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Many individuals who have sleep problems from time to time would rather solve them without resorting to sleeping pills. After all, prescription sleeping pills can be habit-forming. Even OTC sleep aids may have undesirable side effects, especially if a person takes one over an extended period of time. Some readers find that wearing a wrist band with a plastic button positioned over a specific acupressure point can be very helpful.

Acupressure Bands Helped with Sleep Problems:

Q. Your information on using anti-nausea acupressure bands to help with sleep problems has been a miracle! I used to wake up at 4:30 or 5 am and not be able to go back to sleep. As a result, I’d struggle with only five or six hours of sleep when I need at least seven. (I stopped using OTC sleeping pills when I read about their possible links to dementia.)

Since I read your column I’ve used a band on BOTH arms and have had the best sleep I’ve had in years! If I wake up, I go right back to sleep.

My question: is there any reason not to use two-one on each arm? Also, is there any problem using these bands long term?

No More Sleep Problems with Acupressure Arm Bands:

A. We can think of no reason why using acupressure wristbands on both arms would cause problems long term. Pregnant women often use products such as Sea-Bands or Psi Bands all day long to overcome morning sickness. You wear them only overnight, when you wish to sleep.

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  1. Brooke
    Okanogan, WA

    I regularly wake up in the middle of the night and am awake for 1-2 hours. My sister sent me the Sea Band and an article about using them for sleep. I am using these. When I wake up and can’t go right back to sleep, I put them on my arms and I fall back to sleep within 10 minutes. It seems to be working for me.

    • Bon
      South Carolina

      Just got some to try.

  2. Pamela
    Abu Dhabi

    I had great hopes for a commercial brand of bands when I first read about them, and immediately bought them online. Unfortunately they didn’t improve my sleep, or lack of sleep, in any way but they did feel extremely tight and uncomfortable around my wrists, and they aren’t adjustable.

  3. Helen

    Any drug store has them. The directions tell you where to place them on your wrists. They are inexpensive.

  4. Lori

    Where can I obtain the acupressure arm bands? I am wanting to give them a try.

  5. james
    n ireland

    how much are these bands to purchase

    • Brooke

      6 to 10 dollars.

  6. Joyce

    Where can I get this acupressure band?

  7. Leonorah

    I use Sea Bands as a sleep aid in conjunction with a very dark room, diffusing lavender essential oil and taking magnesium at bedtime. I haven’t slept so well in years.

  8. Pat
    Charlotte, NC

    Where can I get acupressure bands?

  9. Sami

    Thank you for this! My husband usually rubs/massages my wrist until I fall asleep……….I never thought of trying these.

  10. Linda
    sulphur springs texas

    Where do you get these and what part of the arm does it go on?

  11. cb

    Where can I purchase anti-nausea acupressure wrist bands? I am about at the end of my rope from waking up too early each morning. I feel drained of energy and it affects my chronic health problems as well. I would love to be able to try a more natural solution to a problem that plagues many as they age.


    seabands have been working for me. I use one on each wrist each night.

  13. Magda
    midwest USA

    The wrist bands for better sleep sound wonderful. Two questions : Where can I get them and do they help with sleep interrupted by anxiety or worry?

    Thanks for your wonderful show.

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