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Warts are caused by a near-ubiquitous virus, human papillomavirus. But nobody knows quite why they pop up at certain times and are absent at others. Doctors can offer a variety of treatments for warts, from freezing to surgery to injecting them with a substance that presumably signals the immune system to attack them. What about home remedies that people use to get rid of warts? How well do they work?

How to Get Rid of Warts with Banana Peel:

Q. I had a large wart about the size of a penny in my ear flap that had been there for several years. I cut a small piece of banana peel the same size as the wart, taped it in place, and replaced it every day. It’s been about two weeks now, and the wart is all but gone.

The results of this remedy were truly amazing. All you need is a piece of banana peel the size of the wart itself.

A. Thank you for the testimonial. We have heard from others who’ve had success taping a piece of banana peel over a wart. The inner part of the peel goes next to the skin. Changing it daily is important.

Here is what another reader said:

Banana peel got rid of a large wart I had near my eye. I was skeptical, but it worked when nothing else helped. My friends wanted me to have it removed by a doctor, but I wanted to try this natural treatment. It took a few months to disappear completely, but now it’s been gone for more than a year.”

We also heard of a different use for banana peel:

I used this same remedy to get rid of a deep splinter. I taped the inside of a ripe banana peel on my hand, and in the morning my splinter was gone.”

Other Odd Remedies for Warts:

Readers have shared a number of other fascinating tactics to get rid of warts. One person wrote to praise cayenne pepper.

Cayenne Pepper in Socks for Plantar Warts:

Q. Our son suffered from plantar warts for more than eight years. After a long succession of procedures and medications, we were told to sprinkle cayenne pepper in his socks and have him sleep in them. We washed them each morning. After a week the giant masses on his soles disappeared for good and have not returned.

A. Thank you for an intriguing approach to get rid of warts.

CW is also enthusiastic about cayenne:

I had a couple of pea-sized warts on my right hand that would not give up, even after the traditional liquid nitrogen treatment. I was told that, being caused by a virus, they would eventually go away but they hung on for years without any sign of change for the better. However, I began taking cayenne capsules a few times a week after reading that it helps with circulation, and they both vanished within a few months. I am skeptical of anecdotal evidence but can say the only thing I did differently, before and after so to speak, was taking the cayenne every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.”

Vitamin A to Get Rid of Warts:

We have heard from a number of other visitors who have had success with different non-surgical approaches.

One reader is quite enthusiastic about vitamin A:

“I had a grandfather who had layers of hundreds of plantar warts on his hands and feet.  I grew up on an isolated farm in central Wisconsin in the 1950s.  The local doctor couldn’t do anything for him.  He even took my grandfather to a medical convention in Chicago and the physicians there had never seen such an extreme condition of plantar warts and had NO suggestions for his care.  My mother would drive my grandfather to the local doctor who would soak and scrape my grandfather’s feet to help relieve the pain. My mother said that my grandfather suffered for years when walking on the warts.

“The first plantar wart showed up on the base of my foot when I was age 14.  A doctor burned it out.  The warts multiplied from then on to cover the bottoms of both of my feet.  I had them burned and cut out and replaced with pig’s skin.  Doctors tried every method.  By age 23, a doctor identified hundreds of plantar warts on the bottoms of both feet.  Then I went on a medically supervised liquid diet called Medifast – nothing but liquid food for three months.  I stuck to it religiously.

“About 1.5 months into the diet, I was sitting on the couch (it was a hot night) rubbing my foot and I looked down.  I was shocked. ALL OF THE PLANTAR WARTS ON THAT FOOT WERE GONE!  I grabbed my other foot and looked at the bottom, and all of those warts were also gone!  I even ran to get a magnifying glass to make sure that I was seeing correctly and all of my plantar warts were gone.

The Doctor’s Response:

“The next day I scheduled an appointment with the doctor who had last seen my feet (about two months previously) with the hundreds of warts.  I took along my powdered food because that was the only thing that had changed in my life.  I had the same job and schedule.  Nothing else had changed.  The doctor read the powdered food ingredients and saw that it had 25,000 IU of Vitamin A in the form of beta carotene in it.  That doctor had read some research about how high (non-toxic) levels of Vitamin A consistently taken could eliminate plantar warts in some people.  However, there had never been serious medical research. By the time I finished the liquid diet, I had lost 55 pounds.

“I immediately found a sustained release multivitamin with that same level of vitamin A in that form and have taken it every day since … for the last 30 years!!!  Not had a single plantar wart has returned since then.  That doctor followed my outcome with taking vitamin A and wrote a little-known paper about it.  But I am convinced that level of vitamin A in that form taken daily is saving me from having layers of planters warts on my hands and feet like my poor grandfather.”

