangling thing back there, it must help.

My eleven year old son has had single, unexpected hiccups at the dinner table for the last year. At first it was funny and then it became annoying. I gave him a single serving size square of ghiradelli intense chocolate 86% cacao and the hiccups immediately went away. Thanks for the suggestion. It worked and has restored peace to our evening meal.

My husband has had the hiccups for 2-3 hours now, he was getting really sore. I gave him some Ghirardelli Intense Dark (72%) and they stopped immediately.

I actually get hiccups from eating chocolate!!!

I use a teaspoon of sugar to cure my hiccups. I use dark chocolate to cure a cough. Both work well.

I have had hiccups all my life (I am 68) that I can remember. I have tried every crazy way told to me to stop them. When I was in school I had to leave the room because they were so loud and lasted so long,so I’m ready for one more shot at getting rid of them quickly.
Thank you, Page

How much chocolate does one need to eat for stopping the hick-up?

I used to have terrible bouts with hiccups and found that pineapple juice solved the problem quickly. My grandson was staying with me recently and had hiccups and I gave him the juice and they went right away! It’s always good to have a cure at the ready.

This is the affirmation I needed! I have long sworn by a little fudge or chocolate chips to get rid of hiccups, but my family and friends have long suspected I’ve been finding excuses just to eat chocolate, them knowing that I am a confirmed chocoholic. I can’t wait to show this to them!

This hiccup remedy has worked for me for 50 years.
Pour a big glass of water. Preferably, use a glass that is wide across the top.
Rest your hips against a counter or wall, and lean over from the waist, with your upper body parallel to the floor.
Exhale and pinch your nose air-tight, using your left hand. Holding the glass in your right hand, bring the FAR SIDE of the rim of the glass to your lips — NOT the side you would normally drink from.
As you tilt the bottom of the glass upwards, the water will flood the roof of your mouth. Swallow once or twice, big swallows. You will feel your ears “pop.”
That’s it. Hiccups are gone.
Works every time.

I can hardly wait to get the hiccups!

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