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How Could Bacteria Boost Diabetes Risk?

People with diabetes have distinctive patterns of microbes even in tissues beyond the intestines. Maybe leaky gut explains how bacteria boost diabetes risk.

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Leaky Gut (intestinal permeability)

Will Diabetes Drug Offer Promise for “Leaky Gut”?

Creating tiny organoids from stem cells allowed scientists to identify a crucial pathway in intestinal permeability and test metformin to treat it.

Nicholas Shaheen, MD, GI expert
abdominal obstruction

Show 1179: What Should You Do About Digestive Distress?

Listen to find out when your digestive distress might signal a serious problem and when you could manage it at home with simple remedies.

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Celiac Disease

If Leaky Gut Syndrome Exists, How Can You Test for It?

Is there such a thing as leaky gut syndrome or intestinal permeability? How would you know if you were dealing with this condition? Find out about testing.

Acid Reflux

How to Improve Digestive Health with a Poop Transplant

A poop transplant that alters the disturbed microbiota of a diseased digestive tract can provide surprising relief from diarrhea, pain and other symptoms.

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