Jerry shared a similar experience:

My doctor had also recommended vitamin A (oil base) for planters warts. I found it was a good preventative. If I do get a plantars wart I put a piece of duck taped on it, changing the tape only when I have to. Within a week or so, the body has excreted the wart onto the duck tape and it sticks to the tape when the duck tape is removed. Also I temporarily increase my Vit A intake.”

SB used garlic to get rid of warts:

I used to get plantar warts on my hands and fingers and had them “burned” off only to have them return in the same place. I read in Nutritional Healing about a remedy that works. Take a slice of fresh garlic and bandage it to the wart. I work in landscape so my hands were wet a lot so I used water-proof bandages. I put fresh garlic every time I showered or needed to and usually within 3 to 5 days the wart was gone forever. It’s a painless way to go especially for children. If I ever have to do it again I will also supplement my diet with vitimin A as another reader has suggested.

“Note: If you work in a situation that you cannot have garlic smelling hands do it overnight and it will still work, just take longer.”

Anyone who likes such unique strategies will find hundreds more in our book, Quick & Handy Home Remedies.

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  1. Joan

    As a kid I used to paint my wart with nail polish & all of a sudden it lifted out, root & all. I think smothering them with something, so it can’t get any air/oxygen is what works.

  2. Patty

    I have used the duck tape removal method successfull, more than once. I’ve used it to get planter’s warts ever so often on the bottom of one foot or the other. That can be a somewhat difficult place to keep tape on, and not have it rub off. I cut a piece just maybe 5 – 10 % larger than the wart, but don’t go below about a 3/8″ square, so it stays stuck. If you replace it after every shower and as soon as possible after it gets rubbed out of place (always use a new piece of tape), it will fully remove the wart, even the slightly deeper threads under the skin. I didn’t notice each time when the wart was gone until suddenlty, there was a hole in the sole of my foot where it had been. Best remedy I have ever tried.

    I always use the old-fashioned original silver colored duct tape, but not that super shiny aluminum tape. The adhesive in the tape will cause the body somehow to reject the wart and it uusally comes off within two weeks. If the wart is on your hand or other visible body part, you could put a bandaid over the tape so nosy people don’t ask about the tape.

  3. Audrey
    British Columbia, Canada

    I have used Grapefruit seed extract placed directly on the wart. It removed a plantar wart (root & all) in 3 days on the bottom of my husbands foot.

  4. Conrad

    Several years ago as a child I had warts on both of my hands. Our family made a vacation trip to Florida. We were there for about 2 to 3 weeks and I went swimming in the Atlantic ocean many of those days. When we came back up north I showed my parents that my warts were all gone. My father thought it was the saltwater that got rid of the warts. I never had a recurrence of the warts.

  5. Rebecca

    In the winter, I get small warts all over my fingers. Winter = lack of sunshine. Vitamin D makes them disappear every time.

  6. Donna
    San Francisco

    My son had several very large plantar warts on the soles of his feet when he was in middle school (about 17 years ago). They were very painful when walking, but especially when running in PE class. This was in the early days of the internet, but I found some information on Dr. Dean Edell’s website (a San Francisco doctor who was on the local TV station). I put together all the advice on his page: soak the feet in hot (about 105 degrees) water for 15 minutes, squeeze vitamin A from a gel capsule onto the center of each wart, put the inside of a banana peel against the skin, wrap each foot in duct tape. Within a month ALL of the warts were gone. None have ever returned. I was amazed and so was he. That was my first experience with “food as medicine” and I will never forget it. Maybe it was the hot soaks, maybe the banana peels, maybe the vitamin A, maybe the duct tape . . . but they disappeared completely.

  7. Lucille

    When i was a kid—MANY YEARS AGO–my uncle used to buy them from me at 5 cents each, and sure enough the warts disappeared , Amazing what a Belief system can accomplish.
    The old Placebo effect.

    • Joan

      What did he buy for 5 cents?

  8. Karen
    North Carolina

    I think I was unwittingly part of an experiment because no one has heard of this treatment. The warts on my hand were x-rayed off in the early 1970’s at a dermatologist’s office. He made several lead shields to just allow the wart to protrude and collimated to only expose the warts. I remember going more than once, maybe 3-4 times. Each wart was exposed for one minute each treatment. It was successful in that I have no warts but I do have a dent in my finger.

  9. Rob

    I had 2 identical-looking warts on my thumb, tried your suggestion of rubbing with the inner side of banana peel : 1 wart disappeared within a few days (never to return), the other is still there are several years of treatment…!

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