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Type 2 diabetes is increasingly common. According to the American Diabetes Association, 9.4 percent of Americans have diabetes. Most of those individuals have type 2 diabetes, in which the cells stop responding appropriately to insulin. This metabolic disorder may be preventable in some cases, however. One reader wondered whether cinnamon supplements would help avert diabetes.

How to Avert Diabetes:

Q. Can you recommend a natural alternative to help reduce blood sugar levels? At my last lab test, my fasting blood sugar was 119, though it should be under 100.

The doctor wants to test my HbA1c, but I would first like to try to bring down my sugar level naturally. I do not eat a lot of sugar or desserts. I do however, eat white pastas and white rice, which I know then turns to sugar. Do you think cinnamon bark would help? Any ideas would be appreciated.

A. Your recent fasting blood sugar result was a wake-up call. There are a number of tactics you might want to try before the test for HbA1c, which is a measure of blood sugar over several weeks rather than at a moment in time.

How Cinnamon Can Help Avert Diabetes:

In addition to adding cinnamon to your daily diet (preferably in a water-based extract), you may want to reduce your reliance on pasta and rice. Vegetables such as cauliflower or squash might be reasonable substitutes that wouldn’t raise blood sugar much.

Think About Vinegar:

You might also want to finish your meal with salad dressed with vinaigrette. Vinegar helps to prevent blood sugar spikes after eating (Shishehbor, Mansoori & Shirani, Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, May 2017).

You will find details on these and many other approaches in our Guide to Managing Diabetes. You will also find good advice on how to avert diabetes naturally, particularly with exercise, in our podcast, How to Prevent Diabetes by Changing Your Life.

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  1. Ruth

    Try buying the Ginger root, skin it like you do a patatoe, cut it up how ever you like put in a pot with water let it come to a boil. then you can drink it, it will lower your blood sugar levels.

  2. Jennifer and Keith L

    My personal opinion about the increase in the number of diabetics diagnosed is not because the disease itself is increasing, but rather, the blood levels are continually lowered to make more patients “diabetic.” Same goes for blood pressure readings. I believe this is because Big Pharma can then reap the benefits of millions of newly diagnosed patients placed on drugs for these two chronic conditions.

  3. Ann

    Grocery store brands of cinnamon can be toxic when taken in large amounts. I purchase CEYLON organic cinnamon at a health food store. My husband mixes one teaspoon of CEYLON cinnamon with one tablespoon of RAW honey twice a day.

  4. Someone

    I found most all spices are irradiated killing off any benefit they would otherwise have. That’s why I use organic ceylon cinnamon in my morning coffee. This type does not cause liver damage and tastes better too.

  5. Deloris

    I used to use cinnamon capsules to lower my blood sugar but had better success with cinnamon extract, as recommended by People’s Pharmacy. Along with a low carb diet, I also supplement with berberine, bitter melon, and curcumin (turmeric) to avoid a diabetes diagnosis. So far, so good. My body is ravaged by rheumatoid arthritis and nerve problems, so regular exercise is nearly impossible.

  6. Vta C

    I believe it is also the type of cinnamon that matters, Ceylon being the best one.

  7. Hank

    I read where the cheap cinnamon may cause liver damage. But that this problem can be averted by filtering it thru a coffee filter. Since then, I have been adding the cheapo grocery store cinnamon to the morning coffee.

    But the cinnamon seems to clog up the paper coffee filter.

    • Mac
      San Antonio

      Regarding type 2 Adult Onset Diabetes, taking at least 200 mcg daily of GTF
      Chromium may be of benefit. Be sure that the supplement used is GTF Chromium.

    • Mary

      I also add cinnamon everyday when I make my coffee. It doesn’t clog the paper filter; try putting the coffee grounds in first, then add the cinnamon and stir it a big before you brew.

      • john
        London, KY

        Does this help: my sugar levels are 400, and the meds from dr are not working.

        • Ruth

          also John don’t drink nothing but water for a while, no sweets, no bread, and your levels should start to come down.

    • Judy

      Ceylon cinnamon, not Asia cinnamon, is the better choice as far as I can tell. I have used it on many foods for several years, and I have kept my A1c below 6. It was over 13 when I was first diagnosed at age 60. I am now 73 years old. If you research this you will find there are issues about the way cassia is processed and the components of the product itself. Try to find organic Ceylon cinnamon since you need to use about one teaspoon or more daily. I order my organic spices from

    • DS

      Hank, we use a cheap paper filter in our Chemex drip pot with just cinnamon, placed on top of the Chemex filter. The cinnamon seems to repel water so we have to work to make sure it all gets wetted. After extracting the cinnamon we take out the wad of cinnamon in its filter and add the coffee to the regular filter and proceed as normal. The cinnamon we discard in the first filter is quite gluey.

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