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Arthritis pain presents a big dilemma. The pain itself can interfere greatly with your quality of life. On the other hand, because people suffer from joint pain frequently, if not every day, they may want relief on a regular basis. The most common drugs used for joint pain should not be taken daily because they have serious side effects such as digestive tract irritation or even ulcers. NSAIDs like ibuprofen or naproxen can even raise the likelihood that a person will suffer a heart attack or stroke. But some readers have discovered home remedies that can ease joint pain without causing serious reactions. One of the most popular is grape juice and pectin.

Will Purple Grape Juice and Pectin Help Your Pain?

Q. Purple grape juice and pectin is working great for my arthritis. I saw improvement in both knees after the second dose. I use SURE-JELL, not Certo, because that is what my supermarket carries. It can be found very near the Jell-O.

A. Many readers have asked about substituting SURE-JELL for Certo fruit pectin in this popular home remedy to alleviate arthritis pain. Thank you for letting us know the results of your personal experiment.

Others have tried Pomona’s Universal Pectin. Like SURE-JELL, it is a powdered pectin product that may require a bit of extra effort to get it to dissolve.

Pectin Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties:

We’ve never seen a study of grape juice and pectin to alleviate joint pain. However, researchers have discovered that pectin in the diet can reduce inflammation through its effect on the immune system (Frontiers in Immunology, March 1, 2018). In addition, pectin from apples has beneficial effects on the gut microbiota of rats (Nutrients, Feb. 29, 2016). Might people get similar results? We don’t know.

Grape Compounds Against Pain:

We have been looking for evidence that grape juice might relieve pain, and found just a few recent studies that may be relevant. In one, scientists gave rats a chemotherapy compound that causes nerve pain. The rats fared significantly better when they were given grape extract (Scientific Reports, Sep. 25, 2018). Mice with a condition similar to gout pain had less swelling and appeared more comfortable when given grape seed extract (Journal of Neuroinflammation, Apr. 4, 2017). Perhaps most relevant, researchers reported that proanthocyanidin compounds from grape seeds improved measures of arthritis pain in rats (Experimental & Molecular Medicine, Oct. 31, 2011). Such studies suggest to us that grapes and grape juice may have benefits. Still, not everyone wants to drink grape juice. Do other juices work?

Will Other Juices Work as Well as Grape Juice and Pectin?

Q. I have started taking Certo and grape juice for my arthritis but wondered if you can use Certo in other juices, such as cranberry, orange or apple and get similar results?

A. There is no scientific data supporting this remedy for joint pain. One reader reported good results mixing Certo with pomegranate juice. Try one tablespoon in 8 oz. juice daily and report your results.

Here is the previous reader’s story.

Pomegranate Juice and Pectin:

Q. I’ve read your columns about grape juice and Certo for easing joint pain but I don’t like grape juice. I tried pomegranate juice with Certo instead. It’s much lower in calories and it tastes really good.

After just a couple of days, the results are amazing! I can comfortably make a tight fist now, which means I can look forward to throwing punches in aikido classes again without jamming an arthritic knuckle.

As an EMT, I’m definitely in tune with conventional modern US medicine. From a medical standpoint, this remedy has me stumped, but there is no doubt that it really worked quickly and effectively for me. I don’t know if this mixture will affect other drugs or conditions, so others should check with the doctor before trying it.

A. Thanks for sharing your experiment. We have heard from hundreds of readers that Certo and grape juice or gin soaked raisins can ease joint pain. Pomegranate juice itself can ease inflammation and slow cartilage destruction (Nutrition, Jan. 2017; Journal of Nutrition, Sep. 2005).

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  1. Barbara

    I’ve read these comments. You have to use white grape juice, not any other juices. I pour Certo into a 64 oz, bottle of white grape juice. When I cut the package across the top, I use a funnel to cleanly pour the “goopy” mixture into the bottle, squeezing out all the liquid. No mess, no fuss. The funnel goes into the top rack of the dishwasher. PS: I am 76 and have had no arthritis pain. However, I am very good at following directions and being consistent in the process – every day, every week, every month.

  2. Barbara

    For five years now, I’ve been drinking white grape juice (white grapes have the healing factors.) I put a package of pectin in a 64 oz. bottle of the juice. Shake and refrigerate. Every morning, I drink a 4 oz glass of the juice; I also add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar into my 4 oz. glass of low-sodium V-8 juice; I soak a box of golden raisins – not any other fruit – in a pint of inexpensive gin. Soak for four days in a pie plate on my kitchen counter. The gin (no substitutes) loses its flavor but soaks into the raisins. There is some liquid left. I pour the entire combination into a glass jar which sits on my kitchen counter. I take a tablespoon (about 9 raisins) of this mixture every morning. I’ve been doing all three for five years now and do not take any meds for arthritis nor do I get any pain. I know that there is arthritis around my joints. In December 2018, the surgeon who replaced my right knee, showed me, on my films, where it is. Consistency is the key!

    I am consistent with this regimen and take supplies when I vacation.

  3. Ronald E

    I have been taking Certo for about 30 years with 4 oz of grape juice and 4 oz of water mix. I have a dislocated shoulder that bothered me when I started taking Certo and after about 2 months I had no pain and at 82 I still can walk 18 holes golfing. Thank you Certo.

  4. Fran

    I just purchased the Certo and grape juice; however, do not know what the mixture should be. I did see 1 tablespoon Certo to 8 ounces of pomegrante . I wonder if this is the same mixture for the certo and grape juice.

  5. Trisha

    What about eating red grapes? instead of juice and pectin. Is it the chemicals in grapes that do the work, or is it the concentration of chemicals in grape juice that reduces the pain?

