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Low dose aspirin may help prevent colon cancer in women. Numerous studies have suggested that regular aspirin use has a protective effect against a number of different kinds of cancers. The dose, however, has been controversial.

A new study involving nearly 40,000 healthy women demonstrates that even a low dose could be beneficial. The volunteers were assigned to take 100 mg of aspirin or a placebo every other day. After 18 years of follow-up, the investigators found a 20% lower risk of colorectal cancer among the women taking low-dose aspirin. What makes this study compelling is the large number of women involved and the long-term follow-up. That such a low dose could have an impact was somewhat surprising.

Even 100 mg of aspirin ever other day does have risks, however. The investigators noted that 8.3% of the women on aspirin had intestinal bleeding compared to 7.3% of those on placebo. Likewise, the women on aspirin were more likely to develop stomach ulcers, 7.3% compared to 6.2% on placebo.

Despite the downside, the scientists conclude: “Long-term use of alternate-day, low-dose aspirin may reduce risk for colorectal cancer in healthy women.”

[Annals of Internal Medicine, online, July 16, 2013]

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  1. Antonov

    It’s true, my mom took aspirin during all her life, and she get colon cancer :( I miss her

  2. Daisayrose

    Aspirin may cure colon cancer in women but I heard that pain killers like aspirin lead to side effects. By following proper diet and daily work outs we can overcome colon issues. By increasing fiber and water intake also we can avoid colon problems. Any how it’s good to hear about low doses aspirin prevent colon cancer.
    Can you please provide more information on this like how many times we need to take low dose aspirin per day, are there any side effects by taking this pill daily?

  3. CytheriaUrs

    Instead of medication I always prefer to cure my health issues by taking natural remedies, nutrition food and regular exercises. I won’t recommend any medication until and unless there is any necessity. Already some of the people in our country are addicted to some kind of pills like painkillers, vitamin tablets etc. Might be aspirin is helpful in women colon cancer, instead of pill why can’t we provide all the things by natural foods what exactly aspirin gives us; is this impossible?

  4. Laurie M.

    Doctor Oz recommends 2 low Dose Aspirin daily and if you take it to help prevent heart attacks and strokes you should take it at bedtime as evidence has shown that a great deal of heart attacks occur in the morning after rising. Taken at bedtime, it thins your blood while sleeping therefore preventing a heart attack or stroke after getting up in the morning.

  5. RDW

    While we know that aspirin, in any dose, can cause bleeding stomach ulcers and intestinal bleeding, aspirin can also cause hearing loss, partial or complete, (sometimes permanently even if aspirin is stopped) and it can cause asthma attacks. Very rarely are these two side effects ever mentioned.

  6. DM

    Does coated (enteric) aspirin also cause bleeding? Has this been studied?
    People’s Pharmacy response: Yes, even enteric coated aspirin can cause bleeding.

  7. bill wallace

    Here is a problem with using very large samples: small differences may be statistically significant but meaningless. In this report it says that 7.3 developed ulcers versus 6.2 on placebo. Or 8.3 versus 7.3 re bleeding. Totally meaningless. These figures could just as well be reversed in another study.

  8. Karen

    >After 18 years of follow-up…
    What we know is that, over 18 years, some subset of that study group took MAJOR NSAIDs in addition to their low-dose aspirin. There is no way that 40,000 women, over 18 years, did not.
    I would like to see a report of WHICH women developed bleeding. In all likelihood, it was NOT the ones who ONLY took the low dose aspirin.

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