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What can a woman do when her sex drive is more powerful than her partner’s? We have heard from innumerable women with this problem. Sex and desire are still sufficiently taboo topics that there are very few conventional methods of dealing with mismatched sex drives. Perhaps, though, a daily cup of mint tea may help some couples.

Mint Tea Throttled Back Her Sex Drive:

Q. I am a 34-year-old woman with a 53-year-old husband. I love him so much but he has ED, and in the last year his sex drive has dropped as well.

I always let him approach me for sex as the other way round doesn’t work. We usually make love once a month although I would prefer daily or at least once a week. I think about sex with him a lot.

I was fascinated to read that mint tea might dampen sexual interest, so I tried it. With a cup of mint tea morning and evening, I soon lost my constant nagging desire. I am so thrilled, as it has made things much easier.

Others have said we with the desire are the normal ones, and our partners should get help to raise their libido. In an ideal world, this is true. But you can’t change other people, only yourself. I hope the tea works as well for others in this situation as it has for me.

Mint Tea and Testosterone:

A. Spearmint tea (Mentha spicata) can lower testosterone levels. A woman might find this could help her reduce her sex drive (Phytotherapy Research, Feb. 2010).  Not everyone will respond as you did, but others in your position may want to consider this herbal approach.

A Shared Problem:

Many women feel all alone dealing with this issue. It is something of a taboo topic. That is why this link has become so popular with so many women. They have shared their feelings and their frustrations. We invite you to visit this page to appreciate the depth of the despair this problem has created for so many women. Please share your own thoughts below in the comment section.

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  1. Bradley
    TX - Texas

    I have the opposite problem! I am 67 and most of the time my libido is high. My testosterone level is higher than my late 40’s urologist. But my soon to be 65 wife’s libido went to zip, nada, barely exists before menopause. Now it is ZERO and she admits it but will not consider HRT at all. So what herbal tea can she drink to raise her libido? Eh?

  2. JT

    Would lowered sex drive also result from chewing spearmint gum? Or spearmint flavored Niccorette?

  3. Rick

    One thing not to do is use synthetic testosterone as it can make you crazy

  4. Ann

    Why drink herb tea to decrease libido? Why decrease something which feels good, why deprive yourself? Why are folks on this site so averse to accepting masturbation?

    • Nock

      For one sometimes it feels horrible to have a high sex drive and constantly chase after a partner with low sex drive and cause that conflict. Then you feel like crap for having the high sex drive. Masturbation is a crutch that helps for a few hours or a day but doesn’t come close to recreating the euphoria of enjoying sex with the person you love

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