  6. Dorothy

    I like many have a glucose situation that keeps me from drinking bottled juices, especially in such quantity. Ellen tells how she solved this problem. Please share the specific name of your successful product. So many people are diabetic and need to know.

  7. Maureen
    Vero Beach, Florida

    Is it ok to use the (cheaper) generic version (Real Fruit liquid pectin) instead of Certo? This one is half as costly.

  8. Carol Leuenberger

    Super skeptical, I am. BUT, I have been taking the Certo/Grape juice mix and it helps. Crazy. I’ve been doing everything to eliminate hip pain: Chiropractor, Acupuncture, massage, heat, cold, TENS, rub in pain relief, can’t take oral pain relievers because of my stomach. Certo/Grape juice. Crazy.

  9. Bob
    South Carolina

    CERTO and grape juice didn’t anything for me nor did the gin soaked raisins. My knee as well of hip pain turned out to be muscular. I was ready for both knee as well as hip replacement surgery but first I first went to a physical therapist. He asked if I stretch my muscles. I never did even though I constantly played sports and felt I was in great shape. So he put me through a series of stretching exercises for both my legs as hip area. Results were amazing. My hip pain almost was gone during the first session. It took about two weeks for the knee pain to go away. What happens in these cases is that these large muscles become so tight that they pull the joints together so much that the nerves start to become irritated/compressed which results in the joint pain.

    I also take hyaluronic acid (HA) which is a natural lubricant and helps lubricate the joint areas. I know of at least 4 people who were scheduled for joint replacement who canceled after taking HA for a month. My potential surgeon even recommended it. If even with the stretching exercises I sometimes have some minor joint pain (usually after several months). I will then take HA for a couple of weeks. The pain usually goes away and then I go off of HA for another half year or so.

    Finally I also get good results on back joint pain by using one of those roller devices that you find in fitness stores (about $20). The bumps on the rolling pin massages the muscles, causes more blood to flow, and stretches the muscles. All of this takes the stress/pressure off of the joint(s) in question. Best $20 I’ve ever spent for a medical solution and while my back isn’t 100% it feels much, much better than it ever did previously.

  10. Janice

    I’ve had to combine ideas that I found here and in your booklet, but the result is terrific!

    Each morning I take a spoonful (I don’t bother to count) of gin soaked raisins. Then I make my “cocktail” – either the powder or liquid pectin, welches concord juice, and a tablespoon of tart cherry concentrate – then water to fill the cup.

    I came to this combo one idea at a time and noticed improvement with each addition. I don’t care which one is the one that works. All I know is that it does. Hopefully one doesn’t need to take a break every now and then like you do with things like turmeric etc.

    The cocktail works on my severely arthritic thumbs that are not exactly in joint anymore. The doctor has been telling me that surgery is my only option. I tell him that when the pain is to the point where I figure surgery recovery is no different, I’ll do it. Some days I do take the cocktail twice because of the other various arthritic parts of me like feet and hips, and the sciatica from bulging discs and spinal stenosis, etc…. Mostly I feel pretty dratted good.

  11. Ellen
    Upstate NY

    I have diabetes, and grape juice has far too much CHO to try the grape juice and pectin treatment. I read in Peoples Pharmacy years ago about a concentrated tart (sour) cherry product as a possible product to treat arthritis and ordered some. That was around 2002, and I have taken two softgels every day since then. I recommended them to a friend, whose golf games were compromised by arthritis. He was skeptical, so I gave a bottle of them to him. He quickly became a believer. While the softgels have not “cured” my arthritis, its progression rate and pain have markedly decreased, and my hand and finger joints have regained and retained flexibility.

    • Betsy

      For many years gin soaked raisins have worked for me….9 at bedtime.

  12. Cindy

    I’ve been eating gin soaked golden raisins now for a year, and yes it really does help. I’m not pain-free but this method is much better than harmful prescriptions.

  13. Mari

    Are there any side effects associated with Certo, such as kidney issues?

    • Terry Graedon

      Hi Mari,

      We are not aware of any, but it hasn’t been studied.

  14. Fred

    I am in my early 70’s. About 18 months ago my knee began to hurt. Sharp pain inner right knee. MRI was done. Frayed/worn medial meniscus with some wear on the bone itself. Also arthritis was present. I stopped running and even stopped extended walks. Everyday activities were painful and at times caused me to limp.

    Read about Certo and grape juice. Read rave reviews about this combo. The active ingredient seemed to be the pectin. However there was concern about the sodium benzoate. So I ordered organic apple pectin caplets from Swansons. Took the pectin for 2 months. ABSOLUTELY NO IMPROVEMENT!

    I was very disappointed but could not understand the rave reviews, especially from some people who were worse than me.

    If the pectin did not help maybe it was another ingredient in the Certo. Went through the list. All were neutral except for Sodium Benzoate(NaB). Turns out NaB is derived from cinnamon and, among other things, is an inflammation fighter. It is even used as a medication for urea cycle problems.

    I took the Certo/grape combo 2X daily. Pain was down by half in 2 days and gradually diminished to the point where I am running my 5 miles pain free.

    However Certo is expensive and goopy and hard to mix in the juice.
    So I found NaB powder on the web for about $9 a pound. I only use what I call a 3 finger pinch (index, thumb and middle finger) per day and it can be added to any beverage or food. A pound will last a lifetime.

    Some references: (These do not specifically address arthritis but show effectiveness in other inflammatory diseases)


    There are many more references to be found on the web.
    Read, research, and read some more. Make you own determination.

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