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Does Fluoride in the Water Impact Children’s IQ?

The majority of Americans are exposed to fluoride in water and toothpaste. A new study reports that prenatal exposure may affect young children. What to do?

child holds up glass of water

Does Fluoride Exposure Alter Kidney and Liver Function in Teens?

Tens of millions of people experience fluoride exposure every day. Does it affect kidney function in adolescents? A new study says it very well could.

teeth bleached with whitening strips

Do Whitening Strips Damage Your Teeth?

Whitening strips use hydrogen peroxide to bleach the teeth and make them look lovely. This bleaching product might break down proteins in tooth dentin.

A young woman using dental floss in the mirror

Does Your Dental Floss Contain PFAS Chemicals That Disrupt Hormones?

Dental floss treated to slide easily between the teeth may contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals called PFASs. Do they have health effects?

Dentist working on a patient, gums

Tooth Decay Arrested Without a Dental Drill

Using a comprehensive preventive approach to tooth decay can dramatically reduce the number of fillings that a person needs.