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What vitamins and minerals do you take? Do you prefer pills, capsules, drops, softgels, chewable tablets or gummies? There may be differences in how well your supplements work, depending on their form.

How Good Are Gummies?

Q. I always take my vitamins if they are gummies. I really like the sweetness. I am less apt to take supplements as capsules.

I might be persuaded to change if gummy supplements aren’t as effective, however. The four gummies I take are calcium, vitamin D3, CoQ10 and a multivitamin. What do you think of gummy supplements? Tests Supplements:

A. One of the few organizations that tests vitamins and other dietary supplements is After testing gummy multivitamins, they reported that

“some gummy supplements–particularly gummy multivitamins–do not contain their listed amounts of vitamins or minerals, or contain impurities.”

They noted that 80 percent of the gummy multivitamin products tested failed because they contained too much or too little of certain listed ingredients.

CoEnzyme Q10:

Nonetheless, approved the gummy CoQ10 products they tested as having the correct amount of this supplement. You can find the full report at There is a subscription fee to access the full report. tested vitamin D gummy supplements for children (they passed), but not for adults. Consequently, we don’t know how likely it is that your vitamin D3 supplements are well formulated. The same is true for calcium supplements.

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  1. Noni

    I full heartedly agree with Hank. I cannot swallow large tablets or capsules. I buy all my vitamins from a very reputable company on line. Recently bought multivits that were much larger then I had expected. They gave me a full refund, no explanation needed. I have since purchased their women’s mulitvits and immune system vits in gummy form and love them. Even if they are not up to par in the correct amount,

    I at least am getting some benefit from the gummies. I really don’t think these reputable companies would manufacture this product if there were not such a demand for a palatable way of ingesting them.
    Let’s show some compassion here

  2. Renee
    Queens, NY

    I, too, feel that gummies might not be a good way to take vitamins because of the added sugar. For those of you that cannot swallow pills, there are excellent manufacturers out there who make liquid vitamins. In my humble opinion this is the best way to take vitamins, the second being gel capsules. Tablets can often sit in your stomach for a long time before breaking down but, in some cases, it is the only way it comes and you have no choice. Just be careful of added synthetics. With our poor food quality, I feel it is imperative that you take at least an excellent multi-vitamin. Spend the money — you’re worth it!

  3. John
    Hutchinson, PA

    There have to be SOME GUMMIES from mfgs that meet most of the nutritional supplements we need; are you SURE you’ve checked them all? They are more and more on the market and I think from reputable companies.

  4. mary beth

    A society of adult-babies! Marketing at its best. Grow up, eat right and if you HAVE to take a supplements, swallow a pill!

    • Hank

      Unfortunately not everyone can take pills. Ailing grandparents have trouble swallowing as it is with many people I suspect that aren’t elderly or ailing. If someone can chew then this is a great alternative vs taking pills. Your remark is very rude, childish and judgmental.

  5. Janet
    Elk Grove, CA

    Gummies have so much added sugar making them CANDY rather than nutritional. Eat your food and you’ll get the necessary vitamins.

  6. Linda
    Cary, NC

    I take gummy multivitamins and calcium. I do like the chewiness and flavor, but my chief reason to switch to them was my inability to swallow large pills. Perhaps you could work on the companies to produce more reliable products instead of dissing them.

  7. Victoria
    Worcester, MA

    I would be more worried about the things that might be added to gummy supplements, such as sugar and artificial coloring.

  8. Bobby

    My non-medical uneducated guess would be that I wouldn’t take my vitamins in gummy form because I would think the absorption wouldn’t be as good as in liquid, tablet or gel form. I don’t know, just what I would think.

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