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Were your allergies ferocious this fall? Pollen counts may be falling, but many people would still welcome advice on how to cope with hay fever and other seasonal allergies. Decongestant sprays work quickly, but you can only use them for a few days. Otherwise, you risk rebound congestion when you stop. Antihistamines can be helpful for some people, while others rely on steroid nasal sprays. These have their own possible complications, however. One possible treatment works differently. Should you take NasalCrom to prevent sneezing, sniffling and red eyes?

Fighting Off Seasonal Allergies:

Q. I’ve had bad seasonal allergies for years. I am allergic to tree and weed pollen. Indoor allergies include dust mites and my cats. I sneeze all year round. I have been on allergy shots for a long time.

About a year ago, I started using NasalCrom spray two to three times a day. Since I’ve been using NasalCrom, I have had zero symptoms from allergies. This is by far the best nasal spray for me.

Who Should Take NasalCrom for Allergy Symptoms?

A. Cromolyn sodium (NasalCrom) is different from the usual nasal sprays because it is neither a decongestant nor an antihistamine. Instead, it prevents mast cells in the nasal passages from releasing histamine. As a result, you don’t suffer the consequences of histamine and don’t need an antihistamine. And because one of the effects of histamine is congestion, you also don’t need a decongestant.

The Downside to NasalCrom:

The biggest disadvantage to NasalCrom is that you need to use it preventively, before your symptoms start. To be effective, it must be applied three or four times a day. Some people find that too daunting. If you can manage frequent use, however, we think you could take NasalCrom as an excellent solution to seasonal allergies. It can be taken for twelve weeks if needed. Some people also get good results taking stinging nettle for their allergy symptoms.

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  1. Mary
    St. Louis

    I have only found nasalcrom online. It isn’t sold at the stores I have tried.

  2. Noah V.
    Chapel Hill, NC

    I have been using Nasalcrom for the past 20+ years, from before it went OTC, every Spring from March to June/July and it is fantastic. So good that occasionally I simply forget to use it, and in a day or so my symptoms come back and I suffer for another day or so as it has to re-establish its preventative effects.

  3. Betty
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

    I live in Canada and have seasonal allergies. Can I buy NasalCrom here? If so where?

  4. ariel

    Does this work for stuffed up noses and dry sinus?

  5. Laurie

    Ive had seasonal allergies starting mid-august every year since having my first child. I’ve used the typical OTC remedies for itchy nose and eyes.

    This year I read about Nasalcrom in the spring and decided to try it as recommended about 2 weeks before symptoms. It was a slam dunk! No itchy nose, and it even seemed to reduce eye itching even though it says only works in the nose, I wonder if there is any activity through nasolacrimal duct that helped.

    Anyhow, after using it 3x a day for several weeks if I ended up only using it 2x a day here and there it wasn’t any problem. The biggest issue I had was it was not available in any store in my area, so I had no choice but to order on-line.

  6. Jane

    I started to use NasalCrom after reading about it earlier this year in a newsletter. This the first season I haven’t had allergy trouble. I Just use it once or twice a day. Magic.

  7. Kat
    Central Florida

    I have year-round allergies and really wanted Nasal Crom to work for me. I used it as directed, but ended up with a cough that was worse than ever. I had to go back to Zyrtec and Flonase, which keeps it under control for the most part.

  8. Hanna J.

    I have added HEPA rated air filters in our apartment, one in the bedroom and one in the living room, and my allergies have all but disappeared. I might still have a reaction when exposed to certain perfumes (walking down the detergent aisle in the grocery store can set me off), but at home I stick to mostly products with no scent and those I have discovered do not bother me. The filters can be noisy, so the one in the bedroom runs only during the day, while the one in the living room is on 24/7.

    The filters are a yearly expense, usually being changed in the spring, but well worth the cost. Those with central air heating and cooling can buy HEPA filters for their system, again, well worth the investment.

  9. Charles
    West Jefferson, NC

    Back in the late 90’s, I was bothered very much by sinus allergies. Someone recommended NasalCrom. It helped, but after using it several years, I began to notice a serious loss of my sense of smell. I can smell only certain intense scents like skunk spray or cooking onions. There was no other factor during that period that I can credit for this.

  10. Danna

    I stopped using Flonase this spring, switching to NasalCrom and I find it works every bit as good. I’ve only been taking it once or twice a day and it seems to be enough for my symptoms. So happy to get off the steroid nasal spray.

  11. Laurie
    Bellevue, WA

    I too, have both indoor and outdoor allergies. After years struggling with post nasal drip that kept me awake for hours every night, trying every remedy I could find, going to several doctors, I finally hit upon a combination that has worked for me. Nasalcort and Zyrtec before bed at night. Such a relief to be able to sleep!

  12. Lyn
    Puget Sound, WA

    You can find NasalCrom at Bartell’s Drugs. If not at the store, perhaps the Pharmacist can order it for you, or you can order it on-line. I’ve been using it for years, with no side effects, and it controls allergies well without steroids.

  13. Ellen
    Dallas, TX

    First: NasalCrom is NOT a steroid. It is not dangerous with continued use, like some you will find on the drugstore shelf (Afrin). NasalCrom works the way antihistamines should-but don’t.

