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Rosacea can cause easy flushing and a persistently red face. In some cases, people develop little red bumps on the skin that resemble acne, although they aren’t actually pimples. Eventually, the nose may become lumpy and misshapen. W. C. Fields had rosacea, which accounted for his appearance. There are treatments for rosacea, from prescription drugs like metronidazole (Metrogel) or ivermectin (Soolantra) to home remedies like milk of magnesia or dandruff shampoo such as Selsun Blue.

How Do You Use Dandruff Shampoo to Treat Rosacea?

Q. After I had made numerous fruitless trips to a dermatologist, my husband read about using Selsun Blue for rosacea. What a difference it made after just a couple of days! I haven’t been back to the dermatologist since.

I like a scrub, so I add a little baking soda and wash my face with the Selsun Blue. My face is so much better now that I barely need makeup.

A. Rosacea causes redness and flushing on the face, especially the cheeks and nose. It may be due in part to the immune system overreacting to mites that live on everyone’s skin. Selenium sulfide (found in Selsun Blue) may help reduce the reaction.

Other Approaches:

Some readers have had success with elimination diets. Once they figure out which foods are making the symptoms worse, they can avoid them. Triggers vary from one person to another; one had benefit following a gluten-free diet, while another found that canola oil was the main culprit.

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  1. DM
    Woodstock IL

    I am on my third bottle of Selsun Blue. I use it every morning, just a few drops, spread on hands then spread on face and rinse; 30 seconds at most. No more redness. Any pimples that I feel coming on just disappear before erupting.

  2. carole

    I was interested because my husband had a problem with recurring blepharitis and other skin problems such as flakiness around his nose. After treating it with a prescription, the M.D. suggested that a dandruff shampoo might work (no specific one named). I am a now a firm believer. The one we use ( for just about any facial skin flare-up) doesn’t happen to be Selsun Blue, but works great. And why not? Isn’t dandruff a dermatitis type of problem?

    It’s now our first go-to for any skin aggravation especially on the face. I’ll have to try Selsun Blue also.

  3. Elsie
    Greensboro, North Carolina

    I have found that taking Zyflamend whole body helps my rosacea. It helps other things, too, but I noticed a big change in my skin.

  4. alan
    dallas, TX

    I read your story (squib, really) a bit over a month ago, and because I have it & hadn’t any particular luck with anything else (basic unwillingness to use a cannon on a fly) short of some fairly strong medications, i tried it.
    Long story short: works doggone well: small patches on the side of my nose last maybe a day.
    My take: try. can’t hurt, might help.

  5. Pat
    Indianapolis, IN

    I find that one of the Rosacea triggers for me is any kind of artificial sweetener. I stopped drinking all products containing artificial sweeteners, and the redness has gone away. Now I drink carbonated water–which gives me the fizziness I like with no sweeteners.

  6. Katie

    I have found taking a baby aspirin daily and eliminating gluten has helped my Rosacea symptoms. Flushing occurrences have decreased and my complexion has improved dramatically.

  7. Pat

    Have had a little patch of what is probably eczema on my right cheek for years. Peoples Pharmacy suggested coconut oil and someone else suggested trying Selsun Blue – bingo! Either or both have kept it at bay. When I get lazy or forget to use it my patch of scalely, itchy eczema is back. Try it…

  8. John

    I have made a lotion with olive oil base, tea tree oil, witch hazel tincture, horse chestnut tincture and magnesium chloride for use on my face. It does take daily application and stings some if used after shaving but when done my symptoms are relieved to just a mild occasional redness. I also made a shampoo with magnesium and a vinegar rinse and magnesium and have eliminated the issue on my scalp.

  9. D'Lain B

    Anything spicy hot will cause my rosacea on my nose to break out with little pimples. My medication takes that away pretty fast, like 3 days.

    • Sara

      What is your medication? My docotor prescribed Metrogel and it does nothing for me.

  10. Frank

    I have also experienced an apparent easing of rosacea symptoms by using Selsun Blue this way.

  11. Elle

    Yes, it reduces redness. Thanks to a reader’s tip I now use a Milk of Magnesia rinse once a week for rosacea and that works even better. The reduction in redness is amazing.

  12. Robert
    Spokane, WA

    I fought Rosacea for several years, trying scrubs, topical creams and oils, and none really worked well. Then I tried a product I somehow missed on the shelf: Prosacea.

    Within a week, I had marked improvement and after a month it was 98% disappeared. I still use Prosacea when I see a small flare up on my face and it quickly calms the redness.

    I can’t say enough good things about this gel. The active ingredient is sulfur and seems to have no ill effects for me. It is not expensive and worth trying.

  13. Cathy

    No prescription drugs helped my rosacea. I began using Selsun Blue and within 2 weeks my red nose and cheeks became normal. I use the shampoo about every three days now.

  14. Judi
    Port St. Lucie, Florida

    I’ve had excellent results dabbing apple cider vinegar very liberally on my face with a saturated cotton ball. It stings for a few minutes, but it works.

  15. Angela

    Very interesting

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