solve your foot odor problem

Do you have smelly feet? Many people are embarrassed to take off their shoes because of the resulting odor. You might be looking for a way to solve your foot odor problem with home remedies. Readers have suggested several.

How Can You Solve Your Foot Odor Problem?

Q. More than 20 years ago I had chronic smelly feet. I soaked my offending extremities in an inch of common white vinegar. This took about 15 minutes and cost me a dime.

The odor went away and has not returned. Do you have any idea what caused the odor and why the vinegar was so effective?

How Could Vinegar Solve Your Foot Odor Problem?

A. Your results are better than average. Most people report that it takes several weeks of soaking for 15 to 30 minutes a day before foot odor goes away.

Bacteria and fungi that can cause foot odor thrive in warm, dark, moist environments. Vinegar changes the pH of the skin and makes it less hospitable to these microbes.

You can learn about many other approaches to control foot odor in our free Guide to Solutions for Smelly Feet. Some people report success soaking their smelly feet in a baking soda solution for 10 to 20 minutes several times a week.

Others have found that taking a zinc supplement or chlorophyll pills can be helpful. Others suggest that drinking green tea regularly can help solve your foot odor problem.

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  1. Joy S

    I used phisophex (OTC) to cure my problem (anti-bacterial/bacteriacidal wash).

    I agree, bacteria and or fungi are the problem. Once the infection is cleared, one can also use an antifungal cream or spray to the feet prior to putting on socks, to try to inhibit fungi from recurring. However, this will be a short term fix if one does not address the shoes, and wearing of breathable socks.

    The problem can be complicated by the shoes one wears. If they do not ‘breathe” well, and moisture accumulates on your feet and in your shoes, a perfect culture media is being set up. This is especially true if one does not wear socks. If this has happened, one can TRY to sanitize the shoes by spraying with something like Lysol Disinfectant, drying them out in the sun a few hours.

    ALSO, consider alternating pairs of shoes so that each pair can completely dry out prior to re-wearing. Unfortunately, not all shoes respond, and should be disposed of (not given to Goodwill where the recipient will have the problem passed to him.)

    The vinegar/baking soda solution can be helpful IF only 1 organism is causing the problem. Fungi are killed in acidic solutions. Some bacteria are also pH sensitive. However, the shoe issue still needs addressing.

  2. Bill

    apply Absorbine, Jr. twice/week or if using sandals each time you wear them. Takes less than a minute. Very effective with immediate results

  3. Jane

    For years I have applied antipreperant deodorant to the bottoms of my feet following bathing. This seems to have eliminated shoe odors nicely.

  4. ray

    I found vinegar good for washing smelly towels, and household odors. I have bad back and it is difficult to stay bent over to wash my feet well.

    I don’t have odor but I have used different household cleaners to no avail. Soaking in vinegar has been good choice for getting to hard to get area of my feet.

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