    I first used NasalCrom when it was a prescription drug, about 30 years ago in Houston, Tx., along with a steroid spray. I still buy it now for my seasonal allergies, and what’s better- IT NOT PRESCRIPTION PRICES anymore. So, at $15 or so, depending on the store (instead of $100+ as prescription), it is definitely worth a try.

    It is one of the safest allergy medications you can use. It does not get in your bloodstream and interact with other medications. It DOES NOT make you drowsy (Benadryl); does not dry out your sinuses; does not have side effects when you stop using it (Zyrtec), does not cost an arm or leg (all the rest). The worst I’ve heard is a stinging sensation and post-nasal drip initially-only a couple minutes. Then your “nose” clears up, no more congestion! I have used ALL the named products at one time or another.

    And here’s a couple more examples of it’s safety: pregnant women can use this, because it doesn’t get in the bloodstream. My son used it as a 4 year old when we moved back to the states and he started having allergies for the first time in his life. He only had to use it seasonally; spring and fall.

    Your article makes it sound like you have to start using before allergies start to be effective – WRONG. I’ve seen people have “miraculous” improvement in their symptoms within minutes of using. I do realize some people just don’t like sprays. But, if it’s just a couple times a day try to get past that.

    Before anyone goes there: I am not/have never been an employee of this company or received any remuneration from them. I am just a dedicated user who can’t understand why they don’t have better PR about this great product.

  14. Marilynn

    Nasalcrom is too watery. It makes me file like I snarfed a ton of water up my nose and am drowning.

    However, Fluticasone is thicker and does not cause this. I have been using it for years with no problems.

  15. Kent

    Used to get really ill during spring fall and big weather changes. Nasalcrom worked well but expensive. I have found XLEAR works well also. It is also expensive but it is saline solution with xylitol so you can make it yourself very inexpensively. I bet stinging nettle in saline solution woildd work well also. It seems Nasalcrom is a derivative of stinging nettle as I recall.

  16. Gerry
    North Fl

    I am definitely going to try Nasalcrom. I have used another nasal spray plus year round zyrtec and benedryl because of food allergies; this year I moved to an area of Florida where I haven’t lived before and bam! the fall allergy season has really done a number on me. Itchy eyes, nasal congestion, throat congestion, coughing, sneezing, you name it, it’s terrible. My allergy pills work a little bit but if I take another one during the day, the zyrtec for instance, I go to sleep for hours. Not a good plan when one has other things to do during the day, like cook, go the store, etc. Sorry I didn’t read about Nasalcrom before the season started but of course had no idea I was in for such a miserable allergy season.

  17. Nick

    Does this substance (NasalCrom) have an effect on angioedema reaction from unknown cause.

    • Terry Graedon

      We don’t know. It isn’t an antihistamine, so it might not be useful for angioedema.

  18. Ro

    I really prefer Nasalcrom to any other allergy preparation I’ve tried. I had to order it online since no pharmacies around here sell it anymore.

  19. Jan Tredway

    Yes! Nasalcrom is a great product!

    I was also given Intal Spincaps, which are delivered through a Spinhaler. It controlled my asthma symptoms as well.

    Though the FDA has written that it is NOT harmful, the pharmaceutical company has removed it circulation..ostensibly to sell their newer steroid products…with all the ancillary side effects!

    Can you help bring Intal back?

  20. Anne

    I tried to use Nasalcrom, and I used it 3 times a day (maybe I should have tried 4). It really didn’t work for me, and that meant I was not getting a good night’s sleep because I was constantly waking up, congested.

    I finally gave up and went back to Flonase. I know it’s a steroid and I don’t like having to take it, but it works, and I’m sleeping much better (also less snoring).

  21. RWW

    I have been using nasal from for over 30 years with the results you noted. Having no problems and no allergies has been great.


  22. Judy

    An allergist told me about NasalCrom back in the 1970s. I tried it for a short time, but I started in the middle of allergy season and it didn’t seem to work, so I went on to many other remedies, none of which worked completely, though some were better than others. I’ve had terrible ragweed allergy for 61 years, since I was 13, and I developed tree allergies about 25 years ago.

    Then last spring I read about NasalCrom again somewhere — was it here? — and gave it another try, this time sticking with it. It has been the most amazing allergy remedy I’ve ever used. I could not even tell when the ragweed started pollinating, where previously I was sensitive to the slightest trace of it, and I’ve had no symptoms whatever. I usually use it only twice a day, sometimes in midday if I think of it. It has no side effects and I doubt any will be found. This year I slept with the windows open in September for the first time since I was a child.

  23. Luke

    I have allergies year round and NasalCrom is the ONLY thing that works for me. Now I do not use it four times a day I been on it a long long time. After about a month or two I found it just as effective using it at least two to three times a day. But it really is the only thing that has worked for me.

    I do not like the idea of using over-the-counter steroid sprays because those can cause cataracts and pneumonia. NasalCrom has no such steroids.

  24. joanne

    I was also told by my ear, eye, nose doctor that taking Oolong tea may be good. I started taking it a few days ago and feel better. I don’t know if it is because there may be a decline in allergens in the air, or if it is due to the oolong tea. However, I will take Nasalcrom as well.

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