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Have you tried our aluminum-free MoM deodorant? If you love it, have you told your friends about it? We are extending our Labor Day sale one more day to give more people a chance.

Tuesday, the last day of our Labor Day weekend sale, we are making it easy for you to spread the word. We have created the opportunity for you to buy one for yourself and get one for a friend. The code is LaborDayBOGO. It allows you to purchase two of our People’s Pharmacy aluminum-free MoM roll-on deodorants, either unscented, scented for women (floral) or scented for men (herbal). You must put two of the deodorants you want in the shopping cart. When you enter the code at checkout, the second one is entirely free so you can share it with a friend! If you prefer the economy size unscented MoM roll-on, that is also available.

Integrity is important to us, as it is to you, so we are going on the honor system. Please do share your free deodorant with a friend who might like it. Be sure to explain why you appreciate a deodorant that does not contain aluminum. (All antiperspirants are required to contain aluminum. Deodorants are different.)

What Is the Problem with Aluminum in Your Armpits?

Part of the problem is that no one knows how much aluminum you absorb through your skin. If that skin is abraded because you just shaved your underarms, you might possible absorb quite a bit.

Does that matter? Here again, the answer is that no one knows for sure. But there are some studies that trouble us. One review concluded that aluminum along with other minerals, including arsenic, lead, manganese, mercury and selenium, can damage brain cells (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Dec. 5, 2017).  This may contribute to neurological conditions such as Parkinson disease (Current Medicinal Chemistry, 2018), autism spectrum disorder (Current Environmental Health Reports, Dec. 2017)  or Alzheimer disease (Advances in Neurobiology, 2017).

What About Magnesium?

In contrast to aluminum, which is toxic, magnesium is an essential mineral. As a result, we feel pretty comfortable putting milk of magnesia (MoM) on our skin. And we have found that it helps us smell better (maybe because of its effect on skin microbes).

What Readers Say:

We are not the only ones. Here are some testimonials from readers:

Krista from Pfafftown, NC, wrote:

“Love the MOM deodorant. For all the reasons you mentioned. Please make one with a manly name so my 13 yr old grandson will use it. Seriously!”

Yvonne in Blackshear, GA, is enthusiastic:

“For several years every deodorant I tried would after a week would begin peeling the skin from under my arms. I tried MOM about two weeks ago. PRESTO! No sore underarms. I am very happy with MOM.”

Maryann in Buffalo, NY, was initially skeptical:

“I recently ordered a bottle of MOM; I only ordered one because I wanted to make sure it worked. Wow, did it ever! The testimonials on this product are to be believed! I had a funky (my description; not exactly body odor!) odor under one armpit when I would sweat excessively. I used a non-aluminum deodorant (Tom’s of Maine). It did not stop the odor. However, MOM has! I love it! Will be ordering more.”

So was Chuck in Raleigh, NC:

“I purchased one bottle of the MOM a couple months or more ago to give it a try as I have always been concerned about the aluminum in regular deodorant products. In the past, I  always used the strongest product I could find to prevent sweating and odor. I quite frankly was not expecting the MOM to be effective for me as I have tried different alternative products before. After trying MOM I was highly surprised and even shocked that it was more effective for me than all of the deodorants I had ever used and ordered six bottles. Wow! It is a little more costly, but it is certainly worth it and the Peace of Mind I get from eliminating aluminum is more than worth the cost.”

We hope you too have found our MoM aluminum-free deodorant wonderful. And we hope you will spread the word and let your family and friends know and try it for themselves. Be sure to use the special code LaborDayBOGO this weekend only (Friday August 31, 2018, through Tuesday, September 4, 2018) so you can buy one and get one free. The limit is 3 per customer. In other words, you can buy 3 and get 3 for free.

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  1. Ruth V.

    I use Milk of Magnesia straight out of its blue bottle and apply to my armpits with a cottonball, even after shaving! No irritation and works great!

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